WWE Superstars
August 25, 2011
Report by: Andrew Hayman of Wrestleview.com

The Superstars video rolls and the 8/25 edition of WWE Superstars is underway! We are met with some big pyro and Scott Stanford welcomes us to Superstars. Sheamus’s music hits and the Celtic Warrior makes his way down to the ring. Heath Slater’s music hits and he has a mic in hand and tells them to cut his music. Slater says he has been waiting for this all week ‘Great White’. Remember the battle royal? He says he should be the one facing Randy Orton and not Sheamus and the only reason that he isn’t is because of a cheap shot from Sheamus. Sheamus laughs at this. Slater continues by saying that there is a bad moon rising for Sheamus and there is trouble coming his way courtesy of the ‘One Man Southern Rock Band Heath Slater. Slater drops the mic and gets in the ring and the referee gets this one underway.

Sheamus vs. Heath Slater

The two circle the ring and lock up but Sheamus powers Slater to the corner and the ref breaks it up and Slater cheap shots him. Sheamus tosses him into the corner and hits multiple shots to the head and gut of Slater. Cover by Sheamus but Slater kicks out. A European uppercut followed by some knees to a grounded Slater. Irish whip by Sheamus, he goes for a clothesline but Slater ducks it, on the rebound leaps over Sheamus and pushes him chest first into the ropes but Sheamus grabs on and Slater goes tumbling across the ring. Hard shoulder tackle by Sheamus. Slater with a cheap kick to the gut and hits some punches. Slater bounces off the ropes but walks into another shoulder tackle. Sheamus goes to the top turnbuckle but Slater hits the ropes and Sheamus lands on the turnbuckle groin first. Slater drop kicks him off onto the floor. Slater with multiple kicks to a grounded Sheamus. Slater rolls him in at 4 and goes for the cover but Sheamus kicks out. Chin lock by Slater. A ‘let’s go Sheamus’ chant starts and Sheamus powers to his feet and literally throws Slater across the ring. Both men are dazed but Sheamus hits two hard clotheslines and Slater heads to the corner. Sheamus walks into a boot to the face and Slater charges but Sheamus nails him with a power slam. Sheamus places Slater between the ropes and hits several forearms to the gut before he has to break it up. Sheamus hits the ropes and hits a high knee. Sheamus sets up for the Brogue kick but Slater ducks it and heads out onto the apron and hits a neck breaker on Sheamus over the ropes. Slater gets in the ring and delivers a swinging neckbreaker. Slater slowly gets up onto the turnbuckle as Sheamus gets to his feet. Slater dives but he dives right into a Brogue kick. Sheamus poses picks Slater up and hits the High Cross for the win!

Winner: Sheamus via pinfall
Rating: C+

We see some replays of the match and Scott Stanford plugs the main event which will be Daniel Bryan vs. Drew McIntyre.


Brodus Clay’s music hits and he comes out all menacing. His opponent Pete Gibson is already in the ring.

Brodus Clay vs. Pete Gibson

Brodus pushes Gibson to the ropes and picks him up and slams him into the turnbuckles. Power slam and elbow drop by Clay. Clay picks him up and hits a hard forearm to the back. Brodus with a crucifix belly to back suplex and cover but Brodus breaks it up. Gibson goes to the corner, Clay charges full pelt at him then hits the Cross Body for the win.

Winner: Brodus Clay via pinfall
Rating: NA

We see highlights of the squash and then cut to another commercial.


Justin Gabriel’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. JTG’s music hit’s and he swaggers on down to the ring.

Justin Gabriel vs. JTG

The two lock up and JTG puts Gabriel in a headlock. Gabriel reverses it into his own, JTG pushes him to the ropes but Gabriel nails him with a shoulder tackle on the rebound. Arm drag takedown by Gabriel followed by and arm bar. JTG reverses and hits multiple shots to the gut. JTG whips him to the ropes but Gabriel ducks a clothesline and hits a kick to the side. JTG hides behind the ref for cover and hits a sneaky shot. JTG whips Gabriel to the corner hard and charges but Gabriel leaps over and hits a facebuster. Gabriel goes up looking for the 450 but JTG leaps up and pulls the ropes and Gabriel crashes and burns. JTG with multiple punches and kicks and finally a cover but Gabriel kicks out. JTG with a swinging neckbreaker and goes for the cover but again Gabriel kicks out. JTG with a modified chin lock. Gabriel starts to power out with some knees to JTG’s head. JTG halts his momentum with knee to the gut but Gabriel hits several kicks. Gabriel leaps over JTG after being Irish whipped and hits him with a spinning heel kick. Cover but JTG kicks out. Gabriel with a springboard cross body from the apron and another cover but again he kicks out. Gabriel goes for an Asai Moonsault but JTG rolls out of the way and hits another neck breaker. Cover and again he kicks out. Gabriel slowly gets to his feet and hits a kick to the head out of nowhere. Gabriel goes up for the 450 but again JTG rushes to him but Gabriel slides down and powerbombs JTG. Gabriel goes up and finally hits the 450 for the win!

Winner: Justin Gabriel via pinfall
Rating: C

We see some highlights and head to another commercial.


We come back and Matt and Jack plug HHH’s new movie ‘Inside Out’. After the trailer we cut back and Daniel Bryan’s music hits and he heads to the ring.


Drew McIntyre’s video/music roll and he makes his way out looking all menacing like.

Drew McIntyre vs. Daniel Bryan

Bryan gets pushed into the corner by Drew and the ref breaks it up. Bryan pushed Drew into the corner and drops him with a drop toe hold. Drew with a wrist lock and Bryan gets out of it with a drop kick. McIntyre pushes Bryan into the corner and hits a flurry of punches. The ref breaks it up and Bryan hits several kicks. McIntyre gets out of the ring and Bryan takes chase. McIntyre gets in and rolls back out. Bryan grabs his hair but McIntyre with a punch. McIntyre whips Bryan to the corner but Bryan runs up it and flips over McIntyre taking him down with knee drag and transitioning it into a modified knee bar. McIntyre manages to get to the ropes. Bryan with a European uppercut and he goes to whip McIntyre into the corner but Drew reverses it. Bryan goes to vault over Drew but McIntyre catches him and drops him face first into the turnbuckle. A cover by Drew but Bryan kicks out as we lead into a commercial.


We come back with Drew applying a modified chin lock. Bryan powers out and hits a European uppercut but Drew halts him with a big boot. Cover by Drew but Bryan kicks out. Drew starts choking Bryan on the ropes but let’s go at the count of four. McIntyre with some chops to corner and he drags him out into a clothesline. Cover by Drew but Bryan kicks out. Another modified chin lock by McIntyre but Bryan rallies and rolls him up for a close 2. Drew sends Bryan to the mat with a punch and covers him but Bryan kicks out. Drew drags Bryan so he is hanging over the apron. Drew with some punches and sternum slams before he rolls in and covers him but Bryan kicks out again. Drew whips Bryan to the corner and hits him in the face with an elbow. Bryan starts to mount an offense with his own punches and he takes McIntyre down with a clothesline. Both men are sluggish to their feet; Bryan reverses some punches and hits him with some forearms before hitting a German suplex. Drop kick in the corner by Bryan a cover but Drew kicks out. Drew to his knees and Bryan with some hard kicks to the gut, Bryan bounces to the corner but eats a hard clothesline. Cover and again Bryan kicks out. Both men to their feet and Drew goes for a powerslam but Bryan reverses it and sends Drew out of the ring. Bryan looks out and hits a suicide dive! Bryan rolls McIntyre into the ring at 7 and he climbs the turn buckle. McIntyre rushes over and delivers a superplex on Bryan. Cover and again Bryan kicks out. Both men to their feet and Bryan locks in the Guillotine! Drew fades and tries to go to the ropes but just can’t make it and he taps.

Winner: Daniel Bryan via submission
Rating: B

We see some replays of the match and Scott Stanford closes the show and the stream fades to black.


This is going to be rather quick because I’m currently really busy with University which I do apologize for. Anyway main event was a very good entertaining wrestling match. I am starting to get tired of seeing Brodus squash these local jobbers. Not that they aren’t entertaining but it really has just been the same thing for the past few weeks.

I’m really enjoying how the WWE is putting some of the higher up talent on the show. Gives them a chance to showcase why they should get a push. Anyway that about wraps this week up, overall I’d give the show a C+. If you have any Questions, feedback, hate or whatever else you wish to discuss with me, my email address is amdy985@hotmail.com or you can follow me on Twitter by finding @amdy985. Thanks for reading and you will see me next week for another recap.