From the Desk of Mr. V #83
August 19, 2010
By: Anthony J. Valvo of

Introduction (From: Grash)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls. Step right up and come right in. We’ve got the column you’ve been looking for. He’s co-host of the Teacher’s lounge, the Pittsburgh Examiner resident guru of everything Wrestling. That’s right folks, Fresh from the twitter, put your hands up and give a holly jolly welcome to THEMISTERV!

I hope we have some Bing Crosby fans. I am still in a “Christmas mood” since Back to School Season is continuing. Also, I am very happy that the new school year begins in a week or two. Until then, enjoy the music. I know I will.

Welcome to the latest edition of “From the Desk of Mr. V”. I am Anthony “Mr. V” Valvo, your WrestleView resident teacher with the same material as last time, but different names, matches, and articles.

So sit back and grab some iced coffee. Relax as you read the 83rd Installment of “From the Desk of Mr. V”.

Quote of the Week

“Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself” – Chinese Proverb

No explanation here, pretty obvious from Mr. Proverb, huh?

Teacher’s Lecture

Here I thought that last week would be a very difficult week because the news was pretty light. However, after taping last week’s Teacher’s Lounge with the very talented David Stephens I go on WrestleView and noticed some shocking stories. It just fell like dominoes over the weekend. Also, they all relate to World Wrestling Entertainment so if you don’t like it then I am sorry.

1) RIP Lance Cade…

The Lecture: Right after I finished taping another exciting edition of “The Teacher’s Lounge”, I always go on to see what news happened while we were taping. The first thing that I read was…

Former WWE Superstar Lance Cade dead at 29

I actually sat in my chair, drinking my coffee, and I could not believe what I read. I mean, 29 years old is exactly how old I am. How can a 29 year old guy die of heart failure? I am not going to speculate on what led to it, but out of all the wrestling deaths that I have read about this one really hit home.

And why? Well, Mr. V will be personal for a moment. Not only did I share the same age, but I went to the hospital three times with chest pains (most recent in 2006). I don’t want to compare his health with mine, but that was the first thing that came across my mind. Cade was a father and now he would never hold them again and tell them he loves them. I do pray for his children because based on what I see in classrooms it hits children harder than my readers could believe.

But Cade was actually pretty solid in the ring. He was trained by a legend in Shawn Michaels and showed his skills in Japan, which led to a deal with WWF/E Developmental. He won some gold there in Heartland Wrestling Association and then carried that momentum to OVW and later the WWE. The team of Cade and Murdoch did not attact many WWE fans, but I for one was a bit impressed with their tag team chemistry. I don’t know too much about their work because at that time I was tuned out of pro wrestling, but what I saw in both guys was a good bit of potential, especially Cade.

What really impressed me about Cade was his power. He was not a fast guy, but he was able to brawl pretty well and was pretty strong. He blended well with his tag team partner in Trevor Murdoch. Heck, they won Tag Team Titles on a few occasions together. I just imagine what would happen now if they started, would they have gotten that push?

But once again, here many columnists are right now. They type (or write) about another unhappy ending of the professional wrestler. It’s just sad to read this and I will keep his family in my thoughts.

RIP Lance Cade.

2) Bryan Danielson’s name changed back to Daniel Bryan.

The Lecture: This was from on June 11th, 2010, a few days after Daniel Bryan and seven other wrestlers (the NXT 8).

WWE has come to terms on the release of NXT first season rookie Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) as of today June 11, 2010. We wish Daniel Bryan the best in all future endeavors.

Now, I want to take a trip to memory lane “From the Desk of Mr. V #73.

(From Mr. V #73 “The Legend of Daniel Bryan”)

So, I gathered this evidence. And I come up with a percentage. One will be if it was a legit termination, the other being a total work and if that is the case the WWE earns 5,000 Mr. V bucks!

Mr. V’s Prediction: This is a 70% chance it is a WORK. I just became a Bryan Danielson mark after typing all this out and I STILL have three more topics to go here. Originally, I thought the reasons for Danielson’s firing was not just and his punishment was among a poor decision by the WWE brass. Then more evidence leaked out. I did not mention this, but I went on (I think that is the site name) and they never announced that Daniel Bryan was released. They announced Carlito’s, but not Bryan’s termination.

There is a code of the WWE when they release wrestlers, once they are gone; they are gone. Yet Daniel Bryan was mentioned. John Cena wants him back, there was talk that the WWE would bring him back. It just smelled real fishy to me. So, with the evidence that I gathered and without any concrete evidence I state that the WWE is really working us…and doing it very well.

However, if I see Danielson go to TNA I would think it would be a big mistake. If he goes back to ROH he can go back to doing what he does best, and that is wrestling around the world and kicking heads in. In honesty if he kicks anyone’s head in, it will be the WWE Superstars. Expect him to be back in the WWE before anything else.

Well, even though my thoughts of Danielson’s return were diminished when he took the independent bookings. Still, there was that Internet geek side of me that thought “maybe he will come back”. I am glad he is back after a couple months and that he is in a very good feud with Raw’s best heel The Miz. The beginning of the story was brilliant. It continued on Raw and The Miz’s promo after his attack on Bryan was superb! I think they can carry this on for at least a few months.

I am sure I will get a question about Daniel Bryan being the next in line for the WWE United States Championship. I think so, but it won’t be at Night of Champions (if they even book that). I just say that because on September 19th, the WWE will have the PPV in Illinois. Bryan Danielson has a booking on September 18th (MWF, the company in which Cena’s dad is the president) and he will honor Dragon Gate USA’s bookings at the end of September. I think the WWE would frown if Daniel Bryan would carry of their titles to another show, so it won’t happen in September. Now at Bragging Rights? Hell in a Cell? That is a different story.

MR. V UPDATE: found out that Danielson will NOT be doing the MWF booking. No e-mails from the students on that one, please. I typed this out before the news broke.

So, even though I thought Danielson’s comeback was at “70%”, I had a lot of doubts. But I loved how the WWE brought him back and some sites are saying that “Vince did the right thing”. Thank You Captain Obvious!

Danielson right now is money. When released, his bookings were filling up fast and he was in-demand. We may never know why he was released (we can dispute spitting on Cena, choking out Justin Roberts, going inside a diva’s locker room “accidently”) but I think many can agree that Vince McMahon realized that Danielson is money. If Danielson did not get a solid reaction, he would not have been brought back.

So, in closing Danielson is back and many rejoiced. It added another wrinkle to many storylines and all I can write to you is enjoy the theater. With Cena vs. Nexus, Bryan vs. Miz, Bryan vs. Riley, and even Bryan vs. WWE Whipping Boy Michael Cole, this will be an thrilling story and could be the best in 2010. Stay Tuned.

3) Tiffany arrested and suspended by WWE.

Lecture: I was going to make a joke about this, but I don’t think there is a need for that. I feel bad for Drew McIntyre, I really do. I remember in a recent column that I said Drew was the luckiest man in the world to some people. I don’t know right now, I mean Tiffany apparently assaulted the crap out of McIntyre that she was in serious trouble.

So, I will be honest here. I hope this is only a one-time misunderstanding. Here’s hoping both can overcome this unfortunate consequence and have a happy marriage. Remember, marriage is bliss, my loyal students.

4) Percy Watson and Husky Harris are both eliminated.

Lecture: In case one did not watch WWE NXT, Watson and Harris were the rookies that were eliminated. After Lucky Cannon was eliminated, it was tough to pick the rest of them…or was it? Let’s look at Mr. V’s NXT Preview on the rookies I predicted would go #5 and #4.

(From Mr. V #72 – The NXT Season 2 preview)

5) Percy Watson – I think he has potential to improve. I also think he will get the crowd revved up if MVP allows him to. However he is a bit green in the ring and will have to rely on crowd reaction. Anything less and he will be the first or second out of NXT.

4) Husky Harris – Honestly the Final Four could go either way. I think the fans will really enjoy Harris’ unorthodox style. The three ranked ahead of him are just a bit better. But #1-#4 are very…VERY close.

After looking back on my original rankings, I stand by them.

Let me type about Watson, he had a good gimmick and was probably the best entertainer on NXT. He actually got the crowd on his side on numerous occasions, but the question was “could he wrestle”? Well, after nine columns I can say he was weak compared to the top four. However, Watson did impress me with his improvement in the ring.

What kept him at #5 was his character. He just wanted to have a good time. He won, he lost, but he at least got a reaction. If they don’t create a Nexus part 2 on Smackdown, I would think Watson will be on a roster sooner than later. He will need to work a bit more in the ring, but the potential is there.

On a side note, anyone remember who his tag team partner was? It was Darren Young. With Young exiled from The Nexus do we see a “South Beach Boyz” reunion? I’m crossing my fingers.

Husky Harris was a tough out at #4. I thought the fans would enjoy his style, and I think he won many of them over. In FCW, he was a pretty good face that wrestled very well for a guy his size. In NXT, he transformed himself into a heel character that I thought was pretty good.

I think he ended up #4 because he struggled during the first few weeks of the competition. But when he got everything right, everything clicked. He was well-rounded in the ring and on the mic. He improved drastically since the first week of competition.

When Harris gets back onto a WWE roster, who knows where he will be. I can see the star potential in him if he can avoid injuries. I also can see the WWE burying him or put him in a tag team with his brother. Either way, I can see Harris’ potential as great. His size and power will take him far, but what will surprise viewers that only watch Raw or Smackdown is his quickness.

So, who will win NXT Season 2?

With the finale coming in a couple weeks, we are down to the three who I thought would make it far. That would be Alex Riley, Kaval, and Michael McGillicutty. In my preview, I had Riley winning NXT. McGillicutty will be the runner-up and Kaval finishes a close third. I will NOT backtrack and I would actually keep Riley as my #1 finisher for NXT. McGillicutty is still missing something and Kaval has been very good the last couple weeks. I expect it to be very close and I will be paying close attention next week. It should be an exciting next couple weeks, but my pick stands with Riley.


Sometimes there are many things that are good in professional wrestling, current events, and many other disciplines. But before I mention the good, there were some bad as well. Here is the “who’s who” in this week’s detention.

Tiffany – She may be the most beautiful person to ever be placed here, but an arrest at a hotel and suspension does not do much for her future in the WWE…

…Dave Stephens – So she has some company. Sorry, had to do it.

Abyss – For using that “Janice” piece and making Rob Van Dam look like a French (or in someplaces in America “Freedom”) Fry smothered in ketchup. For the record, I know that was FAKE!

Lucky Cannon – He could not even cut a good farewell promo and therefore deserves to be here again.

ROH – They fired Adam Pearce as their head booker and handed those duties over to Delirious. I for one have no problem with Delirious booking the shows but I wonder what Pearce was fired in the first place? I actually liked his booking.

Lawn Gnomes – They know why.

Michael Cole – The ridiculous attire he wore before NXT started still has him in detention.

Copper Thieves – You all know them. They are out there stealing copper to get a cheap dollar (or expensive, I hear copper is expensive). Well, Scottie Poindexter sent me a link that a school in East St. Louis will have to delay classes for two weeks because the copper that was stolen in the units totaled up to be $400.

Special Rant: To those that stole the copper, is THAT necessary? They were creative enough to go up top of the school and steal just to scrounge up a few hundred dollars? To me, that is depressing. But what depresses me a bit more is that the school they stole the copper from is scoring low on test scores. I just hope that this St. Louis school can overcome this unfortunate act and do a fantastic job this year in school. Mr. V is pulling for them.

On a side note, when did schools get Air Conditioning? I mean, I have taught at many schools that did not have that. Maybe I should send applications with the words “must have air conditioning” on my cover sheet.

Paul Meade later on had his hand up (actually he posted something on my Facebook Wall). I called for him to nominate his choices and approved on one of them. He addressed the following.

WWE – For renaming the WWE Tag Team Titles. I actually liked the name of the tag belts. The WWE was not really focused on the division right now and sadly tag team wrestling is an afterthought in that company. ROH got that memo and may have the best tag teams in the business today. TNA is just using that memo as a coaster for Dixie’s Stella Light Beer. Though Beer Money and the Motor City Machineguns are not bad, but what else is there?

Guest Hosts – He suggested that the guest hosts from last Monday night get their facts right about how many titles the Lakers have won. Even though I believe they are the two-time defending NBA Champions (I don’t follow much on the NBA), the guest hosts should have added that extra word. Actually, those hosts were terrible.

Thanks to Scottie and Paul for the suggestions. Any other detention suggestions, please let me know:

Mr. V’s Weekly Honor Roll for the week of July 26 – August 1, 2010

8/09 – Graded WWE Monday Night Raw Matches
8/10 – Graded WWE NXT Matches
8/11 – Column Writing. After that, I watched ROH on YouTube and recap the show.
8/12 – Graded WWE Superstars and TNA Impact Matches.
8/13 – Graded Smackdown Matches
8/14 – OFF DAY
8/15 – OFF DAY

Distinguished Honors – Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin vs. Robert Roode and James Storm, TNA Impact, August 12.

How it ended – In this “2 out of 3” finale of their series of encounters (five to be exact), Shelley and Sabin connected on TWO Skulls and Bones finishers (Neckbreaker/Crossbody Combination) to secure the victory. It ended when Sabin pinned Storm and their team won two falls to one.

Grade: B+.

Why it was distinguished honors-worthy? I am not too much of a spotty wrestling fan (though I was for a while), but this match was a great way to end their five match series.

The action was very fluent and fast. They were spotty, but everything was executed so well as if they practiced this time and time again (no complaints here). The first fall was great, but during the second fall Shelley was a victim of no-selling some of the opposition’s power moves.

The one thing I liked about this was the desperation by both teams. They were fighting for their careers it appeared to get a share of the Tag Team Championships. Out of the series of matches they had, I thought that this one was a tremendous contest.

Sure, I wished for some selling, but this match really drew my attention and it was execution at its finest. I can’t dispute the work ethic from all four wrestlers.

High Honors – Christopher Daniels vs. Tyler Black, ROH on HDNet, August 9.

How it ended – After a series of pinfall attempts by both wrestlers, the bell rang and the official decision was that the contest ended in a time limit draw.

Grade: B+ (leaned toward a B).

Why it was high honors-worthy? Based on what I watched in this contest, Daniels helped Black’s stock go up with an overall impressive effort. Daniels leaving TNA for ROH may not give him much money, but it was a good career move for him.

The start of the contest was not bad, as both were very fluent in the ring and the first five minutes was all Daniels working on Black’s shoulder throughout. Daniels’ technical work was sorely missed in TNA and to watch him apply many holds to wear down the shoulder was refreshing.

The next ten minutes of this match was all Black. He showed that he could be technical in the ring as well by working on Daniel’s upper body. Black also showed a lot of intensity and frustration because no matter what he threw at Daniels, Daniels came right back up. It was a pretty good story.

In the end it was just really spotty, but I liked how Daniels countered many of Black’s signature moves. Overall, Daniels was as impressive as ever. As for Black, this may have been his best match since last year when he had a series of matches against Bryan Danielson. Here’s hoping ROH considers placing the ROH Title on Daniels after this solid showing.

Honors – Rob Van Dam vs. Abyss, TNA Impact, August 12.

How it ended – In this TNA World Title match, RVD escaped many of Abyss’ attacks in the ring and finished “The Monster” off with a Five-Star Frog Splash to win this match by pinfall.

Grade: B.

Why it was honors-worthy? This match may have won the Honors because it felt like a pay-per-view main event, while any WWE match I thought was to play it safe for SummerSlam.

I liked how Abyss went for the ladder instantly before Van Dam got his ring introduction. I was impressed with the start. It was a good story that involved brawling tactics, along with weapons and a hint of desperation. Van Dam showed that he had some pretty quick reflexes and Abyss bumped as hard as he ever did on free TV.

Overall, Van Dam (before being bludgeoned by Abyss later) showed all the traits to be a World Champion, but I thought Abyss was pretty good and paid a huge toll on his body. So, I guess you can say I pretty much enjoyed a couple matches from TNA.

Mr. V’s Grade Book for the past week

A+, A, or A-: None to Report.

B+: Christopher Daniels vs. Tyler Black (ROH) and Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin vs. Robert Roode and James Storm (TNA).

B: Rob Van Dam vs. Abyss (TNA).

B-: The Miz vs. John Morrison (NXT); Cody Rhodes vs. Christian (Smackdown); and Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler (Smackdown).

C+: Kaval, Percy Watson, and Lucky Cannon vs. Michael McGillicutty, Alex Riley, and Husky Harris (NXT); Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso vs. Yoshi Tatsu and Goldust (Superstars); Chavo Guerrero vs. Chris Masters (Superstars); Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles (TNA); and Jeff Hardy vs. Shannon Moore (TNA).

C: The Miz vs. Evan Bourne (RAW); R-Truth and John Morrison vs. William Regal and Zack Ryder (RAW); Michelle McCool vs. Kelly Kelly (Superstars); Kane vs. Kofi Kingston (Smackdown); Drew McIntyre vs. Matt Hardy (Smackdown); and MVP vs. Jack Swagger (Smackdown).

C-: Rasche Brown vs. Necro Butcher (ROH); Melina vs. Alicia Fox (RAW); Alex Riley, Michael McGillicutty, and Husky Harris vs. Kaval, Percy Watson, and Lucky Cannon (RAW); and Angelina Love vs. Madison Rayne (TNA).

D+, D, or D-: Colt Cabana vs. Alex Anthony (ROH); Nikki Bella and Brie Bella vs. Maryse and Jillian vs. Gail Kim and Eve (RAW); Matt Morgan vs. Mr. Anderson vs. D’Angelo Dinero (TNA); and The Big Show vs. Three Jobbers (Smackdown).

F or INC: John Cena and Bret Hart vs. Chris Jericho and Edge (RAW).

Current Predictions from the Faculty Standings

To check out the notes and who won the Student of the Week, check below the standings.

For the record, we did not count the IC Title Match (because no one thought Nexus would interfere) and the Smackdown Divas Tag Match (did not happen).

2010-2011 Season (As of WWE’s SummerSlam 2010)

1) David Stephens (That’s a Wrap and RAW Recapper)………….60-34 (3-2)
2) Josh Boutwell (Viva La Raza and TNA Recapper)……………….60-34 (3-2)
3) Jose Marrero (Wrestling Rumblings)……………………………………58-36 (1-4)
4) Students of the Week (The Best from Prev. PPV)………………58-36 (4-1)*
5) Matt O’Brien (Notes From The Nosebleeds)…………………………55-39 (2-3)
6) Anthony Valvo (From the Desk of Mr. V/ROH Recaps)……….55-39 (3-2)
7) Daniel Browne (For Queen and Country)……………………………..54-40 (1-4)
8) WrestleView Students (The Loyal Readers)………………………..54-40 (3-2)**
9) Doug Lackey (Reality From Ringside)…………………………………..52-42 (1-4)
10) Mike Tedesco (Smackdown and NXT Recapper)…………………44-35 (2-3)
11) Jeff Springer (WWE Superstars Recapper)……………………………42-33 (4-1)
12) Sean Hurley (The Sharpshooter)………………………………………..28-32 (NR)
13) Joe Baiamonte (Baiamonte’s Casa/2009 WV Champ)………24-20 (NR)

The next PPV will be TNA’s No Surrender. Out of all the WV Students, Michael Phillips returned to be the Student of the Week because of his perfect 5-0 SummerSlam predictions record.

*Even though Frank Contorno scored a 4-1 record, he was not able to maintain his spot as Student of the Week.

Among the Faculty, Jeff Springer scored the best SummerSlam record at 4-1

**Overall, we had 16 “WV Students” and the average amount of wins was 3.18. Since I estimate their results I averaged it out as a 3-2 record for the Students.

Past Students of the Week: Evan O’Brien, TJ Patton, Ricky Langston, Craig Alan Cope, Paul Lyons, SUPERSTARZZ, Jeremy Samples, Josh Logan, Eric Marin, David Sumroy, Crystal Mai, Michael Phillips, Sean Martin, Sam Newstone, Brian Czygan, Luke (Bond7), Austen Allen, Paul Meade, and Frank Contorno.

Mr. V’s Gold Star Segment (Brought to you by JR’s BBQ. Even though the WWE won’t air his voice on the intro, he will never leave the sponsorship of this segment unless someone pays for this spot).

Now, let me rejoice by handing out some Gold Stars!

Grash – Thank you for the wonderful introduction.

Jeff Springer – He is the columnist/recapper that posted the best SummerSlam prediction record among the WrestleView Faculty.

Dave Stephens and Josh Boutwell – They are tied for the lead in the overall standings.

Michael Phillips – Michael scored a perfect record among the WrestleView Students and defeated the Student of the Week. Expect Michael to provide his picks for TNA’s No Surrender in a few weeks.

Frank Contorno – He did a great job going 4-1. If not for Michael’s perfect record he would have retained the spot.

As a matter of fact…

Gold star to the WrestleView Students of the Week – Your competitive attitude has helped this group be a legitimate threat to the Dean’s Chair. We can’t let that happen in our Faculty Lounge.

Melina – She earns one for winning the WWE Divas Championship from Alicia Fox.

Daniel Bryan – Welcome Back.

Team WWE – They earn one for winning the battle against Nexus.

Kane – He earned one for being the only champion to retain via clean finish. The IC Match had Nexus interfere and Sheamus DQ’d himself to retain.

Claudio Castagnoli – For staying “Very European”

Colt Cabana – He earns one for his entertainment. Plus, portraying a cop at an ICP gathering was scary, but glad to see him cut a great heel promo.

TNA – For at least providing one good hour of programming last Thursday. Reaction though was a decent show to follow up Impact.

Jim Ross – We miss you.

Beer Money and The Motor City Machineguns – Both earn one because of a great series of matches.

Angelina Love – As I always give them for new champions. Congrats on winning the TNA Knockouts Championship.

WWE (From Paul Meade) – For the new design on the WWE Tag Team Championship belts. I for one like it better. More old school in my eyes.

Adam Pearce – He earned one for his pretty solid booking in ROH since they went on TV. But also, best of luck to Delirious who is now in control.

Kaval – He had the ZINGER of the week with is “Total Nonstop Action” line. He redeemed his rap with that line. Very good job.

Cody Rhodes – His mic time after Harris’ elimination was probably one of the best I have heard in 2010. Also, he delivered a zinger when he wished Zack Ryder well “in his future endeavors”.

And finally, a Bright Gold Star goes out to Lance Cade. Cade was gone way too soon at the age of 29.

Probably the best YouTube Clip that I could find of Cade. RIP. (YouTube Clip by: bestofwwesuperstars)


If you have suggestions for Gold Stars, let me know at

Homework Assignment

Well class, I hope you enjoyed your summer vacation. Homework will begin this week!

I have collected a handful of ballots from WrestleView columnists to compile a 2010 Mid-Year Awards piece. I waited a good bit because, well, I wanted to make sure it was done right (also because I have been very busy with other ventures). So, If you want to fill out your ballot without looking at the columnists’ picks, then here they are. This will be due in two weeks (in time for the 8/31 Edition of “From the Desk of Mr. V” or at a later date).

Categories for the 2010 Mid-Year Awards (From February 1st – August 30th)

Best Weekly TV Show
Best Gimmick
Most Underrated
Most Underutilized
Best Finisher
Best on the Mic
Best TV Announcer
Best Pay-Per-View
Most Popular Wrestler
Most Hated Wrestler
Most Improved
Best Feud of the Half-Year
Women’s Wrestler of the Half-Year
Most Outstanding (Pound for Pound) Wrestler of the Half Year
Tag Team of the Half-Year
Wrestler of the Half-Year

Also, here are some that you can have fun with. Here are the categories for “The Worst” of the Half-Year.

Most Overrated
Worst TV Announcer
Purgatory Award
Most Disappointing
Kizarny Award
Worst Wrestler of the Half-Year

Also, please vote for my friend’s cause at My friend’s name is James Lacerenza and he is attempting to go for $50,000 once more to write off some MD Camp expenses. This is a very noble cause and no one has to pay (except for Pepsi if James does win). Last month he came a bit short in 17th, but should be able to win it this month with your help. So, please help a fellow student out. Vote for James this month (you can vote once every day)!

**Update, James is in 42nd. I ask you all to please vote and if you do, let me know. I will give out Gold Stars to those that voted. I expect to be flooded with e-mails because you voted.**

Dismissal and Closing Announcements

Well, that does it for me this week. I thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed this column as much as I typed it out. If you want to get a hold of me during the week, please e-mail me at,, or by leaving me a message on Facebook. I do get a lot of e-mails and may not reply in a timely fashion, but I will do my best to give you a quicker reply.

Now, students you are allowed to leave the classroom. Please push in your chairs, line up straight, and exit to the closest door around you. Until next week, you are all……DISMISSED!!!!

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Already on the archives we interviewed Jose Marrero (Wrestling Rumblings), Matt O’Brien (Notes from the Nosebleeds), Crystal Mai from, and The YouTube Sensation who had choice words to CM Punk.

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