TNA Impact Wrestling Results

TNA Impact Wrestling Results 4/12/16

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Orlando, FL (Impact Zone)
April 126 2016
Announcers: Josh Matthews & The Pope
Results by: Jason Namako of

* TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Drew Galloway (c) def. Tyrus w/Rockstar Spud by pinfall to retain the title with the Future Shock DDT.

* In-ring segment between Gail Kim and new Knockouts head Maria that leads to Maria making Gail Kim face Rosemary in Rosemary’s TNA in-ring debut.

* Rosemary def. Gail Kim by pinfall with a F-5 after Maria interfered.

* In-ring segment with the debut of Eli Drake’s “Facts of Life” talk show with guests The Bromans. Ends with The Bromans clearing Drake from the ring.

* TNA Tag Team Championsihps, Valley of Shadows: Decay (Abyss & Crazzy Steve) w/Rosemary def. Beer Money Inc. (James Storm & Bobby Roode) (c’s) by pinfall to win the titles after Abyss chokeslammed Roode on thumbtacks.

* TNA King of the Mountain Championship: Bram def. Eric Young (c) by pinfall to win the title after The Brighter Side of Suffering (Implant DDT) off the apron through a table.

* In-ring segment involving Jeff Hardy, Reby Sky and Rockstar Spud where Reby laments to Jeff about Matt Hardy’s condition since last week’s I Quit Match between them. Reby spits at Jeff, then slaps him. Spud goes after Jeff’s bad leg, but Jeff lays out Spud with a Twist of Fate. Reby stares down Jeff as he leaves.

* Main Event in a No DQ Match: Mike Bennett w/Maria def. Ethan Carter III by pinfall to end EC3’s 30-month undefeated streak in TNA after countering the Cobra Clutch with a pin attempt.¬†Bennett & Maria celebrate his win while EC3 is left shocked that his undefeated streak is over as the show closes.


  1. EC3’s undefeated streak???? Huh!? That ended LONG before now! Matt Hardy beat him for the TNA title in a Last Man Standing match at the beginning of the year then retained it in 6 Sides of Steel at Lockdown. Undefeated streak my ass! Stop being so damn dumb TNA!!

  2. He was undefeated without being pinned or submitted. Matt beat him in the last man standing and the six sides of steel match where Matt won escaping the cage.

  3. Who won those matches? Who lost those matches? That’s NOT being undefeated! There are more than 2 ways to lose a match. Matt Hardy beat him 3 times or at least twice even if they don’t count the first time he won the title then EC3 pissed & moaned to his lawyers. From Samoa Joe to Crimson to EC3, TNA has a moronic, ludicrous idea of what an undefeated streak is.
    I’m not chastising you because you are explaining TNA’s “logic” as they see it but I’m flabbergasted by the stupidity of those who run this company. Being undefeated means a 0 in the loss column. Period. The Undertaker had an undefeated streak at Wrestlemania until WM 30. Goldberg had a true undefeated streak until losing the WCW title to Kevin Nash at Starcade 98. EC3 had nothing of the sort.

  4. how is EC3 still undefeated? didnt he lose 2 matches to hardy? or doesn Undefeated now means “NOT PINNED”

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