WWE NXT Recap (on WWE.com)
August 9, 2011
Sacramento, California.

Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

Tonight, NXT is in Sacramento, California.

Todd Grisham and William Regal are on commentary.

Matt Striker tries to host. He ends up in a match.

Maryse is out with an injury. You should be sad about this.

“I said we are wild and young!”

Matt Striker starts in the ring and the rookies will take part in a challenge called “Bobbing for redemption”. As Striker explains the rules, Darren comes out and he’s sick of his garbage and asks who he think he is. Darren says he’s done doing challenges. Darren puts over his career over Striker. He says Striker couldn’t cut it in this ring. Striker tells him he’s focused on what he’s done and not what he will do. Darren agrees and strikes Striker (pun intended) Striker is left fallen on the mat as Darren rolls out of the ring. Before leaving he challenges him to a match tonight. Regal puts over the match.

Josh talks about Tyson Kidd and how he will face Justin Gabriel. The call Mr. 450 Splash as NXT-Alumni. Tyson is on the tron. He quickly mocks that and puts over he came from the Dungeon. “Tonight, He’ll find out how great I really am.”

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MATCH: Tyson Kidd vs. Justin Gabriel

Tyson comes out first, Gabriel is next. Gabriel has his Smackdown graphics. They lock up. Gabriel is quicker in the initial exchange. Tyson Kidd is a bit stronger. The roll around, and Kidd has to use the ropes to break. They lock up again. Tyson is quicker in this second exchange, but Gabriel is able to put Tyson in a hold and build it into a slam. Tyson is able to turn the tables and put Justin on his back with a neck hold. They fight to their feet. Tyson pushes Justin into the corners and gets shoulders in. Ref counts to 4. Tyson backs off only to get a big smack across Justin’s face and goes on a dominate streak till Justin gets a slap to break it up. Gabriel leads this into several nice Europeans uppercuts. Tyson turns the table and whips Justin into the corners. Gabriel tosses Tyson out of the ring, he motions to dive out at him, but sees Kidd move. He swings his leg and gets Kidd on the backside. He then goes for the dive, but kid knocks over Justin and both fall out of the ring.

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Back to the Action: Tyson kid has Justin in a heck lock on in the middle of the ring. The fight to their feet and Justin gets breaks free from Kidd. Kidd manages to work the leg and then goes for a kick to the face. He goes for the pin, but Justin Kicks out. He gets behind him and gets a new lock on his neck as he begins to taunt Justin. They rock back and forth with the hold before fighting to their feet. Justin drops Kidd on the break. He gets to his feet first and goes for a kick. But Kidd holds the ropes to stop himself. Justin misses his kick and is flat on his back in the middle of the ring. Kidd is back on offense. He uses the ropes and the ref calls him off. He looks to the ref. He goes for a drop on the edge of the apron and misses it. Justin is back up and in charge after that. He gets a flip over him and then kicks the back to Kidd. He goes for the pin, but Kidd kicks out. Picking up Kidd, Justin works him in the corner. He faints a kick again to set up a more powerful drop kick. Justin works himself to the ropes and get to the top rope. Kidd rolls out of the ring. Justin drops to matt again to setup a slide through ropes to Kidd. Justin dives out of the ring. Justin throws Kidd into the ring. As he points to the sky, He bounces to the top rope onto Kidd for a pin. A Kickout. Kidd tries to get offense in, but Justin turns into a submission hold. Kidd gets his foot on the ropes. They break. Justin is up first and is going for the 450 again. Kidd gets up and drops Justin on his nuts. Regal and Josh speculate that Kidd had been playing possum. Kidd gets up on the ropes and Justin knocks him off. Kidd gets a jump and kick to the back of Justin. He then rolls him off the ropes and goes for the pin. Justin Kicks out. Regal says Kidd has been the Stat of NXT. Justin returns to Justin with stopms, he sets up for another kcik but Justin grabs him for a slam and quick pin attempt. Kidd kicks out. Justin gets control and gets strikes in. Kidd manages to get a single leg take down in and it goes into a sharpshooter. Justin ia able to roll it into a pin. Tyson kicks out. Tyson goes to move on Justin, but he’s grabbed and slammed onto the mat. Tyson is out. Justin goes for the 450. He hits it. He covers for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Justin Gabriel

Darren Young takes on Matt Striker next.

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The offical Theme for Summerslam is “Bright Lights, Bright City” from Ce-Lo Green.

MATCH: Darren Young vs. Matt Striker

Darren Young comes out to NXT Music. We get a recap of Striker getting striked. Ha ha I did it again. Matt Striker is out quick and is fired up. The ref has to hold him back. The bell rings and they lock up. Striker is wrestling pissed. Darren eventually gets him to the ropes and drops him on the apron. Regal says the edge of ring is the hardest part of the ring. Back in the center of the ring, Darren had a neck lock. They fight to their feet. Darren manages to throw Striker into the Ring post. He gets a strike on the outside of the ring. He pulls him into the center of the ring. Darren taunts to Striker “This is My House”. Striker goes for double Leg Nelson. Darren breaks free. Josh and Regal say Striker does not know where he is. Striker is then dropped on his head and pinned. He kicks out, Regal calls kicking out instinct. Striker manages to break free. Striker’s nose is broken and is bleeding. He manages to work through this. Finally it’s too much for Striker and Darren young gets the Heatwave in. It’s the pin for the win.

WINNER: Darren Young

Regal says that Striker is good. He’s had good training, and maybe some ring rust. He did everything he could, and just couldn’t beat Darren Young. Josh says this is a big win for Darren Young. Titus vs. Bateman is next. Bateman hasn’t lost yet to Titus.

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Regal is speechless when Josh asks what it means that HHH is the Special Guest Ref for Punk\Cena at SummerSlam. Regal finally gets out that HHH seems to have alterative motives in what he does. We then cut to the back as Daniel Bryan walks up to Derrick Bateman playing a game. He says they need to talk. Bateman ignores him and Bryan turns off the TV. Daniel says he’s hasn’t been there because Bateman been making a fool of himself. And until he figures things out, he won’t be there for him.

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MATCH: Derrick Bateman vs. Titus O’Neil

Titus is out first with Hornswoggle and AJ. They get in the ring and pose for the crowd. Bateman is out next. He points to the crowd and he looks serious. Josh and Regal recap why Bryan is not at ring side. Bateman gets to the ring. The bell rings. They lock up. Titus starts with overpowering Bateman. He does a wolf call. Bateman turns the table and flips Titus on his back. Quick pin and kick out. Hornswoggle and AJ are at the ring, and not at the commentary desk. Oh thank heaven. In the mean while, Bateman has been beating on Titus. He goes across the ring and gets a drop on the ribs of Tits. He gets a long on Titus, They fight to their feet. Bateman, beats on him and screams in frustration. Josh recounts how Bateman is a late addition to this season. He puts second lock on Titus. He then jumps on his back. Titus gets to his feet. Backing Bateman on to the post and then backbreaking him on to the matt. He starts clotheslining Bateman before a scoop slam. Titus gets up. And there is another wolf’s call. He goes for second scoop slam, but Bateman kicks him on his lower legs. Bateman rolls over Titus and tries to pull him back. Titus instead drops to his knees and teabags Bateman. Yes, that’s the pin.

WINNER: Titus O’Neil

After the match, Bateman takes a cheap shot on Titus. He then goes for Hornswoggle, pulling him into the ring. Hornswoggle breaks free, Bateman heads into Titus who slams him. Titus points to Hornswoggle and he gets to the ropes and does a splash on to Bateman. The crowd is cheering. Josh calls this “a little pot of gold at the end of the rainbow”. I
n NXT Chat, The Fink says “And for the second week in a row, they all live happily ever after!!!!”

The show is over. The stream is done.

Grash Says

Okay, I’m nicer this week, but last week opened Pandora’s Box. I actually enjoy writing my thoughts and snappy comments into the recap. Here’s how I look at it: You’re likely reading this because you didn’t watch the show or you’re a fan of my work. For the second group, I’m giving you what you like (or hate) from me. And the first group, you’re just going to have to deal with my biases, likes, dislikes, other mood swings.

Also back this week is more music video. I finally understand why Mr. V has so many in his column now. This week Kayne West, “Power”. I cannot get this song out of my head. Plus there’s a Pony Remake next to the video itself. You knew I wouldn’t disappoint.

Seeing Mr. 450 Splash tonight was a nice treat. While Kidd lost tonight, he looked like he pushed Gabriel in doing so. There’s intensity to what he is doing that I’m enjoying watching. This includes the match he had on Smackdown last week as well. Kidd has taken awhile to get here, but it seems that he’s on way to being a solid worker. And that’s the take away I’m getting from this match. Regal has put Kidd as the Star of the Pros on NXT. I have to disagree with Regal. I give you that Kidd has been great the past two months. And now is the top star on the show now only because there is a vacuum left behind by Maryse and Yoshi Tatsu on injured reserve. If you tag that piece on to what Regal said, then I’m not having a logic breakdown. Regardless, with Maryse and Tatsu out, there’s a pro that you need to push forward. Tyson is it.

Seeing Striker in the ring for the second week has been great as well. I’ll leave the puns alone; I don’t need a hat trick on that. There are two things running at each other here. The first is this is Striker’s first single match in years. He’s got some ring rust, however Regal worked against this and managed to establish that Striker is a professional still and still has it. Just not enough to win tonight. Striker also took a beating like all heck I hope that Striker’s nose is okay, as it was visibly bleeding during the match. The result is that Darren Young comes out looking great like the Superstar he wants to be.

Finally we have Titus and Bateman Battling it out. Before the match, we have Daniel Bryan telling Bateman he’s on his own. Bateman has been a fool, and Bryan will have no part of it. This is a great way to acknowledge the cracks in Bateman now that we’re off the high from his return. The match with Titus was a decent effort tonight, but in the end Bateman takes the loss and the embarrassment of taking a tadpole splash from Hornswoggle.

Now here’s the question that is still left unanswered. The Next Elimination. Once again, we do not have voting opening this week. So from this point we’re looking at minimum of two weeks before the next elimination. That the low. It’s more likely we could go another month or longer this season. If you accept this fact and look what they are doing, NXT has become almost a 1hr Smackdown-like show. I’ll even take it as far that it has become like WWE’s ECW in format. This has been good evolutions as I’m concerned for the show. However, this is still NXT and the “competition” of the rookies is front and center. There’s rumbling in the NXT faithful about this. So the question becomes how long can WWE continue this season without alienating fans. It’s unfortunate that fans can have patience, but that’s how they feel.

I keep making fun of The Summerslam Theme. I should be more nice the singer, who is Ce-Lo Green. He’s the man who sings the song affectively known as “Forget You”.