September 12, 2012
Full Sail University
Report by: Grash of Wrestleview.com

“Welcome Home”

Kenneth Cameron vs. Jey Uso

The show starts with the Ascension heading to the ring with their seizure lights. Ken is in singles action. The Usos are out next and get their war dance in action before getting an Us-So chant primed. Jey will be facing Ken. The bell rings and Ken gets the first move on Jey. He would get the advantage till he’s thrown from the ring and Jey takes over. Ken catches Jey on the ringpost and it begins the damage leading into a pin attempt and a body scissors hold. Jey would get a response in multiple times before Kenneth gets a bigger response to control the match. Jey finally gets on a roll and gains momentum. Connor gets a hand on Jey’s leg and knocks him down. Jimmy goes over afterwards to take out Connor. Kenneth gets a pin attempt, but Jey kicks out just in time. Kenneth stands Jay up and goes for a clothesline.

Jey gets a standing drop kick on Kenneth and gets the pin.

Winner: Jey Uso

After the match, The Usos ditch the ring and celebrate in the crowd.

We then cut to Dusty Rhodes, who is with an NXT assistant talking about a diva when Rick Victor comes in and says he wants a shot at the NXT Championship. Dusty tells we don’t give away matches. Rick says he will as he walks off.

Big E Langston vs. Chad Baxter

Big E takes Chad and breaks him.

Winner: Big E Langston

We get two replays of his power moves. First running through someone and then a face plant. We then cut back to the ring and Big E takes Chad and plants him again. He then slaps the mat for a five count. Regal is giggly like a small school girl. He quiets down as the crowd chants “One more time”. Big E takes the mic and says he’s not normal and talks about his opponents getting the feeling of not getting up. He starts to leave the ring, but doesn’t leave the ropes. When he turns, the crowd gets back into a “One more time” chant. Big E gives the crowd what he wants and does another five count himself. The crowd this time is with him on each slap as they count for him.

We then cut to Hipster Ohno. He’s going to have the first ever Kassius Ohno sparring session next week.

Trent is found!

“Where’s Trent” clips start playing. They’re followed up with some information on Trent getting injured before disappearing. Trent has apparently been found. Briley Pierce, the backstage reporter, opens a door and asks Trent out of the blue if he wants to wrestle next week. Trent turns around and says sure, looking bored.

Damien Sandow comes out and says he’s here to help all of us and informs us that there is a scheduled fight. Sandow has graciously given Garrett Dylan the option to listen to a prepared lecture instead of being vastly hurt. Garrett doesn’t take the opportunity for higher education for he is an ignoramus redneck of a character. Damien proceeds to inform Garrett what the school of hard knocks really means, leading to…..

Garrett Dylan vs. Damien Sandow

Garrett would get some offensive in, but it is short like his intelligence. Damien tells Garrett “You’re Welcome” once he’s knocked some sense into him before pinning him for the win.

Winner: The Intelligence of Humanity Everywhere

After the match, Damien does a cartwheel and the crowd chants “One More Time”. Damien plays to the crowd, but does not indulge the masses’ demand and leaves the ring.

Briley Pierce interviews the NXT Champion Seth Rollins. He asks him about McGillicutty vs. Kidd. Seth talks about wanting to face anyone at any time. Rick Victor walks up and mocks asking that if he even knows his name. Seth takes a moment to fake think and says he doesn’t. Victor has to slap a bitch, Seth… not Briley, though he could use one too. After Rick walks off, Seth reveals he knows who he is, that he’s pissed, and he’s going to take care of Rick first.

Raw Rebound coving the Punk-Cena Promo from 9/10/12

We cut to Dusty doing office work. Seth comes in pissed at being slapped like a bitch. Dusty tries to calm him down, but Seth demands a match, or he’ll tear NXT apart. Dusty gives him the match. All is good. Dusty wonders what he has on his hands.

Tyson Kidd vs. Michael McGillicutty

Tyson is out first. Mike is out second to the ring. JR is introduced onto commentary. JR says the winner will move up and perhaps will be the next in line at the NXT Championship. Tyson Kidd has the crowd in his favor. Tyson gets an early lock on Mike and out wrestles him on the mat. The ref breaks them up and they lock up again. Tyson gets the advantage and gets Mike on the mat again. They break and lockup, but Mike looks frustrated. The third time, Mike gets the advantage, but Tyson out maneuvers Mike. It sets up a drop kick that sends Mike rolling out of the ring. Mike milks his time out of ring before the two lock up again. This time Mike gets big power on Tyson as we go to commercial.


When we come back Mike has Tyson on the mat and is punishing him with strikes and holds. Tyson finally escapes and gets some offense, but is stopped quickly with a big strike. Its a pin attempt before going back to working on Tyson. Commentary talks how Mike treats every match as his last. We get Let’s Go Tyson\Let’s Go Mike chants in the same vein and tenor as Let’s go Cena\Cena Sucks. Girls and Kids are going for Tyson, and the guys for Mike. Tyson hits a head kick using the ropes and goes on the offensive. Mike is dazed as Tyson goes for a pin attempt. Mike uses the ropes in an attempt to save himself, but Tyson uses the ropes to get a baseball slam. It sets up a kick from on the apron to the sternum on Mike. Kidd goes for a springboard elbow, but its countered by Mike and followed up with a superplex. It’s a pinfall that frustrates Mike. He goes to the top rope, but Tyson drops him on his nuts. It sets Tyson for a rana from the top rope, but he can’t get the pinfall. Mike with a jawbreaker to Tyson. It dazes Tyson just enough so he misses the next move.

Mike hits him with a running neck breaker and gets the pinfall for the win.

Winner: Michael McGillicutty

After the match, Mike celebrates and we are told that Mike will the be first contender to Seth Rollins’ NXT Title as we go to credits.

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