Full Sail University
August 29, 2012
Report by: Grash of Wrestleview.com

“Welcome Home”

Jason Jordan & Mike Dalton vs. Hunico & Camacho

We’re reminded of their surprise win four weeks ago. Hunico and Camacho, whom they beat are out next. Camacho takes control of the match with a beating on Jordan. The two heels tag in and out on him to continue the offensive. After several minutes, Jordan gets a high kick to knock down Camacho. It sets up the double tag to which Mike comes in hot. It leads to offense for a tag attempt by Dalton. The pin is broken up and the two team smoz. It gives the match a reset where Hunico can get the pin while Camacho holds Jordan from making the save.

Winners: Hunico and Camacho


The Usos come out and call out the Ascension. *DING*. The two vampires come out to their light show and music … but really ambushed the Usos in the ring. Commentary has no clue where they came from. The Usos are then beaten down. Regal calls it “by their wicked ways”. Commentary says this isn’t over yet for either side.

Big E Langston, “The Freight Train of Destruction” is up next. Then, a video package for Alicia Fox is played. Next package has Cena talks over para Olympians before pushing Night of Champions. A package for Antonio Cesaro is played. Raw Rebound is next covering the Punk-King shenanigans.

Big E Langston vs. Chase Donovan

Big E is out first. Chase Donovan is already in the ring. And Chase is squashed in short order.

Winner: Big E Langston


We are shown the main stage for NXT with all of the talent on it for the main event. We break away for a moment to see Big E interviewed. Asked if his streak will continue. Big E just breathes heavily. The Fink is announcing and brings out NXT Commissioner, Dusty Rhodes. Dusty picks up the NXT belt and enters the ring. JR joins commentary. Jinder Mahal is out first. Seth Rollins is out next. The Fink introduces the match and the competitors in the match. The belt is raised. Dusty shakes Rollins’ hand, but Jinder refuses to. And with that the bell rings.

NXT Gold Rush Championship Tournament Final Match: Jinder Mahal vs. Seth Rollins

In the first part of the match, Jinder would control most of the action, including throwing Rollins out of the ring.


When we return to action, Rollins is in a lock in the middle of the ring. The lock would be broken as we get a replay of the throw from the ring before we went to commercials, but Jinder would continue the offensive. Commentary is putting over the fact that Rollins is in pain from the damage from Mahal. Crowd chants for Rollins after each time Mahal makes a pin attempt. JR says Mahal was setting up for the camel clutch, but Rollins holds onto the ropes. It sets up a desperate kick to Mahal’s head. It’s the counter that puts the match in Rollins’s control. Jinder ends up on the outside of the ring after going for a knee he misses. Rollins gets to the top rope and dives on to Mahal and taking both of them out. We get a replay of the spot as Rollins throws Mahal into the ring. Rollins goes to the top rope again, but Mahal drops him on his nuts. Mahal sets up for a superplex and hits it. The two lay in the ring as we go to commercials.


When we get back to the action the two are exchanging strikes till Rollins gets kicks in. Mahal gets a back breaker and goes for a pin attempt. JR puts over the fact that Rollins’ back is getting worse. Mahal tries to slam Rollins but loses him. They fight on the apron. Rollins misses the first kick, but gets his second. It sets up a failed pin attempt for Rollins. After Rollins regroups, he pumps up the crowd before getting Mahal on the turnbuckles. He gets a kick, but can’t pin Mahal. Rollins goes to the ropes for a moonsault but misses. Mahal gets a full nelson slam, but can’t pin him. Mahal start to apply the camel clutch. Rollins grabs the ropes, so Mahal has to pull him to the center of the ring. Rollins counters with a roll up, but can’t get the 3 count. Rollins slams Mahal to setup his Blackout finisher for the win.

NXT Gold Rush Tournament Winner and FIRST EVER NXT CHAMPION: Seth Rollins

Dusty Rhodes enters the ring after the bell to present Rollins the NXT title. We’re shown a replay of how Rollins won. Rollins is then shown swinging the belt around before he gets lifted by fellow NXT talent. Saxton says the Era of Seth Rollins has begun as the man of the moment jumps the rail and parties in the stands with fans.