WWE Superstars
June 9, 2011
Report by: Andrew Hayman of Wrestleview.com

The video rolls and we are underway for the 6/9 edition of WWE Superstars! Some pyro goes off this, pretty cool pyro as per WWE standards. Scott Stanford welcomes us to the show and JTG’s music hits. He walks out holding his necklaces and sneering at the crowd. Apparently he’s showing us some attitude. Anyway, Chris Masters music hits and he poses up the ramp before making his way down. The referee calls for the bell and our first match of the show is underway!

JTG vs. “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters

JTG just chills in the corner for a bit, Chris is standing in the middle looking annoyed. The two finally lock up, JTG locks in a chin lock but Chris sends him to the ropes and hits him with a shoulder block. JTG goes back to the corner. They lock up again but JTG with a kick to gut to Masters followed by some punches, but Chris manages to hit some of his own and then hits him with a Samoan drop. JTG to the outside of the apron. Masters goes to grab him but JTG hits him with some kicks. Masters to the mat and JTG hits him with flurry of shots to the head. He then hits Masters with some shoulders in the corner followed by a punch. JTG goes for another but Masters blocks it and hits him with a chop but JTG clotheslines him to the mat. Cover, but Masters kicks out pretty easily. JTG the applies a chin lock. Masters to his feet but JTG jumps on his back, Masters improvises and runs backwards slamming JTG into the turnbuckle. Masters then hits JTG with a high angle belly-to-back suplex. JTG walks into some mean chops from MAsters. JTG ducks a clothesline but walks into two more. Masters to the top rope and hits a flying shoulder block. Masters picks JTG up Irish whips him and hits him with an incredible spine buster! Masters picks him and looks for a power slam, JTG jumps over Masters head drop kicks him in the back and Masters goes chest first into the turnbuckle. Masters sitting in the corner so JTG with some shots to Masters. JTG goes for a mug shot, Masters gets out of the way and locks in the Masterlock! This match is all over!

Winner via submission: Chris Masters

Replays of the ending are shown and they plug Tyson Kidd and Yoshi Tatsu as well as who will be in Kidd’s corner this week.

Commercial, Wrestlemania 27 DVD. Video package for RAW next week.

We are back with Maryse and Melina. Josh says Maryse is his second favourite WWE superstar to follow on Twitter but Scott is his first. Scott plugs him on twitter which is @Scottstanford1 if you are interested. Anyway, Eve and Gail Kim make there way out and head to the ring. The ref calls for the bell.

Melina and Maryse vs. Gail Kim and Eve

Eve and Maryse start us off and the two trade pushes. Eve with some punches to Maryse with some kicks. She goes to whip Maryse to the ropes but Maryse counters and looks for a back body drop, but Eve sees it coming and kicks her. Eve with a face buster, cover but Maryse kicks out. Eve walks over and knocks Melina to the floor. MAryse with a kick to Eve’s head. Cover, but Eve kicks out. Maryse slams Eves head into the turnbuckle repeatedly. Tag is made. Cover, but Eve kicks out at two. Melina with a modified choke hold, but she slams Eve’s head to the mat. She does it again and goes for the cover but Eve kicks out. Another cover and another kick out. Melina slams her head down again. Melina with that modified choke again. Eve to her feet and delivers a clothesline. Eve makes the tag, Gail Kim runs to the rope and hits Melina with a clothesline followed buy a drop kick. Kim whips Melina to the ropes and hits her with a diving clothesline. Gail goes to the top turn buckle and hits Melina with a beautiful cross body. Maryse goes to run in but Eve stops her and the two brawl and roll to the outside. Melina with a chin breaker and hits her with the sunset split. Cover 1…2…3 and this is all over!

Winners via pinfall: Maryse and Melina

The two celebrate up the ramp and Scott’s plugs the main even of Tatsu and Kidd and wondering aloud as to whether or not Kidd will have a manager.

Commercial, Capitol Punishment Promo followed by a WWE.com plug.

We are back and Mark Henry’s music hit. Jack Korpela and Matt Striker welcome us to the show. Johnny Curtis’s music hits but it looks like he isn’t coming out. Matt Striker grabs a mic and tells Henry that the two have known each other a long time. He says obviously his opponent isn’t coming out and asks Mark why do you think people are afraid to face him. Henry says, for the same reason, that this nothing right here just asked. (he pointed to a fan in the crowd) He says he promises us that no one even looks at the wrong way because he will beat any one who does down. That is why no one comes out when there music plays because like his music says, if they do come out here, somebody’s gunna get there ass kicked. Mark gets out of the ring and starts throwing some steps looking menacing. We get a plug of the main event again and cut to a commercial.

Commercial break, Be a star. Christian heel turn video airs.

We cut back with Josh and Matt talking about the heel turn and what will Christian do tom- EXCUSE ME! We cut to Vickie on the ramp. She gives us another excuse me and says that for those of us who don’t know her she is THE Vickie Guerrero, she is a very powerful woman who is extraordinarily professional, EXCUSE ME! Man this woman get’s some serious heat! She’s says her resume is very unique and she has many titles. GM of Smackdown and RAW and the official consultant. She has a long history of lovers and business associates she says he to dolph and blows the camara a kiss. Her specialty is nurturing a young mans ego. Therefore she is the perfect person to manage a young stud in the WWE. Now without further adiu, let’s welcome the high flying amazing Tyson Kidd! Kidd’s music hits and him and Vickie make there way down to the ring. Vickie slaps Kidd on the ass as we go to a commercial.

Commercial, The Very Best of WCW Nitro.

We are back and Kidd is in the ring. Yoshi’s music hits. The referee calls for the bell and we the main event is underway!

Tyson Kidd vs. Yoshi Tatsu

Kidd locks in a wrist lock but Tatsu with an arm drag. The two circle and Kidd locks in a chin lock takedown. The two get to there feet, Tatsu whips Kidd to the ropes but Kidd hits him with a shoulder block. Kidd runs to the ropes, Yoshi rolls to the middle, Kidd leap frogs but on the rebound he walks into a drop kick. Yoshi with some chops to Kidd in the corner. Yoshi locks to whip Kidd to the other corner, but Kidd reverses and whips Tatsu to the corner. Kidd charges but Yoshi Lifts his knee hits Kidd in the face. Yoshi goes up jumps down and somehow hits an arm drag and turn it into a pin. Kidd kicks out. Yoshi hits a spinning heel kick. Kidd to the corner, Yoshi charges but Kidd hits him with an elbow. Kid flips Yoshi to the floor and kicks him in the back. Kidd then chokes Yoshi on the ropes and then hits some kicks. Kidd then applies another chin lock. Yoshi powers to his feet and gets out of it with an arm drag and then with a crucifix pin but Kidd kicks out at 2!. Kidd quickly his feet and sends his head first into the corner. Kidd then whips Yoshi to the other corner and looks for a diving forearm but Yoshi get’s out of the way and Kidd slams into the turnbuckle. Kidd gets up and turns around but walks into a back body drop. Kidd goes to the corner and Yoshi kits double running knees followed by a snap suplex. Cover, but Kidd kicks out. Yoshi whips Kidd looks for a back body drop but Kidd with a kick to the stomach. Yoshi whips Kidd again and hits him with a heel kick. Cover but Kidd kicks out. Yoshi goes to the outside apron, but Kidd runs over grabs Tatsu’s leg and hits him with a leg drag so his leg slams into the rope, Yoshi falls to the floor. We cut to a commercial.

Commercial, WWE All Star Night.

We come back with Kidd having Tatsu in knee bar. Kidd then turns it into a cross knee lock. Yoshi then with some shots to Kidd’s head. Kidd with some stomps to the legs of Tatsu. Kidd then places Tatsu’s leg on the ropes and puts in another knee bar. The referee breaks it up, Kidd then hits Tatsu with a drop kick. Kidd drags Tatsu to the middle and hits some elbow drops to the leg and then follows it up with another knee bar. Tatsu with some kicks to Kidd. Tatsu crawls over to the ropes and lifts himself up, Kidd grabs the leg of Tatsu pushes him down places it on the rope and jumps on it. Kidd then grabs the leg again but Yoshi kicks Kidd and Kidd goes flying to the outside. Kidd gets up on the apron, leaps over Tatsu looks for the rollup but Yoshi keeps rolling and hits him with a swift knee to the head! Cover 1…2.. Kidd kicks out! Tatsu goes up to the top rope, looks for a spinning heel kick but Kidd ducks out of the way. Kidd the applies an inverted figure four. Yoshi is struggling to get to the ropes, he crawls and he gets there! Kidd lifts Yoshi up looks for a suplex but Yoshi hits his Kick! Cover 1…2…3! This is all over!

Winner via pinfall: Yoshi Tatsu

We see highlights of the match and a replay of the ending. We come back and Vickie is arguing with Kidd, Jack wishes us a good night and the stream fades to black.


I thought this Superstars was solid. Probably the worst in a month or two, but that just shows you how good they have been lately.

I’m starting to really like Masters again. I think his time off from the WWE was fantastic for him and it is really showing in ring. I really hope he becomes a big time player again some time soon.

The Divas match surprised me. It actually didn’t bore me. I think this mini feud with Melina and Gail Kim has a bit of potential, they are both fantastic athletes and are really good in the ring, which kills me to say about Melina because I absolutely despise that woman. At least she didn’t shriek this week.

The Mark Henry promo was pretty good from Henry, but I feel we have seen this from him all before back when he returned when he feuded with Batista, Undertaker etc. Which is why I’ve never really liked Henry, his character just really bores me.

Tyson Kidd and having a new manager every week is kinda a cool idea, but they are going to run out of people very soon. Personally, I like him having Matt Striker as his manager. The two just seem to look right and seem to have the same personality which I think is very important when it comes to a manager. I don’t mind Vickie being his manager but she’s tied up with Dolph so I don’t see her teaming up with Kidd unless the two split. Then again I could be wrong. But man cant hat woman attract some heat! I had to rewind the stream because I didn’t here her properly. Anyway, I thought the main event was good. Some may say it dragged on a bit, but I thought it was a really good technical match with a surprise ending. I honestly thought Kidd would win.

Anyway that about wraps this weeks recap, if you have any feedback, questions or for anything else you can email me on amdy985@hotmail.com or you can follow me on twitter @amdy985. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you all next week!