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First Match: Jade vs. Gail Kim vs Maria Kanellis vs. Rebel vs. Marti Bell vs. Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Sky in a Ladder’s Match for Control of the TNA Knockout’s Division

The bell rings and Maria rolls out of the ring. Gail with a series of right hands to Rebel in the corner. Gail tosses Jade to the outside. Dollhouse with a double leg sweep to Velvet. Rebel and Marti grabs a ladder. Beautiful People plants Dollhouse with a baseball slide dropkick. Maria sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring. Maria runs away from Gail. Jade drops Gail with a big boot. Jade grabs the ladder. Gail with a boot that knocks Jade’s hands off the ladder. Gail climbs the ladder, but Maria slaps Gail. Gail chases Maria to the top of the ramp.

Rosemary comes out with a kendo stick and attacks Gail from behind. The Decay carries Gail to the back. Madison chops Rebel in the corner. Beautiful People tosses Rebel onto Marti Bell. Beautiful People place the ladder in the corner. The Beautiful People irish whips Jade onto the ladder in the corner on top of both Rebel and Marti. Maria drops Velvet and she runs out of the ring. Jade climbs the ladder. Marti knocks Jade off the ladder with a powerbomb. Jade rolls out of the ring. Velvet climbs up the ladder. Maria attacks Velvet in the back with the kendo stick to knock Velvet off the ladder. Maria climbs up the ladder and retrieves the contract to pickup the victory.

Winner: Maria Kanellis

Maria Kanellis Backstage Promo:

Maria says that this contract holds the key to the Knockouts Division. She has all of the power. Maria says that next week things will change. We see The Decay walking around the Universal Studio sound stage with Gail Kim thrust upon Abyss’s shoulder.

Drew Galloway, Rockstar Spud and Tyrus In-Ring Segment:

Lashley decided to take advantage and drop Galloway with three spears. Galloway says that the TNA officials and the medical team have declared that Galloway is not medically cleared for this week. They say that he can’t wrestle, but they didn’t say anything about Galloway fighting tonight. Galloway tells Lashley to come out here and finish the job. Rockstar Spud’s music hits. Spud pokes fun at Galloway expecting somebody else to come out from the back. Spud looks at Galloway and he’s all beat up and if he wanted to become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion he would kick Galloway’s ass right now. Galloway asks Spud if he wants to put that theory to the test. Spud says that he’s here to announce that this will be the last night that we’ll see the charismatic enigma Jeff Hardy.

We won’t see no more dancing or stupid face paint. Galloway tells Spud to shut up. Galloway says that if Lashley won’t show up he’ll go after Spud. Spud informs Galloway that he’s warned. Out comes Tyrus. Tyrus tells Galloway that his championship is a target. Tyrus is a patience man. Galloway is fighting champion, but how long can Galloway go? Tyrus says that he can cash in his championship shot whenever he wants. Tyrus asks Galloway if he’s a fighting champion when he’s hiding behind the doctors. Galloway tells Tyrus that he’ll have his match next week. One last thing, Galloway says that he’s sick of the chit chat. Spud attacks Galloway. Tyrus lands a right hand to the injured ribs of Galloway. Tyrus plants Galloway with multiple Tyrus Splashes. Spud brings a steel chair into the ring. Spud places the chair on top of Galloway’s ribs. Tyrus ascends to the second rope and connects with the Vader Bomb.

Matt Hardy Backstage Promo:

Hardy is preparing as Reby says that Matt is the man who’s provided for her family while Jeff has never did anything for her family. Hardy says two brothers go to war. Matt says that Jeff will learn tonight that he is a quitter. Matt does what he does for his family and his legacy. Jeff will quit existing after their match tonight.

Second Match: Trevor Lee (c) w/Shane Helms vs. DJ Zema Ion vs. Eddie Edwards in a Triple Threat Match for the TNA X-Division Championship

Lee rolls out of the ring as the bell rings. Edwards chops Lee in the chest. DJZ lands a series of forearms to Lee. DJZ rolls Lee back into the ring. DJZ drops Lee with a dropkick. Edwards rolls DJZ up for a two count. Edwards plants DJZ with a facebuster for a two count. Lee sends Edwards shoulder first to the steel ring post. Lee goes for the pin, but DJZ kicks out at the count of two. Lee taunts DJZ. Lee with a snap mare and applies a rear chin lock. DJZ lands a series of back elbows to the ribs of Lee. DJZ with a springboard back elbow and dropping Lee with a jawbreaker. Lee sends DJZ crashing back first to the ring apron.

Edwards drops Lee with the suicide dive. Edwards rolls Lee back into the ring. Edwards connects with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count. DJZ drops Edwards with a flying double knee for a two count. DJZ tries to get the crowd going. DJZ puts Edwards on the top rope. Lee gets DJZ in position for the german suplex, but DJZ counters with a back elbow. Helms rolls DJZ out of the ring. Helms drops DJZ with a vicious clothesline. Lee and Edwards battle on the top rope. Edwards with a series of headbutts that knocks Lee off the top rope. Andrew Everett comes out and attacks Edwards from behind. Lee connects with a flying double knee stomp to pickup the victory. After the match Lee connects with a double knee stomp to DJZ. Everett connects with the 630 Senton to Edwards.

Winner And Still X-Division Champion: Trevor Lee

Shane Helms Backstage Promo:

Helms told everybody that he’s was going to change the fact of the X-Division. TNA tried to stack the decks against Trevor Lee by making a triple threat match. You don’t outsmart Helms. Now with the technical savage we have the apex of agility Andrew Everett. The Helms Dynasty runs the X-Division and that will never change.

Eric Young & Bram In-Ring Segment:

Young says that he hates everybody in this building and in the back. You’re looking at the most dangerous man in professional man. With the most dangerous hold in professional wrestling, the piledriver. With the King of the Mountain Championship he’s the King of professional wrestling. Nobody has defeated Young for the title. Young rips TNA for catering to young punks like EC3 and has been’s like Jeff Hardy. TNA also wants to suck up to the marble mouth golden boy Drew Galloway. Young says that this will be the last time you’ll see him. Young will be taking the King of the Mountain Championship and he’s leaving. Young says that he and Bram are quitting.

Bram stalls in the ring and tells Young that he’s not going anywhere. Young asks Bram to repeat what he’s just said. He’s sick and tired of playing second fiddle to Young. Young sees what’s going on here, Bram doesn’t want to be associated with the greatest men in wrestling. Young calls Bram a loser. Bram says that Young’s King of the Mountain Championship would look better on the waist of a real man. Bram doesn’t think that Young has the balls to put the title on the line. Young drops Bram with the low blow. Young plants Bram with the piledriver. Young says that he’s the king and we’re not. Young says that he’s the only person in professional wrestling who’s allowed to have a real beard and he’s god. Young cuts Bram’s beard with scissors.

Jeff Hardy Backstage Promo:

While he has a lot of things in common with his brother, Jeff is the complete opposite of his brother Matt. The Hardy’s opposite traits made them a great tag team, but now Matt’s changed. He’s allowed the TNA World Championship to get in his head. Jeff is mentally tired of Matt’s games. He’s not looking forward to this match, but he has to do what he has to do. Tonight Jeff will lay it out all on the line and he will not quit.

Mike Bennett & Ethan Carter III In-Ring Segment:

The Miracle wants the spotlight on him because he’s going to tell us a fairy tale. Once upon a time, there was a prince that had full control of the TNA Kingdom and his name was Ethan Carter III. Prince Ethan had it all, all the money, friends and power in the world. Then one night a white knight came to TNA and his name is the Miracle. Prince EC3 went upon a downward spiral and not he only he lose all his friends and his gold, he’s lost his own pride. Bennett says that EC3 blames him for his downfall. Prince Ethan got so angry and he challenged the white knight to a fight. The outcome was never in question, the white knight defeated Prince Ethan. When he kicked EC3’s ass he stole all of EC3’s powers and TNA is now The Miracle’s Kingdom.

Ethan, all of these people are now part of the Miracle Kingdom and they shout “Yes We Do” EC3 comes out to interrupt Bennett. Mike Bennett defeated EC3 by disqualification. EC3 says that the video shows that he kicked Mike Bennett’s ass. EC3 says that they have alot of similarities and differences. EC3 pokes fun at Bennett’s taste in women, fashion and his work ethic. Bennett tells EC3 to calm down. Bennett says that EC3 is a pathetic little boy who blames all of his issues on him. Bennett tells EC3 that they will never wrestle again and he’s done with him. EC3 says that he will haunt him until he decides to fight him again. Bennett says that guys like them are destined to do this forever, but the outcome will never change. EC3 says that over 30 months he’s never been defeated. EC3 says that Bennett wants to make a name for himself he will challenge him to a match next week at sacrifice. Bennett accepts EC3’s challenge.

Al Snow In-Ring Segment:

Snow tells the fans that they can boo all they want, but he’s never seen people like them before. Fans always come up to Snow and complain about wrestling all the time, yet they still watch it week after week, they do nothing, but moan about everything on message boards. Snow says that in this business they were taught to keep people out of the business. Snow says that fans are what’s wrong with wrestling today. How does he know this? Snow is in the ring and the fans are behind the guard rails. He’s never paid to see a fan wrestle. Now he’s going to teach Mahabali Shera a lesson.

Third Match: AL Snow vs. Mahabali Shera

Snow attacks Shera immediately as the bell rings. Snow stomps on Shera’s chest in the corner. Snow with a clubbing blow to the back of Shera. Snow with a boot to the back of Shera. Snow grabs a mic and kicks Shera in the ribs. Snow invites the fans into the ring to show him what professional wrestling is all about. Snow slaps Shera in the face. Shera fires up and drives his shoulders to the midsection of Snow. Snow tries to clothesline Shera, but he stands still.

Shera connects with a hip toss. Shera clothesline Snow over the top rope. Snow attacks Shera from behind. Snow sends Shera face first to the steel ring post. Snow rolls Shera back into the ring. Snow lands a series of right hands to Shera in the corner. Snow with a snap mare for a two count. Shera with a right hand to the gut of Snow. Shera follows up with three vertical suplex. Shera lands a series of right hands to Snow. Snow grabs brass knucks from under his truck. Snow drops Shera with a right hand with the brass knucks to pickup the victory.

Winner: Al Snow

Next week Eli Drake will debut a segment called “A Fact of Life”.

The Decay, Gail Kim and Beer Money In-Ring Promo:

Rosemary calls us puppets. She threatens to cut off Gail’s head. Abyss says that Gail will not be able to let go unless Beer Money comes out. Roode tells Abyss to let her go. Storm says this has nothing to do with Gail. Abyss demands a shot at the gold.

Roode says they would have given them a shot without this. Rosemary grabs Gail. Abyss says that The Decay doesn’t want a regular match they want a match with no regulations. Beer Money accepts The Decay’s challenge. Rosemary says anyone can enter the Valley of Shadows, but only Decay survive.

Fourth Match: Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy in a I Quit Match

Matt drives Jeff to the corner. Matt with a series of right hands. Jeff drops Matt with a headscissors takedown. Matt and Jeff exchange back and forth right hands. Jeff goes for the Twist of Fate, but Matt counters with a back elbow. Jeff connects with a double leg dropkick. Jeff gets Matt in the Figure Four Leg Lock. Referee asks Matt if he wants to quit. Matt says no. Jeff holds still on the figure four then Matt reverses the hold. Rockstar Spud comes out and immediately lands a series of right hands to Jeff. Jeff powerbomb’s Spud. Matt takes advantage of the distraction and clotheslines Jeff over the top rope. Matt bounces Jeff’s head on the steel ring steps. Matt goes for the Twist of Fate, but Jeff sends Matt face first to the steel ring post. Jeff clothesline Matt over the steel guard rail. Jeff goes for the Poetry in Motion over the steel guard rail, but Matt counters by throwing a chair to Jeff’s face. Matt applies a wrist lock.

Referee asks Jeff if he wants to quit and he says no. Jeff gets Matt in a armbar. Matt whacks Jeff in the face with a steel chair. Matt grabs a lead pipe. Jeff kicks Matt in the gut. Matt and Jeff battle around the production area. Matt chokes Jeff with the steel chair. Matt drives the chair multiple times to the midsection of Jeff. Matt places the chair around Jeff’s neck. Matt goes for the Twist of Fate, but Jeff bites Matt’s thumb. Jeff with multiple chair shots to the back of Matt. Jeff places a steel guard rail in between the stage. Jeff grabs a ladder. Jeff sets up the ladder upon the outskirts of the staging area. Jeff puts Matt laying flat on the steel guard rail. Jeff climbs the ladder, but Matt lands a series of clubbing blows to the back of Jeff. Matt drives Jeff through the steel guard rail with the Side Effect. Matt puts Jeff laying flat on a platform by the stage. Jeff gets Matt in a sleeper hold, but Matt won’t quit as he passes out. Jeff tells the referee that this match won’t end until Matt says “I Quit”.

Jeff puts Matt on a table. Jeff climbs up the stairs. Jeff plants Matt with the Swanton Bomb off the top of the staircase rails. Matt Hardy gets put on a stretcher to end the show.

Winner: No Contest


  1. I love TNA, not nearly as much as I used to, but this company is run by some serious morons who caught the idiot virus from WCW. An I Quit match ending in a No Contest?? Just stupid, Stupid booking!

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