WWE NXT Recap (on WWE.com)
July 5, 2011
Phoenix, Arizona
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

Tonight NXT is in Phoenix, Arizona.

Maryse and Matt Striker are hosting.

Todd Grisham and William Regal are on commentary.

The show starts with a package that recaps the previous show. Conor O’Brien was eliminated, but Derrick Bateman returns to join Titus and Darren in the finals. Daniel Bryan returns as Derrick’s Pro.

“I said we are wild and young!”

Striker and Maryse are in the ring and introduce the rookies. Darren is out first to boo’s from the crowd. Titus is out, and gets applause. Derrick Bateman is out last. He gets applause, but not as much as Titus. Titus and Darren are pointing at Derrick as he gets in the ring. Striker reminds us winner goes on to the next Season of NXT. Points are used to break ties between Pros and Fans Polls. O’Neil has 22 pts, Young has 7, and Bateman has none.

Talk the Talk Challenge
3 Redepmtion Points

Darren Young goes first. He goes after Bateman saying that he’s busted his butt for 17 weeks and no longer has a pro but still win NXT. Titus goes next. He understands why Darren is pissed, but it doesn’t matter cause he’s Dominated the season. Who is going to win this competition is going to earn it. He ends with getting the crowd to do his Wolf Chant. Bateman starts with responding to Titus and Darren. He goes on to say that he and Daniel Bryan are the Kings of the Internet. He throws out the tag #Bateman4TheWin. The crowd is the judge, and Titus wins easily and takes 3 more Redemption points. Josh asks Regal what he thought of the Rookies on the Mic. Regal hates all of their performances and should be sacked.

AD – B.A.Star

MATCH: Yoshi Tatsu vs Tyson Kidd

Yoshi walks out to the ring in a serious mood. They replay a package of Kidd tearing part the Yoshi Figure Action figure and Yoshi then going nuts on him. Kidd walks out next. He has the leg of the action figure around his neck. Josh makes a “Leg up on the Competition” bad joke. Kidd goes to the top rope and shows off the Leg to the crowd. The bells rings and the crowd cheers for Yoshi. Yoshi and Kidd circle the ring. Yoshi is chasing Kidd before he goes nuts on him. Yoshi gets a round house kick on Kidd and he rolls out of the ring. Yoshi goes after him and they are striking each other on the outside. Yoshi win the exchange and manages to roll Kidd in. He heads back in and Kidd uses this to take over with Strikes. Yoshi whips Kidd, but misses him and his the turn buckle. Kidd goes for a roll up pin attempt, Yoshi Kicks out. Kidd manages to get Yoshi to the ropes and manages to boot Yoshi off the ring post to the floor. We go to commercial…

AD: That’s What I Am! Randy Orton will go to the press. (About Kelly Kelly)

Back to the Action: Kidd is in control and gets a kick to the head of Yoshi. This turns to a kick to theback that Yoshi sells well. Kidd then tries a pin. Yoshi kicks out. Kidd then wraps up Yoshi as he gets to his feet. Yoshi makes a quick throw and a pin attempt. Kidd Kicks out. Kidd takes over and gets a pin attempt. Yoshi Kicks out. Regal talks about CM Punk having an evil streak like he does. Kidd gets another pin attempt, Yoshi Kicks out. Kidd gets another neck hold. Regal says it’s done very well. Kidd keeps control on Yoshi with a hammer fist. He yells to him. This leads to Yoshi hulking up and turning the tables on Kidd. Kidd and Yoshi do some flips and both end up on the matt. The Ref starts counting. Kidd gets to his feet first and is wobbly. Youshi is up and in control of himself. He crops Kidd before kicking him. Yoshi sets him up for a roll and kicks his head on the return. He goes for the pin but Kidd kicks out. Yoshi goes to the top ropes. Kidd jumps up to stop him, but he goes face first to the map. Yoshi flies though the air and hits him. He goes for the pin but Kidd kicks out. Yosi gets up and signals for Kidd to get up. Kidd gets up and stops a round house kick from Kidd. He turns it around and throws Yoshi to the matt. Then goes for the pin and gets the win. The crowd is booing Kidd on his win.

Winner: Tyson Kidd def. Yoshi Tatsu

After the match, Kidd takes the chain with the Action figure leg of Yoshi and shows it to the crowd.

AD: Money In the Bank – CM Punk

Introducing Derrick Bateman to seek his redemption. Bateman says Titus and Darren have doubt in their face. He puts over his Pro as the greatest in professionalism.

Hornswoggle has dead flowers, Twizzlers, and banana peels in a bouquet. Titus is trying to talk Swoggle out of giving it to Maryse. Maryse walks by and Swoggle gives them to her. Maryse sweet talks him to close his eyes. He does and she whacks him with the bouquet yelling at him how he’s a horrible little thing. She walks off as Titus tries to tell him that there are other women, but Hornswoggle walks off to Titus’s dismay.

TAG MATCH: Derrick Bateman and Daniel Bryan vs Titus O’Neil and Darren Young

Titus and Darren come out separately. Bateman comes out with Bryan to The Ride of the Valkyries.

AD: WWE All Stars – The Blue Danube is the music that starts the ad.

The bell rings. Bateman and Young start the match. Young manages to power Bateman into a corner and starts on offense. Bateman manages to power out and get on offense. Darren rolls out of the ring and Bateman goes after. He gets a few his on Darren and mocks Titus’s Wolf call. The go back into the ring and Bateman gets Darren to the corner. He holds him to set him up for Bryan. Bryan takes over on offense and then tags Bate man back in after a few moves. Darren is able to turn the tables and drops Bateman on the ropes. He drags him over to the heel corner and Tags Titus in. Titus starts on offense and dominates. Titus does a wolf call before Bateman tries to turn the tables. Titus regains control and tags Darren back in. Darren takes control and it leads to a head lock in the rick. Bateman breaks out only for Darren to knock him back down, doing more damage, and dragging him to the heel corner. Titus is tagged in. Regal notes how Titus and Darren are working as a unit even though they don’t like each other. Darren is tagged back in. Bateman manages to tag Bryan in and goes on offense and dominates Bryan. With Darren in the middle of the ring, Bryan gets a flying drop on Darren. He goes for the pin, but it is kicked out. Darren is able to turn things around, but Bryan rolls over him and Bateman tags him self in. Bateman goes to work on Darren. Darren manages to work towards Titus. Bryan sees this and jump across the ring and takes out Titus, dropping him from the apron to the floor. This provides Bateman the opportunity to work on Darren alone. He toss him over and rolls him up for the pin and the win.

Winners: Derrick Bateman and Daniel Bryan def. Titus O’Neil and Darren Young

AD: Cage Matches… Bring on the Bloodz!
AD: SmackDown

Raw Recap
Mr. McMahon and John Cena. It’s the last segment from Raw last night in full. If Punk leaves with the WWE Title, Cena is fired.

And that’s it. “Gig-gig-giga, That’s all folks”. The show is over. The steam is done.

Grash Says…

So NXT ended weird tonight with a package from Raw. The last time this happened was with the Rock and Cena leading into Wrestlemania. Now, personal preference is I’d rather not see this as I already watched Raw. However, given the magnitude of the angle between Cena and Punk now. The fact that Vince had to return to TV to deal with the issue of CM Punk. And most importantly Cena and Vince hit their segment out of the park, showing it in full made perfect sense. Unlike the Rock, Cena was not edited. *Ding* I guess I just drafted myself into Cenation. I’ll stop here before I make a Team Bring It (In da behind) jokes. I like my bulls cooked on grill, thank you.

So tonight was Derrick Bateman’s return to NXT. We learned two things about him tonight from the crowd. Derrick Bateman is still somewhat over as a face. He’s no where as over as Titus is with the crowd. Now he did pick up the win tonight in the tag match, but remember it was on Darren Young, and not Titus. This is something I will be looking at next week. As for the match itself, The rookies performed very well. And then you had Daniel Bryan who decied that he’s back in ROH tonight and did some crazy flippy high flying moves. While they were fun to watch, they ultimately did not lead anywhere. Best example of what I’m griping about is the flying drop from the top rope onto Darren Young who’s just a bit past the center of the ring. A move like that should end matches. Wow! Man!

Kidd and Yoshi had a rematch tonight. Yoshi got a little flippy flip, but not to the crazy extent of Daniel Bryan, and nothing that we haven’t seen before. Having Kidd come out with the Action figure Leg is great. For those who follow Yoshi on Twitter a few months ago, he had a break down about someone pulling the head off his action figure. In response we got Super Serrious Samurai Yoshi Tatsu again tonight. This leads me to one point I need to make about Yoshi on NXT this season. Yoshi has been as important as a character on NXT as the Rookies have. Every week there’s been a storyline with Yoshi progressing. It started with the force of Nature that I call Maryse and Lucky Cannon. It continued with Bryon. We had JTG. And now with Tyson Kidd. These storylines have been one of the backbones to this season of NXT which separates and has made it more enjoyable to watch than the previous ones. It is an element of this season which I hope carries forward into the next season.