WWE NXT Recap (on WWE.com)
June 7, 2011
Roanoke, Virginia
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

Tonight NXT is in Roanoke, Virginia.

Maryse and Matt Striker are hosting NXT.

The commentary team is Todd Grisham and William Regal.

“I said we are wild and young!”

The show starts with a package featuring Lucky Cannon and his girl stealing ways for Maryse. The package ends with Lucky comment that he’s got “a queen” and kiss from Lucky on Maryse’s cheek.

JTG is in the ring and its setup for an interview segment, “They Flyist show on the planet, strait out of Brookyln”. JTG says that Novak’s elimination isn’t his fault, but Bryon Saxon is likely Yoshi’s fault. And everyone is talking about it. JTG is going to ask him, and Yoshi comes out. Yoshi tries to do a hood hand gesture, but doesn’t get it. JTG is strait to the point, about won’t let Yoshi answer. He said he talked to Bryon and he’s the best pro ever. He asks a second question and again pulls the mic before Yoshi can answer. JTG says he talked to Maryse. He says Yoshi get dumped. JTG says he has a big big… bank account. And Youshi has as a small one. Yes it’s subtle reference to member size there. Yoshi finally grabs the mic and says the show should be called strait out of your momma. JTG takes the mic back and says that was good. He raises his hand and when Yoshi turns his back, he thugs him from behind and head out to the back quickly. Striker walks out. He sets up a match between JTG and Yoshi. The crowd cheers for it and we have a match.
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MATCH: JTG vs Yoshi Tatsu

Yoshi starts the match on offense. JTG manages to get a knee across your yoshi’s chest. He looks hurt. A minute after a pin attempt and some offense, Yoshi is either hurt or is selling the damage well. Yoshi is looking a bit woosy. JTG gets a slam on Yoshi, goes for a pin, but gets 2. JTG pulls Yoshi up and he gets some punches on JTG. JTG gets Yoshi back down and gets some stomps on him. It leads into a control and hold segment in the ring. Yoshi starts battling back with some fists to JTG’s head. The crowd is cheering for him. JTG whips Yoshi in to the corner. JTG hot dogs and allows Yoshi to turn the tables and take over. As Yoshi performs chops on JTG, they are very audible and the crowd is going “Woo” with each one. Yoshi has taken over completely. Yoshi is up and pumping up the crowd. However JTG manages to duck out of the way and gets Yoshi in a hold on the match. Yoshi manages to get to his feet. Then Yoshi does a flip over JTG’s back. It sets up a kick to the head on JTG that drops him, sets up the pin and the win.

Winner: Yoshi Tatsu

We get replay of what caused to have this match set.

Polls open tomorrow. We will have an elimination next week.

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Conor has a board and attempting teaching Hornswoggle to break it with his head. He’s not able to. Kozlov and Titus arrive. Titus picks up Swoggle and rams his head through the board. Kozlov says “He made it a win” They all laugh as they leave.

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Tag Match: Conor and Kozlov Vs. Chavo and Darren

Regal calls Chavo and Darren XNT’s Diabolical Duo. Regal cannot condone bulling. Josh calls him on this and Regal says he’s a reformed character. Kozlov and Conor enter the arena and into the ring. The bell rings. Kozlov and Darren Young will start as the legal men. They lock up and Kozlov gets a throw on Darren. They break and restart. Darren tries to out speeds Kozlov till Darren gets caught and Kozlov goes on offense. He manages to get Darren into the corner and tags in Conor. Darren manages to push Conor into his corner and Chavo tags in. Shenanigans ensue in the heel corner with the ref’s back turned away. Darren gets a slam on Conor and then Chavo does a splash over the ropes. Conor is working his way back up in a hope spot. He manages to over power Chavo. Chavo rolls out of the ring. Conor goes after him and Chavo takes the opportunity to splash out of the ropes onto Conor. Chavo Rolls Conor back into the ring as we go to an AD.

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Back to the action. Darren Young is dominating Conor. Darren tags Chavo in. They both do damage him. Darren Tags back in. Kozlov is reaching for Conor, pumping up the crowd. Darren is preventing this, but after a few kicks from Conor, he gets the tag. Kozlov comes in hot. He carries Darren young to the ropes and tosses him. Kozlov pushes Chavo off the apron. Darren gets a kick on Kozlov’s head, Kozlov returns the kick. Chavo manages to hold Kozlov and Darren gets a hit behind Kozlov. Chavo and Darren Young go on offense and control Kozlov. They are taggin in and out as they control Kozlov. Conor is reaching for a tag, pumping the crowd. Darren young is now the legal man. He is trying to wear down Kozlov. He gets to the corner and Chavo tags in. Darren is posing for he boos on the apron. Chavo has a head lock and attempting to hold Kozlov off as he inches to wards Conor. Kozlov is picking up Chavo as he inches. Finally Kozlov flips Chavo. Double Tag! Conor and Darren go at each other. Conor comes in hot and in control. He gets a pin, But Chavo breaks it up. Kozlov tries to take out Chavo. Kozlov flies out of the ring. Chavo on the other hand goes out but holds onto the ropes.Chavo pulls himself back in only to be get thrown out of Conor. This sets up Darren to get a heat wave on Conor. It leads to the pin for the win.

Winners: Chavo Guerrero and Darren Young

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Titus and Hornwoggle come out first to the ring. Lucy Cannon is next had has Maryse at his side and Tyson Kidd. Lucky has apparently bought a $3500 purse for Maryse.

MATCH: Lucky Cannon vs Titus O’Neil

Regal is fixated on Maryse and her purse. Titus starts off the match on offense. Lucky turns the tables quicky though. Kidd and Hornswoggle are on the apron, MAryse is posing at ring side on Lucky’s side. Lucky is still in control of the match. Titus has taken several minutes of damage from Lucky. He manages to get to his feet only for him to get pushed down onto the matt. Josh Mathews puts over the connection between Titus and Hornswoggle. Titus gets to his feat again, only to be thrown to the ground. It leads to a pin attempt and kickout. Titus gets to his feet once more. This time it’s a strike battle till Lucky throws Titus out of the ring. On the otherside of the ring, Hornswoggle has gone over to Maryse and gives her a box. Maryse opens it to reveal that it is a candy bracelet. She throws it on the ground and hits Swoggle with her purse. He grabs it and a tug away begins. Within seconds, the expensive purse has been ripped apart, with Maryse’s items flying everywhere. Maryse is not happy. Lucky sees this and goes over to her. Maryse slaps Lucky with the remnants of the purse. It sends him back into Titus. This is the opening that Titus needs. Maryse is walking away as he is pinned.

Winner: Titus O’Neil

After the match Hornswoggle and Titus celebrate in the ring. Josh asks if Lucky has lost both the match and the girl.
And that’s it. “Gig-gig-giga, That’s all folks”. The show is over. The stream is done.

Grash Says…

Four Story pieces we had tonight. The first is aftermath of Byron Saxton’s elimination. This week JTG is blaming Yoshi for his rookie’s elimination. This builds to the match we got tonight. The second Element is the board breaking Segment with Conor, Titus, Hornswoggle and Kozlov. This is effectively all of our faces who are on the show now. Our next two story elements switch up the pairings we have seen so far this season. Chavo and Darren this week have moved on and steal a win from Kozlov and Conor. And our other pairing is Lucky Cannon and Crew take on Titus and Hornswoggle.

The easiest way to explain what is going on is to ask in terms of who is going to be eliminated. Our two clues are that Titus and Darren won their matches and both have been the dominate pairs. So without a shocker, both of them are likely safe. Conor, as good as he has looked, is the likely person to be eliminated. He’s the second face guy, so he is not going to the finals. His elimination next week I’m going to predict is going to hinge on a force of nature. Maryse

Lucky Cannon’s situation is very interesting. All season long he has pushed himself as the girl stealing guy. First as the block on Yoshi and Ted to an extent. Then stealing Maryse from Yoshi. When tonight’s show ends, there is discord in Lucky-ville though. Maryse’s purse has been destroyed, which is the call back to how Lucky got Maryse in the first place. Lucky has lost his match, through no small part on Marye’s part, which is anther sign that things are not well. Remember Ted did not do so well with Maryse and was a point of contention between those two. This is evident as Maryse leaves the ring area as Luck is pinned. The big question that I have goes as such: If Lucky is able to patch things up with Maryse, he should move on. If things go further south next week on NXT, then Lucky is likely going as well. Either way, we’ll find out next week whom gets sent home.

Question for the Comments

Maryse is a force of nature on NXT.

What type of natural phenomena would you describe her as?