TNA Impact Wrestling Results

TNA Impact Wrestling Results 5/24/16

TNA Impact Wrestling: May Mayhem Results
Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
May 24, 2016
Announcers: Josh Mathews & The Pope
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

“May Mayhem” starts off with a video package highlighting last week’s crazy ending and a preview for tonight’s show.

Matt Hardy comes out to the ring with his new nutjob look while a replay of the Willow reveal is replayed from last week. Matt is carrying a piece of paper to the ring with him. Matt says that he has evolved and gotten stronger and better and more dangerous as a huge “we want Jeff” chant erupts. Matt says that he will face one of his greatest rivals tonight in EC3 and he stands in the way of EC3 on his road to redemption. Matt says he sees EC3 just as a warm up to his brother Jeff. He is holding a contract in his hand for a Full Metal Mayhem Match with Jeff Hardy at Slammiversary and he says that match will be the match where he finally “deletes” his brother from TNA for good. He says that Jeff is the one that issued the challenge and he says that when he signs the contract it is the equivalent of signing Jeff’s death certificate.

Rockstar Spud and Tyrus come out to the ring and Spud says that he believed in the “Iconic” Matt Hardy and he dedicated his life to the #MattHardyBrand. Spud says he has been a better man since he dedicated himself to Matt, but this new persona is not really Matt. Spud says that if Matt keeps fighting Jeff and keeps turning into “whatever it is that you are turning into it” he is just going to continue to lose himself. Matt says that he is getting better and he must delete Jeff once and for all. Matt says that Jeff has forced his hand.

Matt asks Tyrus how he feels and Tyrus says he does what is best for himself. Matt says that Matt fought Jeff last time and he ended up looking like a weirdo. Spud tells Matt to just stop all of this because things are just going to get worse. Matt offers Tyrus and Spud a proposal, he suggests that Tyrus and Spud face Jeff in a Ladder Match tonight with the Full Metal Mayhem Contract hanging above the ring. Matt says that if Jeff wins then he will sign it but if Spud and Tyrus destroy Jeff and win then he won’t have the match. Tyrus seems to not give a shit either way while Spud is amped up. Matt says that if they fail they will no longer be able to associate with him. Before anything else can be said EC3’s music interrupts them.


“The Psychotic Weirdo” Matt Hardy vs. Ethan Carter III

EC3 must pin or submit Hardy in this match to get his rematch with Bennett. They lockup and Matt takes EC3’s back and rains down clubbing blows to the back of EC3. EC3 fights Hardy off and slams him into the corner and lays into him with chops and right hands. EC3 whips Matt into the corner and then connects with a Running Clothesline. EC3 hits a Vertical Suplex and follows up by tossing Matt back into the corner. EC3 goes for a Stinger Splash but Matt gets his boots up. Matt hits a Hangman’s Neckbreaker and then tosses EC3 back into the corner. Hardy slaps and chops EC3 repeatedly and then punt kicks him in the ribs. Matt hits an Elbow Drop for a one count and picks EC3 up to whip him into the ropes. Matt hits a Back Elbow followed by a Leg Drop for a nearfall. Matt backs EC3 into the corner and hits a series of body shots followed by a Running Clothesline into a Running Bulldog for another nearfall. Matt tosses EC3 to the floor and slams EC3 face first into the apron. EC3 fights back and blocks another shot from Matt before slamming Matt into the apron and lighting him up with some chops. EC3 tosses Matt back into the ring and attempts to whip Matt into the corner, but Matt reverses it and connects with a clothesline followed by a Leg Drop for a nearfall. Matt puts EC3 in a Cravate but EC3 fights it off with a series of body shots and elbows. Matt comes back with a Reverse Bulldog and then goes for another Running Bulldog, but EC3 blocks it and hits a clothesline. EC3 hits a back elbow off the ropes and then an Atomic Drop. Bennett is shown walking down the ramp as Matt sidesteps a splash and rolls EC3 up for a nearfall. Matt immediately follows up with the Side Effect! 1…2…NO EC3 kicks out! Matt goes for the Twist of Fate but EC3 counters into a Flapjack. EC3 goes for the One Percenter but Matt counters into a Twist of Fate attempt. EC3 counters the Twist in the Cobra Clutch but Mike Bennett attacks EC3 from behind.

Winner: EC3 via DQ

Bennett continues to beat EC3 down after the match and hits a Sliding Mafia Kick to the side of EC3’s head as he was trying to get up. Josh Matthews points out that Bennett had stipulated that EC3 had to pin or submit Hardy to get his rematch with Bennett. Bennett hits the Miracle in Progress on EC3. Bennett says, “just like that the EC3 Road to Redemption comes to a screeching halt.” Bennett points out that EC3 didn’t pin or submit Hardy so he doesn’t get his rematch at Slammiversary.


Backstage Bennett says what he just did to EC3 is art and you don’t have to explain art, you just have to accept it for what it is: art. Bennett says that he took all of EC3’s hope and wants and dreams and destroyed them. Bennett says that he made it clear to EC3 that he had to follow his rules exactly to get his rematch so he will not get that rematch. Bennett tells EC3 to think about the fact that he will never get his rematch.

Maria’s “apprentice” Allie is standing the ring trying to get the fans attention. She introduces Maria who is wearing some very…interesting booty shorts to the ring. Maria says that she is the leader of the Knockouts and as the leader she has a very important job to make sure her vision is getting out to the public. Maria says that sometimes she will check social media and when she does she realizes that the fans all love Velvet Sky. The fans chant “yes we do” and Maria yells at the fans that she fired her and she isn’t coming back. Maria says that Velvet is part of the Knockouts past and she is building a brighter future.

Gail Kim interrupts Maria and she says that she is fed up with Maria and with her manipulative ways. Maria says that Gail sounds like a broken record that should have been thrown out a long time ago. Maria mocks Gail about being upset over Velvet’s firing and Gail says the fans loved Velvet and asks Maria who gave her the right to play with people’s lives. Maria says that from the minute she came into TNA Gail has been telling her to “put on her wrestling boots” and fight. She says she did that and beat Gail so now this is her world and Gail is just living in it. Gail says she has to live in it but she doesn’t have to play by her rules and she can kick her ass. Maria suggests that she do that and she will be fired like Velvet and reminds her that she can’t touch her and she can’t touch Gail. Gail says they can touch in a match and she challenges Maria to a match. Maria says she has an idea for a match and if she losses then she will be fired. Gail says she has no problems with that and she prays that her opponent is Maria, but Maria says she is a lady and she doesn’t get her hands dirty. Sienna attacks Gail from behind and puts the boots to her. Sienna tosses Gail to the floor and Maria taunts Gail as they reveal Sienna vs. Gail with Gail’s career on the line tonight.

In the back Shera and Grado talk about the issues with Al Snow. Shera thanks Grado for his help against Snow and Grado says tonight he will fight Snow for Shera and for all the fans. Grado says that he has beat up many a man in the streets of Glasgow with his bare knuckles and he knows that Snow is coming with weapons so he has come prepared. He pulls out a turkey leg from his trunks and realizes that is his lunch, but then pulls out a chain from his trunks and wraps his hand with it.


Backstage Robbie and Jessie are on the phone with each other, and not realizing they are on opposite sides of a curtain. Robbie says he found a “secret guru” that can take them to the next level as a team. The entire time a bunch of people are approaching Jessie and taking selfies with him. A lady walks up to Robbie and points out that they are right next to each other, and Robbie freaks out about Jessie not paying attention.

Gail Kim bitches about Maria some more and she says that she has fought way too hard and way too long to allow Maria to run her off.

A video package highlighting Snow’s feud with Grado and Shera is shown.

Street Fight
Grado vs. Al Snow

Al Snow comes out and says that he didn’t think Grado could get any dumber but he proved just how dumb he can be by challenging Snow to a Street Fight. Snow calls himself the “Crown Prince of Hardcore” and asks the fans if they want weapons and blood. After they cheer for everything Snow they won’t get it because he is a wrestler and all he needs is his hands to beat Grado. Snow says that the fans can all boo him but he is their moms favorite wrestler. Snow hides behind the video screen as Grado’s music hits and when he comes through the tunnel Snow attacks him. Snow chokes Grado with his fanny pack and then takes Grado’s left hand and slams it into the ramp. Snow slams Grado into the ring steps while Josh Matthews whines about Snow claiming to be “protecting the business.” Snow slams Grado’s hand into the ring steps and then tosses him into the ring. Snow goes up top and attempts the Snowsault but Grado moves out of the way. Snow pulls some powder out from his trunks and goes to throw it at Grado but Grado kicks it into his face. Grado hits a Running Big Boot and then Shera comes out with a bunch of weapons and tosses them to Grado. Grado smashes Snow with a trashcan lid and then a cookie sheet. Grado grabs the turkey leg from earlier and hits Snow in the balls with it. Grado then smashes Snow in the head with the turkey leg before Grado pulls out the chain that Grado had earlier. Grado wraps it around his fist and nails Snow with it! Two guys wearing “France” shirts run out and attack Shera. They pull the referee out just as Grado covers Snow. Snow hits Grado from behind with the trashcan lid and connects with the Snow Plow for the pin.

Winner: Al Snow via pinfall (Snow Plow)

The two guys celebrate with Snow after the match. The two guys are former NXT tag team Marcus Louis and Sylvester Lefort. Both are French wrestlers and Lefort was trained by Lance Storm while Louis was trained in the UK by a guy I’ve never heard of. In TNA Louis is going to go by the name Baron Dax and LeFort will be known as Basille Baracca. Their team name is going to be called The Tribunal or something like that I think.


Backstage Reby Sky sits down with Matt and says that everyone is just trying to help him. Matt says only one thing will help and that is the removal of Jeff. Reby asks Matt why he is so obsessed with Jeff and says he needs to focus on his family. Matt says that is all he is focused on because the family won’t survive until Jeff is removed from it. Reby holds up their son and says that he is Matt’s family but Matt just ignores her and walks away.

JB brings out Lashley for an interview and a pissed off Lashley gets in JB’s face and backs him into the corner. Lashley demands JB get out of the ring which JB happily does. Lashley says the only fair thing to do is to give him the World Title right now. He says that he is been in a lot of fights in his life but never has he ever had 20 guys interfere in his match and break out into a big brawl causing his match to get thrown out and screwing him out of the World Title. Lashley says he deserves the title but Galloway interrupts him.

Galloway asks Lashley if bullying ring announcers is what makes him legitimate. He says that you can tell a lot about a man by looking them in the eye. Galloway says that last week he saw something in Lashley’s eyes that no one has ever seen in him before and that was fear. Galloway says it doesn’t mean that Lashley was necessarily scared of him but he was scared because he has never been in the ring with someone like him. Galloway says that Lashley gave him everything he had and he still kept fighting back.

Lashley says that Drew knows what would have happened if the brawl wouldn’t have happened because he would have knocked Drew out or choked him out. Galloway says he is an impatient man and he has never been accused of making the smartest decisions in his life. Galloway says there is nothing between them but ropes and air so they shouldn’t wait for a rematch. Before they start fighting Dixie Carter comes out and interrupts them.

Dixie says that the wrestlers were around the ring last week is because of the constant fighting between them and obviously it didn’t work. Dixie says that TNA management has been talking about this all week and she thinks they finally have the solution to settle this. She says it will be live on PPV at Slammiversary and we will have an undisputed World Champion in one more match between the two. She says the only way to win will be by knockout or tapout!

Galloway smiles and starts to walk backstage and Lashley taunts him by saying that Drew is going to walk away like a little bitch. Galloway hits the ring and nails Lashley with the Claymore! He jumps on Lashley and pummels him until security runs out and pulls him off. Galloway lays out security but then eats a Spear from Lashley! Lashley beings to pummel Galloway and more security and referees hit the ring to pull Lashley off. Lashley beats the hell out of the security guards and then tosses the referee clear across the ring before Spearing him as well! Lashley chokes Galloway with his wrist tape and a bunch more referees run out and try to convince Lashley to let go. He finally releases Galloway after he passes out.


TNA X-Division Championship
Ultimate X Match
“The Carolina Caveman” Trevor Lee (c) w/Shane Helms vs. “The Skywalker” Andrew Everett w/Shane Helms vs. “DJ Z” Zema Ion vs. “The Lone Wolf” Eddie Edwards

Zema’s entrance is cool as hell right now. Everett and Lee come to the ring together and Shane Helms walks them to the ring. Zema hits a Somersault Plancha over the top onto Lee on the floor while Eddie hits a Tope Suicida through the ropes onto Everett. Zema and Eddie toss the heels into the ring and then clothesline them to the floor. Zema climbs up top and leaps to the Ultimate X cables but Eddie grabs his legs and pulls him down. Zema falls down and catches Eddie in a hurricanrana as he was falling! Zema and Eddie elbow and clothesline each other until Everett pulls Eddie to the floor. Lee comes in and slams Zema to the mat only for Eddie to nail him with a Leaping Enziguri from the apron. Everett pulls Eddie off the apron and slams him to the floor. Zema comes back with a Flying Headscissors through the ropes onto Everett on the floor! Zema climbs up to the cables and begins scaling them but Lee pulls Zema down into a German Suplex! Eddie dives off the top with the Ghetto Stomp on Lee! Everett hits a Pele Kick on Eddie! Everett climbs up to the cable and begins scaling across only for his buddy Lee to begin screaming at him and pull him to the mat. They argue with each other but Helms talks to them and reminds them that they are a team. Everett helps Lee up to the top and helps balance him while he scales the cables. Zema runs over and nails Everett with a Jawbreaker and then pulls Lee down into an Atomic Drop! Zema hits a Springboard Double Elbow to Everett & Lee! Zema climbs up top but Lee slams him head first into the scaffold. Eddie hits Lee with an elbow and then a Leaping Enziguri as Lee climbed up top. Everett charges at Eddie but Eddie lifts Everett up and onto Lee in the corner stacking them up on each other on the top rope. Eddie then climbs up top and hits a Double Frankensteiner on both Everett and Lee! Eddie scales the cable but Lee grabs his leg and pulls Eddie down into a Leaping Knee Strike! Lee climbs up top but Zema hits a Rolling Leaping Super DDT off the top on Lee! Zema scales the cables again but Lee hits a Springboard Missile Dropkick knocking Zema off the cables! Eddie climbs up top and he kicks Everett off as Everett grabbed his legs. Everett goes for a Springboard Missile Dropkick but Eddie kicks him in midair! Eddie grapevines the cable and scales across and pulls the title down but Helms pulled the referee out. As Eddie pulled the title down Lee ran over and snatched it from him just as Helms let the referee turn around and see Lee with the title.

Winner & STILL TNA X-Division Champion: Trevor Lee via pulling down the title

In the back Maria preaches to her troops about her vision in the Knockouts division. She says that she has chosen them for a reason and tonight Sienna has a particular job to do. Sienna says that Gail has been the face of the Knockouts for far too long and the way to end something like that is to rip its heart out.


Backstage EC3 says that he has been kicking Matt Hardy’s ass before he was even born and says that Bennett likes to play rigged games. EC3 says that there is honor in beating a man’s ass but there is no honor on reneging on a deal. EC3 says that he played Bennett’s game and he won his little gauntlet so he is about to make a phone call he doesn’t want to make but one he has to make. EC3 says that by the time he is done with Bennett he won’t have a life.

Gail’s TNA Career on the Line
Gail Kim vs. Sienna w/Maria & Allie

Both Sienna and Allie have recently been announced for the upcoming AAA Lucha World Cup in Mexico. Allie will be a member of Team Canada and Sienna a member of Team USA in the Women’s Tournament. EC3, Tyrus, and Eli Drake will also represent TNA in the Men’s Tournament as Team TNA. Rockstar Spud is going to be a member of Team Rest of the World in the tournament as well. Gail attacks Sienna as she enters the ring and hits a series of forearms and elbows. Gail hits a Kneebreaker and then a Flying Clothesline for a one count. Gail leaps to the top and kicks a charging Sienna followed by a Springboard Flying Cross Body for a nearfall. Gail hits the ropes but eats a Running Knee from Sienna. Sienna charges at Gail again but Gail catches her with a hurricanrana over the top rope to the floor! Gail hits Sienna with more forearms but as she turns around to go after Maria, Sienna hits Gail from behind. Sienna hits a Flapjack on Gail across the guardrail. Sienna tosses Gail into the ring and connects with a massive Forearm Smash. Sienna chokes Gail in the corner and then hits a Running Samoan Drop on Gail for a nearfall. Sienna seems to be favoring her knee a little bit. Sienna whips Gail hard into the corner and then she whips Gail into the opposite corner. Sienna goes for another Samoan Drop but Gail counters it into a Reverse DDT! Gail climbs up top but Maria grabs her leg as Sienna distracted the referee. Maria pulls Gail down and slams her into the apron. Maria tosses Gail into the ring and she goes for her finish but Gail counters into a Sunset Flip for the pin!

Winner: Gail Kim via pinfall (Sunset Flip)

Maria and Sienna attack Gail after the match and beat her down. Maria goes nuts slapping Gail over and over.

In the back Rockstar Spud tries to hype Tyrus up for their match with Jeff. Tyrus tells Spud not to talk so much and let him handle this match. Spud says that they have to do this for Matt when Reby Sky walks up and tells them to do it for her and Maxell. She says that she needs them to take care of this and she will take care of them. Tyrus wants some money but Spud says that fixing Matt is reward enough.


The Bro-Mans are looking for the “guru” they are supposed to be meeting. Raquel approaches them looking unbelievably hot and says she is the guru. She says that she can help them win the Tag Titles ro they can question her. She slaps them on the ass and tells them to come work out. She says that she is going to help them focus next after wearing them out in the gym.

Main Event
Ladder Match
“The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy vs. Tyrus & Rockstar Spud

Jeff has to beat Spud and Tyrus to get his Full Metal Mayhem Match with Matt at Slammiversary. Spud attacks Jeff as he is making his entrance and then Tyrus grabs Jeff and slams him into the apron. Tyrus charges at Jeff but Jeff sidesteps him causing Tyrus to crash into the ring post. Jeff throws a chair at Tyrus and then pulls a ladder out from under the ring.


Jeff hits an Atomic Drop followed by Leg Drop and then a Sliding Dropkick to Spud. Jeff grabs a ladder but Tyrus grabs the other side and pulls Jeff into the turnbuckles. Tyrus stomps on Jeff’s legs and then leg drops Jeff in the nuts Jeff Hardy style. Tyrus hits a Scoop Slam on Jeff and then Spud dives off the top with a Flying Elbow Drop! Spud slides another ladder in the ring while Tyrus continues to work on Jeff in the corner. Spud chokes Jeff and then Tyrus goes for a Corner Splash but Jeff pulls Spud into the Splash! Jeff jumps on Tyrus and lays into him with rights and lefts. Tyrus blocks the shots and lifts Jeff up on his shoulders and hits a Side Slam. Tyrus sets the ladder up under the contract and starts to climb it but the bottom rung on the ladder actually breaks under his weight. Tyrus tells Spud that he is going to have to climb it. Jeff calls Tyrus fat and then hits the Twist of Fate! Spud runs in and climbs to the top of the ladder but Jeff climbs up the other side and cuts Spud off. Jeff slams Spud’s face into the ladder repeatedly and then hits a Super Twist of Fate onto the ladder causing both men to fall to the mat. Jeff grabs another ladder and sets it up and climbs to the top and pulls the contract down!

Winner: Jeff Hardy via grabbing the contract

Jeff signs the contract immediately after the match as Matt walks onto the stage and stares at Jeff.


1) EC3 def. Matt Hardy via DQ
2) Street Fight: Al Snow def. Grado
3) TNA X-Division Title Ultimate X Match: Trevor Lee (c) def. Andrew Everett, Eddie Edwards, & Zema Ion to retain the title!
4) Gail Kim def. Sienna
5) Ladder Match: Jeff Hardy def. Tyrus & Rockstar Spud

Slammiversary Lineup
-TNA World Title Knockout or Tapout Match: Drew Galloway (c) vs. Lashley
-Full Metal Mayhem Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy