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Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

SummerSlam occurred largely as you’d expect, but with one wrinkle…CM Punk went over in the official main event, after missing a leg on the ropes by HHH. Alberto Del Rio cashed in his Money in The Bank and is the new WWE Heavyweight Champion…but over CM Punk. Makes you wonder what the plan is going forward, as the plan had been for Albwerto Del Rio-John Cena matches. I hope to God we don’t wind up with CM Punk-Kevin Nash matches as a result. The promos would be great, but I can’t even imagine the matches.

As for indies and Philadelphia, it may be only mid-August, but the autumn is likely to heat up at the old ECW Arena.

September 10 features CZW’s Chris Ca$h Memorial Show featuring the Title versus Title match of CZW’s Ultraviolent Undergound Champion Masada taking on Big Japan Wrestling Deathmatch Champion Ryuji Ito.

November features the Dragon Gate USA/Combat Zone Wrestling doubleheader on November 12, with Dragon Gate USA starting at 5:30 pm and Combat Zone Wrestling at a scheduled 8:30 pm belltime; followed by CHIKARA Pro Wrestling returning the next afternoon November 13 with a 4:00 pm belltime.

Then the first weekend in December is already looking to have one of the hottest Philadelphia wrestling weekends in recent memory as CHIKARA will present a weekend entitled JOSHIMANIA, with Friday, December 2, taking place at the Arena in South Philadelphia featuuing Joshi legends Aja Kong and Manami Toyota, as well as talent from Japanese women’s promotions Osaka Women’s Pro, JWP, Sendai Girls, WAVE and Union Pro. CZW’s annual Cage of Death will be held the next night on Saturday, December 3 (not the usual second Saturday date)

Wanted to include this little blurb again about ‘Michael Morrice, a brave 13 year old from the UK, who is awaiting a kidney transplant. Michael is currently undergoing dialysis.

If any readers within the business (indies, WWE, TNA, puroresu, or lucha promoters or workers or even staff) or even fans… who would be willing to send a key chain or pen from the country in which they live… or just plain good wishes, please contact Michael and his mom, Sylvia, via Michael Morrice Transplant Support Facebook page. This isn’t one of those chain deals….he’s a real kid (who happens, as it turns out, to share my birthday)…not a mysterious someone looking to get some magic number of Facebook friends. He’s just a 13 year old wrestling fan, with a mom who loves him, and who asked Petey for help. I thought I’d pass it on to all of you…

Some of you have already sent him good wishes, and many other things…if some more of you can be moved to do so, it’d be appreciated.

Until next time…

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