Ed Nordholm

During an interview on Wrestling Observer Radio, Anthem’s Ed Nordholm provided additional details on the forthcoming Global Wrestling Network including cost.

Nordholm revealed the service, described officially as an alternative wrestling streaming service, would launch at a monthly cost of $7.99 featuring nearly 900 hours of previous TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling video library content.

The service will provide a free tier as well, providing full episodes of GFW Impact 10 days after it airs in the United States on Pop TV. The company still owns an estimated 3,000 hours of tape so more content is expected to be coming in the future.

Nordholm stated they planned to partner with other wrestling companies to bring that content to the network including AAA, Pro Wrestling NOAH and possibly New Japan Pro Wrestling and The Crash promotion based out of Mexico.

During the interview, Nordholm shot down the report by Sports Illustrated this week stating that Anthem was already looking at selling nine months into the purchase of the promotion. Nordholm did talk about the unique challenges he has faced in the pro wrestling industry and that any idea that they would sell the tape library to WWE made no economic sense.

“I know full well how the WWE Network would monetize the content and what they could pay for the library. It makes no sense for me to sell it for that kind of price. I’d rather keep it, put it up on the app, and monetize it myself.”

Regarding Jeff Jarrett, Nordholm was hopeful he would return to the company in his previous role. He confirmed that Bound for Glory would take place as scheduled on November 5 in Orlando and that Alberto El Patron would be returning to the company. Nordholm reiterated that any reports stating Anthem was looking for a way out right now was false and that they knew this process would be a long-term investment.

Source: The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online


  1. Well,I was only 2.00 over the price. I hope they don’t dub over the original music,cut the original scenes or remove some audio from te commentary team.

  2. The new Jim Herd. What makes these people that know NOTHING about the wrestling think they can run a wrestling company? The Carters kicked Jarrett out now this Yahoo kicks him out. Look for TNA wrestling on a WWE Network TV near you in the very near future.

  3. He talks a good game I guess but let’s see if he’s really telling the truth or just talking out of the other side of his face.

  4. Dixie didn’t kick Jeff out – if you recall, she suspended him when it came out he was sleeping with Karen behind (an employee) Kurt’s back despite being the second highest executive. Then he eventually was back in basically a better role (building the company globally) and decided to sell more of his shares because he didn’t like TNA’s direction and wanted to launch GFW. So, Dixie didn’t kick Jeff out. The word (based on multiple sources including a live audience who seen it) is that Jeff was acting erratic at events (one in Mexico and another) either from the stress of going to long without a break or a drinking issue and Ed Made the call to force him to take a needed break (which also backs up him saying he hopes he is back soon). I really don’t care for Nordholm even a little bit based on what I’ve seen but you can’t just make up a new story and call it fact. The other side is even though Jeff knows the industry inside out, on his own he hasn’t demonstrated he can successfully run a wrestling promotion (mind you few people have). He almost ran TNA in the ground in one year when it was him running it until he convinced Dixie to invest, GFW was basically a non-starter and he couldn’t land any tv deal in close to 3 years and in his new role in the new GFW, things have been going in the wrong direction so even tho he knows the industry it doesn’t mean “he’s best for business”!

  5. nobody is gonna pay 8 bucks a month to watch TNA… that’s the problem… sell the library to WWE to fans already paying 9,99 and then they might watch some of TNA’s old stuff.

  6. They are delusional to think that they will find a viewer-base that will pay $7.99 per month for a longer period of time for the at maximum B+ level of wrestling they have and are producing. The cooperation with the other promotions seems nothing more than wishful thinking.

  7. Look at any indy promotion in the UK and the US that has an “On Demand” service they all charge that price, and if you can get events from all other promotions look at that as a bonus. They have come on leaps and bounds over the last year and it shows. They have the right champion in place and they have organised their roster. Some of the things still confuse me, but I enjoy watching it more than WWE showing a man assault a pensioner and set fire to a house

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