WWE Superstars
September 13, 2012
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s WWE Superstars recap.

If you all are ready, then since Adelitas Way is playing the intro, let’s get on with the show!

Tensai w/Sakamoto vs. “The Cape Town Werewolf” Justin Gabriel

Gabriel with a kick, but Tensai shoves him down. Gabriel with a dropkick, but Tensai throws him into the corner. Gabriel fights back with some strikes, then heads up top and leaps over Tensai when he tried to charge in. Gabriel with a spinning back kick to the gut, avoids a pair of clotheslines, but is caught by Tensai when going for a crossbody. Gabriel slips out of a slam attempt, then lands on the apron when Tensai tried to throw him over the ropes. Gabriel slides under Tensai’s legs, but Tensai mows him down with a shoulder tackle.

Tensai with a corner splash, followed by a short-arm clothesline and finally an elbow drop. Tensai with a headbutt, then sends Gabriel into the corner. Tensai with a pair of back elbows, followed by a series of headbutts. Tensai with a butterfly suplex for a nearfall. Tensai hooks Gabriel in a nerve hold while the crowd wills on Gabriel. Gabriel breaks free, hits a sit-out jawbreaker, then avoids an elbow drop by Tensai.

Gabriel avoids a charge and rolls up Tensai for a nearfall. Gabriel with a spinning roundhouse kick for another nearfall. Tensai drives Gabriel into the corner, but Gabriel hotshots Tensai as he was trying for a Tornado DDT. Gabriel with an enziguri from the apron, then hits a springboard moonsault for a close nearfall. Gabriel with a pair of forearms and a kick to the chest, but then Tensai blocks a kick and hits Gabriel with the sit-out tree slam.

Tensai then hits the running back senton splash for the victory.

Winner: Tensai by pinfall (Back Senton)


Santino Marella vs. “The Punjabi Nightmare” Jinder Mahal

Mahal misses a clothesline and Santino knocks him down with a series of jabs. Mahal with a shove, avoids Santino’s shove back, but then scurries to the ropes when Santino throws up the Cobra. Crowd chants for the Cobra as Santino throws it up again and again Mahal scurries over to the ropes to create some distance. Santino with an arm whip takedown, then Mahal wants a test of strength. Santino obliges, but then Mahal easily takes him down. Mahal with a kick to the gut, followed by an elbow to the back of the head. Mahal with a whip, but Santino does his power walk back and forth off the ropes and it has Mahal baffled in confusion. Santino with a double leg into a jackknife pin for a 1 count. Santino with an armdrag, followed by a pair of jabs. However, Mahal puts on the brakes off a whip, causing Santino to crash and burn off a dropkick attempt.

Mahal with a back elbow for a nearfall. Mahal stomps away at Santino, followed by a leaping kneedrop. Mahal with a chinlock as the crowd wills on Santino. Mahal with a knee to the gut, then when Santino tried to sidestep his backdrop attempt, Mahal avoids it and nails Santino with a clothesline for a nearfall. Mahal chokes Santino in the ropes, then hits a kneedrop using the ropes for an extra advantage. Mahal mocks the Cobra, but Santino fights back. Mahal with another knee to the gut, then hits a neckbreaker for another nearfall. Mahal then goes back to the chinlock as the crowd again wills on Santino. Mahal with a club to the back, followed by a corner whip that Santino tries to go up & over on, but no one is there. Mahal with a Russian leg sweep for another nearfall. Mahal goes right back to the chinlock as the crowd tries again to will on Santino. Santino this time is able to counter out with a back suplex.

Both men get back up at the 5 count as Santino with a series of jabs, followed by a forearm. Santino does a split to avoid a clothesline, then hits a hiptoss. Santino heads up to the middle rope, connecting with the saluting headbutt.

Santino takes out the Cobra sock and nails Mahal with the Cobra for the victory.

Winner: Santino Marella by pinfall (The Cobra)

Santino does his celebratory trumpet dance as we go to commercial.


Alicia Fox vs. “The Queen of Harts” Natalya

Fox backs Natalya into the ropes, then hits a knee to the gut. Fox with a wristlock, then bites at Natalya’s fingers. Natalya does a forward kip-up and takes Fox down, countering into a wristlock of her own. Natalya switches to a keylock, but then Fox counters into a headscissors while mocking Natalya’s “Canada” chant from earlier. Natalya kips out, but then Fox grabs her by the hair. Natalya gets out with an armdrag, but then Fox does a split on the ropes to avoid a charge and Sunset flips Natalya, however Natalya rolls through and grabs at the legs of Fox while she hangs onto the ropes. Natalya breaks, then goes after Fox, who is in the ropes to create some distance. Natalya tries for a Monkey flip, but Fox lands on her feet. Fox with a leapfrog, then tries for a headscissors takeover, but Natalya drives her down to the mat. Natalya goes for the legs again, but Fox again is able to get to the ropes. Fox with a kick to Natalya, but Natalya comes back with one of her own. Natalya then with a Monkey flip from the ground. Natalya plays to the crowd while Fox wants a timeout. Fox then wants a handshake and has the sad puppy dog look on her face while asking for it. Natalya goes to oblige, but then takes Fox down and stomps on her hand. Natalya with a pair of slaps, followed by a roll-up for a nearfall. Fox goes to the outside to catch a breather, then grabs a hold of Natalya’s ring jacket. Natalya gives chase, but then Fox throws the jacket in Natalya’s face back in the ring. Natalya with a kick to the gut, followed by another slap, but then Fox catches Natalya with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a nearfall. Fox sends Natalya 2 times into the corner, then hits a hard slap. Fox locks in a chinlock with a body scissors as the crowd wills on Natalya. Fox then releases the chinlock while keeping hold of the body scissors. Natalya gets to her feet and tries for a slam to counter out, but loses her balance as Fox falls on top of her for a nearfall. Fox with a clothesline, then tries for a running boot in the corner, but Natalya catches her.

Natalya with a single leg takedown, then locks in the Sharpshooter and Fox has no choice but to tapout.

Winner: “The Queen of Harts” Natalya by submission (Sharpshooter)


Back from commercial, we go to this week’s “RAW Rebound” video, highlighting what happened between CM Punk, John Cena & Bret “The Hitman” Hart before the main event.

Main Event: “Long Island Iced Z” Zack Ryder vs. Cody Rhodes

Rhodes with a waistlock, but Ryder with an elbow to the face. Rhodes with a hammerlock, but Ryder reverses. Rhodes then takes down and slaps him. Ryder with a right hand, sending Rhodes to the outside. again and Cody goes to the floor. Rhodes comes back in, but Ryder sends Rhodes over the top rope, however Rhodes skins the cat. Ryder with a flapjack for a nearfall. Ryder blocks a hiptoss and takes Rhodes down. Ryder hits a series of armdrags into an armbar. Rhodes comes back with a Russian leg sweep, followed by a kick to the gut. Rhodes with some more kicks, then yells at the referee. That distraction allows Ryder to send Rhodes into the corner. Ryder setups for the Broski Boot, but Rhodes scurries out to the outside. Rhodes pulls Ryder down and tries to send him groin first into the ringpost, but Ryder pulls Rhodes into the post facefirst with his legs. Ryder hits a plancha on Rhodes, then gains a nearfall back in the ring as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Ryder misses a cross body, hitting the ropes before going to the outside. Rhodes wants the referee to speed up his count, but Ryder is able to get back into the ring at the count of nine. Rhodes with a standing gourdbuster for a nearfall. Rhodes with a knee to the gut, but Ryder counters a 2nd knee with a roll-up for a near fall. Rhodes then comes back with a boot to the head. Rhodes with a right hand to Ryder for a nearfall. Rhodes with a chinlock while Ryder’s arm is trapped by his leg. Ryder gets his arm free and hits some right hands. However, Rhodes with a hard whip that sends Ryder sternum first into the corner for another nearfall. Rhodes locks in a chinlock with a body scissors on Ryder. Ryder breaks free, Rhodes with a whip, then both men bump heads and are down.

Rhodes runs into an elbow, then Ryder with a running forearm followed by a clothesline. Ryder with a faceplant, followed by a running forearm into the corner. Ryder this time hits the Broski Boot for a close nearfall. Rhodes comes back with a kick, followed by the drop down throat thrust. Rhodes tries for an Alabama Slam, but Ryder counters with a sunset flip for a nearfall. Ryder hits a neckbreaker for another nearfall. Ryder sets for the Rough Ryder, but Cody counters it with a power bomb for a nearfall. Rhodes runs into boots in the corner, then Ryder with a top rope clothesline for a nearfall. Rhodes catches Ryder with a back elbow, but then misses on an attempt for the Beautiful Disaster.

However, Ryder then misses an enzuigiri and that allows Rhodes to hit Cross Rhodes for the victory.

Winner: Cody Rhodes by pinfall (Cross Rhodes)

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