WWE Superstars
July 7, 2011
Report by: Andrew Hayman of Wrestleview.com

The Superstars signature rolls and we are underway for the 7/7 edition of WWE Superstars! ‘Ohhhhh Radio’ Zack Ryder’s music hits and he walks down to the ring. Scott Stanford and Josh Matthews welcome us to the show. Drew McIntyre’s intro video thing rolls and he walks out all menacing like. He gets into the ring and the referee calls for the bell.

Zack Ryder vs. Drew McIntyre

The two lock up and McIntyre powers Ryder to the corner and the ref breaks it up. McIntyre with a big boot and a kick to the grounded Zack. McIntyre throws Ryder to the corner and hits a flurry of shots. Ryder comes back with some of his shots. Ryder whips McIntyre to the ropes but Drew rolls out of the ring. Ryder gives us an ‘are you serious bro?’ and decides to take it to Drew and hits him with a splash over the ropes to the outside! Ryder rolls him back in the ring and goes for another whip but Drew rolls out of the ring again. Ryder looks to go to the outside but Drew takes Ryder’s legs from underneath him as he was on the apron. McIntyre hits Ryder with a sidewalk slam on the edge of the apron! McIntyre rolls him in the ring and goes for the cover but Ryder kicks out. McIntyre with and arm bar. Ryder to his feet starts to gain some momentum but Drew hits him with a drop kick. McIntyre kips up akin to HBK and he starts choking Ryder on the ropes with using the top rope as leverage as he drives his knee to the back of Ryder’s head. Referee with the count and McIntyre breaks it up. McIntyre places Ryder in the corner hits a chop and follows it up with a clothesline. Cover, but Ryder kicks out. Ryder starts to mount an offense but McIntyre sends him back to the mat. McIntyre drags him to the corner and McIntyre sits on the top turnbuckle. McIntyre with some shots to Ryder but Ryder hits him with an arm drag out of no where! Ryder with some forearms. Drew to the corner and Ryder hits a running clothesline to the corner. Ryder follows it up with the broski boot and goes for the cover. McIntyre kicks out at two. Ryder sets up the rough Ryder but McIntyre catches him and hits him with a sit out power bomb. Cover, Ryder kicks out at two! McIntyre sets up for the Future Shock DDT but Ryder flips Drew to the ground leaps over him and has him in a jack-knife pin, and gets the pinfall!

Winner: Zack Ryder via pinfall.
Rating: C+

Ryder quickly rolls out of the ring and poses up the ramp while we see a shot of McIntyre who is visibly angry. We see highlights of the match. Later we will be seeing what happened at this weeks RAW between Mr. McMahon and John Cena. We will also see the contract signing between Randy and Christian.

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We cut back to the Smackdown portion of the show where Jack and Matt plug the Contract signing and we get a replay of it from last Friday.

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Natalya is already in the ring when we return. Matt Striker and Jack Korpela welcome us to the Smackdown portion and they plug Money in the Bank. Alicia Fox’s music hits and she prances her way down the ring. Matt says you can tell that the way Alicia swings her hips is a sign of a good and talented athlete. Anyway, Alicia gets in the ring and the referee calls for the bell.

Natalya vs. Alicia Fox

Natalya is leaning on the ropes and doesn’t look like she is going to move so Alicia charges and Natalya dodges. Alicia with a shot to the face and she grabs her leg. Natalya throws her to the ground and locks in a knee bar. Alicia gets out. The two go back and forth with some ducking and jumping over each other with Natalya hitting her with a monkey flip. Natalya grabs the hair of Alicia. Hits her in the face. Cover, but Alicia kicks out. Apparently Natalya ripped out some of Alicia hair so Nattie show boats with it. Alicia charges but Nattie whips her to the corner. Natalya charges at Alicia who hits an elbow to Nattie’s gut. Natalya with a roll up but Alicia kicks out. Natalya grabs the abdomen on Alicia from behind but Alicia grabs the ropes. Natalya with an arm bar takedown. Alicia with a kick to Nattie on the ground and she makes it to the feet. Nattie still has the hole and she wrenches the arm. And hits another arm drag. Nattie is trash talking on the mat and Alicia tells Nattie she doesn’t like her. Nattie lifts her up and goes for a running power slam to the corner but Alicia wriggles out of it and slaps Natalya across the face. Alicia grabs the legs of Natalya and she sends her into the bottom rope throat first. We cut to a commercial.

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We are back and Alicia has Natalya in a chin lock. Nattie to her feet and hits some elbows but Alicia sends her to the mat. Alicia with a slap in the face and follows it up with some stomps. Apparently Alicia bit Nattie’s nail off? Alicia with a kick to the gut and Alicia has Nattie in a chicken wing on the ropes. Alicia with a modified rear chin lock. Nattie powers out and goes for a powerslam but Alicia falls through for a cross body pin, Nattie kicks out at 2. Nattie to the corner so Alicia chokes her with her foot. Cover, Nattie kicks out at 2. Natalya with a quick roll up but Alicia kicks out. Alicia kicks Natalya in the gut and applies another chin lock. Alicia with a snapmare takedown and follows it up with a leg scissors head lock. Alicia with some shots to Natalya’s gut. Nattie stands with Alicia still holding on. Natalya slams Alicia back first into the corner and follows it up with a kick to the gut. Alicia goes for a running kick but Nattie dodges. Nattie with a slap and some clotheslines. Alicia goes to back body drop Natalya but Natalya with a boot and then a clothesline. Cover by Nattie, but Alicia kicks out. Natalya with a suspended suplex. Cover, but Alicia kicks out. Natalya goes for and Alabama slam, Fox rolls out and goes for the roll up, Natalya keeps rolling grabs the leg and looks for the sharpshooter. Alicia reverses with a kick to the face and she rolls Natalya up for the win!

Winner: Alicia Fox via roll up.
Rating: B

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We are back and Wade Barrett’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. A local competitor by the name of Don Gonzales. The referee calls for the bell.

Wade Barrett vs. Don Gonzales

Wade is smack Gonzales and gets in his face. Don with a slap and Barrett hits a mean clothesline. Barrett with a flurry of punches to a grounded Gonzales. Wade with some kicks to the gut and he then chokes him on the ropes. Gonzales goes to the apron and Barrett applies another choke to the ropes. Wade with some knees and punches. Gonzales is in the ropes so Barrett hits him with a big boot. Wade whips him to the ropes and looks for the back body drop, Gonzales kick to the face but Barrett nails him with a spinning side slam. Wade has Gonzales up for the Wasteland and hits him with it. Cover, 1…2…3 this match is all over.

Winner: Wade Barrett via pinfall.
Rating: D

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We come back with a recap of this weeks RAW which ends the show.


This was an ok Superstars, better then last week’s but still not up to the standard it was a few weeks ago.

The opening bout saw Zack Ryder come out with a cheap win over Drew McIntyre. Overall, I gave it a C+. It was a bit spotty with the splash over the ropes and that mean side walk slam on the apron but I like spotty, I think you need a few spots in a match to make it good. It told a good story, with Drew dominating most of the match only for him to get a bit too cocky and Ryder come back. Just when you think Ryder might pull it off Drew counters a finisher only for Ryder to counter his finisher and get a cheap pinfall. I think that hopefully this will mean these two will start feuding. I think it will do wonders for Ryder he may even get a match or two on RAW.

The next match saw Alicia Fox take on Natalya with Alicia getting the cheap roll up. I was incredibly surprised with how good this match was! It was a good back and forth Divas match. I loved the banter between the two the whole match. I’m a fan of banter in any match actually; I think it adds a bit more emotion to the match. Overall I gave it a B. Was going to give it a B- but I re-read the match and I think it was just a good match that deserved the B. Oh and apparently according to Matt Striker the way Alicia Fox swings her hips is a sign that she is an incredible athlete. I would really love to see where he found this out because it is just ridiculous. He’s a good commentator but man he says some silly things sometimes.

Finally the squash match. Not much to say about it really. Wade squashed a local guy to make him look more menacing. Earned a D because well it didn’t really mean anything other then putting Wade over.

Overall the show earned about a C. A major problem I had with it though was ending it with the RAW recap. I know they do it to hype the feud but I don’t think ending superstars with it will make more people interested in it. It sort of gives the whole show a bit of buzz kill.

Anyway that about wraps this up for this week, if you have any questions, feedback, hate whatever, you can email me at amdy985@hotmail.com. I do read and reply to every email, or, you can follow me on Twitter by finding @amdy985. Thank you for reading and I’ll see you all next week.