WWE NXT Recap (on WWE.com)
July 12, 2011
Mohegan Suns Casino
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

Tonight NXT is in Mohegan Suns Casino. This on Indian Lands in Connecticut.

Todd Grisham and William Regal are on commentary.

Matt Striker appeared briefly as a backstage interviewer.

Maryse appeared briefly as a host.

The show starts with recapping Derrick Bateman returning back to NXT two week ago and the tag match between Derrick and Daniel Bryan versus Titus O’Neil and Darren Young. Quotes from the rookies, Todd Grisham, and William Regal intersperse the video package. It ends with Bryan raises Bateman’s hand victorious. #BATEMAN4THEWIN.

“I said we are wild and young!”

Derrick Bateman comes out to the ring. He has his own music. He walks over to Regal and gets a handshake from him before getting in the ring. He takes the mic, and introduces the show or “The Super Terriffic Happy Derick Bateman Super Hour” as he calls it. Derrick is here to “Redeem Redemption”. His promo does not go over with the crowd. Darren Young comes out, and he gets an applause. Darren asks Derrick who does he think he is. He says he’s done more, and starts to defend Titus. Derrick jumps on him for this and tells him that he might be the next to go home. Titus comes out next to Hornswoggle’s music. Derrick stops Titus before he tells him he’s going to make a cheap pop. Derrick says he’s the master of the cheep pop. Titus says if that’s true, why aren’t we calling Derrick the “Master Bater”. Har Har Har. Maryse’s music hits and she walks out to the stage. She says the verbal fight between the three was dreadful. So she’s going to give them a chance to prove it. It’s going to be a Triple Threat Elimination Match!

AD: Money in the Bank – CM Punk’s last match

Darren Young vs. Titus O’Neil vs. Derrick Bateman

Bateman gets a quick pin attempt on Darren. Titus kicks out quickly. Chaos ensues and Darren manages to take over on offense on Titus, Bateman is on the outside. Titus turns the tables and tosses Darren out. Bateman walks over to Daren. He catches Bateman and he backs off. Derrick and Young enter the ring at the same time and pounce on Titus. They whip him and kick him down. Each is taking turns beating on Titus now. They are exchanging pin attempts on Titus. Daniel Bryan is shown at ringside in support for Derrick. Titus is still getting a beating in the ring. Bateman goes for a pin attempt, Titus kicks out. Darren is on the ropes holding Titus as Bateman beats on Titus. A Boring Chant breaks out from the smarks before they chant “Lets go Bryan”. Josh Mathews even notes the stupidity in that Bryan isn’t in the match. Titus is able to break free and beats on Bateman, rolling him out of the ring. Daren Young takes over on offense again with Titus one on one. Bateman is able to get back into the ring and uses the ropes on Titus. Young gets a leg drop on Titus on the apron. Bateman follows suit as Titus rolls out of the ring. They push Titus in and Young goes for an attempt. Titus kicks out. Titus turns the table on Bateman and then is able to strike through Darren Young. Titus gets a boot on Darren and goes for a pin attempt. Bateman breaks it up and goes to work on Titus on the ropes. Darren recovers and is taunting Titus. The two go for a clothesline again, but Darren is booted by Titus. Bateman returns with a round house kick to Titus. Darren young turns on Bateman and tosses him. Titus gets a slam on Young. Bateman breaks it up and then pins Young.

Darren Young is eliminated from the match.

AD: WWE All Stars

We return to the action. Titus is on offense. Daniel Bryan is shown with a look of concern on his face. Bateman is whipped. On the return, hits the leg of Titus and knocks him down. He goes for a pin attempt and Titus kicks out. It leads to a head lock and a control segment by Bateman. Titus breaks free only for Bateman to kick Titus down. Titus gets back to his feet to chops. Titus turns it around and throws Bateman into the corner. He gets huge chops on Bateman, and drops him. Titus is overpowering Bateman right now. Derrick gets tossed to the other corner. It leads to a pin attempt. Bateman kicks out. Bateman manages to drop Titus on to the turn buckle and takes over on offense. Bateman whips Titus into the ropes and gets a drop kick on him. He goes for a pin, but Titus kicks out. Bateman an attempts a second head lock control segment on Titus. Titus gets to his feet and rolls Bateman. Titus goes on the march and clotheslines him leading into a back breaker. He picks up Bateman, says “Make it a win” and rolls him over his shoulders to the other side of the ring. He tries for a pin. Bateman kicks out. Titus props Bateman in the corner and drops him to the mat. Titus to gets to on the ropes and attempts a low flying arm. Bateman doges it and takes over and grabs Titus to get the pin and the win.

Winner: Derrick Bateman wins the Triple Threat Elimination Match

After the match, Bryan raises Bateman’s hand again. Josh and Regal question why Titus went to the ropes at the end of the match.

Package: The Money in The Bank Match. It highlights the dangerous nature of the match, as it is a ladder match and the rewards for the winner has always won the championship.

Yoshi puts a Casino Chip on the broken action figure. Striker comes in and asks why he keeps it. Yoshi responds that the broken action figure represents honor. He’s going to regain his honor. Yoshi vs Kidd is next.

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Josh puts over the Punk-Cena WWE Championship match. We get a message from CM PUNK. It leads into a package of the best of Punk’s promos form the previous weeks leading into the Punk-Vince contract renegotiation segment that ended Raw last night. “You have become the New York Yankees”. Regal says that we should take Punk seriously and that he’s credible.

Hornswoggle is looking at a picture of Maryse as he’s chugging bottle after bottle of root beer. Titus shows up and tells him that drinking isn’t the solution. A man walks up with delivery. Swoggle signs for it and tosses the pen. Titus takes the note while Swoggle opens the heart shape package to reveal green M&M’s. Titus says its from a secret admirer. Hornswoggle looks lovingly to the picture of Maryse instead.

Koslov and JTG are backstage. He tells him if he want he wants to make a friendly wager. Kozlov brings up that he lost the last time. JTG says some stuff in ebonics and Kozlov snaps his fingers and walks off. JTG is shocked at this.

AD: Smackdown

MATCH: Yoshi Tatsu vs Tyson Kidd

Yoshi comes out first. Kidd is next and still has the leg of the action figure around his neck. Josh asks why he has the leg and Rgeal says the leg ups the level of competition between the two and he likes it. Kidd puts the leg of the action figure on the corner ring post as the bell rings. The crowd is cheering for Yoshi as Tyson dances around. Yoshi tells him to come to him. Kidd mangaes to out speed Yoshi and the get into quick matt work. It leads to Kidd getting an arm behind Yoshi. The crowd is chanting for Yoshi again. Yoshi breaks out and Kidd tosses him to the ropes. He goes for a drop kick, but misses. Kidd rolls out of the ring. Yoshi goes after him and the brawl on the out side. Yoshi wins and tosses Kidd in, But Kidd is able to get back on offense when Yoshi re-enters the ring. He beats on Yoshi in the corner. After the ref says to get him out. He then uses the ropes to choke Yoshi. Kidd whips Yoshi into the other corner, and Yoshi manages to get a shoulder on Kidd and takes over on offense. Yoshi misses Kidd and jumps on to the ropes. Kid jumps up after him and proceeds to slam Yoshi down on to the matt. Yoshi rolls out. We cut to a commercial

AD: The True Story of Wrestlemanina.

Back to the action: Kidd is back in control again. We are shown that during the break Kidd got a big move on the outside of the ring. Kidd goes for a pin attempt, Yoshi kicks out. Kidd stands on Yoshi’s hands. Yoshi is showing pain. Kidd leads it into a pin attempt on Yoshi. He kicks out. Kidd wraps Yoshi’s head up with his back to the matt. Kidd yells and taunts Yoshi. They battle to their feet. Youshi breaks free and gets a back drop on Kidd. The ref counts. Tyson gets up first and kicks Yoshi. He whips Yoshi, but misses him on the return. On the next return Yoshi hits Kidd with a leg sweep across his chest. They are both down again and the ref is counting, he gets to 8 before Yoshi and Kidd get up. Youshi takes over on offense. He launches Kidd into the corner of the ring and then bridges him for a pin. Tyson kicks out. Yoshi start kicking him while he’s down. Kidd manages to sweep his legs and takes over on offense. He goes for pin attempt but Yoshi Kicks out. Kidd tries to do a sharpshooter but does a leg drop instead. He whips Yoshi and he turns the tales. Yoshi then tosses Kidd you of the ring. He sets up to launch him self, but Kidd bates him and gets a kick on him. Kidd goes for an arm drop, but Yoshi gets a kneed up. Yoshi goes for Kidd, and launches him to the corner of the ring. Both are selling exhaustion. Kidd goes to the top rope, but Youshi drops him on his nuts. It sets up Kidd as a chopping bag for Yoshi. Yoshi goes up to the ropes, but Kidd knocks him off, Kidd gets to the top rope, and goes for splash. He misses completely. It sets up Yoshi for another bridge on Kidd and gets he gets the pin and the win.

Winner: Yoshi Tatsu

After the match, Yoshi gets his action figure back. But Tyson Kidd drops him and takes the leg back. Yoshi is enraged as the referee holds him back as Tyson is gleaming as he walks back. Regal says the win is meaningless to Yoshi because he did not get the action figure leg back.

And that’s it. “Gig-gig-giga, That’s all folks”. The show is over. The steam is done.

Grash Says…

Now that Bateman is back, three major storylines have emerged. The first is the rookies. Last week we saw Titus and Darren team up on Derrick. This week we saw Darren and Bateman team up on Titus. That is, till Bateman turned on Darren Young. If you follow Bateman’s promo tonight, it was quirky. Tonight he gathered heat on himself as a heel, and not as face. This is inline with his character as the wildcard in the mix here. We’ll see how this goes in the next few weeks. As for the match itself, the order of elimination will be key to note here. Darren, whom is on his own, went first. Titus went second, but has a job to do in another story line. And Bateman is making his mark again this week with a win. Voting did not open this week, so we have at least two more weeks of shows before another rookie is cut.

Our second storyline is Hornswoggle and the force of nature that is Maryse. The only development here is Hornswoggle is worse off this week than last week.

Finally our last storyline is the on-going feud between Tyson Kidd and Yoshi Tatsu. While Yoshi won the rubber match tonight, in the end Kidd comes out on top because he retains control of the action figure’s leg. Yes. This is a feud that is about an action figure leg. The first point I make here is the action figure leg is mcguffin. We could have put as several different things in the place of the action figure leg here. The commons ones which you have seen are belts (as in titles) or contracts (like Money in the Bank). It’s been the item on the pole, ranging from again a belt to weapons, to the uncommon such as Al Snow’s adult phallic plaything, to even a soul. Feud over the action figure works because we’ve established what it means to Yoshi and the lengths Tyson will go to deprive him of that. Good is defined. Bad is defined. And that’s the second point here. Now we’ve boiled it down to the Good verus Bad. The story we have is uniquely of professional wrestling. And when you get to that, this is the point where you have to let go, suspend disbelief, and have fun. Cause in the end, it’s just an action figure leg they’re fighting over.