WWE NXT Recap (on WWE.com)
June 14, 2011
Providence, RI
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

Tonight NXT is in Providence, RI.

Maryse and Matt Striker are hosting NXT.

The commentary team is Todd Grisham and William Regal.

JTG joins commentary during the show for one match.


“I said we are wild and young!”

The show starts with package about Lucky Cannon and his woman stealing ways. It leads to Maryse with Lucky. We are shown a recap of last week with Hornswoggle giving Marse a candy bracelet. Maryse’s purse getting torn apart and Lucky getting pinned for a loss.

NXT is in Providence, RI. Striker and Maryse are in the ring and introduce the Rookies. Hornswoggle will not be on NXT tonight because of R-Truth’s attack on him on Raw the previous night. Striker explains that Redemption points will be used as a tie breaker between the Pros and Fans polls. Lucky Cannon has no points. Connor O’Brian has 3. Darren Young has 7. Titus O’Neil has 19.

Challenge: Talk the Talk Challenge

Worth 3 Redemption points.

“Whom should be Eliminated” is the topic given from Striker. Lucky goes first. He points out Titus as riding his Pro’s tails and makes fun of his intelligence. He puts the show “All about me”. Titus is next. He makes fun of his robes. He says he hasn’t won a challenge. That he has been chasing Maryse. And that he doesn’t need the fans. Lucky affirms this point vocally. Connor is next. He points to Darren Young. He talks how he main evented SummerSlam. Had it been him (Connor), he would have never have looked back. Darren is next. He says it won’t be me. He should get the NXT Crown. He points that Connor called him out. Tells him it is the biggest mistake. Connor steps up, and gets slapped by Darren Young. Young rolls out of the ring, grinning ear to ear repeating that Connor made “The biggest Mistake”. Voting is going to the crowds. Lucky Cannon is boo’d. Connor is gets a tepid response. Darren Young get a good response. Titus gets a good response as well. Striker plays off Connor and Titus to the crowd. Titus gets a bigger pop. After the challenge Josh mentions that in previous nights mic skills have been dreadful, but tonight the rookies were pretty good.

Titus wins the Talk the Talk Challenge and 3 more Redemption points.

AD: Christian vs Orton.
AD: Power to the People 3-Hour Raw.

MATCH: Yoshi vs Darren Young

Darren Young is in the ring with Chavo. Yoshi Tatsu’s music hits and he enters the arena. The bell rings. They lock up and Darren gets some mat work offense. They break as the crowd cheers, mostly kids, for Yoshi. Yoshi gets control. Commentary puts over the idea that one can get fired before the do something good great. The crowd is hot for Yoshi again as Darren takes over on offense. The match leads into technical arm work. Yoshi manages to get Young in the corner and slaps across his chest. The chops are getting stronger. The last one knocks Young over. Young dodges the next one and hits Yoshi. Yoshi returns with a drop kick. Young rolls out of the ring and Yoshi goes after him. They fight on the out side. The Ref starts counting a count out. They end up on the apron and Darren Young drops Yoshi on the edge. He rolls into the ring and then JTG comes out to the ring area. We then head to…

AD: WM27 Video.

Back to the Action. JTG is with commentary now. Regal has one question for JTG. In the ring Darren young is in control of the Match. JTG says he was disrespected. Regal says he was spit on from JTG. JTG ignores Regal and says Yoshi was out of line last week. Regal tells JTG that he has no fear or remorse to crack JTG’s skull open. Regal ask about JTG’s “insignificant” career. Josh asks about how JTG did a Novak’s pro, He says he was “dreadful”. JTG talks about Yoshi’s Momma Joke. Regal mentions that they should be talking about the match as Darren Young had just applied a good chin lock. From his back from the matt, Yoshi gets a kick to Darren’s head and takes over on offense. Chavo looks concerned. Yoshi Tatsu has gone Star Man on Darren Young and shinning wizards Darren Young. Darren manages to kick out. Yoshi goes to the top ropes. Chavo has moved around the ring side. Chavo jumps up on the apron to which Yoshi Kicks him. It’s the distraction that Darren needs to grab him, slam him and gets the pin for the win

Winner: Darren Young def Yoshi after Chavo interferes

After the Match JTG gets in the ring and goes after Yoshi. Yoshi gets up, but Darren young goes for the legs on Yoshi. It’s a 3 on 1 beat down. Kozlov and Connor Run out. As they hit the ring, the heels ditch the ring and head up the ramp. Kozlov looks back to the heels as Connor tends to Yoshi.

AD: Best of WCW Nitro.

Todd puts over Cena vs R-Truth match at Capital Punishment. It leads into a video package on Cena then how R-Truth thinks about Cena. Regal puts over that Truth is a nutcase.

Lucky is brushing his hair as he looks into a mirror. Maryse approaches him. She is sorry about last week. Lucky says it is okay. Maryse says she has good news. She’s taken the purse to be repaired. Lucky says she didn’t have to do that. He would have taken care of it. She tells him he did. She gave His (Lucky’s) Credit card. She walks off happy. Lucky has the look of “Oh Great”.

AD: DX Video.

Lucky Cannon comes out to the ring with Tyson Kidd. He takes the mic, and he thinks what Truth did to Swoggle was great. He’s looking to do the same thing when he gets back. Hornswoggle’s music hits and Titus enters the Arena.

MATCH: Titus vs Lucky Cannon

Regal is putting over that Hornswoggle is Titus’ security blanket. Titus starts the match on offense and dominates Lucky Cannon. After a pin attempt, Lucky rolls out of the ring. Titus follows. Lucky uses it to run, enter from a second side and take over on offense. Lucky is using the ropes to his advantage as he continues his offense. Titus manages to get a kick in, but Lucky recovers and continues on offense with a few pin attempts. Ref calls one off because that he has his foot under the ropes. Tyson kid is talking trash to Titus about where Hornswoggle is. The match has taken a slower pace with more matt work. Lucky plays to the crowd and does Titus’ wolf call. The Crowd boos him. Titus gets some fire in him and takes over on offense. He back to dominating the match and does the wolf call for the crowd’s cheer. Titus picks up lucky and throws him. Lucky manages to grab the ropes. Lucky manages to do an eye rack. However Lucky gets a move in before Titus recovers and slams Lucky for the pin and the win. They are calling tonight’s performance by Titus as being off, but still important as he got the win in the match.

Winner: Titus def Lucky Cannon with a big slam for the pin

Elimination is next.

AD: Power to the People 3-Hour Raw.
AD: Capitol Punishment – Cena vs R-Truth.



Maryse is shaking her head. Lucky says “You expect me to. I am too good for NXT.” Lucky isn’t surprised and he as a huge grin on his face. He is interrupted by Titus getting the crowd to sing the the Na-Na-Na Goodbye song. Maryse says this isn’t fair and that this is her show. She manages to stop Lucky in the middle of the ramp. She takes her time to thank him for all the gifts he’s given her. But Maryse needs to put something out there for him. The purse he gave her is a worthless knockoff. She asks to explain himself. She does not let him and slaps him in the face. Lucky Smiles and out he goes.

And that’s it. “Gig-gig-giga, That’s all folks”. The show is over. The stream is done.

Grash Says…

Well my poor Lucky Cannon is gone. *Sigh* I thought he was going to make it to the finals, but it seems his car has run out gas. Literally, all of his storylines got wrapped up in the past two weeks. And with Maryse on the rocks with him, it was just a matter of time. One thing that we did learn about Lucky is he wasn’t rich or classy. He’s a Granview Macy’s (aka a flea market knockoff) type of guy. If you didn’t like him before, now you have a reason.

This leaves three left. Conor, Darren and Titus. There are two ways which I am looking at the next elimination. The more likely of the two is that Conor is removed from competition. Through the season he’s had the less time devoted to his character. Darren may go because he is a heel. Because fans vote on eliminations, it makes that part of the poll a popularity contest. So heels get screwed there. Remember, the only Heel to win NXT was Wade Barret back in Season One when the fans did not have votes. Regardless, I don’t see Darren Young winning. Darren Young is better and ready for the main roster than the other two. He doesn’t need to be on the next season of NXT. Conor and Titus do.

What is interesting is that JTG and Yoshi have a storyline going on that has some legs to it. The Pros and Commentary this season have had major roles of had storylines between them that have been contained to NXT. This is one of the changes this season, which I have enjoyed. Where Yoshi and JTG go next will be interesting.

Question for the Comments
So, three are left. Whom do you think wins?