TNA IMPACT Wrestling Results

TNA Impact Wrestling Results 10/20/16

Impact Wrestling Results
November 17, 2016
Orlando, FL (Impact Zone)
Commentary: Josh Matthews and “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero
Results by Gerald Bocook of

We warned you. You didn’t prepare. We see the swath of destruction cut through Impact Wrestling by the DCC; Grado and Robbie E, the Hardys, The Tribunal, and, last week, World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards after successfully defending the Championship against Eli Drake. The DCC is here, and have revealed themselves to all.

In the Impact Zone, Eddie Edwards heads to the ring. Eddie says that he knew winning the World Heavyweight Championship would put a target on his back, and he’s okay with that. You don’t get into the business not knowing that you’re gonna get beat up, hurt, gonna get your ass kicked, and he’s a-ok with that. But Eddie is a stand-up guy and looks you in the eye and tells you what he’s gonna do. He did it to Lashley, he did it to Drake. But now James Storm and his boys come out and attack him. They don’t care about Championships, rules, they just want chaos. And that’s fine. Eddie isn’t gonna leave the ring until he gets a fight, so someone better get down here.

The DCC appears on the screen. They say this isn’t about Titles. They bring order from chaos. They’ve taken their stand. Nothing can stop them. And now, they continue their mission. They accept Eddie’s challenge. The clock reappears and they head to the ring to a… terribly unfitting country music track. Like, really doesn’t work with this “Anonymous” thing they had going on. The three men head to the ring and surround it. Matthews finally names the third man as Kingston. One of the DCC get on the apron which draws in Eddie Edwards, and the man drops to the floor as a second has come in and blindsides the Champion. The man beats down Edwards and takes off his mask, and it’s the third man, Kingston. He’s choking Edwards and shouting in his face. Kingston gets up and stands in the middle of the ring, taunting Eddie for wanting a fight, and turns around into a clothesline from Eddie. Eddie starts punching the downed Kingston in the head but Storm and Bram charge the ring and continue the beatdown on Edwards. Kingston picks Eddie up and he and Bram hold him as Storm looks like he’s going to attack Eddie with the Championship Title, when Brother Nero runs to the ring! He clobbers Bram on the ramp, in the ring gives Kingston a Twist of Fate, and as James Storm tries to walk off, Nero gets in his face. Storm backs off in disgust.

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Moments ago, things happened. You can read about it up there.

In the back, Edwards and Nero are talking to Aiden O’Shea. Eddie is demanding a match with the DCC, saying he needs it. Aiden tells him he’ll solve everything and lets Edwards and Nero in to see the Boss, but not the camera.

Back in the Impact Zone, Jessie Godderz is heading to the ring for a match with Aron Rex. This match will not be an Impact Grand match, and the title won’t be on the line; the match will be winnable only by pinfall or submission. Rex comes to the ring with a cacophony of boos.

Jessie Godderz vs Aron Rex

Rex charges and Godderz with a double leg takedown, Godderz trying to lock in the Adonislock immediately, but Rex kicks him off. Rex to his feet and he kicks a charging Godderz in the stomach and the two trade elbows before Godderz sends Rex to the corner and knees him repeatedly. Rex tries to break away but Godderz chases Rex and sends him careening into another corner with a European uppercut. Godderz is back on the attack, smashing Rex’s head into the corner pads all around the ring. Godderz with another European uppercut, Irish whip, back elbow knocks Rex down. Rex back in a corner and Jessie mounts, raining down punches before Rex shoves him off. Godderz gets to his feet and Rex charges, Godderz with a drop toe hold, looking again to turn Rex over into the Adonislock but Rex fights him off with a rake to the eyes. Godderz is in the ropes, holding his face, and Rex is on the attack. Rex lands some clubbing blows to Godderz’ back, chasing Godderz as he tries to escape, and trapping Godderz in the ropes and swinging elbows down crossface. Rex with a knee smash, and a knee drop, and covers; one– kickout.

Rex immediately gets a headlock on Godderz, Godderz fights up, breaks out with elbows and punches, but Rex catches him with a punch. Rex with a front facelock looking for a vertical suplex but Godderz denies him before rolling Rex up in a small package; one, two, th– kickout!

Both men up and charging, Rex with a huge lariat takes Godderz down. Rex starts smashing his knee against Godderz’ spine before clubbing blows across Jessie’s chest, and then Rex with the side headlock again. Jessie struggles to get some leverage, he gets up and rolls back, sending Rex flying off him. Godderz charges and Rex sends him careening out of the ring, crashing on the floor. Rex follows Godderz out and sends him crashing into the guard rail. Rex gets Godderz into the ring and has him resting on the apron, smashing his elbow down across Godderz’ throat. Rex traps Godderz’ head in the ring apron and slides back into the ring, stomping at Godderz as Jessie tries to get himself out of the apron. Rex drags Godderz out from the ropes, drops an elbow and pins; one, two– kickout.

Rex applies a figure four headlock and tries to make it to the ropes, but Rex uses the ropes for more leverage. Godderz manages to roll Rex over, Godderz gets to a headstand and kicks out of the submission! Rex is right on Godderz, though, clubbing at his back. Rex pulls Godderz up and headbutts him down before stomping him. Rex applies a headlock on the downed Godderz again, and he tries to outmaneuver Jessie as Godderz is rallying to his feet. Jessie elbows out but is clubbed down again. Rex whips Godderz to the ropes, but Godderz gives him a kick on the way back. Godderz with a clothesline takes Rex down, follows with a back elbow smash to take Rex down again, and follows that up with a nice lariat. Rex is up and Godderz starts clawing at Rex’s face, sending Rex flailing around the ring. Godderz slams Rex down to the mat by his hair. Rex is back up and Godderz throws him out of the ring. Godderz follows, smashing Rex’s head on the apron and then a chair surrounding ring side, and then another smash on the steel ring stairs! Jessie grabs Rex’s head and starts dragging his face on the grating of the steel steps! Rex is thrown into the ring and Jessie is back in. He gets Rex in the corner, mounts, and starts raining down punches again for a ten count. Godderz rolls Rex out of the corner, and hits a nice jumping enzuigiri! Jessie covers; one, two, thr– kickout!

Jessie stalks Rex, looks for a back suplex but Rex slides off and kicks Jessie in the back of the knee before delivering a chop block! Rex rolls Godderz over and starts grapevining him for the Royal Arch but Jessie fights out of it! Rex charges and Godderz with the double-leg takedown again, and this time he successfully rolls Rex over into the Adonislock! Rex taps!

Winner: Jessie Godderz by submission (Adonislock)

Rex looks devastated. He’s almost crying as Godderz celebrates.

In the back, Sienna and Laurel van Ness are standing in front of Allie, and Laurel starts laughing. Sienna rolls her eyes and asks what’s so funny and Laurel says something banal about Braxton sending her “the cutest text message evar leik oh em gee u guyzzz” as Maria is approaching them all from behind. Allie asks if Braxton is texting her, but Laurel replies that Braxton does more than just text her. Maria chimes in, saying that some people just don’t know their place around here. Some people think they’re hot stuff and now poor Brandi Rhodes is all alone. Sienna and Laurel are the most dominant women around here and nobody is going to help her. Right, Allie? Allie stumbles over her words but eventually says that she would never go against Maria. Sienna says that nobody is dumb enough to go against them. They all stare at Allie who just wants to shrink into nothingness.

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Last week on Impact, Knockouts Champion Gail Kim was all set to make a monumental announcement, but it was interrupted by Rosemary who assaulted Gail and Jade. She has asked to speak to the crowd. Gail says that this has been hard for her, but she’s always said that if she can’t give 110%, she needs to do the right thing and step aside. During her no-holds barred match against Maria she was injured, and will be vacating the Knockouts Championship. Gail felt like she could fight through the injury, but after being attacked by Rosemary, the doctors won’t clear her to compete. A new Knockouts Champion will be crowned in two weeks.

In the back, Eddie Edwards and Brother Nero are coming out of Corgan’s office. Aiden asks them what the boss said. Nero says they got everything they wanted. DCC says they want chaos, well he in their chaos. Eddie says it’ll be 2-on-3, anything goes. Let’s do it.

Back in the Impact Zone, Sienna, Laurel, Maria, and Allie make their way to the ring for a tag team match. Sienna gets in Allie’s way, and then yells at Allie for being in the way. Maria shoves Allie towards Sienna who flips out and almost throws Allie out of the ring. Brandi Rhodes makes her way to the stage and the question, who will be her tag partner? Maria calls Brandi a poor thing. Nobody wants to be her partner. Maria says she knows someone that might want to be her partner, but she’s going to send Allie to the back because she gets a little confused sometimes. Allie looks upset, but just walks up the ramp. Brandi gets a mic and says she likes Allie, but that wasn’t her partner; five-time Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne is.

Sienna and Laurel van Ness vs Brandi Rhodes and Madison Rayne

Brandi is going to start things off with Laurel as Maria yells from the outside that they aren’t afraid of Brandi and Madison. Laurel tries to talk some smack to Brandi, who ditches Laurel and chases after Maria! Maria runs around the ring, trying to get away, and slides in but Brandi catches up to her, grabbing Maria by her head and dragging her into the center of the ring. Laurel charges but Brandi ducks the clothesline, giving Maria a chance to bail out of the ring as Laurel backhands Madison. Madison begs to be tagged in, and Brandi obliges.

Madison charges in, ducking a lariat and taking Laurel down with one of her own. A knockdown followed by a running neckbreaker from Madison. Laurel is back up and Madison starts laying in with some very theatric slaps, ROLLING SLAP! Laurel staggers into her corner and Sienna tags herself in.

Sienna charges and Madison ducks a lariat and as Sienna turns around, Madison with a step-up enzuigiri! Madison with some elbow smashes ties Sienna up in the ropes, then drags Sienna out in a front facelock. Sienna shoves Madison off into Laurel, who grabs Madison’s hair. Madison goes to attack Laurel but Sienna with a splash takes Rayne out. Sienna pulls Madison up, applies a double choke lift, and walks around the ring before slamming Madison to the mat. Sienna attacks Brandi on the apron who enters the ring and draws the attention from the ref, allowing Sienna to get Madison to her team’s corner and smashing her with an elbow before tagging in Laurel van Ness.

Laurel chokes Madison with her boot, and then chokes her again against the ropes. Laurel slams Madison back into the corner and tags in Sienna.

Sienna chops Madison hard, and then starts stomping at her. Laurel chokes Madison against the bottom rope as Sienna grandstands and distracts the ref. Brandi tries to make her way in, but that just gives Sienna an opening to blatantly choke Madison. Sienna drags Madison out of the corner and covers; one, two– kickout.

Sienna with a neck vice on Madison, and Rayne tries to escape but Sienna stomps on her back. Sienna stands on Madison’s spine and tags in Laurel.

Laurel throws Madison repeatedly by her hair before pinning; one, two– kickout.

Another pin; one, two– kickout.

Laurel whips Madison to the ropes and tries for a hip toss on the way back but Madison pulls Laurel into a bridging roll-up; one, two– kickout.

Laurel hammers at Madison and picks her up. Front facelock, snap suplex. Laurel covers again; one, two– kickout.

Laurel kicks Madison in the gut and hits the ropes, looking for the curb stomp but misses as Madison rolls out of the way and hits the ropes, taking Laurel to the mat with a jumping clothesline! Madison and Laurel both tag out!

Brandi with a running clothesline but just rocks Sienna. Another clothesline just staggers the bigger woman. Brandi takes to the ropes, sidesteps a shoulder block from Sienna and hits the ropes again, but Sienna kicks her right in the chest this time! Sienna with elbow smashes backs Brandi into the ropes. Irish whip but Brandi reverses, leaping clothesline this time fells Sienna! Dropkick from Brandi sends Sienna into the corner. Irish whip, reversed, and Brandi hops up on the second rope before throwing herself back into the ring over a charging Sienna, and Brandi with a jumping European uppercut! Brandi stalks Sienna, grabs Sienna’s head and jumps, driving Sienna’s head into her knee as Brandi hits the mat! Sienna is down! Brandi covers; one, two– Laurel makes the save!

Laurel throws Brandi across the ring and does a pose in the middle of the ring, and Madison kicks her right in the side of her head. Madison and Laurel brawl out of the ring as Brandi tries to pick Sienna up. Sienna kicks Brandi in the gut, lifts her up for the AK-47, but Brandi slides off Sienna’s shoulder. Sienna charges, Brandi hooks her leg and hits a reverse STO I think they called the “Shot of Brandi”. Rhodes covers; one, two, three!

Winners: Brandi Rhodes and Madison Rayne (Shot of Brandi)

Rhodes and Rayne celebrate in the ring. Maria is helping Laurel back up the ramp. Laurel yells that this isn’t over.

Up next, the World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender’s Match; Lashley, EC3, Trevor Lee, and Mike Bennett will do battle.

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We see what I thought was another ad for Wolf Creek, but is actually Cameron! Guess I better pay attention! Matt Hardy sits at a computer with a lollipop, repeatedly saying “Delete”. He’s deleting e-mails; don’t get excited. Reby comes in with Maxel and asks why Matt is eating candy. Matt says he’s had a bit of a sweet tooth recently, and, there was so much candy left over from the trick-or-treaters. Reby says that maybe Matt shouldn’t have given the kids their green beans so there’d be less candy. Matt says it’s absurd that anyone (in their right mind) would give trick-or-treaters green beans. He looks genuinely upset. He tells Maxel that it must be an exaggeration. Reby brushes the whole thing off and says that while Matt sits here, deleting emails and eating candy, his brother is off fighting. Matt says he hopes his brother doesn’t get injured, but said he was acting like a savage, a barbarian. Maybe it will be a good lesson for him, that violence doesn’t solve problems; communication does. Plus, he missed the ice cream social! Matt spent days making the custards, and it’s just rude of his brother to miss it. Reby storms off and Matt goes back to deleting emails when he comes across a Young Bucks newsletter. Matt doesn’t like rap music! Unsubscribe!

Yep. His scribe appears. “You again?” but suddenly Reby is there, asking Matt who he’s talking to. Reby says Matt has amnesia or something. She found some videos that she wants Matt to watch. He agrees. I think he was mesmerized by Reby almost coming out of her damn top.

Back at the Impact Zone, Maria Kanellis-Bennett introduces “The Miracle” Mike Bennett. Maria believes. Do you? Maria heads to the back, not accompanying Miracle to the ring. Lashley is next out. Trevor Lee is the next competitor out. Ladies and Gentlemen, EC3.

World Championship #1 Contender’s Match
“The Miracle” Mike Bennett vs Lashley vs Trevor Lee vs Ethan Carter III

Carter goes right for Lashley, clubbing him on the back before Bennett and Lee pull Carter off of him. Lee and Bennett hold Carter, but Carter breaks free, punching down Bennett and Lee before charging Lashley, but Lashley with a back elbow knocks Carter back before Lashley takes him down with a lariat. Lashley directs traffic with Lee and Bennett, and the three start stomping at Carter. They get Carter in the corner and continue the assault, Lashley, Lee, and Bennett kicking and stomping at Carter down in the corner. Lashley picks Carter up and chucks him out of the ring through the ropes– Bennett rolls up Lashley; one, two– kickout!

Lee with a school boy on Bennett; one, two– kickout!

Lee and Bennett argue until Lashley cuts them both down with a double clothesline! Lee is the first back up, stumbling to the corner, and Lashley crashes into him with a shoulder tackle into the corner! Bennett receives one on the other side of the ring, and then Lashley throws Bennett into Lee! Lashley with a delayed vertical suplex on Bennett. Lee charges Lashley, but Lashley picks Lee up, presses him high, and throws him over the top rope into EC3 on the outside of the ring! Lashely stands tall.

— Commercial break —

Back in the Impact Zone, Trevor Lee smashes EC3 with an elbow in the corner. Lashley is down. Bennett is vacationing over in the Bennett part of the ring. Lee yells at Bennett, “You and me! Let’s take care of ‘im!” as Carter staggers into another corner. Lee and Bennett whip Carter across the ring. Lee charges, but Carter gets an elbow up. Bennett yells at Lee for being an idiot and charges Carter, only to get two boots to the face. Lashley charges but Carter side-steps and Lashley collides with the post. Carter pulls Lashley out and goes for a suplex, but Lashley forces a standing switch and German suplex! Bennett with a kick to the side of the downed Lashley’s head! Lee with a running kick right to Lashley’s face. Lee yells at Bennett that he needs help with Lashley, and the two throw Lashley out of the ring! Bennett with a running dropkick to a downed EC3’s head, and Lee follows up with the running front kick again. The two repeat the attack on EC3 before they hard whip EC3 into the corner, knocking him down. A double team suplex from Lee and Bennett to Carter, and Bennett covers; one– Lee breaks up the pin!

Lee covers; one– Bennett breaks up the pin! “We’re a team!” Bennett yells.

Bennett attacks Lashley as he gets on the apron and follows Lashley out as Lee goes for another cover on EC3; one– kickout!

On the outside, Bennett throws Lashley into the guard rail before getting back in the ring. Lee is gouging at the eyes of EC3 and as Bennett gets back in the ring, Lee offers a handshake. Bennett agrees, but they’re both pretty shady handshakes. Carter attacks both men as they close in, laying into them with chops. Lee cuts Carter off with a kick before shoving Carter towards Bennett, who connects with a boot right to the head of EC3, following up with a big charging lariat. Bennett covers; one– Lee breaks it up!

Bennett and Lee argue (“We shook hands!” “Don’t pull me off!”) before returning their attention to Ethan Carter III. Lee pulls Carter up and hits a European uppercut as Bennett cuts Lashley off from entering the ring again. Bennett returns to the outside to deal with Lashley as Lee grabs EC3 by his jaw and leads him around the ring before connecting with a big punch. Carter fires back, and the two trade blows until Carter gets a quick kick in to stun Lee. Carter hits the ropes but Lee recovers quick and lays Carter out with a dropkick. Lee covers; one, two– Bennett pulls Lee off!

Bennett yells at Lee that he was with Bobby, and the two continue to argue. Bennett walks over to the downed Carter and pulls him up in the corner before driving his shoulder into Carter’s gut. Lee exits the ring and attacks Lashley, keeping the former World Champion down. Lee back in the ring as Bennett whips Carter across the ring, chasing him and connecting with a splash in the corner. Bennett pulls Carter out of the corner and he hits the ropes, coming back and knocking Carter in the head with a big boot. Lee shoves Carter down and covers but gets nowhere because he did it right in front of Bennett.

The two shove each other, yelling before finally coming to blows! They trade punches before they separate and charge each other, and both Lee and Bennett go for clotheslines and both men are down! Carter, Lee, and Bennett are trying to get back to their feet as Lashley is just trying to get back into the ring. Lee charges Carter and Carter takes him down with a lariat. Bennett also get a lariat. Lee gets a second. Bennett gets a second. Both men get jaw breakers. Lee gets an EC3 Splash in the corner and Carter punches Lashley off the apron before running across the ring to Splash Bennett in the corner. Carter runs Bennett into the ropes and as Bennett comes off, Carter lifts him high with a flapjack. Lee charges and gets a flapjack right on top of Bennett! Carter stalks both men, and he looks like he wants to hits the One-Percenter on both, but Lee and Bennett shove Carter off of him, and right into a Spear from Lashley!! Trevor Lee with a running forearm smash rocks Lashley and Bennett runs up and hits a cutter! Lee with a lifting German suplex to Bennett, and he bridges into a pin; one, two, thr– Bennett kicks out! Lee grabs Carter and pulls him mid-ring with a front facelock, looking for a suplex but Carter blocks it and pulls Lee up for the TK3 but Lee slides off and smashes Carter’s face with a jumping knee and Carter staggers right into a superkick from Bennett! Lee charges Bennett but Lee also eats a superkick! Carter charges Bennett and Carter gets a spinebuster! Lee charges Bennett again, spinebuster! Bennett turns around, Lashley with a spinebuster to Bennett! Lashley heads to the corner, stalking whoever gets up first, and it’s Lee! Lashley charges, but Lee with some kind of caveman magic turns the Spear attempt into a flipping belly-to-belly suplex! Lee covers; one, two– Bennett breaks it up!

Bennett charges Lee in the corner but Lee gets a boot up. Bennett charges as Lee walks out of the corner and Lee jumps high, a huge double stomp onto the chest of Mike Bennett! Lee hops over the top rope and sees EC3, and Lee just kicks him in the head like Lee were going for a game-winning field goal! Carter and Lashley fight on the outside and Lee charges the far side of the ring, and on the way back he leaps over the ropes and the turnbuckle to collide with Carter and Lashley, taking them both out!! Carter is the first up, and Lee grabs him and throws him in the ring. Lee heads up to the top but Bennett shoves him off! Carter clocks Bennett and knocks him off the apron. Lee charges Carter but Carter sets Lee up on his shoulders– TK3! Carter modified it and crashed Lee face-first into his knee, and then Carter with the rear naked choke– Lee taps out!!

Winner and NEW World Championship #1 Contender: EC3 by submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Carter just storms out of the Impact Zone.

— Commercial break —

We’re back in Cameron. Reby has assembled the videos that she wants Matt to look at. Final Deletion, the aftermath with Matt driving his riding mower through Brother Nero’s lawn art, the blazing Hardyz symbol, Maxel’s first birthday. Matt says the footage is repugnant. Why would he do such things? He doesn’t want to watch anymore. He’s seen enough. Matt leaves the room and inhales sharply — a premoneetion?!? No. A sneeze. He must be having one of those weird colds people sometimes get during the change of seasons.

We’re told that Eli Drake is fuming over what happened at the end of the last match. We’re going to join Eli for another Fact of Life. Drake says he’s annoyed that Carter got another title opportunity. Drake calls EC3 out and asks him to sit down. Carter kicks the chair off the stage. Eli asks why Ethan always has to make it awkward. Eli wants to extend the olive branch. The last few times EC3’s gone out there, he’s choked. Eli wants to save Carter the embarrassment; next week, EC3 vs E-Li-Drake. Carter puts his title shot on the line. Carter says he gave Eli the same proposal a few weeks ago. Carter says no and walks off. Drake flags him back. Drake says he’s been on a decline. Eli says maybe he should try to get on an incline. If Carter accepts and he wins, Eli won’t so much as look at the World Championship for an entire year. Ethan says he’s intrigued, but he doesn’t like it. Ethan wants Eli chasing the Championship. He’s only better when he’s being chased. Everyone in the back should be chasing the title; it’ll make everyone better. Carter says he’s going to decline, but he says that he knows Eli is ready to be Champion now. He’s tasted defeat, the agony, he’s part of the chase now. He won’t accept the wager, but he does accept the match. Everyone wants it. EC3 vs E-Li-Drake. Who is the better man? But if Drake wants Carter to put his #1 Contender spot on the line, Eli has to put up on the line the thing that matters most to him; his voice. If Carter wins, Eli doesn’t get to talk for the rest of the year. Eli says he’s going to come out on top, so yeah, you got a deal.

In the back, Jade is taping a commercial for Impact when Abyss and Crazzy Steve show up. They say that what Rosemary did to her wasn’t personal; it’s just something that’s going to happen to all the other Knockouts. Jade says it’s funny that she sent them to deliver the message. Steve says maybe Jade should go find her. Jade walks off.

— Commercial break —

In the back, around the creepy lighting section of the arena, Jade is walking around whispering “Rosemary” again and again.

In the Impact Zone, Basile Baraka comes to the ring. Matthews and Pope discuss The Tribunal’s assault on Al Snow. His opponent is Mahabali Shera.

Basile Baraka vs Mahabali Shera

The two start trading blows until Shera gets a few quicker punches in, but Baraka rakes the eyes. Baraka takes to the ropes and connects with a running STO on Shera before he blatantly chokes him, twice with his hands and then a third time with his shin, all while arguing with the referee. Shera rolls away and tries to get up but Basile traps him against the ropes and chokes him against the bottom rope. Shera gets into the corner and Baraka punches Shera in the chest and Mahabali no-sells, and no-sells two more. Shera explodes out of the corner with a yell and Baraka shoves him into the ropes. Shera ducks a lariat and clobbers Baraka with a forearm. Shera punches Baraka and whips him, Baraka ducks a lariat and comes off the ropes with a low cross body, and covers; one, two– kickout.

Baraka punches the downed Shera and pulls him up before clubbing him down. Shera on his knees gets a kick right to the face. Baraka with a leg drop across the throat and Baraka covers; one, two, th– kickout.

Basile sits Shera up by pulling on his arms, and then shoves his boot onto Shera’s chest before thrusting and stomping Shera into the mat. Baraka gets on the second rope and goes for a cross body but Shera catches him and lifts him up on his shoulder to connect with a power slam! Mahabali staggers into the corner and Baraka charges, Shera side-steps and whips Basile into the far corner, chasing and hitting a splash! Another whip into the corner from Shera and Baraka hits hard, bouncing out and into a right punch from Shera. Baraka up and another right knocks him down. Baraka up and Shera ducks a lariat, Shera off the ropes and a flying shoulder tackle collides into Basile Baraka! Shera pulls Baraka up and drives him into the mat with a scoop slam. Shera looks like he wants to apply a camel clutch but Baraka slides out and rolls Shera up grabbing the tights; one, two, th– kickout!

Baraka kicks Shera and takes to the ropes, Shera catches him in his attempt at another cross body and connects a high scoop slam. Shera yells and applies a camel clutch and Basile fights for a moment before tapping out!

Winner: Mahabali Shera by submission (Camel Clutch)

Baron Dax rolls into the ring and attacks Shera from behind! Dax with his choking slam to Shera as Baraka gets back to his feet, stomping at Shera. Dax holds Shera so that Baraka can kick him in the jewels. Al Snow comes down with his coach whistle, getting the attention of Tribunal. They tell him to get out of here and he walks off, dejected. The Tribunal return their attention to Mahabali Shera, continuing to attack him until Snow reenters the ring and starts fighting off both members of The Tribunal! The Tribunal escape and retreat from Al Snow! Al Snow and Shera do the old Mega Powers hand shake.

In the back, a fight-ready Jade approaches a Rosemary that couldn’t care less. Rosemary mocks Jade for being Gail’s “chosen one”. Rosemary asks if Jade can hear them, in the distance. They’re never alone. Jade doesn’t care what Rosemary is saying, she just knows that it’s going to be the two of them competing for the Knockouts Championship. Rosemary asks if Jade didn’t get enough violence last week. Jade says she isn’t afraid. Rosemary says that’s perfect; she’ll fuel the lust for violence. Rosemary suggests they fight inside a steel cage.

Up next, Brother Nero and Eddie Edwards face the DCC.

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Next week, a Thanksgiving Special. There’ll be an X-Division Elimination match, and the Eli Drake/EC3 confrontation.

In the Impact Zone, the DCC comes to the ring. Brother Nero is out next, holding both of the World Tag Team Championship belts draped around his neck. Eddie Edwards is out last and the two slap hands before charging the ring, right into a beating from the DCC! Bram and Storm attack Edwards while Kingston is going after Nero!

2-on-3 No Holds Barred Handicap Match
DCC vs World Tag Team Champion Brother Nero and World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards

Eddie gets to his feet and manages to fend off both his attackers, sending James Storm crashing out of the ring! Bram catches him from behind and starts clubbing his back, as Nero is doing the same to Kingston. Nero throws Kingston out of the ring as Bram slams Edwards’ head into the top turnbuckle pad. Bram attacks Nero but Nero takes the advantage and connects with a Twist of Fate! Nero goes up top and is looking for the Swanton Bomb, but the other members of the DCC pull Bram out of the ring– just in time for Eddie Edwards to fly out of the ring with a suicide dive into all three men!! Eddie keeps them from running as Nero dives off the top of the post, colliding with all four of them! We get a replay and when we come back, Eddie is punching a downed Bram in the head. Nero struggles to his feet and tries to smash Storm’s head into the ring stairs but Storm blocks it, elbows Nero, and smashes him into the steps instead. Edwards is dealing with Kingston and Bram breaks the attack up, grabbing Eddie and trying to slam him into the corner post but Eddie gets a foot up to block it and turns it around on Bram, throwing Bram into the corner post! Kingston tries to attack Eddie but meets the same fate! Storm smashes Nero on the stairs again, before punching Nero straight in the face. Kingston and Bram have taken over Edwards, choking and punching him. Kingston throws Eddie into the guard rail and Bram kicks him in the head. James Storm has picked up a chair and is attacking Nero with it. Eddie is slid into the ring by Kingston and Eddie fights Kingston off with chops. Eddie whips Kingston, reversed, and Kingston grabs Eddie and sends him flying with an overhead belly-to-belly! Outside, Nero is fighting Storm, and Nero gets on the stairs, leaps off at Storm but Storm moves and Nero crashes into the guard rail! Storm mocks Nero, then spits water in his face and punches him.

— Commercial break —

We’re back and the DCC is in control. Bram and Kingston are in the ring with a downed Eddie Edwards. Nero and Storm are on the outside, each man trying to get the advantage but neither man getting a clear advantage. Kingston pulls Eddie’s shirt over his face and chops Eddie. Eddie starts punching at Kingston but Kingston rakes the eyes. Bram with a short-arm clothesline and pins; one, two– kickout.

James Storm is choking Nero with some kind of bar. Inside, a double team suplex to Edwards. Bram covers again; one, two– kcikout.

James Storm throws a chair into the ring before returning his attention to Brother Nero, and Kingston is now outside. Bram shoves the chair between the top and middle turnbuckles. Kingston claws at the face of Nero. Bram slams Eddie face-first into the mat as James Storm slides another chair into the ring, and another. Edwards tries to grab one but Bram stops him with a kick to the head. Eddie tries to get up but Bram slugs him down. Bram pulls him up and tries to throw him into the propped-up chair but Eddie stops him and starts chopping Bram across the ring until Bram cuts him off with a knee to the gut. Bram tries to toss Eddie out of the ring but Eddie reverses this attempt, too, sending Bram up-and-over and outta here! Kingston catches Eddie by surprise and drags Eddie to the center of the ring, hitting a big STO! Nero and Storm are still battling outside, but Nero is smashing a chair into Storm! Nero gets a low blow from Storm! Kingston is in the ring, setting up chairs back-to-back. He yells “Time to die, Champion!” and pulls Eddie up. Kingston is trying to suplex Edwards across the chairs but Eddie fights the attempt, spinning the two of them around and suplexing Kingston’s spine right along the connected chairs!! Kingston rolls out of the ring and collapses in a heap. Storm enters the ring and tosses the chairs out. He and Edwards charge each other, Eddie ducks under a big wild lariat and both turn back around toward each other, Storm with a big boot to Eddie shoulder spins him around and James Storm connects with a back stabber! Nero is in the ring and Storm taunts him. Nero charges and ducks a lariat, off the ropes, clothesline from Nero! Storm back up, Manhattan drop! Nero with a double-leg takedown, he stands while holding Storm’s legs, double leg drop between the uprights! Nero ain’t done, though, as he rolls back and connects a basement dropkick to James Storm’s head! Nero leaps into a splash cover; one, two, thr– kickout!

Nero with a big jaw breaker sends Storm reeling. Nero gets up and charges across the ring at Storm but Storm side-steps and Nero crashes hard into the corner post! Storm rolls Nero up and pulls him into a standing headscissors, lifting Nero up into a crucifix and spins– Eye of the Storm! Storm drops Nero and goes for the pin; one, two, thre— KICKOUT!

Storm is pulling Nero up, slowly, and Eddie charges the ring to kick Storm in the back of the head! Storm rolls away as Bram enters the ring and lays Eddie out with a lariat! Eddie rolls toward the apron and Bram is right there, lifting Edwards up into a front facelock– Bram jumps off the apron with Edwards’ head secure, Eddie’s coming along for the ride as Bram DDTs Edwards through a table that was set-up at ringside!! Eddie is down!! Bram is down!! Kingston is nowhere to be seen! In the ring, Storm and Nero are trading punches. Nero with a gut kick, Twist of Fate! Storm doesn’t drop, though, and staggers into the ropes, bouncing off into a second gut kick, Twist of Fate– no, Storm spun out of it– superkick! Last Call! Storm covers; one, two, three!

Winners: DCC by pinfall (Last Call)

Storm celebrates before looking over the fallen Brother Nero, before the other members of DCC join him. Storm heads up the ramp and is joined by Kingston and Bram as we see that Eddie Edwards is still down and out.

1) Jessie Godderz def. Aron Rex
2) Brandi Rhodes and Madison Rayne def. Sienna and Laurel van Ness
3) Ethan Carter III def. Lashley, Trevor Lee, and Mike Bennett to become World Championship #1 Contender
4) Mahabali Shera def. Basile Baraka
5) DCC def. Eddie Edwards and Brother Nero

Next Week
– Eli Drake puts his voice on the line against EC3’s #1 Contendership
– X-Division Elimination Match