TNA Impact Wrestling Results

TNA Impact Wrestling Results 7/28/16
TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
July 28, 2016
Announcers: Josh Mathews and The Pope
Recap by: Nick Bryant of

Matt Hardy comes out and “summons” Brother Nero to the ring. Matt says that Jeff serves one purprose and that is to be his money making mule. He says that Jeff is here to sell merchandise and bring him money. Matt says that he takes his next step in claiming the “title of the world.” He says Jeff’s tonight is to ensure that he moves on to the BFG Playoffs Finals. Jeff says that if Matt is so great then he doesn’t need his help and should do it on his own. Matt says that he isn’t asking for his help, he is commanding Jeff’s “solitude.” Matt says that his wife doesn’t say no to him and Jeff won’t say no to him ever again. Matt says tonight he will win and EC3’s music cuts him off.

Matt starts growing and chomping at EC3 as he gets in the ring and EC3 just looks at him like a weirdo. EC3 says that Matt knew he would come and then starts mocking Matt’s growling and chomping. EC3 says he doesn’t care what sort of devious plans Matt has because nothing will stop him. He says that Vanguard 1 could fly in and drop a dilapidated boat on his head and it wouldn’t stop him from kicking Matt’s ass back to the “Hardy House of Whores.”

EC3 starts hyping up Jeff and saying that he isn’t obsolete, but if he gets involved in this match he will have a war with him. Matt says that he is going to eat EC3 and then eat his cats. EC3 gets pissed and says that you can say whatever you want about him but if you talk about “Skunk and Clover” then it is on!


BFG Playoffs Semifinals
“Broken” Matt Hardy w/Reby Hardy & Jeff Hardy vs. “The Ass Kicking Machine” Ethan Carter III

After some early offense from Matt EC3 takes over with a Running Clothesline. EC3 hits a Missile Dropkick but sells his leg like he may have injured his ankle on the landing. Matt immediately jumps on EC3 and goes to work on him. Matt works over the leg of EC3 for several minutes EC3 manages to use his free leg to kick Matt through the ropes to the floor and then EC3 hits a Slingshot Plancha over the top onto Matt on the floor. EC3 immediately grabs his leg when he lands. As Matt was trying to get back in the ring Reby grabs his leg, while Matt distracts the referee, allowing Matt to hit a Hanging DDT on EC3. EC3 counters a Twist of Fate into a clothesline and then hits an EC3 Splash followed by a Flapjack. Matt counters the One Percenter by biting EC3’s hand and hits the Side Effect for a nearfall. EC3 counters a Twist of Fate into an STO and then goes for the TK3. Matt blocks the TK3 and then chop blocks EC3’s injured leg. EC3’s eye is busted open. Matt drags EC3’s leg to the ring post and then pulls off EC3’s boot. He attempts to slam EC3’s foot into the ring post but EC3 slides away and as Matt rolls into the ring he eats the TK3 from EC3! Reby slides a hammer to Jeff and then she distracts the referee. EC3 shoves Matt into Reby and then EC3 and Matt clothesline each other! Jeff throws the ring into the middle of the ring. EC3 stops Matt from getting it but then Matt starts biting EC3’s ankle. Matt picks up the hammer but the referee catches him and takes it away. EC3 hits Matt with his boot, behind the referee’s back, and hits the One Percenter for the pin!

Winner: EC3 via pinfall (One Percenter)

In the back Maria meets with Madison Rayne. She says that Madison caught her eye last week and she thanks her for stepping up. Madison says she didn’t do it for Maria. She says that she is the “Queen Bee of the Knockouts” and ever since Maria came she has been pushed to the side so that Sienna can be a star. Madison says that Gail deserves to be in the Hall of Fame but she wants to know what Maria is going to do for her when she beats Gail. Maria says she has to beat her first.


Backstage Matt screams at Jeff about what happened in the ring. Matt says that Jeff ruins everything and that this won’t go unpunished. Jeff screams at Matt to punish him because nothing is worse than being deleted. Matt says that Jeff will learn that one day everything dies and he will learn to love something new.

Footage of Madison beating Gail Kim down last week is shown.

Gail Kim vs. “Queen Bee” Madison Rayne

Gail gets in Madison’s face before the match and they start shoving each other to start the match. After a quick back and forth Gail takes control with a Sidewalk Slam. Madison with a beautiful rollup for a nearfall but Gail answers with one of her own. Madison takes over the match with a series of knees and kicks before wearing Gail down with a Front Facelock and a beautiful Snap Suplex. Gail tries to come back with a Flying Cross Body but Madison sidesteps her and nails her with an Enziguri for another nearfall. Gail again tries a comeback with a Corner Body Splash but Madison moves causing Gail to crash into the ring post. Madison puts Gail in a Cravate and levels her with a series of knees and then a Sliding Clothesline as Gail was draped over the bottom rope. Madison tries to elbow Gail on the apron but Gail moves out of the way and then rolls her up for a nearfall. Madison cuts Gail off with a clothesline. Madison attempts a Superplex off the top but Gail shoves her off and then dives off the top right into a boot from Madison. Madison hits the Rayne Check but Gail got her foot on the bottom rope as Madison tried to get the pin. Gail comes back with the Eat Defeat out of nowhere after Madison argued with the referee and she picks up the win.

Winner: Gail via pinfall (Eat Defeat)

EC3 hypes up Moose backstage calling him the most destructive force in wrestling. He says that he promised to save TNA and he has done just that but for whatever reason Dixie has a problem with him. Bennett says that the only man standing in his way to the Finals of the BFG Playoffs is Drew Galloway and he has already beaten him. He tells Lashley to keep his title nice and warm for him and Moose is coming for Lashley too. Moose says that it doesn’t matter who gets in his way because he is going to crush Lashley.


A vignette between Bram and Rosemary in the woods is shown. Rosemary says that this is the place of secrets and the place where they began. She says that she wants to look in his eyes when she tells him. She tells the story of her growing up in the farm that they are at when something shattered her innocence. She tells a story about her cat getting sick and her mom promising to fix her when she found the dead cat in the trash later. Rosemary talks about how she fell from a tree while mourning her cat and when she woke up the tree began talking to her. The tree told her that she had a brother that she never met named Montgomery. It was her brother that brought her to the voices in the woods.

Bram says he is freaked out and confused by her and her story. Rosemary says she brought him out there to tell him about what happened in a barn that she points to.

Moose w/Mike Bennett vs. David Starr

Moose immediately attacks Starr at the bell slamming him into the turnbuckles repeatedly. Moose goes for a Forearm Smash but Starr moves and lights Moose up with some chops and forearms. Moose just shrugs him off and choke lifts him up to the top rope. Moose then shows off his athleticism with a beautiful dropkick knocking Starr off the top to the floor! Moose tosses Starr back in the ring but as Moose tried to get back in Starr dropkicked him. Starr hits another dropkick and then goes for a Suicide Dive only for Moose to catch him in midair and then Pop-Up Powerbomb him onto the apron! Back in the ring Moose destroys Starr’s entire existence with the Gamebreaker (Wristlock transitioned into a Shortarm Lariat) for the pin!

Winner: Moose via pinfall (Gamebreaker)

Bennett says, after the match, what we just witnessed was the most dominant and baddest man in professional wrestling. That brings out The Destroyer! Lashley power walks to the ring as Moose stares him down.


Moose and Lashley get in each other’s faces but Bennett gets between them and calms Moose down. Bennett asks the fans if this is a matchup that the fans want to see which of course results in a pop. Bennett says this match isn’t going to happen right now which doesn’t seem to make Moose very happy, but Bennett says he has a BFG Playoff match to focus on right now and he needs Moose. Moose tells Lashley that this isn’t over.

As Moose and Bennett are walking away Lashley says that one of these days Moose’s mommy might let him come out and play, but until then he should just walk away like a little bitch. Moose tries to come back but Bennett stops him and whispers something to him which causes Moose to back down.

Lashley says that he has the World Title and the X-Division Title but he wants all of the gold because that is the way to be truly dominant. He says that if there is a singles title out there he wants it and he is here to destroy the entire roster.

DJ Z comes out as footage of his win at Destination X is shown. Zema says he isn’t here to try and stop Lashley because he doesn’t know if anyone can stop him from doing anything but he is here to fight him! Zema says that he has been in the X-Division for five years and Lashley is the most dominant wrestler he has ever seen, but he isn’t an X-Division wrestler. He say that Lashley doesn’t want to hand over the X-Division Title and that is fine with him because he wants to take it from him! Zema says he is the #1 Contender and he is challenging him right now!

Lashley says that Zema and the fans don’t think he can do the things that Zema can do in the ring but Zema can’t do what he can do so he will let Zema pick any match he wants and he will whoop his ass no matter what it is. Zema thinks about it for a second and says he wants a Ladder Match! Lashley agrees and says they will do it right now as some staff members bring some ladders out!

TNA X-Division Championship
“The Destroyer” Lashley (c) vs. “DJ Z” Zema Ion

Zema quickly slides to the floor and grabs a ladder as Lashley chases him. Zema slides the ladder in the ring but Lashley grabs it and throws it to the floor. Zema sidesteps a charging Lashley and then leapfrogs over him and hits a series of kicks. Lashley tries to use his power but Zema uses his speed to stay one step ahead of Lashley until Lashley finally gets his hands on him and hits a Spinebuster. Lashley takes over the match and commences the beatdown. Lashley attempts a Running Shoulder Block in the corner but Zema moves out of the way and then hits as Springboard Back Elbow. Zema brings another ladder in the ring and Lashley tries to throw it at him but Zema manages to avoid it. Zema goads Lashley into chasing him outside and then quickly rolls back into the ring and hits a gorgeous Somersault Plancha over the top onto Lashley on the floor! Zema climbs on the announce table and then dives off with another Somersault Senton onto Lashley!


Back from the break Lashley is flat out destroying Zema with the ladder. He then lays it on top of Zema and stands on him and the ladder. Lashley taunts Pope a bit while he continues to beat Zema down. Zema baseball slide dropkicks a ladder into Lashley but then as he grabbed the ladder Lashley slams it into the face of Zema. Lashley hits a Dominator and then poses for the crowd and taunts Zema. He tosses Zema to the floor and sets the ladder up under the title. Lashley climbs the ladder but Zema dives off the top with a Missile Dropkick knocking Lashley off the ladder! Lashley rolls to the floor but he is not safe from Zema! Zema dives off the ladder with a Plancha over the top and onto Lashley on the floor! Zema climbs up the ladder but before he can grab the title Lashley grabs the ladder and actually lifts it in the air and then knocks it over knocking Zema onto the turnbuckles. Lashley hits a nasty Spinebuster but Zema comes back with a low blow and then the Rolling Leaping DDT! Zema climbs up the ladder but Lashley climbs up the other side and then Gorilla Presses Zema off the ladder in an insane spot! Lashley pulls the title down and retains it.

Winner & STILL TNA X-Division Champion: Lashley via pulling down the title

In the back EC3 talks to Drew Galloway about the BFG Playoffs and Galloway says that one day they may laugh about their rivalry over some beers but right now they are enemies. EC3 says that he wants to settle things with Galloway so he will have Galloway’s back tonight to make sure Moose doesn’t get involved. Drew says he doesn’t want EC3’s help and says that he will do it on his own. He says the next time he wants to see EC3 is in the Finals.


More Rosemary and Bram weirdness is shown. The jist of it is that Montgomery told Rosemary that her love “Johnny” would come. He never did so Rosemary started doing weird stuff with cutting herself on a freaky love letter and black magic. Finally Johnny came but he wasn’t who Rosemary thought. She says she has to take Bram “to the exact spot” before she can tell him what happened and we get a “to be continued” symbol.

Eli Drake hosts the “Facts of Life” and talks about being screwed over by a “crooked referee” in the BFG Playoffs. He asks if he really heard Lashley say early that his “Ninja Turtle head cross eyed halfwit Lashley” has beaten everyone in TNA. Drake says that he is the KOTM Champion and Lashley has never beaten him. Dummy, yeah. Drake says that Lashley is trying to go around and collect titles like Pokemon Go and if Lashley wants to put both of his titles on the line he will put his on the line too. He says there isn’t a man in TNA bad enough to take the title from him.

James Storm comes out and says that he already told Drake once that everytime he hits the Dummy button he is going to slap the piss out of him. He calls Storm a drunk and Storm says that if he was sober Drake wouldn’t like him because he would be whooping his ass. Storm says they both got beat in the BFG Playoffs but Drake has the KOTM Title and his opinion the man that holds that title is first in line for a World Title shot. Storm says that Drake did his best to try and get disqualified the last time they faced.

Storm grabs Drake’s jug of water and punts it. Storm says that water sucks just like Drake. Storm makes fun of the sleeveless suit he is wearing and says whatever he does in his spare time is his own problem, but he just wants one more shot at the title.

Drake says that Storm doesn’t deserve another shot and then Storm cracks a joke about Drake’s mom getting railed by Storm’s dad. Drake gets pissed and says that if he wants a shot at the title then he wants to never see Storm driving his stupid cooler to the ring or hear his stupid music again. He says that he doesn’t get Storm’s music but maybe because he’s never wanted to make love to his sister. Drake says that if he agrees to never getting another shot at the title if he loses then he will give him one last shot. They both agree and Drake tries to hit Storm with the title, but Storm ducks and then grabs the title. Drake low blows Storm and hits Blunt Force Trauma!

A vignette in the form of an infomercial airs with Tyrus calling himself “The Fixer” and how he is a gun for hire. Grado tries to get Tyrus to help him but they don’t have the money to pay him. Shera gets pissed at Grado and says that next week they will show The Tribunal they are not a joke.

Decay and Bro-Mans are brawling backstage!


TNA World Tag Team Championships
Monsters Ball Match
The Decay (c) vs. Bro-Mans w/Raquel

As we come back from break there is all kinds of plunder in the ring with the two teams. Steve whips Robbie with a kendo stick while Abyss works on Jessie in the corner. Abyss drags a board wrapped in barbed wire into the ring. Steve pours out a bag full of thumbtacks in the ring as well. Abyss destroys Jessie with a chair and then tosses him over the top rope. Decay whips Robbie into the ropes and attempts a Double Clothesline but Robbie ducks and Jessie comes flying out of nowhere with a Springboard Flying Double Clothesline! Bro-Mans starts laying into Decay with all sorts of weapons now. Jessie tosses a chair to Abyss and when he catches it he dropkicks him and then Robbie hits the Boom Drop on Steve onto a chair that was set up in the ring! They celebrate and start doing their taunts which allows Abyss to recover and clothesline them. Abyss tries to throw Robbie into the barbed wire board but he stops himself and then Bro-Mans shoulder block Abyss into the board! They hit the Bro-Down on Steve into the tacks! Jessie puts Steve in the Adonis Lock but Abyss comes back and grabs Jessie by the throat. Jessie elbows Abyss and then climbs up top only for Abyss to knock him off the top sending him crashing through a table at ringside! Abyss pulls out yet another board wrapped in barbed wire but also brings out Janice as well! Raquel low blows Abyss and then Robbie grabs Janice and tries to hit Steve with it, but Steve sidesteps him and then Robbie turns around right into a Chokeslam from Abyss into the barbed wire board for the pin!

Winners & STILL TNA Tag Team Champions: The Decay via pinfall (Chokeslam onto barbed wire)


Main Event
BFG Playoffs Semifinals
“The Chosen One” Drew Galloway vs. “The Miracle” Mike Bennett w/Maria & Moose

Moose blindsides Galloway from behind as he makes his entrance and then hits an Apron Bomb! Moose tosses Galloway into the ring where the match officially starts. Bennett immediately covers Galloway but he kicks out at two. Bennett tries for several more nearfalls but Galloway continues to kickout. Bennett completely dominates the first part of the match until Galloway comes back with a Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplex out of nowhere. Galloway takes control until he dives off the top for a Flying Clothesline only for Bennett to catch him in midair with a Miracle Cutter for a nearfall. The fight spills to the floor. Galloway actually slides Bennett under the ring and then catapults him into the steel beam under the ring in a very unique spot. Back in the ring Galloway gets a nearfall and then they begin exchanging strikes. Galloway hits his Reverse Alabama Slam for a nearfall. Galloway goes for the Future Shock DDT but Bennett counters into the Miracle Maker! He goes for another one but Galloway ducks and he hits the referee! Galloway hits the Future Shock! The referee is still down. Moose lays Galloway out and hits a nasty Sky High from the top rope! Bennett covers Galloway as the referee rolls over only for Galloway to kick out at two and a half. EC3 runs out and gets into a brawl with Moose. Moose goes for a Spear on EC3 but he moves and Moose crashes into the ring steps. Maria hands Bennett a kendo stick but EC3 takes it away from him and swings it at Bennett. Bennett ducks and EC3 nails Galloway! Moose pulls EC3 to the floor and hits him with the Gamebreaker! Bennett hits the Miracle In Progress for the pin!

Winner: Bennett via pinfall (Miracle In Progress)

1) BFG Playoffs Semifinals: Ethan Carter III def. Matt Hardy
2) Gail Kim def. Madison Rayne
3) Moose def. David Starr
4) TNA X-Division Title Ladder Match: Lashley (c) def. Zema Ion to retain the title!
5) TNA Tag Team Titles Monsters Ball: Decay (c) def. Bro-Mans to retain the title!
6) BFG Playoffs Semifinals: Mike Bennett def. Drew Galloway

Next Week’s Lineup:
-BFG Playoffs Finals: Mike Bennett vs. Ethan Carter III


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