WWE NXT Recap (on WWE.com)
May 17, 2011
Des Moines, Iowa
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

NXT is in Des Moines, IA.

Maryse and Matt Striker are hosting NXT.

The commentary team is Todd Grisham and Michael Cole.

JTG joins commentary during the show.

“I said we are wild and young!”

The show starts with a package with Darren Young talking about he is sick of Titus dominating NXT but he knows his weakness, Hornswoggle. This leads into Chavo’s swerve and a recap of last week’s No-DQ Match and Titus’ Big win over Darren Young after a Hornswoggle run in.

Tonight: We have an Elimination!

Striker and Maryse are in the ring with the rookies… Michael Cole is introduced and is coming down to ring side. Cole says NXT is “Where the real Michael Cole” came about. He is joining Commentary tonight as William Regal is nowhere to be seen.

Striker explains that if the Fan Poll and the Pro Polls are tied, Redemption points will be used as a tie-breaker. We will have a new element on NXT called Tag Team Turmoil. It is a Tag Team Gauntlet Match. Winner will get 3 Redemption points.

After all of that overhead, Striker allows each of the rookies on to the mike to make a final appeal to the crowd and the pros. Connor goes first. “I’m not done doing this for you”. He’s getting “What” shouted at him. Lucky Cannon is next. “I’ve got Adonis DNA”. Maryse is shown laughing at him. Lucky finished that he as an ace of the sleeve. He looks over to Maryse and says it’s really a Queen. Darren Young starts he’s the top of the Season, then blows up. He says he’s Raw superstar. He was at Summerslam. He should be Challenging John Cena for the WWE Championship. Josh and Cole are laughing at this. Josh mentions Darren Young looks like Cena. Bryon is next. His pitch is “Why not vote for Saxton”. Titus is last. He calls Swoggle the greatest NXT Pro. Elimination is not an option so he’ll “Make it Win”.

AD: Tough Enough Live Finale.

“Tag Team Turmoil”
Worth 3 Redemption Points
Pro and Rookie team up in quantlet style: It’s a gauntlet

The Match starts with Titus and Lucky. Lucky goes over and jaw jacks Swoggle. This allows Titus to dominate early on. Lucky manages to tag in for Tyson kid. He continues to dominate and Swoggle gets tagged in. Around and around goes Kidd. He thrown down to the matt and rolls a bit. As he recovers, Swoggle blows a kiss to Maryse, Lucky isn’t happy about it. Swoggle runs and tags Titus back in. Titus and Kidd are the legal men now. This leads to Swoggle bringing a flower to Maryse. Lucky shoves him down. Titus goes to hold Lucky through the ropes. This allows Kidd to drop over the ropes and kick Titus on his back for the pin and the Elimination.

Titus O’Neil and Hornswoggle have been eliminated.

Bryon Saxton and Yoshi are out next.

AD: That What I Am Movie.

Koshi and Kidd start the next match. Yoshi starts on offense. Cole tells us that during the break Maryse explained the situation to him in that ‘She was not with Yoshi or with Lucky. She just likes Guy Friends”. Yoshi Tags Saxton in and he continues on offense. Commentary breaks down why Bryon cannot do XNT alone. In the meanwhile, Saxon found him self in the corner of the ring and Lucky Cannon tags in and takes over on offense. Bryon takes a beating from Lucky before Kidd is tagged back in. This is building for a potential hot tag to Yoshi. Byon gets a shoulder in and tries to pin. Kidd kicks out and tags Lucky in. Lucky gets back on offense. The crowd is chaingting “We want Yoshi Chant”. Yoshi comes in to break up the 3 count. Kidd removes Yoshi in the ring. Saxton manages to use the confusion to get on offense. This is a set up for a slash. However, Bryon hot dogs on the ropes and allows Lucky to recover and get a big boot on Bryon to get the pin and the elimination.

Bryon Saxton and Yoshi have been eliminated.

Connor and Kozlov are out next.

AD: Smackdown.

We come back to action to see a clip from during the break of Koslov throwing Kidd out of the ring. Kozlov and Lucky are in the ring. JTG’s Music hits and he comes out to commentary. In the meanwhile Connor has tagged in. Kidd gets Kozlov to move from his corner. The ref puts him back, Kidd and Lucky use the opportunity to take over on offense. Kidd and Lucky are tagging in and out effectively. Kozlov builds the crowd for a tag. Cole and JTG are going at each other on commentary. Kidd and Connor are the legal men. Josh ask who could win NXT. He says Mr. “I don’t care” and lists off the reasons. Cole is laughing. Back into the ring, Lucky is still controlling Connor. Kozlov is trying to build the crowd again as the move closer to him. Connor manages to kick off Lucky and Kozlov comes in Hot. Headbutts to Lucky! A slam. A Kick to Kidd. A second Slam for Lucky! And that’s the pin for the elimination.

Tyson Kidd and Lucky Cannon have been eliminated.

Chavo and Darren Young are the Final team.

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We come back to the action, Kozlov and Darren Young are the legal men. Darren ends up in the wrong corner and Kozlov tag back and for beating on Darren. JTG is talking about how he should be in the match. As this happens, Connor and Darren battle to the other side and Chavo is tagged in. Darren and Chavo tag in and out, using some shenanigans when the ref if attending to Kozlov. Darren is tagged back in and takes control of Connor in the middle of the ring. Connor manages to power out. This leads to a mid ring collision between the two and a double hot tag. Kozlov comes in hotter and dominates Chavo. Kozlov sets up for a slam, but Darren manages to pull Chaov’s feet to break it. Kozlov kicks Darren off the apron. It sets up Chavo to throw Kozlov out fo the ring. Darren gets a cheap shot on Kozlov on the outside of the ring. The ref is counting. Kozlov gets in at 7. Chavo and Darren again are tagging in and out dominating Kozlov. The Crowd is booing the domination. Chavo and Darren try a slam on Kozlov. They fail and both are slammed in stead. It leads to Connor coming in hot and dominating. This leads to a pin. Chavo breaks it up and starting wrestling as if he was the legal man! Kozlov comes in to break it up. Chavo pulls the ropes down and out goes Koslov. Chavo is tossed over the ropes next by Connor. Then Darren tries to make a move on Connor, but is stopped. Connor slams Darren for the pin, elimination, and the Match!

Darren Young and Chavo have been eliminated.

Kozlov and Connor win Tag Team Turmoil

Elimination is NEXT!

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Byron says that a mistake. He is angry at this and tells the crowd they send home ” A Living Role Model”.

Grash Says…

I want to thank Mr. V for doing last week’s recap for me while I was “On Assignment.”

Wow, Quite an episode tonight! If you want wrestling, you got that tonight. I love the Tag team Turmoil concept. And it was used extremely effective here tonight to fill the entire show without worrying about having to advance storylines or other issues in critical ways. While William Regal was not on the show tonight, having multiple matches and no other segments was a great reason to bring back Cole to NXT. Ditto for having JTG on the commentary desk as well.

After weeks and weeks of wondering, we’re finally told how the Redemption points are going to be used. They are essentially the Tie breaker if the Pros Polls and the Fans Polls are tied.

I’ve called Maryse a “Heel” in the past. And while this is true, tonight Cole brought her level up to “A force of Single Womanhood”. During the show Cole tried to unravel the situation that is Maryse. In the end, he was left confused and an announcement that She was never an item with Yoshi and there is no relationship with Lucky. Remember these lines… She just likes “friends”. Remember Hornswoggle brought her a flower that cause the chain reaction that cost Titus the match tonight.

With Bryon Saxton Eliminated tonight, Yoshi’s story line has ended on NXT. This all got wrapped up quickly. Rather than expecting seeing Yoshi get dumped by Maryse, we saw the sudden change from Yoshi. The Pro-Rookie relationship imploded with Bryon and Yoshi, leaving Bryon no choice to go it alone. This forced Bryon to be more abrasive, and heelish on the crowd favorite Yoshi. Last week’s NXT was the blow off match between the two. With the Loss to Yoshi, Bryon was on his way out. Now given what has happened to him this seaon, Bryon has every right to be angry going out, while you may feel the same about it, this has been the story line with Bryon the entire season. And now that story is done and laid to rest.

Question For The Comments
Do you feel Bryon Saxton got robbed this season?

Yes, it sucks to be you, Alejandro Roggio!