TNA X Division Championship – Triple Threat Match
Kenny King (c) vs. Zema Ion vs. Christian York

Series of counters early on between Zema Ion and Christian York. York drops Ion with a quick clothesline. Kenny King bails early holding on to the ropes. King gets Ion over the second rope. King stands on the back of Ion and attempts a moonsault. King slips and instead crashes into York into the ring barricade. Ion with a corkscrew dive to York and King on the outside. Back in the ring, King works over York in the corner including some big chops. York fights out with some chops of his own. Ion with a huricanrana into a splash over York from the corner. Ion with a springboard moonsault on York resulting in a two count. York drops King over the second rope and connects with a leg drop from the corner. King gets his hand on the bottom rope to break up the pinfall attempt. Ion stomps the face of York into the mat and connects with a baseball slide on King. Ion with a quick spinning DDT on York. King drops Ion over the entrance ramp and then connects with a springboard leg drop over the ramp. York brings Ion in and King breaks up the cover. King has Ion up on the corner. York runs up. We get a Tower of Doom with King dropping Ion with a fallaway slam and York hitting a powerbomb on King. Pinfall attempts and more kick outs.

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