August 10, 2010
San Jose, CA
Report by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…” The WWE video leads us into the show.

A video plays from earlier in the day with Michael Cole and Josh Mathews demonstrating tonight’s Power of the Punch Challenge. Cole’s attire is, well, something to behold. He’s wearing a John Cena headband, a Miz shirt, and some (I think) John Morrison sunglasses. He even has on a toy championship belt. Cole grabs some powder and tosses it in the air, a la Lebron James. He then punches and the machine reads 728. Josh Mathews then punches it and it reads 806. Mathews wins and Cole is throws his glasses down in anger. That was pretty funny.

The NXT video plays and we go into the arena. Michael Cole and Josh Mathews welcome us to the show. The new NXT announcer introduces the remaining rookies and all the pros to the stage. Matt Striker mentions that Mark Henry will not be here tonight due to being injured by the Nexus last night. Lucky Cannon, lame as ever, looks teary eyed. Striker mentions that the WWE Universe has been voting all week and tonight the pros will cast their votes as well.

The season finale will be in three weeks. The winner will earn a championship match on PPV. One of them will be eliminated tonight. They’ll have to impress the pros as well as the WWE Universe. Striker introduces the Power of the Punch Challenge and asks Michael McGillicutty to step forward. Whoever wins will get an individual appearance live on Monday Night Raw. The rules: hit the hardest and get the highest score.

Michael McGillicutty gives it a good punch and gets 863. Kaval comes up and kicks it, getting disqualified in the process. Cole got a higher score then him. Percy Watson comes up and even he gets a lower score than Cole! Lucky Cannon almost takes himself out with his own punch and barely beats Cole’s 728. Husky Harris almost missed it and got 380. Cole is better than three rookies. Alex Riley comes up and completely annihilates it at 898 for the win.

Matt Striker asks if there was any strategy. Riley says there wasn’t because he’s simply the best athlete out here. His pro, The Miz, may have been a reality TV star but he is a star in reality.

The next elimination is coming up tonight.

-Commercial Break-

During the commercial break the Miz went off on John Morrison. He reminded him that they are one man short going into Summerslam against the Nexus. John Cena and Bret Hart said that Team WWE needs him. They begged him to join the team. The Miz wants to hear Morrison ask him for help. Morrison says he won’t ask but if he’s so sure then they should have a match so he can show why they DON’T need him. The Miz tells him to have it his way.

Kaval, Percy Watson & Lucky Cannon vs. Husky Harris, Alex Riley & Michael McGillicutty

Lucky Cannon is sporting some new tattoos. They don’t do anything to help his lame, crybaby look. Either they’re new or I’ve never noticed. It’s easy to forget about this guy. Harris and Cannon start it out. Harris quickly misses a clothesline and gets rolled up for a one count. Cannon kicks and wrenches the arm. Kaval tags in and kicks Harris in the midsection. Watson is tagged and he hits a fireman’s carry takedown. Watson works on the arm but gets whipped off by Harris. Harris then takes him out with a flying forearm. Alex Riley is tagged in and he pummels Watson a bit. Watson fights back and dropkicks him over the top rope. The referee holds Watson back from going outside.

Riley gets back in the ring after recovering and yelling at his partners. He takes Watson down with a headlock takeover. Watson fights up and punches him off. Riley floors him with a shoulder block before going back into the ropes. This time Watson takes him down with a hip toss and an arm drag. Cannon is tagged in and he hits a sloppy fireman’s carry takedown. Riley fights up but takes a big boot. That gets him a one count. Riley rolls out of the ring to recover. The referee yells at him to come in. Cannon takes him out with a suicide dive but lies on the ground like a wimp afterwards. I think he should have gotten up to celebrate it a bit. He needs all the help he can get.

-Commercial Break-

Michael McGillicutty has Cannon grounded with a submission but Cannon fights up. He ducks a clothesline but takes one to the back of the head. McGillicutty sends him to the corner and Harris, who was tagged, annihilates him with an avalanche. Riley is tagged back in and he hits a DDT for a two count. McGillicutty is tagged in and he pummels Cannon a bit. McGillicutty applies a chin lock but Cannon soon gets to his feet. McGillicutty sends him to the corner but runs into the boots and then a clothesline.

Kaval is tagged in and he hits some forearm smashes and beautiful kicks. McGillicutty reverses a whip and Kaval takes Riley out with a handspring back kick! Kaval then reverses a tilt-a-whirl into a dragon sleeper! Harris runs in to break it up and Watson takes him out. Cannon then takes out Riley. McGillicutty misses his swinging neckbreaker and Kaval dropkicks him in the corner. Kaval goes up top and hits the Warrior’s Way for the win!

Winners by Pinfall: Kaval, Percy Watson & Lucky Cannon
Match Rating: **

Matt Striker asks the Pros to huddle up and they’ll tally up the votes. The NXT Poll will be revealed later tonight.

John Morrison will take on The Miz next.

-Commercial Break-

The announcers run down the Summerslam card.

The Miz vs. John Morrison

They lock up and Miz gets a quick side headlock. Morrison whips him off and gets shoulder blocked down. The Miz taunts him and talks a little trash. They lock up and Morrison gets a waist lock takedown. Miz fights up from the waist lock and backs him to the corner, where he elbows him in the face. The Miz sends him to the ropes, misses a clothesline, and takes an arm drag. Morrison dropkicks him and hits a standing shooting star press for a one count. Miz reverses a whip and knees him in the midsection.

The Miz puts him in the corner and punches him down. Miz goes for his clothesline but Morrison moves and gets a backslide for a near fall. The Miz goes outside to recover and Morrison takes him out with a corkscrew plancha! Nice move!

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Morrison trapped in a chin lock. Morrison fights up and punches out. Miz pulls him down by the hair and gets some time to recover. The referee never saw. The Miz chokes him on the rope and hurls his body at him for a near fall. Morrison’s throat may be hurt. The Miz perfectly executes his corner clothesline and smiles a bit for a near fall. Miz elbows and stomps him a bit, working a methodical pace right now. Miz takes some time before applying another chin lock. Morrison fights up and punches out but Miz knees him down.

The Miz sends him into the ropes but Morrison jumps through into a roll up for a near fall. Morrison hits some punches and kicks before being stunned by Miz. Miz goes into the ropes and eats a clothesline. Morrison hits a dropkick and a flapjack. Morrison kips up and puts him in the corner. Morrison hits the Flying Chuck for a near fall. Morrison misses a running kick to the face and takes a big boot for a near fall. The Miz kicks him in the ribs and stomps him a bit. Morrison blocks a punch and knocks Miz down. Morrison goes for Starship Pain but Miz moves. Morrison lands on his feet but tweaks his knee when he misses a pele kick. Miz then hits the Skull Crushing Finale for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: The Miz
Match Rating: ** 1/2

They’re playing up that John Morrison may work the Summerslam match injured. The Miz talks a little trash and will let the world know Sunday whether he’ll fight along with Team WWE.

The NXT Poll will be revealed next.

-Commercial Break-

The NXT Rookies are standing ringside looking at the stage. Matt Striker says the votes are in and it’s nearly time to reveal the results of the NXT Poll. Striker quickly asks who should be eliminated and why. Michael McGillicutty says Lucky Cannon (agreed). Kaval says Lucky Cannon as well (agreed). Percy Watson says everyone has done a great job and he can’t answer the question. How lame. His stock is falling. Striker says he needs an answer so he says Alex Riley because he talks too much.

Lucky Cannon says everyone but him should go. No one has put in the time, effort, or guts. He wants it more than anyone else. Oh my dear, sweet, merciful lord I hate this guy so damn much. I really, truly do.

Husky Harris says Lucky Cannon should go (agreed) and mentions he hasn’t even won a match (disagree). Alex Riley says besides Matt Striker because he’s a nerd that it should be Michael McGillicutty. It’s time to reveal the NXT Poll.

#1 Kaval (2-5) (Last: #2)
#2 Michael McGillicutty (6-2) (Last: #1)
#3 Percy Watson (3-4) (Last: #4)
#4 Husky Harris (4-3) (Last: #6)
#5 Alex Riley (4-3) (Last: #3)
#6 Lucky Cannon (3-5) (Last: #5)

Lucky Cannon is eliminated.

Lucky Cannon proceeds to cut the worst exit speech ever. He tried to be funny and failed. He tried to make light of the season and failed. He tried to think of funny insults for the other rookies and failed. He then walked off a miserable failure and vowed we’d see him again.

Alex Riley is asked if there’s something about his attitude that is disconnecting with the WWE Universe. Riley says he is not here to cater to the WWE Universe and he will not change who he is to do that. He’s trying to figure out how he went from #3 to #5 and all they could be judged on was kissing Margarita. He’ll prove next week when we tune into Raw to see he’s a future champion.

Matt Striker says there will be two eliminations on next week’s episode! Voting begins tomorrow at noon!

Quick Match Results
Kaval, Watson & Cannon def. Harris, Riley & McGillicutty
The Miz def. John Morrison (non-title)

Bump of the Night: Morrison’s corkscrew plancha!
Match of the Night: The Miz vs. John Morrison ** 1/2

Mike’s Thoughts

Thank the maker that Lucky Cannon is gone. He honestly should have been the first to go. I could’ve tolerated a few more Titus O’Neil matches just for that. The guy was up and down brutal. It’s not hard to be a babyface in today’s WWE and even the kids hated him. I don’t know how he made it onto TV. He certainly doesn’t look like a wrestler. Hopefully if we ever see him again he’ll be getting crushed Colin Delaney style. I really hated this guy.

I really enjoyed the six man tag tonight. Unlike the Nexus who all appear to have the same move set with just a different finisher, this season’s rookies have been slowly breaking out moves that are unique to them. The best part is that most of them can actually wrestle and put together a nice match. Kaval, of course, shined in this match but I’m really digging the work of Alex Riley and Husky Harris. Michael McGillicutty is good too but I need to see more. Percy Watson is quickly losing stock in this for me. He’ll probably go next week. Who goes with him is a good question.

I loved the Miz taking on John Morrison tonight. They really brought it tonight and had an excellent match. It’s a rare treat for a feud from one of the main shows come down to NXT. It probably won’t have any real effect on Summerslam but it was fun to watch.

Final Rating: ***

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