WWE Superstars
August 4, 2011
Report by: Andrew Hayman of Wrestleview.com

The Superstars video rolls and some pyro goes off which means we are underway for the 8/4 edition of WWE Superstars! Alicia Fox’s music hits and she prances her way down to the ring. Jack Korpela introduces Matt Striker and welcomes us to the show. The two talk about Summerslam and Kaitlyn’s music hits. She gets in the ring and the referee calls for the bell.

Alicia Fox vs. Kaitlyn

Alicia pushes Kaitlyn and she takes Kaitlyn down with a side headlock. Kaitlyn reverses it into a head scissors. Kaitlyn takes Alicia down with a shoulder block and goes for a cover but Alicia kicks out. Waist lock by Alicia Fox. Kaitlyn lifts her up like a cheerleader would by holding her up by her hands? I dunno how to explain that but Alicia ends up on the sitting on the turnbuckle. Kaitlyn gets a bit cocky so Alicia leaps at her with a Thesz press. She gets off Kaitlyn and goes to whip he to the corner but Kaitlyn reverses it. Kaitlyn charges but Alicia hits her in the face with an elbow and slams her down to the mat. Cover by Alicia but Kaitlyn kicks out. Alicia with some head slams to Kaitlyn. She starts counting each slam individually and then puts her in a headlock. Some elbows by Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn with a roll up but Alicia kicks out. Rear chin lock by Alicia. Kaitlyn looks to power out but Alicia slams her back down to the mat. Kaitlyn to a stand and hits some elbows but Alicia hits her in the face and applies the chin lock again. Kaitlyn reverses into a high angle belly to back slam. Kaitlyn with a flap jack and follows it up with a dropkick. Cover by Kaitlyn but Alicia kicks out. Kaitlyn sends Alicia to the corner and hits some shots. She goes to Irish whip Alicia to the corner but Alicia reveres but Kaitlyn runs up the turnbuckle and hits Alicia with a back elbow. Another cover but Alicia kicks out again. Kaitlyn goes for some slam but Alicia flips through and hits her Axe kick for the win.

Winner: Alicia Fox via pinfall.
Rating: C-

We see some highlights of the match and Jack plugs the main event which will be Jack Swagger taking on Chris Masters.

Commercial: Summerslam.

We come back and Brodus Clay’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. There is already a guy called Pat Silva in the ring who Brodus will be taking on. The referee calls for the bell.

Brodus Clay vs. Pat Silva

Clay lifts Pat up and slams him into the turnbuckle. Brodus with some punchers and just general monstery. Brodus uses the ropes as leverage to choke Pat. He then grabs his arms and pushes on his chest. Some elbow drops from Brodus. Cover but Brodus pulls out of the cover. Angle slam by Brodus. He whips Silva to the ropes and he headbutts him. Brodus whips Silva to the corner and charges at him full tilt and hits him chest first. He follows it up with a cross body. Cover and this is all over.

Winner: Brodus Clay via pinfall.
Rating: NA

We see a some highlights and cut to a commercial.

Commercial: Rey Mysterio: The Life of a Masked Man.

Commercial: Broadcast Premier of Wrestlemania 27 on NBC

Kozlov’s music hits and Scott Stanford welcomes us to the show. Primo’s music hits and makes his way down to the ring. It looks like we are about to get underway but JTG’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring and Joins commentary. In the ring the referee calls for the bell.

Vladimir Kozlov vs. Primo

Kozlov throws Primo. He then hi tosses him and Primo gets out on the ropes. Primo pushes Kozlov so he throw him down. Primo gets in a bit of offense but Kozlov shoulder tackles him out of the ring! Kozlov rolls Primo back in the ring. Primo kicks Kozlov as he gets in but Kozlov brushes him away. Primo goes for a splash but Kozlov catches him and drops him across the turnbuckle. He hits primo a few times and kicks him. He picks him up but Primo drops down and chop blocks him. He puts him in single legged Boston Crab. He lets him go and starts kicking him in the leg. A leg DDT and he follows it up with a variates ankle lock. Kozlov kicks him away into the corner. Kozlov charges but Primo dodges. He hammers away at the knee and he goes to hit a running shoulder in the corner but Kozlov dodges and Primo goes shoulder first into the steel post. Kozlov with some offense but Primo hits him with a kick to the head and follows it up with a drop kick to the knee. Primo goes up top and looks for a dive but Kozlov head butts him and gets the win!

Winner: Vladimir Kozlov via pinfall.
Rating: C

We see some highlights and after the match Kozlov and JTG stare each other down.

Commercial: Summerslam.

RAW Rebound.

We cut back and Scott plugs the Card for Summerslam.

Jack Swagger’s music hits and he runs out showboating like only he can. We cut to another commercial.

Commercial: Mark Henry/Sheamus Package.

We are back and Chris Masters makes his way out. He does his usual pyro pose up the top of the ramp and makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. The referee calls for the bell.

Chris Masters vs. Jack Swagger

They lock up and Swagger takes him down and has Masters in a waistlock. Masters struggles and looks as if he is powering out but Swagger with a belly to front mat slam and still has the hold locked in. He transitions into a double wrist lock while applying the knee to the back. Masters powers out and takes Swagger down. Swagger rolls out of the ring. He points at his shoulder as he is holding out his tights. He gets in as the ref gets to the count of 4. But he gets back out. The two lock up and Masters pushing Swagger to the corner. They lock up again and Swagger sends Masters into the corner and hits some punches and kicks. Swagger with some elbows and an Irish whip. Masters dodges two clotheslines and hits a diving elbow. A snap suplex by Masters and a cover attempt but Swagger kicks out. Masters with some kicks to swagger in the corner. Masters with a power slam and a huge leg drop. Cover, Swagger kicks out at two. Masters with a chop to Swagger. He lifts Swagger up for the running powerslam but Swagger shimmy’s out of it and sends Masters into the corner and hits how with a hard forearm. Swagger nails the Swagger Bomb, he goes for a cover but Masters kicks out at 2! We cut to a commercial.

Commercial: Greatest Superstars in the 21st century DVD.

We are back and Swagger is dancing around the ring. A hard forearm to the spine of Masters. Swagger sends Masters to the ropes and he clotheslines Swagger down. Masters with some right hands then sending Swagger into the corner and hitting him with some shoulders. Masters then takes Swagger down with a hard clothesline. Swagger ducks another clothesline and Swagger spears him. He follows it up with a big boot and a cover but Masters kicks out at two. Triangle arm bar by Swagger on Masters. Masters starts powering but Swagger blocks it with a knee and some punches. Cover by Swagger but Masters kicks out. Swagger then locks in a leg scissors to the gut. Swagger grabs the ropes for leverage but then lets go. Masters with some punches, he goes for a power slam but cant hold it. He drops Swagger and Swagger sends him to the ropes looking for a back body drop but Masters kicks him in the head. Swagger takes down Masters out of no where with a clothesline! Swagger gets up and poses at the crowd. Masters is slowly getting to his feet but Swagger shoulder blocks him to the mat. Masters again slowly to his feet Swagger goes for another but Masters ducks and goes for the Masterlock! He can’t quite lock it in and so Swagger leaps forward and Masters head crashes into the top rope. Swagger gets up but walks right into a Samoan drop from Masters. Swagger gets to his feet and charges into a boot from Masters. Masters to the top rope and he hits a diving shoulder tackle. Masters whips Swagger into the ropes and hits him with a hard spinebuster. Cover, Swagger kicks out at 2! Masters lifts Swagger up by the head but Swagger hits him with a rear mat slam. Swagger looks at Masters and starts stomping his gut. Swagger with another Swagger bomb but Masters lifts the knees. Masters goes for the Masterlock but Swagger leaps back into the corner breaking the attempt! Swagger then locks in the Ankle Lock and Chris Masters taps out!

Winner: Jack Swagger via submission.
Rating: A-

We see a lot of highlights from the match and we come back with Swagger running around the ring. Scott Stanford wishes us goodnight and thanks us for watching before the stream fades to black.


This was an up and down Superstars. First off we had a sub-par Divas match. I’m mean, it wasn’t horrible but it most definatly wasn’t good. I do have one thing to say about it though, well not particularly the match but more about Kaitlyn. I don’t think she is ready ring wise. When Alicia Fox looks the best Diva in a match you know the other person isn’t up to shape. She just seemed to stall on a few moves, especially the diving backwards elbow. But they will work the kinks out.

Next up we had a squash match. But a very brutal and awesome squash match. I’ve never been a fan of Brodus Clay but he sort of got me interested. He just absolutely monstered Pat Silva. From what I’ve heard he is pretty bad on the mic. But when are big huge guys like him ever good on the mic? Nowadays anyway.

Next up we had an average match that was basically a squash. Kozlov displayed his power throughout the whole thing and Primo was trying to keep the massive man grounded by taking out his leg. Kozlov’s power ended up coming out on top. Having JTG on commentary was a nice touch seeing as Kozlov and him are feuding on NXT.

Finally we saw an absolutely fantastic main event between Jack Swagger and Chris Masters. Jack Swagger ended up coming out on top after reversing another Masterlock attempt and put him in the ankle lock making him tap. The only thing I can really say about this match is just watch it. The two men told a fantastic story. We had Swagger outclassing Masters but Masters with his sheer strength just powering out, so Swagger took out his power. But Masters, still coming back with everything he had through pure determination. Then having him come oh so close to winning, twice but having the more experienced Swagger defy the underdog win and finally make him tap. Fantastic match and an awesome way to end the show.

So that about wraps things up for this week. Overall I’d give the show a B-. Fantastic main event with some ups and downs throughout. If you want to send me some feedback, questions, hate or just waterier, my email is amdy985@hotmail.com or, you can follow me on Twitter by finding @amdy985. Thank you for reading and I shall see you next week!