The Students’ Choice Ballot for the 2011 Wrestleview Mid-Year Awards
July 10, 2011
Written by: Anthony J. Valvo of

2011 Mid-Year Ballot for the WrestleView Readers

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Well, readers you have seen our picks for the best and worst. Now, it is YOUR turn to follow suit and be interactive with one of the most popular pieces on Wrestleview since 2009!

We have plenty of visitors that want to type their opinions (comments anyone?) so here is your chance to agree with one of us or disagree with us. Below is the easy-to-read ballot that features what the Wrestleview staff chose as the best (and worst) of 2011. In other words, if even one of the WV staff members nominated someone then it will be on the ballot.

You can fill this ballot anyway you like. Some of last year’s participants did one of two things.

They highlighted (or put in bold) their selection (If other, they simply put their answer)

They gave an explanation on how they voted. (not all of the explanations will be used)

I ask that you complete you ballot by July 24, 2011. My goal is to complete the project by the end of the month.

Now I won’t be able to copy and paste ALL of your detailed responses, but I will select a few of them since those that provided a good description deserves to be praised for it.

So, here is the condensed ballot just to make your lives easier. I am looking forward to your votes and I will post the Students’ Choice in two weeks.

Have fun with this and thank you to those who will participate.

*** The Ballot for Worst of the Mid-Year 2011 ***

Worst Gimmick

The Corre’s Failed Run (WWE)
Kofi Kingston’s high energy style (WWE)
Dolph Ziggler’s “new and improved attitude” (WWE)
Mason Ryan as “Welshtista” (WWE)
Sin Cara’s Lighting (WWE)
Jinder Mahal, wealthy and sleezy attitude (WWE)
Orlando Jordan’s whatever he does (TNA)
Miss Tessmacher, business by day stripper by night (TNA)
The Immortal Regime (TNA)

Worst Commentator

Michael Cole (WWE)
Booker T (WWE)
Jerry Lawler (WWE)
Taz (TNA)
Mike Tenay (TNA)

Worst Pay-Per-View

WWE WrestleMania XXVII
WWE Over The Limit 2011
WWE Royal Rumble 2011
TNA Slammiversary IX
TNA Victory Road 2011
TNA Lockdown 2011
Urban Wrestling Federation’s (UWF) debut PPV

Most Overrated

John Cena (WWE)
Justin Gabriel (WWE)
John Morrison (WWE)
The Rock (WWE)
WrestleMania XXVII (WWE)
Samoa Joe (TNA)
Mr. Anderson (TNA)
Matt Morgan (TNA)
Abyss (TNA)
Kurt Angle (TNA)

Worst Women’s Wrestler of the Half-Year

Melina (WWE)
Kharma (WWE)
Eve Torres (WWE)
Alicia Fox (WWE)
The Bellas (WWE)
Mickie James (TNA)
Angelina Love (TNA)
“Too Many To Count” (nominated by one WV Staff Member)

Worst Wrestler of the Half-Year

Ezekiel Jackson (WWE)
The Undertaker (WWE)
The Great Khali (WWE)
David Otunga (WWE)
Michael McGillicutty (WWE)
Jinder Mahal (WWE)
Yoshi Tatsu (WWE)
Kurt Angle (TNA)
Jeff Hardy (TNA)
Mr. Anderson (TNA)

*** The Ballot for the Best of the Mid-Year 2011 ***

Best Gimmick

R-Truth as a “victim of a conspiracy/mad man” (WWE)
Little Jimmy (the kids that represent the WWE Universe) (WWE)
Cody Rhodes as “a hideous human being” (WWE)
The Miz as the “Awesome One” (WWE)
CM Punk, the leader of The New Nexus and role as disgruntled wrestler (WWE)
The Undertaker as “The Last Outlaw” (WWE)
Michael Cole’s “Voice of the WWE” shtick (WWE)
Zack Ryder, Internet Sensation (WWE)
Abyss’ “The Art of War” gimmick (TNA)

Best Television Show

WWE Monday Night Raw
WWE Friday Night Smackdown
TNA Impact Wrestling

Best Commentator

Jerry Lawler (WWE)
Josh Mathews (WWE)
Booker T (WWE)
CM Punk (WWE)
Jim Ross (WWE)
Kevin Kelly (ROH)

Best Pay-Per-View

WWE Royal Rumble 2011
WWE Elimination Chamber 2011
WWE Extreme Rules 2011
ROH Honor Takes Center Stage (Night One)
ROH Honor Takes Center Stage (Night Two)
ROH Best in the World

Most Underrated

Sheamus (WWE)
Alex Riley (WWE)
Chris Masters (WWE)
CM Punk (WWE)
Zack Ryder (WWE)
Christian (WWE)
Maryse (WWE)
Dolph Ziggler (WWE)
Justin Gabriel (WWE)
Kazarian (TNA)
Crimson (TNA)

Best on the Microphone

CM Punk (WWE)
Wade Barrett (WWE)
The Rock (WWE)
John Cena (WWE)

Most Improved

R-Truth (WWE)
Drew McIntyre (WWE)
Evan Bourne (WWE)
Alex Riley (WWE)
Wade Barrett (WWE)
Cody Rhodes (WWE)
Mark Henry (WWE)
Kelly Kelly (WWE)
Gunner (TNA)
Eddie Edwards (ROH)

Feud of the Half-Year 2011

John Cena vs. CM Punk (WWE)
Del Rio vs. Edge/Del Rio vs. Christian (WWE)
Christian vs. Randy Orton (WWE)
CM Punk vs. Randy Orton (WWE)
John Cena vs. The Rock (WWE)
The Miz vs. Jerry Lawler (WWE)
Alberto Del Rio vs. The Big Show (WWE)
Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle (TNA)
AJ Styles vs. Bully Ray (TNA)

Women’s Wrestler of the Half-Year 2011

Vickie Guerrero (WWE)
Layla (WWE)
Kelly Kelly (WWE)
Eve Torres (WWE)
Madison Rayne (TNA)
Mickie James (TNA)
Sara Del Rey (ROH/SHIMMER)
Mercedes Martinez (SHIMMER/WSU)
“Can’t think of one” (nominated by a WV Staff Member)

Tag Team of the Half-Year 2011

Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov (WWE)
The Usos (WWE)
Beer Money, Inc. (TNA)
The Kings of Wrestling (ROH)
Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team (ROH)
The Osirian Portal (CZW/Chikara)

Wrestler of the Half-Year 2011

Randy Orton (WWE)
The Miz (WWE)
Rey Mysterio (WWE)
CM Punk (WWE)
Alberto Del Rio (WWE)
John Cena (WWE)

Well, that is the easy-to-read ballot for the middle of the year awards. Now, please go and vote. The results will be up in two weeks. Send the selections to or leave a direct message to me on Facebook. This is your chance to voice your opinions, so if you do not vote then don’t complain about the outcome. Oh, one more thing if you do not send your ballots via Facebook or E-Mail I will not count them (ex: If under the article I will not count it).