WWE NXT Recap (on WWE.com)
July 19th, 2011
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

Tonight NXT in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Todd Grisham and William Regal are on commentary.

Matt Striker and Maryse are our hosts.

“I said we are wild and young!”

Todd welcomes us to NXT and puts over Daniel Bryan’s win in the MITB match last Sunday. Regal then puts over Vince being “relieved of his duties.” Maryse and Striker are in the ring. Maryse introduces the rookies. Bateman is out first. He has a small pop. Darren Young is out next. Titus is out last. Nothing is audible for Darren or Titus.

Challenge: Dummy Demonstration

Striker explains that the rookies are going to do to do a dummy challenge. Maryse recaps the score. Titus has 25, Young 7, and Bateman has yet to score. The dummy has the picture of Michael Cole on it. This Challenge is worth 5 points and the live crowd will be judging.

Bateman starts off, and says the dummy represents what he’s going to do to Titus. He apologizes to the picture of Cole and then goes nuts on the dummy. He picks up the mic and says Titus can have all of the points. He’s the one who is going to gain redemption. Young is next. He knocks the dummy over and calls the challenge stupidest thing ever done on NXT. He doesn’t have to wrestle a dummy. He’s faced better, such as Cena. That gets a boo from the crowd. He tells Titus that he’ll kick his ass. Titus goes after him but Darren dives under the bottom rope and out of the ring. Titus gets the mic. He tells Bateman that he should back up his words and do what he did to the dummy to him. Bateman doesn’t do anything. He turns to Darren and tells him to “Make it a win”. He picks up the dummy and tosses it out of the ring at Darren young. The judging begins. Darren gets some boos. Bateman has a mixed reaction. Titus gets a pop and takes the challenge.

Titus O’Neil Wins the Dummy Demonstration Challenge

JTG vs. Kozlov is next.

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MATCH: JTG vs. Kozlov

Kozlov comes out to the ring first. He gets a small pop from the crowd. The crowd seems small and quiet tonight. JTG is out next, and he gets heat from the crowd. He asks to cut the music. He calls Vlad a “Silly Russian” and doesn’t know what gansta Is. He cuts a promo that is confusing and meaningless. Regal Agrees with me and calls it a “Masterpiece”. It’s so bad we have to cut to a commercial while someone is beaten in the wood shed for this.

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We get back to the action and the bells rings. JTG gets in Kozlov’s face and het gets thrown to the mat. JTG had to get in the ropes to get himself free. JTG gets up and gets some kicks in but Kozlov over powers him and he rolls out of the ring. Kozlov goes out after him. JTG uses the ropes to his favor to as Kozlov enters and boots him to the floor. JTG goes out and does damage to him. Regal is saying JTG is out smarting Kozlov. JTG throws Kozlov into the ring. JTG continues the offense as a “Lets go Kozlov” chant goes on. JTG manages to get to the top rope and drop kick the Russian. He moves Kozlov to the ropes and uses it on him. The ref breaks them. After the break Kozlov gets some punches but JTG turns it into a back drop. JTG goes for a pin, but is kicked out. JTG moves into a head lock, and the two fight to their feet and in to the corner. JTG is beating on Kozlov and drops him face first on the matt. He goes for a pin, but Kozlov kicks out. It transitions back to a head lock. Kozlov starts punching, but JTG punches back. JTG gets a new lock around his neck. They fight to their feet again. Kozlov gets punches to the mid sections and breaks free. Kozlov starts with several headbutts to the chest of the JTG. Kozlov starts on offense, but is taken down by JTG. JTG goes for body slam, but Kozlov blocks him and turns it into a slam. It leads to the pin and the win.

Winner: Vladimir Kozlov

Hail Kozlov!

Hornswoggle walks up to Maryse. He is carrying the container of green M&M’s from last week from a secret admirer. Maryse says it’s not her. Hornswoggle grabs her leg, Maryse grabs the container and throws it on to Hornswoggle’s as he is tossed to the floor. Maryse walks off as. Hornswoggle is confused. A backstage staff walks up and hands Hornswoggle a new package. He opens it up it’s a yellow pikaku looking plush figure. Hornswoggle is more confused than before.

We cut to a different section backstage. Yoshi is walking up to his shrine. The camera pans to it and we see that it has been ruined. He screams in anger and disbelief. The camera then pans to the action figure and we see that the head has been ripped off.

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MATCH: Darren Young vs. Titus O’Neil

Titus is out first with Hornswoggle. Darren is next. Darren says to Hornswoggle to “Stay out of his head”. They lock up. Titus and Darren are jaw jacking at each other. Josh wants to know who Hornswoggle’s secret admirer is. If it’s Goldust, I’m out of here. Meanwhile Titus is overpowering Darren young in the ring. He slams him down and does his wolf call. It goes into a stretch. Titus says “What’s up, Minnesota?” Darren is getting his ass handed to him tonight so far. Into a second stretch, Titus is telling Darren to “Quit”. He starts to punch him, Saying Quit, and then slams him. Darren gets a boot and he rolls out of the ring. Darren starts walking from the ring and up the ramp. He’s holding his nose. Titus goes after him and tosses him back into the ring. And then Titus tosses him out of the ring. The ref is counting. Titus is chopping on Darren. Ref is at 8 when they get back in. Darren gets a brief rally before Titus dominates. Todd mentions that Hornswoggle looks he wants to tag in. Darren young manages to get Titus on the apron and drops him on the back as Bateman walks out with the picture of Cole from the dummy.

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Back to the action and Darren has a lock on Titus. Bateman is lurking at ring side. Darren gets a clothesline on Titus. It sets up a pin, but it is kicked out. A second pin attempt is kicked out as well. Darren goes to use the ropes on Titus. Daren jaw jacks with the Ref. When he returns to Titus, he gets booted. Titus takes back over on offense. Darren manages to turn the tables and does a leg drop on to the back of Titus’s neck. Darren poses to the crowd, and is booed with a “You Suck” chant”. Hornswoggle is pumping the crowd up as the get to their feet. Titus gets some punches to the midsection and throws Darren. He gets back on a fired up roll on offense. He power slams Darren and goes for a pin, but it’s kicked out. While the ref is focused on Hornswoggle, Bateman pulls O’Neil down. Josh asks why he would do that. Regal says he’s an old villain and didn’t see it. Darren young can’t capitalize on it and Titus gets the pin and the win.

Winner: Titus O’Neil

After the match, Josh points out on the replay that the trip on Titus managed to hurt Darren young more.

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We return and Josh introduces the video from Raw last night. Vince is in his promo after telling Rey Mysterio that Raw was out of time and his match for the WWE Championship will be next week. Wrestleview has the full video of the end of Raw at the following article. You should just watch it for no recap will do justice to what happened here, Brother.

I love you too, Pop.

And that’s it. “Gig-gig-giga, That’s all folks”. The show is over. The steam is done.

Note: There’s no ‘Grash Says’ this week as Grash has been sick. You can start your cheering for this now.