WWE Superstars
June 30, 2011
Report by: Andrew Hayman of Wrestleview.com

The Superstars video rolls and we are underway for the 6/30 edition of WWE Superstars! Beth Phoenix music hits and we are going to be getting right into tonight. As she makes her way down the ramp, Scott welcomes us to the show and plugs Money in the Bank which is 3 weeks away. Gail Kim’s music hits and she prances her way down to the ring. The referee calls for the bell and we are underway with our first match of the night.

Beth Phoenix vs. Gail Kim

The two lock up Kim goes for the hurricanra but Beth holds her and Kim flips back to her feet and hits Beth with a shot to the gut and follows it with a diving shoulder in the corner. Kim goes up to the top turnbuckle, but Beth runs over and picks her up and hits her with a viscous military press. Cover, but Kim kicks out. Beth climbs up the turnbuckle but Kim runs over and hits her a few times. Kim again goes for the hurricanrana but Beth holds on and Kim goes crashing to the mat. Beth looks to fly again but Kim runs over and hits the ropes causing Beth to come crashing down. Cover, but Beth kicks out. Kim locks in a flying dragon submission manoeuvre. Beth starts to power out and hits her with a sidewalk slam. Beth with a flurry of clotheslines then an atomic drop. She hits a springboard suplex and goes for a cover but Kim kicks out. Beth goes for suplex but Kim reverses it into a roll up! Beth kicks out at two. The two get to there feet and Kim goes for another roll up but Beth reverses it into her own. Kim kicks out at two. The two divas again get to there feet and Beth looks for the Glam Slam and hits it. One…Two…Three. This match is all over.

Winner: Beth Phoenix via pinfall
Rating: C+

Beth looks concerned for Kim afterwards and picks her up. She lifts up the arm and we see some highlights of the match. Scott plugs the main event which will be The Usos and Trent Barreta taking on Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd.

Commercial, Greatest Cage Matches DVD.

JTG’s music hits and he swaggers his way down to the ring. He has a mic in hand and tells them to cut his music. Sin City, AKA Los Haters Nevada. He says how come every time he comes out here looking so damn fresh they all gotta be hatin’. He says keep hating and keep booing. He asks for some more and says this is the capital gambling city of the world. He says he wants us to go ahead and bet on fly. Chris Masters’s music hits and makes his way to the ring. He gets in and the referee calls for the bell.

Chris Masters vs. JTG

JTG locks in a chin lock but Masters pushes him to the corner. JTG with a quick cheap shot to Masters and he hits him with a flurry of shots. Masters sends him to the corner, JTG goes to vault over Masters but Masters stands back and looks for the Masterlock! But JTG gets out and goes to the outside. JTG gets in as Masters gets out and JTG hits and elbow on Masters as he gets back in. Masters gets in the ring and chops JTG like there is no tomorrow! He hits a suplex and goes for the cover and JTG kicks out. JTG with a shot to Masters, he then goes up the top turnbuckle and hits a missile drop kick to the back of Masters. Cover but Masters kicks out. JTG with some punches to the back of the neck followed by some elbows. Cover, but Masters kicks out. JTG locks in a vertical arm bar. Crowd starts a ‘you suck’ chant and Masters powers out, but that doesn’t last long as JTG clotheslines him down and covers him but Masters kicks out. JTG has a chin lock locked in but Masters powers to his feet and Samoan drops him. Masters with some more mean chops and follows it with some running forearms. Masters with a powerslam and he climbs up and hits him with a diving shoulder block. Cover, JTG kicks out. Another chop and Masters looks for back body drop JTG hits him in the face and looks for a splash but Masters catches him and transitions into the Masterlock! JTG fades quickly and it’s all over.

Winner: Chris Masters via Submission
Rating: C+ (originally a B-)

He celebrates and we cut to video package about the winner of Tough Enough. It’s the same from this weeks RAW.

We are back and the main event is plugged again which will be The Usos and Trent Barreta taking on Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd. Alicia Fox’s music hits and she makes her way down to the ring with Rosa Mendes. Jack and Matt Striker welcome us to the Smackdown portion of the show. Natalya’s music hits but she is accompanied by Kaitlyn who will be facing Alicia Fox.

Alicia Fox vs. Kaitlyn

Alicia kicks her in the gut but Kaitlyn retaliates with a shoulder tackle. Kaitlyn with a wrist lock. Kaitlyn lifts her up with the lock still applied. Alicia drops back down and hits Kaitlyn with a kick. Alicia with some more kicks and then she chokes her on the ropes. Alicia slams her back into the mat and locks in a wrist lock. Kaitlyn powers to her feet and hits her with a leg drag and follows it up with a flap jack. Alicia with a kick to the gut but Kaitlyn with an elbow. Kaitlyn goes to power slam her but Alicia pushes her to the turnbuckle. Alicia then hits her finisher the axe kick for the win.

Winner: Alicia fox via Pinfall
Rating: D-

Alicia and Rosa celebrate heelishly and we cut to a commercial.

Commercial, next weeks Raw.

Raw Rebound, the tables match and all of CM Punks shenanigans are shown. The video package is really good.

We are back with Matt and Jack and they say that CM Punk has been suspended indefinitely. The Usos music hits and they are giving us a Haka. They finish and make there way to the ring where we are met with another commercial.

Commercial, WWE All Stars.

We are back and the Usos are jiving in the ring. Trent Barreta’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel have there own music now and they make there way to the ring with Tyson Kidd. The referee calls for the bell.

The Usos and Trent Barreta vs. Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd

Kidd and Barreta will start us off. They go to lock up but Kidd ducks and grabs the torso of Barreta. Barreta spins and grabs Kidd by the Torso and takes him down with a trip and follows it up with an arm bar. Kidd goes to reverse but Barreta with an arm drag and he holds onto the arm and still has the arm bar applied. Kidd hits Trent with an elbow and hits the ropes but runs into a drop kick. Trent with the tag. Jimmy gets in and Kidd backs to his corner and tags in Slater. Slater hits Jimmy with a kick to the gut and follows it up with a headbutt which apparently doesn’t phase Jimmy, Jimmy with a headbutt to Slater and goes to whip him to the corner but Slater reveres and sends Jimmy to the corner Jimmy Vaults over a charging Slater and Slater crashes into the corner. Jimmy with a full nelson slam. Jimmy tags in Jey and they double Slater kicks out. Slater to the corner and Jimmy runs into a boot. Tag to Gabriel. Gabriel looks to suplex Jey but Jey reverses into a bridging Fishermans suplex for the pin but Gabriel kicks out. Jey makes the tag to Trent. Trent with a chin lock. Barreta and Gabriel duck and jump over each other a few times. Gabriel goes for the monkey flip but Trent dives over it and hits a clothesline. Justin to the corner and Trent with diving elbow. Trent looks for the splash but Gabriel ducks out of the way and he crashes into the ropes! Gabriel makes the tag and we cut to a commercial.

Commercial, Mark Henry heel video package.

We cut back to Kidd pinning Trent but Trent kicks out. Kidd with a chin lock. Kidd pushes Trent back first into the turnbuckle and tags in Slater. Slater with some kicks to the back and locks in an arm bar. Trent with some punches and looks for the tag. Slater looks for a high-angle belly to back suplex but Trent keeps rolling over Slaters shoulder and lands on his feet and makes the tag to one of the Usos. He takes out both Gabriel and Slater and turns and hits Slater with a clothesline. Slater sits in the corner and Jey hits him with a running thigh to the head just like Rikishi and Umaga. Jey goes up to the top turnbuckle. Kidd makes the distraction and Slater runs up and hits a scoop power slam! Slater with the cover but Jey kicks out. Slater with the tag to Gabriel, Gabriel gets in and applies a chin lock. Jey gets to his feet and looks for a high-angle belly to back suplex but Gabriel keeps rolling like Trent did, lands on his feet and hits Jey with a swinging neck breaker. Cover, but Jey kicks out. Gabriel with another chin lock. Jey gets to his feet but Justin pushes him back first into the corner. Gabriel with the tag to Kidd and with the help of Gabriel he hits a running kick to the face of Jey. Cover, but Jey kicks out. Tag to Slater who hits him with some shots and kicks to a grounded Jey. Slater with another chin lock. Jey goes to stand but Slater slams him head first to the mat. Tag to Gabriel, Slater looks to send Jey flying into Gabriel but Jey manages to take Gabriel out with a flying headbutt to the mid section. Slater rolls out. Jey gets the tag and Jimmy comes in and hits some clotheslines. Kidd with a spinning heel kick to the gut but Jimmy grabs him and hits the Ally-us. Cover, but Kidd kicks out. Jimmy with a tag to Trent and Trent hits a springboard drop kick. Cover, but Kidd kicks out. Trent puts Kidd up the top, Kidd punches Trent some and sets him up the top but Trent superplexes Kidd to the outside into all four men who were brawling on the outside! Trent rolls Kidd in goes for the cover but Gabriel breaks it up. Trent hits the dudebuster DDT and tags in an Uso who hits a splash. Cover, 1…2…3. This is all over!

Winners: The Usos and Trent Barreta
Rating: C

We see highlights of the match and the finish and we see them celebrating in the ring. Matt Striker wishes us a good night and the stream fades to black.


This again was a pretty lackluster Superstars. I was going to try and give it a bit of praise, but it really was a fairly average show.

The opening bout saw Beth Phoenix take on Gail Kim in what was short but good Divas match. Beth got the win with a Glam Slam. There was some back in forth in this match but Beth’s physical dominance was a real show case with in this match. This was the first time in the WWE that these two have faced each other. Hopefully this isn’t a one off squash win for Beth just to show her dominance because I think these two could have some fantastic matches. I gave it a C+, but leaned towards a C because of just how short it was and only stayed with a C+ because it was a really solid showing between the two.

JTG came out next with some swagger but that didn’t really last long because his promo was pretty awful. He was all over the place and was sort of very awkward. If the WWE keeps going with these releases I can see him getting the chop. He is average in the ring and just fairly awful on the mic. Easily replaceable. He took on Chris Masters in a fairly solid match thanks to Masters. Man he has got some viscous chops. The ending saw JTG go for a cross body but Masters caught him and transitioned into the Masterlock for the submission. I originally gave this a B- but I just thought it was a too short of a match and it just I dunno didn’t feel like it warranted it so instead went with a C+

Alicia Fox got a victory over Kaitlyn with an axe kick in what was just a god awful match. The entire match just felt really awkward and slow and personally I lost interest in the show after this match. That’s all I can really say about it.

Finally the main event we saw the Usos and Trent Barreta come out on top of Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd. The Usos little Haka at the start apparently is intimidating according to Jack Korpela. If that’s the way they are going to do it at least have the other Uso yell. The one who is yelling now doesn’t sound intimidating at all. If you guys get the chance watch the New Zealand Haka. Now that is intimidating. I don’t also get if they are trying to be intimidating then why are they jiving away in the ring. Personally have them dance and jive to the ring because that haka is god awful. This was a real up and down match. Parts of it were good and parts of it were boring. It was basically all the heels until right at the end with the enormous superplex by Barreta on Kidd to the outside where Kidd landed on the four other men. Man that was hectic. After that we saw Trent roll Kidd in get a cover broken up and him hitting a dudebuster DDT with one of the Usos hitting a splash for the pin. I gave this a C. I was leaning towards a D+ but man that ending lifted it up. But then again I am a sucker for spots.

Overall I would give this Superstars a C-. It really was quite a poor show and I really hope the standard picks back up to where it was about a month ago.

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