Fresno, California
August 24, 2010
Commentators: Michael “Vintage” Cole & Josh Mathews
Report by: Josh Boutwell of Wrestleview.com

No, you’re not seeing things; it is me, Josh Boutwell, filling in for Mike Tedesco this week.

NXT kicks off with highlights from last week’s show and then the usual NXT intro hits.

The ring announcer, Jamie Keys, introduces the WWE Pros out to the stage. Zack Ryder comes out still smiling despite being destroyed by Shaemus last night. The bootleg Beautiful People (LayCool) are looking GOOD. The rookies are then introduced.

Matt Striker welcomes the three Rookies and congratulations them for making it this far. Next week will be the season finale. He asks the rookies to tell how it feels to make it this far.

Lil’ Perfect (Michael McGillicutty) is up first. He says too look at all the people here tonight and says he loves his job. He says this is the greatest job in the world and these are the greatest days of his life. He says he owes a lot of his success to his pro, Kofi Kingston. He says the fact that he gets to perform in the same ring that his father did makes it all worth it.

Alex Riley snatches the microphone from Striker and says he expected to be here. Riley says this contest is really about finding the next breakout star (looking right at Kaval while emphasizing ‘star’) and he says he is the total package. Riley says whether the fans like it or not he looks the part, walks the part, and damn sure talks the part. Riley says in a few weeks we’ll have his pro with a MITB Title shot anytime he wants it and he will also have a PPV Title shot as well. Riley says Shaemus better hope that he doesn’t get to him before Miz does because if he does “you’re dismissed.”

Kaval is up next and he says the feeling he has is indescribable. He thanks the fans for supporting him. He says he was ready to celebrate last week but it got ruined by a pro that was upset that his rookie got eliminated last week. He says that pro should’ve been upset at himself for not doing a good enough job to get his rookie to the Finals and that pro is Cody Rhodes.

Cody tells Kaval to mind his tongue and Kaval cuts him off and says Cody didn’t even earn his way into WWE, he got here because of his father. Cody asks if Kaval really believes that and wants to know what else Kaval believes in besides booster seats and bad promos (Cody’s words, not mine). Kaval says he’s one of the last of a dying breed and that he’s earned his way into the WWE ring and if Cody wants to do all that talking then he should get right in the ring and do it in front of him because it’s easy to do it 50 feet away. Cody mocks Kaval and says he’ll try and put this as politely as he can. He says Kaval is the gum that he scrapes off the bottom of his boots and calls him Napoleon. He says Kaval is just a ‘wee little’ rookie and he’s a pro so his answer is ‘no’ to coming down there.

MVP butts in and says he can’t just stand by and let this go down. He says Kaval steps up like a man and issues Cody a challenge and now he backs down. MVP asks Cody what’s wrong with him. Cody says this doesn’t concern MVP and then asks if Kaval sleeps at the foot of MVP’s bed or something. Cody says that’s supposed to be his ‘babysitters’ jobs and looks at LayCool. They don’t like that implication. MVP says Kaval’s his ‘dog’ but no he doesn’t sleep at the foot of his bed. MVP says this whole season he’s had to sit up there and watch Cody act like a little bit…but Cody cuts him off. Cody tells MVP to watch his tongue and MVP says since Kaval isn’t on his level then he should accept a challenge from him. MVP says tonight he vs. Cody and Cody accepts.

Matt Striker says up next the rookies will compete in a “Trivia Challenge” (oh joy).


It’s time for the Rookie Trivia Challenge. The rookies are standing at a table with a big buzzer in front of each guy. The rules are that the 1st Round questions are worth 100 points, 2nd round questions are worth 200 points, and when it’s over he’ll tell the winner what he’s won.

The first question is who competed in the Ironman Match at WrestleMania XII. Michael gets it right but acts like he didn’t know the answer at first (any fan knows that answer). The second question is what group did Pete Gas, Joey Abbs, and Rodney make up. Kaval answers it right, Mean Street Posse, and Cole says Kaval would be a member of that group today. The next question is who’s entrance music starts with the words “you think you know me” and Michael gets this one right as well, of course it’s Edge. The next one is what other millionaire did McMahon put his hair up against at WrestleMania and once again Michael gets it right, Donald Trump. The next one is who’s finisher is the Kill Switch and Kaval gets this one right, Christian. The next question is what band does Triple-H’s them and Michael answers Rob Zombie which is wrong. Kaval then answers Motorhead and he’s right. So now it’s tied 300 to 3000 between Kaval and Michael at the end of Round 1.

The first question of Round 2 is which WWE hall of famer was the first Intercontinental Champion and Kaval gets this one right, Pat Patterson. The 2nd question is what current WWE Diva won the 2007 Diva Search Contest and Michael answers Eve correctly. The 3rd question is to finish the opening line from Demolition’s theme song and Kaval does it. The fans are getting on Riley about having no points. The next question is what transportation did the Dynamic Dudes use on their way to the ring. I don’t even remember who they were and the rookies don’t seem to remember either. Kaval finally answers surfboards but that is in correct. Riley answers boogie boards but that’s wrong too. The answer was skateboards so nobody gets points for that one. Striker asks Riley how he feels about having no points and Riley says he honestly doesn’t care and Kaval says Riley must’ve spent more time on the field than in the classroom. The next question is what WWE wrestler holds the record for winning the WWE Championship the most times and Riley answers the obvious answer, Triple-H. Riley is finally on the board and the competition is over. Kaval wins with 700 points to Michael’s 500.

Striker says Kaval wins a huge feature on him on WWE.com tomorrow. LayCool come over and celebrate with Kaval.


The Raw Rebound is next and it shows highlights from RAW last night.

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes vs. MVP

Cody and MVP lockup and Cody gets MVP in a wristlock and then transitions into a side headlock. Cody then moves into a hammerlock and then punches MVP in the back of the head. MVP answers back with a big uppercut and Cody rolls out to the floor. Cody slides back in but back down and complains to the referee about MVP hitting him with a closed fist. They lockup again and MVP forces Cody into a corner but releases him clean. Cody argues with the fans and then they lockup again. This time MVP gets a side headlock on Cody. Cody shoves MVP into the ropes and then MVP nails him with a shoulder block. MVP then hits the ropes but Cody hits a drop toe hold and then starts working on MVP’s leg but MVP kicks him off with the free leg. MVP reaches back for a big right hand but Cody backs off and then complains to the referee again. Cody goes for a kick but MVP catches his foot and then connects with a clothesline followed by another one. MVP whips Cody into the ropes and hits a backdrop for a nearfall. MVP hits a Snapmare Takeover and then nails Cody in the ribs. MVP follows up with a Snap Suplex and gets another nearfall. MVP goes right back into an armbar. Cody counters with an armdrag but MVP holds onto the armlock. Cody fights to his feet gets to the ropes. Cody kicks MVP but MVP kicks him right back and then whips Cody into the ropes. Cody holds onto the ropes as he hits them but then MVP clotheslines him over the top. MVP follows up with a Slingshot Plancha over the top onto Cody on the floor! MVP then shoves Cody into the ring post and then slams the same shoulder into the apron as we go to a break.


Back from commercials Cody whips MVP into the corner hard and then he stomps on MVP’s arm. Cody then nails MVP with forearms in the corner but MVP answers back with a series of right hands of his own. MVP then attempts to whip Cody into the corner but Cody reverses it. MVP then floats up and over a charging Cody. MVP hits the ropes and nails Cody with a Running Clothesline for yet another nearfall. MVP locks Cody in another arm bar and then he starts beating on that arm. Cody answers back with a Jawbreaker and then he stomps on MVP’s arm. Cody then hits a Front Suplex followed by a Knee Drop Ric Flair-style. 1…2…NO MVP kicks out! Cody follows up with a Scoop Slam and then goes for the Knee Drop again but MVP avoids it. MVP then ducks a clothesline from Cody and then leapfrogs Cody and hits a Running Forearm for another nearfall. Cody rolls out to the floor and complains about something to the referee. Cody reaches in and pulls MVP out to the floor and throws him into the apron. Cody rolls MVP into the ring and covers him for another nearfall. Cody then locks MVP in a Crippler Crossface but MVP rolls him over into a pin! 1…2…NO Cody rolls back into the Crossface. Cody transitions it into a Side Headlock as MVP fights it and then he releases it and puts the boots to MVP. Cody stands on MVP’s head and then he continues to put the boots to MVP. Cody covers MVP and gets another nearfall. Cody locks MVP in a Front Facelock but MVP deadlifts him and forces him into the corner. MVP then lets him go and charges at Cody only to eat Cody’s boot! 1…2…NO MVP grabs the bottom rope. Cody pulls MVP to the center of the ring and covers him for another nearfall. Cody talks trash to MVP and then he attempts to whip MVP into the corner again, but MVP reverses it and charges at Cody. Cody nails MVP with a back elbow as he comes running in and then he hits a Springboard Enziguri! Cody covers MVP but MVP’s body was under the ropes. Cody then gets to his feet and puts the boots to MVP more and gets another nearfall. Cody locks in another Crossface on MVP now as we got into yet another break.


Back from commercials Cody whips MVP into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but MVP ducks and hits the ropes but eats a dropkick from Cody. 1…2…NO MVP kicks out! Cody covers MVP again and again MVP kicks out. Cody nails MVP with repeated right hands on the mat and then he puts the boots to MVP. Cody locks MVP in a Head Scissors but MVP fights to his feet as he lifts Cody up on his shoulders and hits an Electric Chair Drop! 1…2…NO Cody kicks out! MVP covers Cody again and again he kicks out! Cody comes back and shoves MVP into the corner and goes psycho on MVP with stomps and punches. Cody then lifts MVP up onto the top rope and climbs up with him but MVP shoves him off. Cody comes back with a Leaping Forearm on MVP and then he climbs up top again and this a Superplex! 1…2…NO MVP still kicks out! Cody locks MVP in a modified Surfboard. MVP reaches back and pokes Cody in the eyes. Cody releases the hold and then goes for an Elbow Drop but MVP moves out of the way. Cody charges at MVP but MVP nails him with a back elbow. Cody charges again and this time MVP moves out of the way and Cody crashes into the corner. MVP then tosses Cody into the ropes and hits a Running Clothesline! Both men are down now and they both get to their feet at the same time. They exchange right hands in the center of the ring with MVP getting the best of Cody. He nails Cody with repeatedy clotheslines and then he whips Cody into the ropes and hits a Gorilla Press Slam. MVP then hits a Cross Chop to the throat and then a Facebreaker over his knee. MVP then hits the Ballin’ Elbow Drop! MVP goes for the Play of the Day but Cody blocks it and counters into the Alabama Slam! 1…2… NO MVP kicks out yet again! Cody attempts to whip MVP into the ropes but MVP reverses it and then goes for a clothesline but Cody counters by grabbing MVP’s arm and then reversing into the Crossroads! 1…2…3 and Cody gets the win. Solid match.

Winner: Rhodes via pinfall (Crossroads)

After the match Cody celebrates the win and then replays of the match are shown.

Next week is the Season Finale.