WWE NXT Recap (on WWE.com)
August 16, 2011
Bakersfield, California
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

Tonight, NXT is in Bakersfield, California.

Todd Grisham and William Regal are on commentary.

Matt Striker tries to host. He ends up in a match.

“I said we are wild and young!”

The show starts with Titus coming out with AJ and Hornswoggle. Josh reminds us Titus has 30 redemption points, but Regal says he’s got Hornswoggle. Titus has the mic, and he Welcomes us to NXT. Hornswoggle and AJ have mic’s as well. Oh shit. Titus says Hornswoggle been on a journey for true love. Titus has to translate Hornswoggle. “Sweet Potato Pie”. Hornswoggle gets to on knee and pulls out a box and it has a candy ring in it. AJ is happy. Titus says that Hornswoggle will be loyal to here. It’s campy. AJ says “It’s never been about size. What matters to her is the size of his heart.”

We are saved from the sugar goodness in the ring by Derrick Bateman. He’s shirtless and wearing jeans. He says the guys in the back are throwing up. “This is NXT, not How the Leprechaun Turns.” He says that if anyone really loves you you’re dumber than Titus. Titus calls him out, and turn around before he kicks his teeth in. Bateman says he doesn’t know who’s the leprechaun and who’s the troll. Titus says, why doesn’t he get in the ring and tell it to their faces. Bateman says, childishly, why doesn’t he make him. Hornswoggle rolls out of the ring after Derrick. Titus follows him. Bateman heads into the back. AJ is left in the ring alone. And out of No where another female appears and attacks AJ.


Oh, It’s Hornswoggle’s old flame from Season 3. Regal and Josh don’t remember this and say they’ll get to the bottom of this.

AD: Wrestlers of the 21st Century.
AD: Night of Champions.

MATCH: JTG vs Tyson Kidd

JTG walks out to the ring first. Kidd is out next. Regal says next week NXT will be in Kidd’s Hometown. The bell rings. Kidd walks up to JTG. Kidd goes for a kick but JTG catches it. The two exchange strikes and offenses before JTG takes over on offense. He manages to whip Kidd and drop him before dropping him for a pin attempt. JTG hotdogs around in the ring as Regal asks Josh where is Yoshi. Josh does not know. In the meanwhile Kidd has taken over on offense. Kidd gets some offense in before JTG takes over again. Regal talks about JTG now having some anger and it has been good for him. JTG goes to the ropes but Kidd ducks under him, he turns it into a single leg Boston crab. JTG tries to get to the ropes but Tyson pulls him back to the center of the ring. JTG taps.

Winner: Tyson Kidd

After the match Japanese Kanji appear on the titantron. Kidd is looking around and is confused. So are we.

Josh interviews Matt Striker who is backstage. Striker says seen people come and go. Seen them make excuses and point fingers. Striker says this week he’s prepared for Darren Young.

AD: Summerslam theme from Cee-Lo Green.

MATCH: Darren Young vs. Matt Striker

Matt Striker is out the ring first. Darren is out next. We get a package from last’s week match where Darren beats Striker. The bell rings. Striker is calling Darren to come at him. Striker is chasing Darren and getting strikes in. Darren turns the tables and gets some hard strikes in. Striker turns it around again with harder ones. Darren rolls out the ring. Striker goes after him and slams him on the steel steps. Darren rolls back in the ring. Striker goes in after him. Darren takes advantage of this. They go back and forth. The camera gets a close up of Darren to show that his lip has been busted open the hard way. They get on the apron and Darren gets Striker spine first on the apron. It leads to a quick pin attempt. Darren gets behind Striker and gets some hammer first on his chest. It leads to a leg lock around Striker. Darren pulls Striker’s face as Striker tries to break free. Striker goes for the ropes, but is pulled back. They fight to their feet. Striker breaks free and gets strikes on Darren. He does and boots Darren, he moves out of the way. Striker turns and boots Darren. It sets up a DDT from the ropes. Striker goes for a pin. Darren gets his foot on the ropes. Striker is pissed he didn’t get the pin fall. He pulls him to the ring and Darren pushes off. They lock up and Striker gets a slam on Darren. He goes for pin, Darren kicks out. Striker is pissed he did not get the win. Striker goes for an arm breaker, but Striker rolls too much and Darren gets on top and in control. He picks up Striker and drops him into the Heatwave. It leads to the pin and the Win.

Winner: Darren Young

Regal says Darren Young out smarted Striker, and he’s one of the smartest people he knows.

AD: WWE All-Stars video game.

Bateman is out first with Maxine. We see a recap of Maxine beating on AJ. Bateman has a mic. He says he that Maxine his girlfriend. Maxine takes the mic. She says Hornswoggle can handle a real woman like her self and he’s settled like every other man. She says if you think they cause problems now, they’re just getting started.

AD: Life of a Masked Man (Rey Mysterio).

Bateman blows a kiss to Maxine. Titus comes out alone next. Regal asks where Hornswoggle and AJ is. The bell rings.

MATCH: Bateman vs. Titus

They lock up. Titus starts with overpowering Bateman. Titus gets a Bateman in the corner and hits him hard. He whips him across the ring and then slams him hard. He goes for a pin. Bateman kicks out. He whips him around and shoulders him. We get out wolf call tonight. Titus uses the shoulders on Bateman in the corner. Bateman gets a running drop kick on Titus after he backs off. He gets a pin attempt. Titus kicks out. Bateman gets on Titus’s back and gets some strikes on him. They continue into the corner. Bateman backs off, and Titus kicks him and starts to strike in to Bateman and takes over on offense. Bateman turns the table with a drop and goes for quick pin attempt. Batman moves Titus into the corner and uses his boot on his throat. The ref pulls him off. Bateman whips Titus and gets him with a Star man flying Elbow. It leads to a head lock. Titus fights to his feet. Bateman cuts him down with loud kick. The crowd is booing Bateman for the kick. Bateman is soaking it in before going for another headlock. The fight to their feet and Titus breaks out with offense. Titus gets a football slam. It leads to a pin attempt. Bateman breaks out. Titus goes on offense again. He does a shoulder breaker. Titus Kicks out. We get another wolf call. Titus gets a slam over his shoulder, and Bateman rolls out of the ring. Another Wolf call. Titus goes out after Bateman. Titus looks to Maxine before rolling Bateman in. Titus goes into the ring. The ref breaks it up and pulls Bateman back. This gives Maxine the opportunity to hold on to Titus’s leg. It’s the distraction that Bateman needs to get the win.

Winner: Derrick Bateman

AD: Smackdown.
Did You Know? RAW beat the NFL in ratings. (It’s preseason)

When we come back we cut to video from last night’s Raw. Alberto Del Rio is defending the WWE Championship. Rey Mysterio is the challenger, and he is in his hometown of San Diego. Del Rio would take a 619, to set up Rey to take his knees when Ray went for his usual 619 splash for the pin. Del Rio would win and beat on Rey till Cena makes the save. Cena would take the mic. He is angry and tells Del Rio that he’s no champion. He tells him that the title makes him a target. And if Del Rio has to defend the title against him, he won’t be so lucky. Cena drops the mic and his music hits in the arena.

The show is over. The stream is done.

Grash Says…

I got tonight’s song in honor of the NXT Lovebirds. I even found a version that you can sing along with. Rock out to my thoughts out. (Okay, I’ve got work on that)


Maxine is an interesting choice because in her season of NXT, she had a storyline that involved Hornswoggle. It was a love/hate thing. Okay more hate than love. But the night she was eliminated, she got caught with a kiss on Hornswoggle. Will this video show up? Who knows?!? This needs to be said. The sole reason Maxine is on NXT because Maryse is out injured. I’m perfectly fine with this. Maryse will heal up and come back to the main shows. Maxine on the other hand moves up a rank from FCW to work on TV and in the Arenas. And from tonight’s debut beatdown, first promo, and role as “The Girlfriend” to Bateman, she’s done excellently tonight. In the past, I’ve called Maryse the force of nature. This was coupled with the fact she was co-hosting the show. Maxine is coming in a completely different role. She is not co-hosting the show. Plus Where Maryse was boy-friendly, Maxine actually has Bateman. It all works and for tonight, NXT was the Maxine Show.

We got a great promo from Striker before his match with Darren Young. The match was good as well. Last week’s match, Striker got his behind kicked. This week, Striker lost only because of ring rust. It’s the second win Darren Young has over Striker. So as things stand, this feud feels almost over. If there’s a third match, then some heavy promo work is needed to justify it.

Kidd and JTG was a nice short match. Both Tyson and JTG have improved. The story coming from the match is what the heck was on the tron after the match. Unfortunately, it was an awkward moment where Kidd is looking around to see that nothing or no one was coming for him.

Once again, a part of the show was given to a Raw Recap. Last night’s match and Cena’s Promo afterwards were both awesome and hugely important. Seeing the Rey\Del Rio Title Match was hand down awesome. I’ve already given it a Yes vote on the Match of the Year Project.