TNA Impact Wrestling
Orlando, FL (Impact Zone)
July 22, 2015
Announcers: Josh Matthews & The Pope
Recap by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact opens up with Dixie Carter walking out onto the stage. She announces Jeff Jarrett as the 2015 inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame. A special video package highlights Jeff Jarrett’s career focusing primarily on his TNA time obviously. Jeff will be inducted officially into the Hall of Fame next week rather than Bound for Glory.

Josh and Pope talk about the show tonight and in honor of Jarrett the King of the Mountain Match from Slammiversary will be shown (this is obviously to replace footage that featured Hernandez).

Street Fight
Magnus vs. Bram

We go straight to the ring where Bram and Magnus are already brawling at ringside. Magnus tosses Bram into the ring and hits him with a clothesline. Magnus attempts a Lariat but Bram ducks and Magnus is right behind him still with a Lariat. Bram rolls to the floor and Magnus follows him out. Magnus slams Bram into the ring post and then tosses him back into the ring. Magnus beats Bram down in the corner and then lifts him up to the top rope. Magnus climbs up wtih Bram and hits a Superplex! Bram tries to escape to the floor again but Magnus grabs him by the tights and pulls him back in the ring. Bram elbows Magnus but Magnus comes right back with a Running Front Kick. Bram pokes Magnus in the eyes and then tosses him to the floor. Magnus attempts a Sliding Dropkick under the ropes, but Magnus pulls up the ring apron causing Bram to get trapped between it and the apron itself. Magnus punches Bram repeatedly but then Bram pulls a trashcan lid under the ring and blasts Magnus with it. Bram tosses several weapons into the ring and then hits Magnus with a cookie sheet. Bram tosses Magnus into the guardrail and then the ring steps. Bram hits Magnus with a trashcan and then tosses him into the guardrail again. Bram hits Magnus with the trashcan lid and tosses him back into the ring. Bram goes for an Elbow Drop but Magnus rolls out of the way and then dives off the top with a Missile Dropkick. Magnus kicks Bram and then puts a trashcan over him. Magnus wacks Bram with a chair and then goes for the Spine Shaker. Bram blocks it and accidentally hits the referee. Bram stumbles into the Spine Shaker from Magnus! The referee is down but finally gets up and counts to two before Bram kicks out and then low blows Magnus and rolls him up as well as pulling the tights to get the pin.

Winner: Bram via pinfall (rollup)

After the match James Storm walks out with a cowbell and blasts Magnus in the back of the head with it! Storm asks Magnus if he thought that he has forgotten about him and if he thinks that was bad it is about to get a lot worse for him. Storm says Magnus and Mickie will know his partner for next week is so they might want to stick around for later.


Eli Drake comes down to the ring carrying the crutch he attacked Drew Galloway with last week. Drake’s music sounds like some generic WCW circa 1998 type music. Drake says that he has waited a long time to stand here by himself to talk to everyone. He says that everyone is so upset and crying about him costing his friend his shot at the title. He says that Drake isn’t a creature of circumstance but rather a creator of circumstance. He says that he created a circumstance that benefited him. He says that he was tired of listening to Galloway each and every week and how Drew always wanted to talk for him. He says that he used Drew and The Rising for everything he could. Now people want to call him a jerk for doing what he did but he says that all of the fans are exactly like him because each and every fan has calked into sick at some point when they were perfectly healthy or have used a friend for something they have that you want. Eli says that with something so simple as a crutch he was able to take away the last little breath of The Rising and Drew’s title hopes. He says that as long as he is breathing he will make sure that Galloway never wins the World Title.

Drew Galloway walks onto the stage and says that he brought Eli into The Rising because he knew he had the killer instinct and he was righter than he even thought because Eli killed The Rising all because he wanted to be a big, bright rising star on his own. Drew says that everyone thinks he is older than he actually is because he has been wrestling for so long and he has suffered many injuries over the years with nothing hurting him near as bad as his brother turning on him last week. Galloway says that he has went through all of the stages the last couple of weeks being depressed and drank too much. Galloway says he just wants to beat Drake’s ass but he has decided to open the forum to the fans to see what they want him to do to Drake. The fans chant “kick his ass” so Galloway says that he is going to do just that! Drew says that if Drake wants to be a big, bright shining star so bad he will make him famous!

Drew climbs into the ring and Drake swings the crutch at him, but Drew ducks it and takes Eli down! Drew beats Drake down but Drake turns things around and goes to hit Drew with the crutch again. Drew blocks it and goes for the Future Shock but Drake escapes it and retreats up the ramp!


Footage of Brooke’s Knockouts Title win from last week is shown and then we cut to the ring where the Six Sides of Steel been sit up. Christy Hemme is about to plug some Destination America show but Taryn Terrell runs out and shoves her away and snatches the microphone from her. The Dollhouse is behind her as Terrell screams about her title loss last week and she says that she blames Christy and all the fans for the loss.

Terrell gets inside the cage with her Dollhouse and she says that she is going to lock herself inside that cage until she has what is hers. She says that she destroyed Gail personally and professionally and that Brooke is not the REAL champion. She screams about her loss but then Brooke walks out to interrupt her.

Brooke knocks over their Dollhouse on the stage and says that Terrell is once again throwing a temper tantrum like a child. She says that Terrell isn’t what is important because the fans are. She says that she can blame whoever she wants to but she did this to herself. Brooke says she couldn’t be any more proud of herself and the fans are happy that Terrell finally had the title taken from her. She says that this isn’t the Dollhouse because it is her house. Terrell screams that she is untouchable and that no Knockout can touch her in the ring. Brooke says that it is obvious that the only person she is really mad at is herself because Brooke out wrestled her, outsmarted her, and beat her. She says that if Terrell wants her title then she has to come and get it.

Terrell starts screaming and pulling out her hair. Terrell starts to walk up the ramp to fight Gail but the lights cut out and Gail Kim has locked herself inside the cage with The Dollhouse! Gail beats down The Dollhouse while Terrell can only watch as the cage door has been locked. Brooke chases Terrell around ringside until she retreats up the ramp. Gail double dropkicks The Dollhouse into the side of the cage as Terrell screams at the top of the ramp.


They air the King of the Mountain Match from Slammiversary which was won by Jeff Jarrett. This actually ended up being 3 segments, just horrible. I hope to God they are filming new content for the upcoming episodes of Impact that are going to have to be cut because of the Hernandez debacle because this is just dreadful. There is not a whole lot worse than having an already taped episode (taped weeks ago too) featuring a way too long segment of something that already aired.


A video package featuring Tigre Uno in his hometown of Tijuana is shown. He says that he thinks Mexico is a great country and that Mexicans are a very proud people. He says that most Mexicans that come to America are good people and good workers. He says most of them work hard and are just looking for a better life. He challenges Trump to come to the Impact Zone next week and he will show Trump what a proud Mexican is all about.


Footage of the drama between Storm and Magnus is shown again, and then Storm walks out to the ring along with The Revolution. Storm says that there are a lot of lost people walking around in the world, and he is sure he could find plenty of lost people in the crowd. He says that there are people in this country that need discipline, guidance, and leadership. He says that he founded this Revolution on the idea that no matter who you are, what language you speak, or what color you are everyone is welcome and there is always room for one more. Storm says that he gave Mickie the opportunity to pledge to his Revolution and he turned it down. He says that he gave her opportunities that she could only dream of because he knows that she longs for a better life than the one Magnus can give her. Storm says that Mickie James is not just lost, she is a lost cause. He says that she will get her one more match because it will be Magnus and Mickie against Storm and the newest pledge to the Revolution. Storm introduces the newest member of The Revolution…SERENA DEEB!

Serena is the former WWE Diva, you may remember her as the lone female member of CM Punk’s Straight Edge Society back in the day. I believe the very busty Knockout has also worked a few TNA One Night Only events but she has not wrestled a lot over the past year or so because of concussion issues. In fact she just announced her official retirement so this will be “one more match” for not just Mickie but also Serena. Serena says that it is an absolute pleasure to stand next to Storm in a TNA ring. She says that she has been friends with Mickie for over 10 years and Mickie used to call Serena her protege, but then Mickie became a huge star and suddenly their friendship didn’t matter anymore. She says that Mickie left her behind and broke her heart. She says that she was lost for a long time until she saw James Storm.

Storm says that unlike Mickie’s piece of crap fiance Magnus he is a real man and he wants his woman to stand right beside him rather than behind him. Storm says they won’t just beat Magnus and Mickie but they will embarrass them. Storm says that when Donovan gets old enough to watch this video he will see this as the point where his parents made their worst mistake.


Chain Match
Rockstar Spud vs. “Showtime” Eric Young

This is the first time I’ve seen a Chain Match in a while, at least on American TV. As the referee is putting the chain on Spud, EY attacks Spud and wraps the chain around his throat to choke him. EY uses the chain to toss Spud across the ring. EY tosses Spud across the ring again and then puts the boots to him. Spud climbs under the ropes but EY chokes him with the chain again before slamming him into the ring steps. EY tries to whip Spud with the chain but Spud moves out of the way and then rolls he rolls back into the ring and right back out to the floor wrapping the chain around the ring post. Spud pulls EY face first into the ring post but then he tries to drag EY back into the ring EY uses the chain to pull Spud back out to the floor and throws him into the guardrail. EY once again chokes Spud with the chain and then stomps on his face. EY tosses Spud back into the ring and then uses the chain to clothesline Spud. EY whips Spud with the chain and then chokes him with it before getting a nearfall. EY tries to swing the chain at Spud’s head but Spud ducks it and then slides between the legs of EY and uses the chain to low blow EY. Spud flips EY off and then flips him with the chain. Spud clotheslines EY with the chain repeatedly and then whips EY with it. Spud climbs up top but EY grabs the referee and shoves him into Spud. EY then tosses Spud off the top and Piledrives him onto the chain for the pin!

Winner: EY via pinfall (Spike Piledriver)


Main Event
TNA World Title #1 Contenders Tables Match
Matt Hardy vs. “The IT Factor” Bobby Roode

Winner of this match gets the next shot at EC3. Roode slams Hardy into the corner after the bell and lays into him with right hands, but Hardy answers with rights of his own. Hardy hits a clothesline and then a leg drop followed by a Side Effect! Hardy goes to the floor and grabs a table sets it up near the ring apron. Hardy grabs Roode to pull him onto the apron but Roode blats him with a series of rights. Roode then charges at Hardy only to eat a shoulder block through the ropes. Hardy climbs back into the ring where he eats a clothesline from the former TNA World Champion. Hardy rolls out to the floor but Roode follows him and they slam each other face first into the table. Hardy slams Roode into the guardrail and then sets up another table at ringside. Hardy attempts to Suplex Roode onto the table, but Roode fights it off and suplexes Hardy onto the ring steps with a wicked bump! Roode punches Hardy repeatedly and then slams a table down on top of Hardy. Roode stands on the table and stomps down on top of the table and Hardy. Roode slides the table into the ring and then rolls Hardy back in. Roode puts the boots to Hardy and chokes him with his boot before setting the table up in the corner. Roode charges at Hardy but runs right into an elbow and then a boot from Matthew. Matt dives off the top with a Flying Elbow Drop followed by a Running Clothesline and then a Running Bulldog attempt, but Roode blocks it and connects with the Double-R Spinebuster! Roode uses the table leg to choke Hardy but Hardy kicks Roode in the balls to escape. Hardy then slams the table into Roode’s face and connects with the Twist of Fate! Hardy lays Roode out on the table and then climbs to the top but Roode gets back up and sweeps the legs of Hardy causing him to crash to the mat. Roode attempts to Roode Bomb Hardy onto the table but Hardy blocks it and goes for the Twist of Fate. Roode blocks it and then charges at Hardy but he backdrops Roode over the top rope and through the table that was set up at ringside earlier!

Winner & NEW #1 Contender: Hardy via putting Roode through the table

Quick Results
1) Street Fight: Bram def. Magnus
2) Chain Match: Eric Young def. Rockstar Spud
3) TNA World Title #1 Contenders Tables Match: Matt Hardy def. Bobby Roode
* They also aired the King of the Mountain Match from Slammiversary.

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