WWE NXT Season Two Finale
August 31, 2010
Albany, NY
Report by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…” The WWE video leads us into the show.

A highlight package of season two airs. This season was a lot more organized than the first. Yeah, the challenges still sucked but they weren’t as torturous as last time. Kaval, Alex Riley, and Michael McGillicutty are the final three.

“Wild and Young” plays and we’re brought into the arena with some fireworks. The crowd seems absolutely dead. You can’t hear them at all. Either it’s a bad mic job on the crowd or they just suck. Michael Cole and Josh Mathews welcome us to the show.

Ashley Valence is in the ring and stands there awkwardly until her cue is given, which was late. She introduces the WWE Pros and they take their seats on the stage. The WWE Pros whose rookies aren’t still in it come out first. Then The Miz comes out and gives a good introduction for his rookie Alex Riley. Lay-Cool come out next and introduce their man Kaval. Kofi Kingston is last out and messes up the introduction but saves it and out comes Michael McGillicutty.

Matt Striker enters the ring and congratulates everyone on making it to the season finale. Striker then shows the rookies who didn’t make it sitting at ringside. They are Titus O’Neil, Eli Cottonwood, Lucky Cannon, “Showtime” Percy Watson, and Husky Harris. Striker reminds us that the winner will earn a championship match live on PPV.

We’ll have a double elimination tonight. The three rookies will face off against each other in a triple threat match and its next. Out of nowhere Michael McGillicutty and Kaval take down The Miz and Alex Riley. They toss them out of the ring.

The third season of NXT begins next week. It’ll be different from the other seasons because it will be an all diva roster. Perhaps it’s time to put the NXT concept to rest. Kelly Kelly introduces her rookie Naomi.

-Commercial Break-

Alex Riley (4-4) vs. Kaval (3-5) vs. Michael McGillicutty (6-3)

Charles Robinson, my favorite, is the referee. The match begins and they all slug it out immediately. McGillicutty gets Kaval in a headlock and back body drops Riley at the same time. Kaval reverses a whip to the corner and double kicks McGillicutty. Kaval hits a nice wheel kick for a two count. Kaval concentrates on Riley in the corner with some kicks. Kaval goes to McGillicutty and chops him. McGillicutty comes back with a dropkick and Riley breaks up the cover. Riley stomps on McGillicutty and talks some trash. Riley sends him to the ropes but McGillicutty ducks and hits a clothesline for a near fall.

McGillicutty knocks down Kaval and gives Riley a nice backbreaker for a two count. Kaval hits a stiff kick to the ribs of McGillicutty but gets kicked by Riley. Kaval bounces Riley off the corner and chops him. I thought that was banned? Riley comes back with a chop of his own and McGillicutty takes him out. McGillicutty chops Kaval and stomps Riley. Kaval punches back and chops him down. McGillicutty rolls to the apron and Kaval goes to suplex him in but it’s blocked. McGillicutty then suplexes him out of the ring! Riley then knocks him off the apron and takes some time to pose.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Riley applying a chin lock to McGillicutty. Kaval comes back in and kicks Riley. Riley quickly takes him out with a big boot and clotheslines McGillicutty. Riley sends him to the ropes but McGillicutty hangs on. Riley charges but hits the ropes as McGillicutty moves. Michael Cole hilariously cheered on The Miz’s coaching.

McGillicutty clotheslines Riley and hits a belly to belly suplex but the cover is broken up by Kaval. Kaval chops him and hits a springboard spin kick for a near fall over McGillicutty. Kaval cuts Riley off on the top rope but gets knocked off. Kaval then hits a handspring kick, knocking him off the top rope to the outside! McGillicutty clotheslines him from behind and gets a near fall. Kaval reverses a back body drop into a dragon sleeper which will now be called the Bite of the Dragon. McGillicutty falls to the ropes for the break.

Kaval misses a handspring splash to the corner and McGillicutty hits the Perfect Plex! A tribute to his father! Surprise, surprise, no one calls that. What the hell is wrong with these announcers? Riley breaks it up and McGillicutty kicks him into the announcer’s table. McGillicutty looks like he’s setting up for the McGillicutter but Kaval hits a rolling liger kick! Kaval goes for the Warrior’s Way but Riley knocks him off to the outside and pins McGillicutty for himself!

Winner by Pinfall: Alex Riley (5-4)
Match Rating: **

Alicia Fox introduces her rookie for the next season and her name is Maxine. The first elimination will be next.

-Commercial Break-

Goldust will be a WWE Pro next season. That should be a little hilarious. It’s about time Goldust started cutting promos again. His rookie is Aksana.

Matt Striker is ringside with the eliminated rookies. He asks them who should win and why. Titus O’Neil cuts a lame promo and says Alex Riley will win. Eli Cottonwood says Alex Riley will win. He says he’s the most likeable. Lucky Cannon cuts a HORRIBLE promo and says the show was flushed when he was eliminated. It was more like saved. Percy Watson says Michael McGillicutty will win. Husky Harris says Michael McGillicutty will win because he was born better.

Alex Riley is eliminated from the NXT Competition.

The Miz flips out on the stage and the other WWE Pros egg him on. I was not expecting that. Riley says the worst part of the show is Matt Striker interrupting him. Riley says he went to college and didn’t fight in bars like Kaval nor was his father a sports entertainer. Thirteen weeks ago no one knew who he was. Now he made it to the final three. Riley says people should bet the future of the WWE on Alex Riley. That was a solid promo.

The Bella Twins introduce their rookie Jamie. She’s already been on NXT as she was the latest NXT announcer.

-Commercial Break-

A video package highlights WWE’s first trip to China.

Primo will be a WWE Pro next season. His rookie is AJ Lee.

Matt Striker is in the ring with Michael McGillicutty and Kaval. He puts them face to face and tells them to tell the other why they should win. McGillicutty says Lay-Cool gave a ninja baby to be in the competition. He doesn’t know whether to spank him or breast feed him. That’s absolutely horrible. McGillicutty says no one can carry the company except him.

Kaval takes the mic and says McGillicutty is a third generation wrestler. He was set up to be a star yet here he is. He has a high school diploma and a deep voice. He comes from a middle class family. It may have taken him 13 years to get here but he’s respected around the world and has hung in the ring with legends like Eddie Guerrero. He will be the next breakout star.

The winner of NXT will be revealed next.

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Vickie Guerrero is a WWE Pro. Next season is officially a joke. He rookie is Aloisia. She’s 6’9. Eww…

Michael McGillicutty and Kaval are in the ring. The winner is about to be revealed.

Kaval wins the NXT Competition! Kaval celebrates like crazy with Lay-Cool. That was a nice moment.

Michael McGillicutty is asked for his thoughts. He paces before admitting he’s speechless at the choice. He can’t believe Kaval is going to have a PPV title shot. He says that will suck. It doesn’t matter what Kaval thinks: he’s nowhere near his level. Ever since he started in NXT he had one goal: to be a World Heavyweight Champion. Unfortunately he got eliminated and has lost his guaranteed shot at a title. That won’t stop him from becoming a future champion. He says he’s the future of the company and will be a big time player in WWE. He is the next big thing and generation. Starting right now, from this moment on, it will be the geneses of McGillicutty. That was a heel promo but it wasn’t all that great.

Kaval has the microphone and thanks the WWE Universe and out of nowhere Titus O’Neil, Lucky Cannon, Eli Cottonwood, Percy Watson, and Husky Harris attack him. Titus O’Neil was noticeably brutal during this. The Pros ran down and he just stood there like a goof and no sold MVP’s running kick. Alex Riley and Michael McGillicutty run down and eliminate the other rookies except Lucky Cannon and Husky Harris. They all beat up on Kaval and Lucky Cannon hit’s the Widow-Maker, Sean O’Haire’s old finisher. Riley hits his neckbreaker and now all the rookies are working together. Moments ago Alex Riley hit Percy Watson with a Michinoku Driver and now they’re working together. Whatever… Riley seems to have formed a faction with all the eliminated rookies.

They show the highlight package of Season Two again with Kaval being shown as the winner.

Quick Match Results
Alex Riley (5-4) def. Kaval (3-6) & Michael McGillicutty (6-4)
Kaval wins the NXT Season Two

Bump of the Night: Kaval being suplexed over the top rope

Mike’s Thoughts

Well another season bites the dust and it appears that this show itself will soon bite the dust as they won’t have a TV deal in about four weeks. The final three guys were all really good and it was tough to call the winner. It’s even tough to say the right guy won because it could have gone either way and been just fine. The actual ending, though, was poorly done. No one seemed to know what to do or who to attack. The rookies beat up each other with big finishing moves and then worked together less than a minute later. That was pretty terrible. I don’t know where they go from here. Selfishly I want Kaval to come over to Smackdown so I can have the privilege of recapping his matches. But if he comes over then that means Michael McGillicutty and his faction will come over as well and I’m tired of typing McGillicutty. Seriously, it’s annoying. Anyway, congratulations to Kaval for winning season two.

The all diva roster for NXT Season Three is as follows:

Naomi (WWE Pro Kelly Kelly)
Maxine (WWE Pro Alicia Fox)
Aksana (WWE Pro Goldust)
Jamie (WWE Pros The Bella Twins)
AJ Lee (WWE Pro Primo)
Aloisia (WWE Pro Vickie Guerrero)

Nothing against women’s wrestling but the fact is they’re not a main focus of any of WWE’s big shows so I have to give a bold prediction and say that this seals the fate for the NXT concept. It’s no secret that the ratings have been poor for the show and even SyFy, yes, SyFy, doesn’t want them taking a timeslot on their channel anymore (I wonder how their regular shows outside of Ghost Hunters fare). The decision to make this an all divas roster will probably lower the ratings even more and kill NXT off for good. I’m not a misogynist. It’s just my opinion.

Final Rating: ** 3/4

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