WWE Superstars
June 3, 2011
Report by: Andrew Hayman of Wrestleview.com

The Superstars video rolls and we are underway for the 6/2 edition of WWE Superstars! Jack Korpela welcomes us to the show and plugs the main event which will be David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty vs. Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov!

Tyson Kidd’s music hits and he makes his way out by himself this week. Or so it seems as Matt Striker walks out on his mobile. So instead we have Booker on commentary. Hooray… Trent Barreta’s music hits and he runs down to the ring. Apparently Matt Striker is making himself Tyson Kidd’s manager and we see a shot of him giving a card to the Ring Announcer. We cut back to the ring and the ref calls for the bell.

Tyson Kidd vs. Trent Barreta

As soon as the bell rings Trent runs at Kidd but they take each other down with clotheslines. Trent quickly to his feet and delivers a flurry of shots to Kidd who is in the corner. We cut to a shot at ringside where Striker is talking to a fan; we cut back to the ring and Trent with a suicide dive to Kidd on the outside! Trent rolls Kidd in, cover, but Kidd quicks out. Kidd rolls out of the ring again but Trent follows and delivers some viscous chops to Kidd’s chest. Trent looks for a tilt-a-whirl DDT but Kidd throws him to the ground, Trent rushes at Kidd but Kidd dodges and throws Trent into the barricades. Kidd rolls Trent into the ring, cover, but Trent kicks out at 2. Kidd with an Irish whip and he nails him with an elbow to the jaw. Cover, Trent kicks out. Kidd with a chin lock to a grounded Trent. Again shots of Matt at ringside who is on the phone. We cut back and Trent is powering to his feet, Kidd is having none of it and whips Trent to the corner hard. Kidd with a boot to Kidd’s neck. Kidd with a knee to Trent’s throat on the ropes. We cut too Striker again, Booker is babbling on about him being a manager. We cut back and both men are to their feet in the middle of the ring. Trent with some shots to Kidd but Kidd with a quick knee to the gut. Kidd whips Trent to the ropes, looks for a back body drop but Trent see’s it coming and kicks an unaware Kidd in the chest. Kidd falls back to the ropes. Trent goes for a clothesline but Kidd leans on the ropes and kicks Trent in the face. Kidd goes for a springboard elbow drop but Trent lifts his knees. Kidd to the corner and Trent connects with a diving elbow. Trent then with a springboard drop kick. Cover, Kidd kicks out at 2. Kidd to his feet, Trent looks to connect with a step up enzuigiri but Kidd ducks, looks for a back to belly, Trent ducks around jumps up on Kidd’s shoulders, tries the roll up but Kidd reverses it into his own roll up. 1…2…3. this is all over.

Winner: Tyson Kidd via pinfall

The ref raises Kidd’s hand and we see a replay of the ending. We cut back and Matt Striker is in the ring and has a mic in his hands. He says to Kidd he has seen him bring out several advisers these past three weeks to advise you what to do in this ring. He says, you’re Tyson Kidd, you were trained by WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart and after what he just saw right here, you’re better then Bret ever was. You don’t need an advisor, what you need is an agent. Striker says that he made it to Summerslam, Wrestlemania and even won a slammy. Because he had an agent. Look at Jack Korpela, the kid can’t even put a sentence together but he still has a job because he has an agent. Here’s the bottom line, he says he’s been called a lot of things, Matt Striker super agent, the smartest guy in the WWE, but what he wants Kidd to call him is someone that you can trust. Booker with another hilarious one liner saying he can call him horrible and then proceeds to giggle. He says intellect is the application of knowledge. He says a wise man once said you can cut a nickel 8 ways, if you make money, I make money. Tyson you’re great and Matt is going to have his face all over the WWE, he also says that if you’re not growing, then you’re dying. So what do you say you uh, we uh grow together? Kidd smiles in the ring and shakes Strikers hand. Kidd’s music hits and the two walk up the ramp. Jack plugs the main even again which will be David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty vs. Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov!

Commercial, WWE.com.

We are back with Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel making their way out. The Usos music hits. The ref calls for the bell.

Jimmy and Jey Uso vs. Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater

Jimmy and Heath are going to start us off. The two circle, Jimmy charges but Heath catches him with a kick to the gut and then delivers some more punches. Heath with a shot to Jimmy’s head. Jimmy falls into the Corre’s turnbuckle so Heath makes the tag. Justin in the ring and hits some shots to Jimmy, Jimmy with a shot of his own but Justin is having none of it and hits him with another one. Justin with an Irish whip sending Jimmy to the corner, Jimmy grabs the turnbuckle and leap frogs backwards over Gabriel. Jimmy jives in the ring, Gabriel rushes Jimmy but Jimmy delivers a knee to the gut to Gabriel. Jimmy picks Gabriel up and hits him with an intense clubbing clothesline! Cover, but Gabriel kicks out at 2. Jimmy with the tag. Jimmy Irish whips Gabriel and the Usos with a double elbow takedown followed by a double standing elbow drop. Cover, but Gabriel kicks out at 2 again. Both men to their feet, Gabriel with a kick to Jey’s thigh, but Jey with a double underhook suplex and bridges it to a pin. Gabriel kicks out at 2. Jey with a standing forearm drop, but Gabriel moves out of the way and makes the tag to Slater! Slater runs in but eats a shot to the face, Jimmy with a knee and then a cover but Heath kicks out. Jimmy with an elbow to the head and slams Heaths head into the turnbuckle. Jimmy whips Heath to the corner hard. Jimmy with the tag and Jimmy whips Jey and Jey hits Heath with the running butt to the face. Heath ducks out of the ring and Jey hits Gabriel sending him to the floor. Jimmy leaps onto Heath on the floor and so does Jey! We cut to a commercial as The Usos are looking menacing in the ring.

They don’t air anything and we come right back with Jimmy and Slater in the ring. Jimmy applies a chin lock. Slater to his feet with the lock still applied. Slater manages to make it to the corner and tags in Gabriel. Gabriel with some kicks and punches, Jimmy with his own punches, Gabriel Irish whips him and looks for a back body drop but Jimmy with a kick to Gabriel. Jimmy runs over to Slater and sends him to the floor. Jimmy turns and walks right into a boot. Jimmy rolls out of the ring and Slater hits him with a mean clothesline. Tag is made and Slater rolls Jey into the ring, cover, but Jimmy kicks out at 2. Slater with a chin lock. Jey to his feet gets out of the hold but Slater hits him with a neckbreaker. Slater drags Jey to their corner make the tag, Gabriel with some shots, another tag, and some more shots. Slater takes Jey to the corner and hits him with a flurry of shots. Jey shoves Slater and hits him with a diving twisted forearm. Both superstars are down. Jey gets the tag but so does Slater. Gabriel runs in but Jimmy sends him to the mat several times with running forearms. Jimmy dances again and Kicks him and the gut and then hits him with an awesome looking hip toss, cover but Slater kicks out. They make the tag and hit the Alley-us! Cover, 1…2… Slater breaks it up! Jey or Jimmy, I can’t tell anymore because they are both in the ring and the action is too quick, runs at Slater but Slater dodges and throws him through the ropes. Jey I think it is is up on the turnbuckle but Slater knocks his legs out from underneath him, Gabriel throws him to the floor and climbs. “I think we have seen is before!” claims an excited Booker, Gabriel gets set and hits him with the 450 splash! This is all over!

Winners: The Corre (Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel) via pinfall

Highlights of the match are shown followed by the ending.

A video package of Kane-Show losing the titles and the shenanigans that went down that night. Jack plugs the main even again and we get a WWE fact.

We are back and Melina’s music hits. Scott Stanford welcomes us to the RAW portion of the program. Gail Kim’s music hits she makes her way to the ring and the ref calls for the bell.

Melina vs. Gail Kim

The two circle and then lock up in the middle Gail pushes Melina to the corner they go back to the middle and Kim with an arm drag. Melina gets up but Gail rolls her up but Melina kicks out. Gail blows Melina a kiss so Melina does her best banshee impersonation and gives us a shriek as she knocks Kim to the ground and hits her with a flurry of punches. Melina lifts by her hair and screams to Kim that she was always a horrible friend and slaps her to the ground. Kim looks up at her shakes her head and runs after her. Melina ducks out of the ring but Kim grabs her and hip tosses her back into the ring. Kim hits a diving clothesline, cover but Melina kicks out. Kim with another roll up but Melina kicks out again. Melina with a few covers after a roll up but Kim kicks out of all of them. Melina pulls Kim up by her hair and slams her back to the mat and kicks her in the back. Melina whips Kim to the corner hard and covers but Kim kicks out. Melina again with a whip and hits her with an elbow followed by a choke. Melina then has Kim in a Cobra clutch on the ropes. Melina breaks the hold, Kim then runs at Melina and looks for a hurricanrana but stops and places her in a flying dragon submission. Melina with some shots to Kim’s back. Melina grabs Kim’s hair and kicks her to the mat. She then hits Kim with running double knees to Kim who is resting on the ropes. Cover but Kim kicks out. Melina whips Kim but Kim with a flying drop kick follow up but some clotheslines. Melina to the corner but Kim flies in and hits her with a cross body, quickly climbs the turnbuckle and hits a missile drop kick. Both Divas are grounded, ref counts to 8 before Melina gets to her feet. Melina looks for her sunset split but Kim dodges and hits her with an eat defeat and this is all over.

Winner: Gail Kim via pinfall

Highlights of the match are shown followed by the ending. Scott and Josh plug Capital punishment and we see the Obama promo.

Commercial, Be a Star video.

Raw rebound. They show R-Truths promo from last week followed by the match.

We cut back and Santinos and Kozlovs music hits. They hit the ring and we cut to a commercial.

We cut straight back and The New Nexus music hits. Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga make their way to the ring. The ref calls for the bell and our Main Event is underway!

WWE Tag Team Champions Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga vs. Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov

Santino and McGillicutty are in the ring, McGillicutty stays in his corner and has a chat with Otunga Santino freaking pumped and show boats a bit. The two lock up and Santino puts McGillicutty in a chin lock. McGillicutty sends Santino to the ropes and looks to hit Santino with a shoulder tackle but Santino just stands there. Santino has a delayed reaction to the pain and grabs his shoulder. Kozlov slaps Santino on the back for the tag and steps into the ring. The two go to lock up but McGillicutty kicks Kozlov in the gut and hits him with some punches. McGillicutty goes to whip Kozlov but Kozlov grabs the arms of McGillicutty and head butts him to the ground. A tag is made and Otunga walks right into an arm drag takedown. Otunga in corner cops some shoulders to the gut from Kozlov. Kozlov with the tag and he throws Santino head first into Otunga. Cover but Otunga kicks out. Santino with his hip toss routine followed by the flying head but. Santino looking for the Cobra but Otunga gets out of the ring. Santino takes chase, the two run around the ring, Otunga back in the ring, Santino has the Cobra readied but McGillicutty comes in and hits Santino with a forearm to the back of the head. Apparently Otunga made the tag as he came back into the ring. McGillicutty with a forearm to the face of Santino giving him some smack talk. McGillicutty with a flurry of shots to Santino and then uses the ropes as leverage as he applies his foot to his neck. McGillicutty lifts Santino up and hits him with a back breaker. Cover but Santino kicks out. McGillicutty with the tag and they double team Santino in the corner. Otunga with a rear chin lock. Santino trying to make it to the corner but Otunga goes for a swinging neck breaker, but Santino grabs the arms of Otunga and flips him over his head and they both connect with clothesline. Santino with the tag to Kozlov. Kozlov comes in and hits a head but to Otunga and slams him head first into the top turnbuckle. Otunga makes his way wearily out of the corner but walks into a shoulder block. Cover, but McGillicutty breaks it up. Santino comes in and hits McGillicutty. The ref tells Santino to get out of the ring. Kozlov grabs Otunga but with the referee distracted McGillicutty hits Kozlov in the back of the head and Otunga nails him with The Verdict spinebuster. 1…2…3 This is aaaaaaaalll over.

Winners: WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty

Shots of both teams are shown followed by highlights of the match. Scott Stanford wishes us a good night and the stream fades to black.


This Superstars again was solid but not great. The matches were pretty solid but not long enough to make them great.

The opening bout was a good solid bout between Kidd and Barreta. These two know how to put on a match together. I know I said last week that I was growing bored of their little feud but I do like the matches the two put on. This match was a good little match between the two, which I would of liked more had Booker not be on Commentary. Now don’t get me wrong, I loved Booker as a wrestler. Booker as a commentator however makes me want jump through the TV and scissor kick the head set right off his head. Know that I’ve vented about Booker, back to talking about Superstars. I really liked how Trent came out firing on all cylinders, it really showed that he wanted the win. Having Kidd win with a cheap roll up not only kept their feud running but I think it will make Barreta even more fired up for when they next wrestle. I wish they would also hurry up and pick a manager for Kidd, I think they should probably stick with Striker, I’ve always thought he would be a fantastic manager.

The Divas match was a Divas match. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either. Which is a plus because I absolutely despise Melina. I think in ring she is average, I mean she has her flexibility but something about her just says hate me Andrew, hate me.

I thought the Corre-Usos match was match of the night. It was a good tag team match that had a lot of back and forth that had everything a good tag match needs like high flying manoeuvres, cheating, hot tags great back and forth action and that 450 splash. I really like the Usos and I think they may get another push soon. Well at least I hope so.

Finally the main event was eh. I mean it wasn’t bad, it was just way too short for my liking. I don’t have a lot to say about it because it was so short. I really like Otunga but the only qualm I have with him is his finisher. A spine buster? Seriously? People use them all the time so to me it just doesn’t seem a convincing finisher, especially on someone like Kozlov.

Anyway that about wraps this week up, if you have any questions, feedback or anything else my email is amdy985@hotmail.com or you can follow me on twitter @amdy985. Thank you for reading and I’ll see you all next week!