The 2011 Wrestleview Readers’ Mid-Year Awards
July 31, 2011
Article written by: Anthony J. Valvo of
Votes by: The readers of


Well, after six-plus months the readers of WrestleView (or I like to call students) have spoken. 43 different readers of the articles on WrestleView sent me their ballots and now it is there time to shine.

With these ballots, some split their vote for a topic and others did not pick anything at all. There is no problem with selecting an occasional tie, but I am happy that the readers had a concrete answer and some of them gave me some great details as to why they chose a particular wrestler, gimmick, or feud.

Some of the readers provided a reason (22 different readers explained their votes) as to why they voted they way they did. To those, at least a couple of those reasons for voting a particular way will be shown in this piece. I appreciated reading the reasons and I think I should reward those that did by posting their reasoning in this article.

Also, remember that I did NOT doctor the results. All of them are legitimate based on the readers’ selections. Now I am sure I may get an e-mail stating “What are the readers’ problems on voting XXXXX over XXXXX?” Well, to those that will I can only say one thing…

…If you voted, maybe the results would be different. So don’t complain, it is not worth my time. The only ones that have a gripe are the ones that filled out a ballot.

I will keep my intro at a minimum since this is The Readers’ choices for the Best and Worst of the 2011 for the half-year. I will make an opinion on your choices though because I am a teacher and I feel that I must grade the performance of the students. No need to sweat to those that completed a ballot, you all earned an “A+” in the grade book this round.

So, with that said, here are the Readers choices for the Best and Worst of Professional Wrestling from early-January – late-June of 2011. What you will see first is the category. Next, I picked two or three names each and shared their vote for the rest of the WrestleView readers. I then provided the overall tally and closed it with my own opinion. Sit back and enjoy students, you deserve it.

Here are the readers that got full credit for filling out a ballot. If I messed up your name, please allow me to apologize.

Rick Jackson, David Britton, Carlos Pinera, C White, Rory Barnes, Ben Burdett, Ultrastarzz, Basil Mahmud, Paul Meade, Joshua Montell, Eric Smith, Steve Crane, Shawn Awesome, George Schaffer, Antoino De Gaetano, “Gutterhippo”, George Ale, Phil Canavan, Gary McPherson, Josh Parnell, Norm Rockafeller, Joe Petrizzi, Wade Bradford, Andrew Aimes Rudd, Adam Sipes, “cylonglord”, Jack Rockwell, Luke Bartlett, Scott McIver, Robert Downing, Josh Hlavka, Chris Dungan, Gizelle Gayle, Jason Namako, Sam Newstone, Jamie Sowter, “fhd”, Travis Thomas, Pat Lorang, Frank McMahen, Wayne Martin, Ken Konarzewski, and Lester Junior.

To all those readers, I thank you for participating. The only ones that are allowed to complain about the voting are these people. As for those that did not participate, your thoughts do not matter. I am sorry to be harsh, but that is the way it goes.

Before I present the best so far in 2011, please allow me to present the bad. Here is the “Worst of” portion of the WrestleView Readers Choice Awards.

Note: The number in the parentheses () will represent the number of votes a nominee received.

Worst Gimmick

Carlos Pinera – This is a close one. The Corre had a nice roster but didn’t do anything with it. Immortal is full of half tag team wrestlers and folks who need to leave the business. I go with THE IMMORTAL REGIME (TNA) this set back TNA, well so far at least.

Wyane Martin – THE IMMORTAL REGIME – While there have always been stables in wrestling, the Immortal Regime is too similar to WWE’s Corporation, decent wrestlers, but you usually have to put up with talking from the leader(s) first which does nothing for any of the wrestlers.

Eric Smith – I don’t really hate any of these gimmicks, but MASON RYAN (as “Welshtitsta”) is just so awful at everything, I have to go for him.

The Results for Worst Gimmick

“The Winner” – The Immortal Regime (10)
“First” Runner-Up – The Corre’s failed run (8)
“Second Runner-Up – Orlando Jordan’s ????? (5)

Others: Sin Cara’s Lighting (4); The New and Improved Dolph Ziggler (3); The Nexus (2); Eric Young (1); Jinder Mahal (1); Johnny Curtis (1); The Angelina Love/Winter angle (1); Mason Ryan as “Welshtitsta” (1); John Cena as “Superman” (1); Kofi Kingston’s Boom Boom (1); John Morrison’s Parkour (1); Michael Cole as heel voice (1); Randy Orton as a tweener (1); The Miz (1); Miss Tessmacher’s business striptease (1).

Mr. V’s thought: It was very spread out, but I applaud the readers’ vote on Immortal being the worst of 2011. Sure, they are the only one in the “top three” that is still standing. However, they are the top heel faction without a top superstar for most of the year so far.

Worst Commentator

Jason Namako – MIKE TENAY. The famed “Professor” of WCW once upon a time is a shell of his former self in TNA and comes off more in the last few years as a whiny cheerleader for the babyfaces rather than giving insightful commentary, and it really showed at Destination X, where Jeremy Borash, who doesn’t do a whole lot of commentary, came off more like Mike Tenay in WCW which is what Tenay should be but will probably never be again. That earns him worst commentator of the half-year and more than likely, the whole year.

Scott Maciver – MICHAEL COLE has no real understanding of the role of a heel commentator. He’s so far removed from Jesse Ventura, Bobby Heenan and Jerry Lawler, that he doesn’t even realize that most people would prefer Jonathon Coachman to him these days. He’s got to go back and do some studying.

Gary McPherson – TAZ seriously offers NO insight to what’s going on in the ring. I preferred the team of Don West and Tony Schiavone (Or however you spell it) I mean, at least they actually knew about wrestling. The only time Taz is good on the commentary desk is the parts where he shuts up and lets Tony speak.

The results for Worst Commentator

“The Winner – Michael Cole (17)
“First” Runner-Up – Booker T (9)
“Second Runner-Up – Taz (6)

Others: Mike Tenay (5); Jerry Lawler (4); Scott Stanford (1)

Mr. V’s thought: As usual, Michael Cole gets the worst again. While Cole has improved a bit with his heel commentary, it frequently is too annoying because he does say the same thing over again. So, I feel the readers are right again (though I picked differently, but this is not about Mr. V).

Worst Pay-Per-View

C White – I can’t really comment since I usually wait to see if they are any good before getting them on DVD. But a PPV where a druggy stumbles through a 30 second match gets my vote (VICTORY ROAD 2011).

David Britton – TNA VICTORY ROAD. The Main Event speaks for itself.

Robert Downing – TNA VICTORY ROAD 2011. Most stupid endings to matches ever, and worst main event to a PPV/Heavyweight title match in history.

The Results for Worst Pay-Per-View

“Winner” – TNA Victory Road 2011 (23)
“First” Runner-Up – WWE WrestleMania XXVII (9)
“Second Runner-Up – WWE Over the Limit (4)

Others: TNA Lockdown (2); TNA Slammiversary (1); WWE Extreme Rules (1); UWF Debut PPV (1); TNA Destination X (1).

Note: Destination X happened “after” the month of June.

Mr. V’s thought: I always feel that if you are paying to see a show on television, the wrestlers should put forth their best effort and make the show one of the best for that company. The awful really offset anything good with TNA’s Victory Road. The show had bad matches and the worst main event in my years as a wrestling fan. The readers were right on with this selection.

Most Overrated

Rory Barnes – Its close between The Rock and John Cena. John Cena is just shoved down people’s throats; I’d rather see someone else as the head face of WWE. I’m going to go with JOHN CENA.

Luke Bartlett – CHRISTOPHER DANIELS . I plain just don’t like him and everyone raves about him, personally I just don’t see it.

Joe Petrizzi – MR. ANDERSON, there’s no way that Anderson should be a top guy in any company. Ever.

The Results for Most Overrated

“Winner” – Mr. Anderson (8)
“First” Runner-Up (tie) – John Cena and The Rock (6 each)
“Second” Runner-Up – Randy Orton (4)

Others: Matt Morgan (3); John Morrison (3); Hulk Hogan (2); Alberto Del Rio (2); HHH (1); Jinder Mahal (1); Abyss (1); Kofi Kingston (1); “Big” Andy (1); WrestleMania XXVII (1); Christopher Daniels (1); Ezekiel Jackson (1); Sin Cara (1); David Otunga (1); Justin Gabriel (1)

Mr. V’s thought: I am very surprised that Orton and Cena were on the list among most overrated. While I expected Cena to be here, I thought both he and Orton have represented their brands very well this year. The Rock I was fine with being overrated. While Rock did attract fans to buying WrestleMania, he did nothing to improve the show. Now with Anderson, I agree. He has shown no improvement since he left the WWE, but is rewarded by winning the TNA World Championship, go figure.

Worst Women’s Wrestler of the Half-Year

Shawn Awesome – “TOO MANY TO COUNT” (nominated by one WV Staff Member) – Jose Marrero is a smart man, and it kills me to see some of the divas picked over Sara Del Rey.

ULTRASTARZZ – How low can you go? At this point two years ago, MELINA was feuding with arguably the hottest female commodities on the scene Lay-Cool. Last year, she was out because of an ACL injury, but was the Divas Champion before her misfortune. Now, she is stuck on Superstars and further hated backstage because of her attitude towards Trish Stratus. Way to go, Melina.

Sam Newstone – I’d go with nearly every WWE Diva, but I’ll just pick ALICIA BOTCH…I mean FOX. I’d prefer not to have to think about this one too much.

The Results for Worst Women’s Wrestler of the Half-Year

“Winner” – Alicia Fox (12)
“First” Runner-Up – Too Many to Count (11)
“Second” Runner-Up – The Bella Twins (7)

Others: Melina (4); Angelina Love (2); Brie Bella (by herself) (1); Vickie Guerrero (1); Kharma (1); Everyone sans Kharma (1); Rosita (1); Mickie James (1); Natalya (1)

Mr. V’s thought: Let’s face it, this was not the best year for women’s wrestler among the top promotions. Some of the women on this list I would disagree, however the one at top is a good pick by the readers. Though the Bellas had their bad moments, no one is as inconsistent with their work as Fox. Dave Stephens is reportedly (via Mr. V) standing up and doing the Riverdance.

Worst Wrestler of the Half-Year

George Ale – THE GREAT KHALI (WWE). He can’t wrestle!

Josh Hlavka – DAVID OTUNGA (WWE). Was I a fan of the whole “Nexus” angle when it first came to be? Yes. Have I seen much improvement at all from him since then? No. This guy could botch his own funeral without trying.

Frank McMahen – KURT ANGLE. Angle keeps digging himself a hole that exposed himself as a sub-par in ring wrestler.

The Results for Worst Wrestler of the Half-Year

“Winner” – Jeff Hardy (17)
“First” Runner-Up (tie) – Ezekiel Jackson and The Great Khali (7)
“Second” Runner-Up – David Otunga (6)

Others: The Undertaker (2); Orlando Jordan (1); Jinder Mahal (1); Sin Cara (1); Kurt Angle (1).

Mr. V’s thought: The readers are batting 1.000 at these awards. I picked a different wrestler, but I agree that no one has fallen off in such a quick span than Jeff Hardy. In 2009, he was loved and the WWE was about to give him anything. Now, he is in the worst shape in his career. After his antics in March, he clearly is the worst wrestler so far.

Well, that concludes the worst so far in 2011. Now, let’s continue with the positive in professional wrestling. There were eleven “Best of” categories that the readers voted on and the results were excellent. Again, I will pick three voters who provided proper reasoning for their choice and will present the overall winners so far in 2011. So, let’s begin!

Best Gimmick

Phil Canavan – R-TRUTH as a “victim of a conspiracy/mad man” (WWE). R-Truth has a superb gimmick working for him.

Pat Lorang – Tough. I was going to go with Rhodes and Punk for different reasons but I have to pick R-TRUTH because this gimmick has re-vitalized his career.

Basir Mahmud – ZACK RYDER, Internet Sensation (WWE). Anyone that can go from the bottle of the barrel to being demanded on TV without any TV time is impressive and shows his commitment to the WWE.

The Results for Best Gimmick

Winner – R-Truth’s “victim of a conspiracy/blaming it on the little jimmys” (15)
First Runner-Up – CM Punk’s Leader of the Nexus and renegade speaker (9)
Second Runner-Up – Zack Ryder as the Internet Sensation (7)

Others: Cody Rhodes’ turn to “Undashing” (4); The Miz for “being awesome” (3); Michael Cole and his heel commentary (2); Sheamus as The Celtic Warrior (1); The Undertaker as “The Last Outlaw” (1); Matt Classic, throwback wrestler (1); Randy Orton as “The Apex Predator” (1)

Mr. V’s thought: R-Truth being at the top spot was a smart move. From a business standpoint, this was the right time to turn R-Truth heel and have him come off as speaking to other voices. Six months ago, R-Truth was deemed overrated and “soon to be released” from the WWE. Since this gimmick began, it has done nothing but improve R-Truth as a character that people talk about.

Best Television Show

George Ale – WWE FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN Hands down. SmackDown is the best TV program so far. Better than Raw and of course better than Impact.

Wade Bradford – MONDAY NIGHT RAW. Lately a lot more relevant stuff’s been happening on RAW, so I’ll give it to them.

Carlos Pinera – WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW. They don’t have the wrestling like Smackdown does but it is a show u want to watch every week unlike Impact.

The Results for Best Television Show

Winner – WWE Monday Night Raw (30)
First Runner-Up – WWE Friday Night Smackdown (10)
Second Runner-Up – TNA Impact Wrestling (2)

Mr. V’s thought: I was very surprised about the voting difference between Raw and Smackdown, as I thought they were both pretty equal so far at the halfway point of the year. However, I do agree with the readers that the show with the most memorable moments deserve the top spot right now. Raw had a bigger wow factor than Smackdown, so the readers choosing Raw was a great move.

Best Commentator

Wayne Martin –MIKE TENAY. He is still the only commentator that can name lucha libre moves instead of saying Wow what a dive or he spun round him 3 times and dropped him.

Eric Smith – JOSH MATHEWS. Although Booker is extremely entertaining in a Dusty Rhodes sort of way, Josh blows everybody out of the water in terms of being a competent play-by-play announcer.

Jason Namako – KEVIN KELLY. Kelly is someone who was very good as a backstage interviewer while in WWE and did ok as an announcer, however for ROH, he shines immensely and really has that good dynamic of calling the action while bringing across to the viewer, the story that the wrestlers are trying to tell inside the ring. He has made the ROH product more enjoyable since coming in to the company early last year, and gets my vote as commentator of the half-year.

The Results for Best Commentator

Winner – Josh Mathews (14)
First Runner-Up – CM Punk (13)
Second Runner-Up – Jerry Lawler (6)

Others: Jim Ross (4); Booker T (2); “No One” (2); Taz (1); Mike Tenay (1); Kevin Kelly (1)

Mr. V’s thought: I expected Mathews to be at the top spot so far in the first half of the year because, honestly, he is the best commentator the WWE has at this time. However, what shocked me was the thirteen that chose CM Punk at the runner-up spot for best commentator. He made the cut because he called the action for the first week or two in 2011, but he still made an impression to the voters. While he was very witty, sarcastic (when he needed to), and insightful was he really one to pick as the best in the first six months?

Best Pay-Per-View

David Britton – WWE EXTREME RULES 2011. It was a solid card from top to bottom with several great matches.  The World Title match (Del Rio/Christian) puts this PPV well above the rest. 

Robert Downing – WWE EXTREME RULES 2011. It was just an overall great PPV. Every Match was great. Also gave Christian his first Heavyweight Title in an awesome Ladder Match.

C White – WWE ROYAL RUMBLE 2011. It was an excellent show all around with a solid 
undercard and a solid Rumble. 

The Results for Best Pay-Per-View

Winner – WWE Royal Rumble 2011 (16)
First Runner-Up – WWE Extreme Rules 2011 (10)
Second Runner-Up – WWE WrestleMania XXVII (4)

Others: ROH Best in the World (3); WWE Elimination Chamber (3); ROH Honor Takes Center Stage (2); TNA Destination X (1) –x; WWE Money in the Bank 2011 (1)-x

x- TNA Destination X and WWE Money in the Bank were not eligible since they happened after June 30, 2011.

Mr. V’s thought: While I disagree with WrestleMania being in the top 3, I do agree with the other two regardless of order. Extreme Rules (while it did not generate many buys) had a few classic encounters, one of which was Christian defeating Alberto Del Rio to win his first World Championship in the WWE. However, the Royal Rumble had an all around solid card that ended with one of the best Royal Rumble matches in recent memory. The next big question is that Money in the Bank was very impressive (though occurred after the ballot was announced). Look for it to be in the Golden Yardsticks at the end of the year.

Most Underrated

Basil Mahmud – Too many, anytime you have the Rock taking a place of a SHEAMUS, CHRISTIAN, or a CM PUNK, it underrates all the hard work they been putting in for years.

Rory Barnes – CM Punk is underrated, as he is one of if not the best so far in 2011, but he’s not as underrated as Alex Riley. ALEX RILEY is a great wrestler, and I think that give him a year or two and the push he needs, and he can be a main event star.

Luke Bartlett –  CHRIS MASTERS. By a country mile this lad should have a mid- card belt. His matches on superstars are always a pleasure to watch, his selling is top notch why he isn’t featured more regularly is beyond me.

The Results for Most Underrated

Winner – (tie) Sheamus and Zack Ryder (8)
First Runner-Up – (tie) CM Punk, Christian, and Chris Masters (5)
Second Runner-Up – Drew McIntyre (4)

Others: Daniel Bryan (2); Samoa Joe (2); Douglas Williams (1); R-Truth (1); Kazarian (1); Archibald Peck (1); Maryse (1); Alex Riley (1).

Mr. V’s thought: It seems like those that were at or near the top were not going anywhere the first half of the year. With the exception of McIntyre and Masters (who are still underrated), the other near the top are getting significant pushes right now. Christian and Punk are the World Champions. Sheamus is right up there in the main-event level now and Zack Ryder is appearing more on television. This is a rare case of the teacher thinking that the readers may have been wrong on picking the most underrated.

Best on the Microphone

Joe Petrizzi – CM PUNK. It’s not even close, Punk drips charisma.

Shawn Awesome – THE ROCK (WWE) – do u smell it?

ULTRASTARZZ – THE MIZ. It’s a close one between him and CM Punk, but The Miz deserves it more because he has been doing it all year, in the biggest of stages, and he did with The Rock and John Cena on stage. When he talks, people listen and go along. This is why I think he is the most AWESOME on the mic.

The Results for Best on the Microphone

Winner – CM Punk (35)
First Runner-Up – (tie) The Miz and The Rock (3)
Second Runner-Up – Sting and John Cena (1)

Others: none

Mr. V’s thought: CM Punk deserves to be the best on the mic. From his times with The Nexus to where he is at now with the company, he took the ball and ran with it. If I wrote “the top 3 best on the mic”, I am sure many would have Miz at #2 because all year so far he has been superb, but not even close to what Punk has done the last few weeks of June.

Most Improved

Wade Bradford – DREW MCINTYRE. Another guy WWE sorely needs to push. It seems like he’s got more control over his vicious, aggressive style, and that makes all the difference.

Sam Newstone – I’m going to have to go with ARCHIBALD PECK from CHIKARA. He’s not only proved himself in the ring, but at the announce table as well.

George Ale – R-TRUTH (WWE). By far the most improved superstar in the WWE. Turning heel was the best thing that could happen to R-Truth. I disliked him when he was face but now I love the Little Jimmy gimmick.

The Results for Most Improved

Winner – R-Truth (15)
First Runner-Up – Cody Rhodes (9)
Second Runner-Up – Alex Riley (7)

Others: Gunner (6); Drew McIntyre (4); Wade Barrett (1); Kelly Kelly (1); Mark Henry (1); Evan Bourne (1); Archibald Peck (1); Randy Orton (1).

Mr. V’s thought: This may be one of the biggest surprises this year so far. R-Truth’s gimmick has improved by a mile, but has his ring work improved? I am not sure, but guys like Rhodes, Gunner (who got a late charge in the voting), and Mark Henry have all improved in the ring. If this was “most improved gimmick”, R-Truth is the one here. For most improved worker? I don’t know.

Best Feud of the Half-Year

Josh Hlavka – JOHN CENA vs. THE ROCK (WWE). The “original” buzz feud of the year. It’s on TV, on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, everywhere. You can’t go on any wrestling news media site without hearing about it and with how entertaining it all is who can complain. This is being built the way it should pot shots and internet flame wars, not in the ring where it’ll get stale. Here is to seeing a very inspiring main event at the next WrestleMania.

Frank McMahen – CHRISTIAN vs. RANDY ORTON. Personification how you turn an honor feud into a blood feud.

Phil Canavan – AJ STYLES vs. BULLY RAY (TNA). Brutal matches those 2 had.

The Results for Feud of the Half-Year

Winner – John Cena vs. CM Punk (10)
First Runner-Up – Christian vs. Randy Orton (8)
Second Runner-Up – (tie) CM Punk vs. Randy Orton and John Cena vs. The Rock (6)

Others: Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio (3); Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio (3); The Miz vs. Alex Riley (2); AJ Styles vs. Bully Ray (2); Immortal vs. Fortune (1); CM Punk vs. Vince McMahon (1); John Cena vs. The Miz vs. The Rock (1); Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes (1); 3.0 vs. Unstable (1).

Mr. V’s thought: I notice that all of the names at the top are current main event talents in the WWE (even The Rock via satellite). I think Cena, Orton, and Punk should all be applauded for amazing stories throughout 2011. I was also happy to see that some of the small feuds from the WWE got some recognition as well. At this moment, probably the most underrated feud happened in TNA with AJ Styles and Bully Raw (watch everything during their story, it’s not that bad).

Women’s Wrestler of the Half-Year

Jason Namako – MADISON RAYNE. Since breaking away from the Beautiful People last year, Madison has turned into a damn good women’s wrestler. She bumps like crazy, has a good character in place with her bitchy “Queen Bee” shtick, cuts decent promos, and has solid matches with mostly all the Knockouts, even the horrible ones. She has basically carried that division on her back since Awesome Kong left, and to me, should be rewarded for her efforts with this award. 

Carlos Pinera – MADISON RAYNE (TNA). The division was set around her for how long?

David Britton – KELLY KELLY (WWE). She is one of the few female wrestlers right now I can put up with watching (in the ring, that is lol).  She continues to improve, too.  She’s no Trish Stratus, but she’s obviously the most popular female wrestler right now.  

The Results for Women’s Wrestler of the Half-Year

Winner – Kelly Kelly (13)
First Runner-Up – (tie) “No One” and Madison Rayne (5)
Second Runner-Up – (tie) Sara Del Rey and Mickie James (4)

Others: Kharma (3); Layla (2); Velvet Sky (2); Eve Torres (1); Hamada (1); Cheerleader Melissa (1)

Mr. V’s thought: Right now the most marketable women’s wrestler in the WWE is Kelly Kelly, and for that I do agree with the readers on this topic. Kelly has improved in the ring and she has natural babyface charisma. TNA appears to be solid in this category as well, with Rayne and James among the leaders in this category. I was happy to see that four readers chose Del Rey, as in my opinion she is the best wrestler in her division today.

Tag Team of the Half-Year

Joe Petrizzi – THE KINGS OF WRESTLING. They’re just that d@mn good, and I hope to see them come over to WWE together.

Shawn Awesome – THE USOS (WWE). WWE Tag Team Champions sooner or later.

Rory Barnes – THE OSIRIAN PORTAL. No question.

The Results for Tag Team of the Half-Year

Winner – Beer Money, Inc. (James Storm and Bobby Roode) – 14
First Runner-Up – The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli) – 8
Second Runner-Up – (tie) The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso) and Osirian Portal (Amasis and Ophidian) (4)

Others: Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin) (3); Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel (2); Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov (2); The Motor City Machineguns (2); Los Ice Creams (1).

Mr. V’s thought: This was probably the most diverse category among the voters. This was TNA’s only “winner” out of the bunch and Beer Money is a team that can wrestle and have charisma. When a team has that, they are usually the best in their division. The Kings of Wrestling are an amazing team to watch, and with their names swirling that they signed deals with the WWE it may be a kick that the tag division needs at the moment. It was nice to see that readers chose The Usos and Osirian Portal and it was enough to be near the top. The Usos are an upstart team that are improving by the day. The Osirian Portal are fun to watch to watch as well, but it is a shame that Amasis’ career has been cut short.

The Wrestler of the Half-Year

Wade Bradford – CM PUNK. I know it’s only a few weeks old, but he’s done more in that time to shake the industry out of its rut, whether it was a work or not.

Josh Hlavka – THE MIZ (WWE). More entertaining, pound for pound, than anyone else out right now.

George Ale – THE MIZ (WWE). The most must-seen WWE Champion. Last year he was fighting for the U.S. Title and now he is a former WWE Champion. You can really see that The Miz has worked so hard to become a big deal today. After all, who else can say that they defeated John Cena in the Main Event of WrestleMania?

The Results for Wrestler of the Half-Year

Winner – CM Punk (15)
First Runner-Up – The Miz (14)
Second Runner-Up – Randy Orton (7)

Others: Alberto Del Rio (4); Christian (1); Rey Mysterio (1); Mike Quackenbush (1)

Mr. V’s thought: When I announced the early results on “The Friday Fishbowl” on July 22, The Miz had the lead and I thought would have won. However, after a few late ballots were cast the tide switched over to CM Punk as the winner of “Wrestler of the Half-Year”. CM Punk built transititioned himself nicely over the past few months and I think a lot of people can agree to that. I think with The Miz’s status in the WWE he will be on this list for the next few years. Miz’s charisma is unquestioned, but now he wrestles like a star and his stock is still on the rise. Orton may have hit a slump for a few weeks in April, but when he was drafted to Smackdown I think he found his calling as well. All three have been World Champions this year already. Quackenbush was the only non-WWE wrestler to have a vote, and that one vote speaks volumes. Quackenbush is one of the best technical wrestlers in the business right now and I am happy to see that he got a vote.

You want to know one thing that the WrestleView readers “can’t see”? John Cena as “Wrestler of the Half-Year”. Cena shockingly did not get one vote for Wrestler of the Half-Year.


Thanks to all who have read this article. I hope you all enjoyed it. Give yourself a Gold Star for your troubles.

Most importantly, thanks to ALL the readers that casted a ballot for the Half-Year Awards. I hope you all stay around for the Year-End awards.

I will be doing this again in January with the 2011 Year-End Golden Yardsticks/Rotten Apples. Will any of those mentioned get a yardstick for their efforts? Or will they earn an apple that has been destroyed by insects and bacteria. Only time will tell, as we have a few months to determine that and who knows? Take Care everyone and until the next awards ceremony, you are…DISMISSED!