WWE NXT Recap (on WWE.com)
June 21, 2011
Hershey, PA
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

Tonight NXT is in Hershey, PA.

Maryse and Matt Striker are hosting NXT.

Todd Grisham and William Regal are on commentary.

“I said we are wild and young!”

The show starts with a recap of the rise and fall of Lucky Cannon. He was eliminated last week. Lucky had bought a Grandview Macy (Flee Market Ripoff) Purse. That got a slap in the face from Maryse. Ouch.

And then three remain: Titus O’Neil, Darren Young, and Conor O’Brian.

There will be an elimination next week. Voting starts tomorrow.

Hornswoggle’s music hits and he comes out with Titus. Swoggle speaks, and Titus translates. Titus says Hornswoggle has some unfinished business with Maryse. She’s called out to the ring. She comes and asks what Swaggle wants. Titus translates, and says that Swoggle has a surprise for Maryse. Titus has to lift Swaggle up to put a box in her hand. She opens it, and we’re lead to believe that she is amazed. She’s is, but at the corniness at the candy ring she pulls out. Maryse berates him about this. She makes is clear that he’s not even in contention here and “How about you get a woman your own size”. Hornswaggle is dejected as Maryse leaves.

Zack Ryder’s music hits and he comes out. Zack passes Maryse as she exits the stage. Ryder doesn’t get how Titus got further with Hornswoggle than he did. Titus makes a headband joke and says he’s gotten further with Hornswoggle. He uses the WWWYKI on Ryder. He’s pissed. Before things get out of hand, Striker comes out. He makes the main event. Zack Ryder vs Titus.

AD: Raw Roulette.

Capitol Punishment Recap.

6-Man Tag Match: Yoshi, Kozlov, Conor vs JTG, Chavo, Darren
The faces come out first. We’re shown the heal beat down on Yoshi from last week with the Face run in. Josh puts this over as the reason for this week’s 6-man tag. The heels come out next. Match starts with Conor and Darren. They lock up and they both struggle till Darren gets the advantage. Conor quickly turns it around and the two go into mat work. Conor breaks it and gets some elbows on Darren, Darren rolls out of the ring. When he returns, he tags Chavo in. Chavo goes on the offensive with a kick to Conor. Conor manages to power out and throws Conor to the corner. Chavo tags JTG in. Conor tags Yoshi in. JTG uses the ropes to keep Yoshi back from doing offense. He speeds around Yoshi and tags Darren in. JTG is quite hot dogging for out speeding Yoshi and making the tag. Darren manages to tag Chavo in and he goes on offense. Chavo throws Yoshi into the corner. Yoshi manages to bounce over him and goes on offense and then tags Kozlov into the match. Kozlov goes on the offense. A cheap shot from Darren on Koz prompts a kick right back to him. Kozlov then throws Chavo out of the ring. Darren comes into after Kos, but Conor throws him out. A smosh starts but is quickly ended as the faces control the ring and the heels are on the outside. We go to an ad.

AD: WWE All Starts – Blue Danube Trailer

We’re back to the action as Kozlov slams Chavo. He manages to get him into the face corner and he tags in Conor who continues the offense. Conor is attempting to show his Kozlov likeness with his moves. It back fires as Chavo manages to break free and get a leg twist. Darren comes in and continues the assult on Conor’s Leg. JTG is tagged in and continues the offense, focusing on the leg. JTG gets a pin attempt, but Conor kicks out. He’s pulled to the heel Corner and Chavo is tagged in. Chavo works the leg with the ropes for leverage and then jumps over the ropes to do damage to that spot. Darren is then tagged into the match. He continues to work the leg with a hold. Conor is emoting extreme pain, but does not tap. Chavo is tagged back in and is doing drops on to the leg before going into a hold. Kozlov and Yoshi are reaching out for Conor, but he is in the heel corner. Conor manages to throws some haymakers and knocks Darren and JTG off the apron. Chavo however gets a drop kick on Conor and pulls him back to the heel corner. JTG is tagged in. JTG uses the ring post to do damage to the leg. He goes for a pin attempt, but Conor kicks out. JTG gets punches on Conor before Stomping on him. Kozlov and Yoshi are again trying reach for Conor and boost the crowd up for a hot tag. Chavo is tagged back in. He exchanges strikes with Conor, but Chavo manages to get the upper hand and pull Conor back to the corner. Darren young is tagged in once again. Conor manages to get to a neutral corner. He gets some hay makers and it knocks Darren over. The are motioning for a double tag. Darren makes the tag to JTG. Conor does not make a tag. JTG goes to stop Conor but at the last moment manages to tag Yoshi in. Yoshi goes on the offenseive on JTG. Yoshi manages to take out Darren and Chavo and gets a round house kick on goes for a pin. Darren and Chavo break it up. Kozlov comes in to counter Darren and Chavo. The duo try to flip Kozlov, but the Russian flips the two and clears the ring. This allows Yoshi to get a quick kick on JTG and it sets up the pin for the win.

Winners: Yoshi, Kozlov, Conor def. JTG, Chavo, Darren

AD: Best of WCW Nitro.

Shawn Michaels on Raw next week.

Voting Irregularities on Raw – Evan Bourne vs. Sin Cara next week on Raw.

Raw Rebound: CM Punk’s path to the #1 Contender and his final day in WWE (maybe).

Tyson Kidd talks to Lucky Cannon. He walks to a Zen Shrine set up with a figure of Yoshi sitting cross legged in mediation. Yoshi arrives and tells Kidd not to touch it. They go back and forth before Kidd leaves. Yoshi kneels before the shire and takes a Hershey bar and places it in front of the shrine before mediating. The crowd cheers.

AD: Smackdown.

Match: Zack Ryder vs Titus O’Neil

Hornswoggle comes out with Titus. Zack Ryder comes out second and gets a small pop. Regal doesn’t get the Long Island stuff. They lock up. Zack gets the first shot in. Zack backs off to pose and Titus takes over as Ryder comes back in. He begins to dominate the Long Island Ice Z. A quick pin attempt that Zack kicks out of. Zack out speeds Titus and ditches to the outside of the ring. Before Ryder can get in the ring, Tutus pulls him over the top ropes and goes in to some matt work and a hold in the center of the ring. They get to their feet and Titus flattens Ryder. The get up. Ryder tires to throw Titus. He fails and Titus flattens Ryder again, picks him up and throws him into the face corner. Hornswoggle bites Zack’s ass! Ryder turns to Swoggle. Titus tries to go for a roll up pin. Zack Kicks out and rolls out of the ring yelling “Are you serious?” as he rubs his ass. We cut to a commercial

AD: That’s What I Am Movie.

We return to the action, there is a “Let’s go Ryder”chant as Titus continues the domination on offense. Ryder manages to get a kick from the corner on Titus and goes on offense. Ryder is yelling at Titus as he does some offense. He sets him in the corner, and is booted in by Titus. Ryder manages to recover with a headlock in the center of the ring. Swoggle manages to pump the crows up. Ryder beats down Titus and then goes Woo Woo Woo. It is getting a mixed reaction. Ryder gets some pin attempts before Titus turns things around. He slams Ryder and takes over on offense. A wolf call from Titus before he picks up Ryder, yells “Make it a Win” and slams him over his shoulders. Ryder ditches the ring. He goes after Swoggle. He kicks him down and Titus goes to check Hornswoggle. This allows Ryder to enter the ring first. Titus follows shortly after him but it sets up Ryder to do his a Rough Ryder. Titus is Zacked! and Ryder picks up the pin and the win.

Winner: Zack Ryder def Titus

After the match, we see Hornswoggle shake his head after seeing what has happened. Ryder leaves the ring and heads to the back as he celebrates his win. In the meanwhile, Hornswoggle consoles Titus in the ring.

And that’s it. “Gig-gig-giga, That’s all folks”. The Show is over. The steam is done.

Grash Says…

Zack Ryder back on NXT and the match he had with Titus was interesting. The fact that Ryder wins, drops Titus a peg as we go into elimination voting. As we have seen in the previous weeks, all previous eliminations had bad weeks before they were eliminated. If this pattern holds, the Titus is out. There are two saving graces in Titus’s side. Titus has wracked up the most Redemption points, so any tie breakers go in his favor. The most important factor is that Hornswoggle is his pro, and has gotten a huge rub off of him all season long. But it’s come at a price. Titus hasn’t been successful unless Hornswoggle been at his side and pulling shenanigans.

Darren Young did not better nor did any worse than he has in previous weeks. At this stage of game, the consistency which Young shows is a good sign that he could stick around longer. Two factors surround Young. He’s got the second most tie breaker points, so that puts him a head of Conor. He is however the heel of the remaining three. Remember it’s a popularity contest, and people don’t like heels. So that will take a toll on him in the fan voting. Remember, JTG took the loss in the tag match, so that protects Darren here despite the loss.

Finally we have Conor, whom put on a great show today as the Babyface in peril. The question is was this enough to elevate him to surpass either Darren or Titus? The answer here is that it’s quite possible. Conor has had great character development since Wrestlemania. He’s danced with Kozlov. Broken boards. He is now wearing the Sambo jacket. If Conor makes it to the finals, then praise be Kozlov. If he doesn’t there may be a defection in those who scream the might phrase of “Hail Kozlov”.

Other things which stand out that are worth mentioning. Again, Maryse was a force of womanhood which cannot be stopped. Striker, showed up and made the main event and wasn’t seen from again. We had no challenges tonight. The greatest cheap pop in the longest time goes to Yoshi and the candy bar offering. Finally, Woo Woo Woo. Who doesn’t like getting Zacked?


Question for the Comments
Whom do you think is going home next week?