I picked up a copy of the new music theme CD from WWE, “Voices, WWE The Music Volume 9”. As I did with Volume 8, I would like to take the time to critique the songs. I’ll list them in my personal favorite order. I’ll include their track numbers, just for kicks and giggles. Let’s get moving.

Track #2
WWE Divas Champion MARYSE
The song fits her character and the way she presents herself. I did read a report that loosely translated the lyrics and it was less than flattering if you’re trying to promote a PG-13 product. I won’t go in to that detail, for two reasons. A) It’s not relevant here, and B) I don’t remember the exact wording that was used in that report. Nevertheless, it’s a catchy tune with a good keyboard beat. Something worthwhile to dance to, and definitely a diva style entrance track. Personally, for me, I’m more of a crunch style entrance guy, but this one is not too bad. I’m not so sure, if I was in the seat of choosing themes to put on a CD, if I would’ve picked this one, but with Maryse’s recent winning of the Divas Championship, I’m not surprised at all that this is here.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not TERRIBLE by any stretch, it’s just not my personal cup of tea. If you’re a dance music fan, this beat is just for you. That’s the bottom line.

Track #12
Tribal Trouble
This song is very fitting for the Samoan Bulldozer, specifically and only because of his heritage being from the Isle of Samoa. I don’t like this song from the standpoint of it fitting the monster style character that Umaga was prior to his injury. With that being said, if there’s some significant change in Umaga’s character on his return, I may have a different opinion on this song entirely. It’s a song that I have questions about specifically from the standpoint of product only. Musically, it’s very nicely done. What does trouble me here a little is, as I said before, the entrance themes tend to need to be more in your face, and this one almost appears to be like a “trance” style song, which does not fit Umaga’s storyline as it was. Again, this is prevalent on pre-injury Umaga. Umaga may be totally repackaged when he returns, and this song may fit his character to a T. It’s something time will tell. One thing is for sure. If you play this song long enough, you’ll hypnotize whomever you try to. It’s one of those types of songs that will stick in your head.

Track #8
Land Of Five Rivers
I’m glad for the change of theme songs for Khali, for the sole reason that the original theme song that Khali used was one that was becoming very grating on the ears. Whether or not this song fits the auspice of the Punjabi Playboy remains to be seen, but this is definitely a song that fits Khali’s heritage and background. It’s a little odd to see Khali stride down the ramp to a “light” style song like this, but time will change that, especially with Khali as a babyface. You’d have to acquire a taste for this type of musical beat, which I think can be acquired in time. In the beginning, it may be difficult to listen to, but I think this song will eventually grow on you. It is with me.

Track #9
She Looks Good
Another standard diva track. It’s tough to really comment on this regarding the product, as I think it’s only been really used once on Smackdown when Eve came down to be victimized by Michelle McCool. With the likeliness of Eve returning soon to wrestle McCool, we may be hearing this song a little more often. The song has a lot of truth behind it, as Eve definitely “looks good.” I think that may be the understatement of the century. Again, the dance beat is a little difficult for me to swallow, but I can handle it. It fits the diva persona, and it’s a good track to fit with Eve Torres. It reminds me a bit of Lilian Garcia’s track that she did for Torrie Wilson from back in the day, just with a little lighter (higher pitched) vocals.

Track #10
Get On Your Knees
I’m reading the pamphlet thinking that WWE was able to get Rage Against the Machine to help with this song, but there’s no sign of that anywhere on the information provided. I’m not so sure about this one fitting the gimmick of the “All American-American”. It’s a good song, and definitely has that “in your face” style that I think needs to be dominant in an entrance theme. What troubles me here is this doesn’t fit the gimmick, I think. I think Swagger’s theme should’ve been more on the lines of a national anthem based theme song, based on his nickname. This song may also raise the ire of Rage Against the Machine, as I think, if you hear this song from start to finish, that it may sound like a nearly perfect imitation of that band. I like the song, don’t get me wrong, but I question the placement of this song with this character. If you’re gonna use this song on WWE programming, it should go with more of a bruising star, ala Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer could use this song a lot more than Swagger, in my opinion. However, as I said with Maryse, with Swagger’s recent win for the ECW title, this new song was inevitable. It’s a good track. Some queries here and there, but it’s worth checking out.

Track #4
Kung Fu San
It’s nice to see the former Sho Funaki have a new gimmick, and at least, an identity that is playable to the WWE crowd. I like the parody of the “Kung Fu Fighting” song with this track. The kick sound effects are really nice here. It’s a good comedic song that does do the ‘in your face’ style that I am trying to preach throughout this piece. I guess I need to swallow some crow here because I have said from minute one to be ‘in your face’ with entrance themes, you need a booming guitar. This song takes that theory, and throws it out the window. It’d be funny as hell to do it, but I’d love to see some setup one day to see Kung Fu Naki come out with Ralph Macchio dressed in his Karate Kid outfit. I think it’d get a hell of a pop, comedic or otherwise. Definitely a fun track.

Track #5
The song fits the persona perfectly. Beautiful, light hearted, sexy, uber hot, and driving men insane. This is a remix of the previously released track from Wreckless Intent, I believe, (I’m doing this from memory, if I’m wrong, tell me, and I’ll give you credit for correcting me) where I think it was being used for Candice. This is obviously much better suited for Kelly. A terrific dance music track, with all the necessary elements to make men go absolutely crazy. Again, like I said with the previous track, a crunching guitar is not necessary to get the proper effect for these entrances. If these two songs don’t do the job, then I wanna know what does.

Track #3
Man on Fire
This is the attempt to darken the personality of Kane with this track, and it succeeds with every single note. I am slightly disappointed they changed themes with the Big Red Monster, because I really enjoyed the Finger Eleven track that they were using for him for quite some time. I know it wasn’t the best option to go back to the original Kane theme from when he debuted, so this is a nice change to the retro style. It’s dark, it’s brooding, it’s evil, and it’s Kane. All in one fell swoop. No issues here. It’s a great song for the character, and for the CD. Maybe put an explosion sound effect in the beginning, just to give more of an aura of the track being live from an event. That would be the icing on the cake.

Track #13
Cocky, arrogant, self-assured, and in your face. This song shows and emulates that from the first word to the last note. It fits DiBiase so well, it’s not even funny. I’m a little suspect with Manu using this track, but if the Legacy faction continues, this song would encompass the three individuals this song is listed for rather well. I’m a little uncomfortable with Cody being a heel so long, as his old man was the consummate babyface, but alongside Randy and these other multi generation stars, it maybe a blessing in disguise to keep Cody heel. This song, anyway, its a perfect fit for the team, for the men, and for their entrance. Perhaps a little more different lyrics than repeating priceless a lot, but they are trying to drive it down your throat and in your face, and this song does do that, in every way.

Track #7
The song and beat fits Kozlov to a T. No doubt about it. Remorseless, evil, painful, brooding. Whatever you want to call it, it fits. I don’t like the consistent use of russian dialogue throughout the track. I think it’d be better suited for the guitar beat throughout, but I could be totally mistaken. If I am able to see some translation of what the lyrics say, I may have a different opinion of this track. The beginning of the track is absolutely perfect for Kozlov. I remember when he used to enter to no music, no effects, and no lighting. It was a different and refreshing approach, but this song has melded with his character rather well, and I like it. A lot.

Track #6
What’s Up?
It’s really surprising to me that there hasn’t been a beef from TNA with the fact that Killings is using virtually the same song for his entrance in both companies. I guess perhaps it may be Killings’ actual owned music. I don’t know for certain. I love the beat, it totally contradicts what I said about the other tracks that would fit in to the ‘hip hop/dance’ category, but this is more hip hop, and I can handle some of that. I like pretty much everything about this track. I wish Killings was a little ‘clearer’ and ‘cleaner’ with his rapping, but style is style, and I’ll get used to that without a problem. Anyone who doesn’t get up and dance to this track isn’t in to the product, in my opinion. I really like this track.

Track #11
If You Rock Like Me
My schedule permits me to watch and hear this theme from week to week. I’m never tired of this track. It works out very well to promote the introduction of the show, it has its in your face quality that I think is absolutely mandatory, even more so for this track with its role to open the show. Right after the initial lyrics, in to the crunching guitar and pyro, if you’re not ready for business, then I need to check your blood pressure, and make sure things are still working. I have always found all the TV themes that end up on WWE programming to be second to none. From Papa Roach’s track used on Raw to Saliva’s track on ECW to this, they have all been first rate, and this is no exception.

My favorite song on the record….

Track #1
THE ONLY critique with this song is it does not fit the titan tron video for Orton whatsoever. I think that WWE needs to change Orton’s titan tron package to fit this song. Outside of that, I absolutely love this song. I have become a big fan of Rev Theory, and this song hits home with me in more ways than I can count. In my personal opinion, this one song is worth the price of the album in every possible aspect. I like the use of the guitar intro in to the Voices track that they are using, as it gives a slight lead in to the song before the vocals, as the vocals start normally right on note #1 which is a little tough to pull off when trying to create a viable entrance theme. This track fits the iceman explosive character of Orton so well it cannot be described. I would go out on a limb right now, and say this is one of my favorite songs period, not just WWE entrance themes.

I have collected quite a few theme songs through various means, CDs, MP3s, whatever the case. I love the musical aspect of pro wrestling, and will always have these at the ready, just for the adrenaline rush that some of them provide. This particular release from WWE is significantly less HEAVY than some of their other compilations, and what I mean by that is, it’s not filled with crunching guitars, and in your face screaming vocals, but I believe the emotion comes through in these tracks rather smoothly and rather nicely.

If you’re a fan of the entrance themes from pro wrestling, I recommend this CD. There isn’t a “bad” track here. It’s an eclectic compilation of all types of music that fits the product on television. It’s a very worthwhile investment and a nice addition to the collection.

Special thanks go out to Arbell from Sony for giving me the opportunity to share my opinions on this with the world.

Thank you for reading.

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