York with tons of offense on King that finishes with a big bulldog. York drops Ion with a quick clothesline when he comes jump in to break it up. York catches King and connects with a big back suplex. York with a big facebuster on Ion resulting in a close two count. York catches King with a big kick to the face sending King back to the corner. Ion rakes the back of King. Ion with a reverse neckbreaker on York as York was just dropping King over the mat. York catches Ion with a big kick in the corner. Ion is leaning down over the second turnbuckle. York stomps his face down into the mat and then splashes King in the corner on the way down. King with big knees to York in the corner and connects with a kick to the head of Ion. King has York up. York counters into a roll up for a close two count. King gets York back up on his shoulders and this time connects with his Royal Flush finisher to get the pinfall.

Winner and still TNA X Division Champion: Kenny King

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Joseph Park. He is talking about his big match with Joey Ryan tonight and how “the boys” have been messing with him. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian walk up and say Dixie Carter is looking for him in catering. Kazarian said tonight they become the Tag Team Champions of the World. Daniels said they are tired of being disrespected by the TNA roster and TNA fans.

* Joseph Park vs. Joey Ryan is up next.

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