TNA Impact Wrestling Results

TNA Impact Wrestling Results 5/17/16

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
May 17, 2016
Orlando, Florida

* The show opened with Jeff Hardy confronting Shadow Willow.

* Jeff Hardy def. Shadow Willow. After the match, a second Willow showed up when Jeff tried to unmask the first. A third Willow unmasks himself to be Matt Hardy.

* Sienna def. Velvet Sky with Velvet’s job on the line.

* Mike Bennett def. referee Earl Hebner. Before the match, Bennett and Maria cut a promo about EC3 not believing in himself. Bennett described himself as a future TNA Hall of Famer and wants to call out a current Hall of Famer, referee Earl Hebner. Bennett called out another referee to start the match.

* EC3 def. Tyrus in a Last Man Standing match. EC3 got the win dropping Tyrus over part of the ring barricade and stacking the steel ring steps and weapons over him.

* Eddie Edwards and DJ Z def. TNA X Division Champion Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett w/ Shane Helms. DJ Z got the pinfall on Everett following a DDT.

* TNA King of the Mountain Champion Bram cut a promo and is aware Eli Drake wants to cash in his Feast or Fired briefcase for a shot at his title. Bram invites Drake to do so tonight. Drake teases he will cash in and then says not tonight.

* Drew Galloway vs. Lashley for the TNA Championship in a Lumberjack match ended in a no contest. Galloway was pulled out of the ring by the lumberjacks at ringside to cause the no contest finish. After the match, a big brawl breaks out including Matt Hardy attacking Jeff Hardy.


  1. Awesome show, that last man standing match got a lot of time, and best off no commercials through it

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