WWE Superstars
August 26th, 2010
Los Angeles, CA/Fresno, CA
Report by: Jeff Springer of Wrestleview.com

Whether you are RAW or you are SD on Thursday nights we are all Superstars!

William Regal def. Goldust via Pinfall
The show opened with a battle of two veterans as Goldust got set for battle with William Regal. Regal took control in the early going trying to wear down the “Bizarre One” and taking him to the outside. Goldust was able to make a comeback from the outside taking Regal back into the ring and landing big right hands. Regal was able regain control off a clothesline and attempted to wear down Goldust again. Goldust made one more comeback before falling victim to a big knee smash by Regal for the win.

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The Dudebusters def. Hawkins and Archer
A rematch of 20 days ago when these two met in a tag team contest won by Hawkins and Archer. The match started with Hawkins and Archer using Archer’s strength to gain control over the Dudebusters. Trent Baretta made a comeback chopping down the big tree with a missile dropkick. Archer was able to get back up and attempted a swinging side slam but was countered into a swinging DDT for the upset!

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Drew McIntyre def. Chris Masters
Masters started off the match with a bag going for the Master Lock in the opening moments. Masters continued his control hitting forearms and a big running shoulder block. McIntyre was able to gain control off a missed powerslam attempt and cut down Masters by attacking his leg. Masters was able to make his comeback but was unable to score a Pinfall. In the end the injury to Masters leg was too much of a distraction as McIntyre used it to set up the future shock for the win.

-End of Show-

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