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September 5, 2012
Report by: Grash of Wrestleview.com

A package reviewing last’s week’s NXT Championship match, where Seth Rollins becomes the first NXT Champion. It has a driving guitar beatline as it plays. It ends with Rollins talking about how he represents all the kids who were told you couldn’t do it. It’s a change of perspective that will change the world. It’s the change that we’ve been all talking about.

“Welcome Home”

Richie Steamboat vs. Kassius Ohno

Richie is out first and is fired up. Ohno is next. We’re shown the incident from two weeks ago that set these two to face each other. They start mouthing off at each other before locking up. The match is back and forth with Ohno trying to get in the head of Richie, and Richie not having any of it. Ohno goes for the eyes and gets caught.

Winner by DQ: Richie Steamboat

After the match, Ohno argues with the ref. We get a replay of the eye rake before Ohno goes and does damage to Richie including dropping him out of the ring and on the outer guardrail. He throws him back in the ring and hits the Ohno Blade. As the refs finally separate the two, Ohno is laughing his way to the bank. Regal calls Ohno disturbed, and he likes it. As some point Steamboat Sr. gets in the ring to check is son and loses it with the staff.


Audrey Marie vs. Paige

Audrey is out first and she’s rather plain. Paige is second and gets a pop from the crowd. The two girls lock up and Regal puts over the two girls for their competitive spirit. The two get into a catfight and roll around the ring. Audrey rolls Paige around with her legs around her. Paige recovers and gets a big strike on Audrey. She goes on an offensive. It sets up Paige to screams like her mom’s foul mouth before she hits a face first DDT for the win.

Winner: Paige

Steamboat Sr. is back stage and is livid and wild. Briley meets up with him but is waved off. Then Steamboat Sr. looks and turns. He has a Khan moment and yells out Ohno’s name. Ohno walks up to Steamboat Sr. and introduces him. He then tells him that his son has no potential and smiles at it. Steamboat responds to him and pushes him. The refs have to separate them as Ohno mocks the Dragon about being retired.

Saxton tells us that will hear from the champ. Brodus Clay will be in the house, and The Usos vs. The Ascension will be on the show. This leads into Daniel Bryan’s don’t be a yard tard public service announcement.


Percy Watson vs. Leo Kruger

Percy is out first, but Kruger has new music that is generic bland rock music. Kruger has a “Why so Serious?” look in his face. Saxton calls it “Stalking”. They lock up and Kruger goes on the offensive. Regal explains that Kruger is here not for fame or money. He’s here cause he likes it. It’s a slow pace till Percy takes over. Percy goes on the offensive and gets a pin attempt. Kruger throws Percy up to hit the ropes and it turns the match around for him for the win.

Winner: Leo Kruger


We have a package for the Usos who seek to put fear in their opponents. When we come back, The Funkadaytls introduce Brodus Clay.

Someone Call Your Momma

JR has joined commentary as Regal is caught by commentary off camera to dancing to the funk. Ryan Collins gets on introduction. The match is no competition and last just a bit more than a minute. After the match, little kids are brought into the ring to dance with the Funky one.

Winner: The Dancing Little Kids

We then get a package from last week where the Usos call out the Ascension… And then promptly get their asses kicked by ambush.

The Usos vs. The Ascension

This week is different as the Ascension is out first to the ring with their seizure inducing lights. The Usos tell the crowd that they can do with each other as they do their war dance. The Usos are fired up to start the match and it becomes a four way melee before the Ascension is tossed from the ring. We go to commercial.


The match has gotten back on track, but the Usos are still in control. The Ascension makes a hidden tag and uses the misdirection to take control of the match. The two go on the offensive tagging in and out as they isolate Jimmy on their half of the ring, uses several holds on him, and prevent him from tagging Jay. Jimmy finally gets a boot up and it sets up a double tag. Jay comes in hot and goes on the offensive. Jimmy tosses himself over the ropes to remove Connor from the equation. Kenneth hits the ropes and knocks over Jay. It sets up the win for the Ascension.

Winners: The Ascension


JR is in the ring and he introduces Seth Rollins, the first ever NXT Champion. He comes out and twirls the NXT belt around his head before holding it up. He gets in the ring and puts on an NXT shirt. JR asks about how he got past his lower back injury to win. Rollins says how he took Mahal’s comment that he was a born loser as motivation. JR then asks about being the hunted now. Rollins says he’ll take on any challenges. JR ends the interview and Rollins twirls the belt over his head again as the show ends.

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