WWE Superstars
July 29th, 2010
San Antonio, TX/Corpus Christi, TX
Report by: Jeff Springer of Wrestleview.com

Whether you are RAW or you are SD on Thursday nights we are all Superstars!

The pyro goes off as Michael Cole welcomes us to tonight’s episode of WWE Superstars, Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov are out first followed by William Regal and Primo for a tag team opener from the RAW brand.

Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov vs. William Regal and Primo

The bell rings and its Regal and Santino starting off, Santino throws several comedy strikes that don’t connect before Regal grabs the arm and locks it as he transitions into a go behind. Santino attempts to roll out of the lock but Regal is able to slam him down and contain him, Santino attempts a second time and is able to get free and counter into his own arm lock. Regal breaks out fast and sends Santino into the ropes, Santino cartwheels and does comedic rope bounces until Regal attempts to stop it and is flipped into a pin cover but he kicks out. Santino regains control of the arm but Regal powers him into his corner and makes the tag to Primo, Primo lands a strike and goes for the arm but more comedy from Santino helps him counter and get to his corner to tag Kozlov. Kozlov comes in and lands multiple shoulder blocks in the corner on Primo, Kozlov picks his opponent up and slams him on the rope and lands headbutts and kicks.

Kozlov picks Primo up and goes for a slam but Primo gets out, Primo chop blocks the leg of Kozlov and than spin kicks the leg to take him down before making the tag to Regal. Regal comes in and begins to attack the leg of Kozlov, Regal continues his attack but Kozlov is able to land a big boot and make the tag to Santino. Santino gets in the ring and hypes himself up until he hits Regal with “The Cobra” to the throat, He makes an attempt at Primo who drops down as Santino is ready to fight as we go to commercial


When we return from commercial, Primo is in control and has Santino in headlock on the ground. Santino sends Primo into the rope and is hit with a shoulder block, Primo hits the rope and is ducked and hit with a hip toss, an arm drag and a slam. Santino hits the rope and goes for a splash but Primo gets his knees up, Primo lands a headbutt before making the tag to Regal. Regal enters the ring and goes on the attack landing punches to the gut on Santino, Regal goes to the well again but Santino flips over for a sunset flip attempt but is unsuccessful. Regal grabs Santino and takes him to his corner and tags in Primo, Primo grabs Santino and sends him body first into the turnbuckle.

Kozlov tries to hype Santino up but Primo powers him into his corner and makes the tag to Regal, Regal goes crazy and lands a flurry of attacks which the ref breaks up. Regal grabs Santino and puts him in the abdominal stretch, Santino is able to hype himself out and break it but Regal goes back on the attack and tags in Primo. Primo slams Santino and goes to the top but he counters by putting his knees up, Santino is able to make the tag and Kozlov comes in and begins to torture Primo with a flurry of attacks and a big slam for a cover broken up by Regal. Santino gets in the ring and chases Regal away with “The Cobra,”Primo goes to the top but Kozlov catches him and lands the Iron Curtain for the win!

Winners Via Iron Curtain: Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov

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Jerry Lawler hypes the Main Event from the Smackdown Brand MVP vs. Chavo Guerrero!


Matt Striker thanks Jet for the Summerslam 2010 theme, hypes the Summerslam website at WWE. Com!

Chris Masters music hits as he is on his way to the ring to start the Smackdown portion of the show, He is followed by The Dudebusters as Caylen Croft will be his opponent for the evening.

Chris Masters vs. Caylen Croft W/Trent Baretta

The bell rings and Caylen Croft goes behind Chris Masters, When Masters turns around Croft hits him right in the face. An angry Masters goes for a clothesline but Croft ducks than slides through his legs before getting caught with a shot to the face. Masters picks Croft up in the suplex position and holds him up before dropping him and going for the cover and a two count. Masters lands a big chop before sending him to the opposite corner, Masters goes for the attack but Croft moves and goes for the 10 count punches but is thrown off. Croft goes for the punches 2 more times but is thrown off again, On a fourth attempt Masters gets the boot up but Croft grabs the leg and slams it to the ground.

Croft goes on the attack of the injured leg of Masters, He continues his attack before going for a cover and a kickout. Croft goes after the leg some more and goes for another cover but he kicks out again. He goes for it again but is countered and kicked into the middle turnbuckle of one of the corners, Croft goes for the attack but is picked up and hit with an atomic drop. Masters goes on the attack with a flurry of clotheslines, Masters hypes himself up and sends Croft into the rope and lands a big slam for a cover an a kickout. Masters lifts Croft over his head but his leg won’t hold, Croft goes for an attack but is sent to the outside by a clothesline. Trent Baretta tries to get involved on the outside but Masters takes him out with the Master Lock, Masters throws Croft back in but is hit with a chop block on the way back in which sets up the DDT for the win!

Winner Via DDT: Caylen Croft

Todd Grisham hypes the Main Event from Smackdown MVP Vs. Chavo Guerrero!


Did You Know: WWE had been making wishes come true for kids, with the Make-A-Wish foundation, for over 25 years.

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MVP’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring with his NXT Rookie Percy Watson for the Main Event from the SD brand as we go to commercial.


As we return from commercial MVP is taking strategy with Percy Watson, Chavo Guerrero makes his way to ring sporting a new ring look .

MVP w/”Showtime” Percy Watson vs. Chavo Guerrero

The bell rings and MVP backs Chavo Guerrero up into a corner, They lock up and they trade holds until Chavo gains control with a headlock.MVP is able to counter the head but Chavo backs up into the ropes, Chavo lands a cheap shot to the face but MVP fires back with multiple strikes and a dropkick for a cover and a kickout. Chavo lands knees to the body of MVP, He hits the ropes and is hit with a drop toe hold followed by a knee to the head for a cover and a kickout.MVP keeps control with an armlock, Chavo breaks it with a knee to the midsection and an uppercut that knocks MVP into the corner. Chavo goes to continue his attack but MVP fights his way out of the corner, MVP sends Chavo into the ropes and after multiple counters lands a big running forearm followed by a back body drop and a clothesline over the top as we go to commercial.


When we return from commercial Chavo is on the attack with a forearm on MVP, Chavo sends MVP into the corner but he is reversed. MVP goes for the big boot but Chavo moves and his momentum takes him over the top rope onto the apron, Chavo lands a dropkick on MVP that takes him to the outside. Chavo goes to the outside and slams MVP’s back into the apron followed by multiple forearms to the body. Chavo rolls MVP back into the ring and does the senton over the top rope and goes for a cover but MVP kicks out. Chavo grabs hold of the arm and slaps an armlock on MVP, The crowd hypes MVP as he breaks free with multiple strikes.

MVP sends Chavo into the rope and Chavo reverses and ducks the head but is hit with the kick in the face, MVP goes to the well again but is reversed and tries to sling shot over but misses and is dropkicked into the corner. Chavo chokes MVP on the middle rope, He pulls MVP out and hits him with a clothesline and goes for a cover but MVP kicks out. Chavo grabs MVP and puts him in a camel clutch, MVP gets his arms free and drops Chavo with the electric chair drop. MVP and Chavo both get up and MVP hits Chavo with a big exploder suplex, MVP lands a flurry of attacks before hitting the rope and landing the “Ballin ” elbow drop. MVP goes for the playmaker but is reversed and slammed head first into the turnbuckle, Chavo goes for the 3 amigos but is stopped at 2 and hit with a German suplex for a cover and a kickout.

MVP stands up and is hit with a spinning heel kick for a cover and a kickout, Chavo signals for the frog splash but MVP meets him on the rope but Chavo knocks him off. Chavo comes off the top rope and is hit with a big boot for a cover and a kickout, MVP goes for a suplex but is countered into a rollup by Chavo but is able to kick out. Chavo runs at MVP and ends up in the Play of the Day for the cover and the win!

Winner Via Play of the Day: MVP

-End of Show-

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