TNA Impact Wrestling Results 4/17/14

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Orlando, FL (Impact Zone)
April 17, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact opens up with highlights from last week’s shocking World Title change including a teary eyed Eric Young saying that moment was even more perfect than he ever would of thought it could have been. As much as I ragged on that title change and still feel it was a horrible decision, it was cool to see a genuinely emotional Young talking about what it meant to win that match to him.

The new World Champion Eric Young makes his way down to the ring for the first time since winning the World Title. EY says the belt he’s holding signifies a lifetime of hard work as the fans chant “you deserve it” at him. He says everything he’s done in his life has led him right here to be the World Champion. He says that he won the belt for him but he will be a champion for the fans. EY says this is his way of paying the fans back for their 10 years of unsolicited support for him. He says the time for a paper champion is over and things will change around here. He says they will have fun and he will defend the belt whenever, however, anyway the fans see fit. EY says the Impact Zone will be a party but before he can say anything else Dixie Carter walks out to interrupt his championship celebration.

Dixie says last week was such a special week for EY and everyone knows there is just one person responsible for this and that person is Dixie. She says she’s always seen the potential in him and 8 years ago when he was almost fired and he did the “Don’t Fire Eric” campaign she was the one that allowed him to stay. Dixie says that she invented the beard and grabs it and says she’s the one that made it fashionable to wear on TV before anyone else decided to. She jerks EY’s head around while holding the beard and ranting about beards.

EY says he thought Bully Ray packed her up and shipped her back to Nashville. He says that MVP is in charge and they don’t need her anymore. Dixie says that MVP is responsible for wrestling operations for now which she will be changing, but EY represents her as the companies World Champion. She says that for better or worse he is the hood ornament for TNA and he will go wherever she tells him. EY says he hopes she has some puke bags because riding around with her would make him sick. Dixie says that EY may usually look and smell like an unemployed lumberjack, but he is disrespecting her when he talks to her like that so he better put her in high regard. EY says he’s going to do to her what he always does to crap and flush it. She says she is trying to be professional while EY is more interested in being a court jester for the mindless people in the audience. She says that he will honor and obey her, but EY says he honors and obeys nobody. He says he is his own man and always will be so if she is interested in a paper champ she’s looking in the wrong place. EY makes a Dukes of Hazard reference in saying he’s going to run her over with the General Lee, but Dixie says he is the World Champion now and needs to find some class. She says that she is going to start that by giving him a Champions makeover and if he refuses she will just start by making over his “foul mouthed hard drinking little woman.”

EY says she is going to get one warning from him but before he can say anything else Bully comes out and interrupts them. Bully apologizes to EY but says everyone is sick and tired of hearing Dixie talk and tells her to shut her mouth. Bully says he isn’t here to steal EY’s spotlight but he is here to take out the trash as he points to Dixie. Bully says EY is a role model for every single wrestler that has ever been held down by a loser boss like Dixie. He says she should be proud of him, of a guy that has worked his way up from the bottom to become the World Champion. Dixie says Bully double crossed her and stole her money so why in the world would anyone listen to him. Bully says he did still her money and spent it in a strip club.

Bully says Dixie doesn’t want to piss him off because if she remembers last week she almost got put through a table. Bully says she should know what happens to people like her when a tables in the ring with him. He says this is EY’s time and starts a “good bye” chant with the fans aimed at Dixie. It pisses her off and causes her to leave Bully and EY in the ring. Bully says EY is a guy you can count on and a World Champion the fans can get behind and be proud of. Bully says he doesn’t endorse many people in the business because he doesn’t like a lot of people but he respects and likes EY. Bully starts an “EY” chant as EY raises the World Title.


Street Fight
Velvet Sky w/Angelina Love vs. Madison Rayne

The Beautiful People wait on the ramp with weapons for Madison’s entrance but she runs out from the crowd and attacks them from behind! Madison beats on Velvet. As the action spills back in the ring Velvet takes Madison down and slams her head to the mat repeatedly. Madison whips Velvet into the corner and then follows up with a clothesline. Madison slams her into the turnbuckles and then tosses her into the opposite corner. Angelina pulls Velvet to safety and asks for a timeout but Madison grabs them both by the hair and drags her up to the apron. BP hit Madison with a Double Jawbreaker onto the top rope. Velvet grabs a cookie sheet and hits Madison with it repeatedly. Velvet gets the first nearfall of the match and tosses Madison to the floor where Angelina puts the boots to her. Velvet taunts Madison and then whips her into the ring steps! Velvet tosses Madison back in the ring and gets another nearfall. Angelina tosses Velvet a trashcan but Madison avoids it and kicks the can into Velvet! Madison grabs the can and hits Velvet across the back with it several times. Angelina gets on the apron and Madison swings it her and then hits Velvet with it again as Angelina runs away. Madison sets up for something but Angelina hits her from behind with a cane and then throws it to Velvet. Angelina charges at Madison but Madison sidesteps her and sends Angelina to the floor. Velvet swings the cane at Madison but she ducks and Spears Velvet! 1…2…3!

Winner: Madison Rayne via pinfall (Spear)

EY approaches Bully backstage and says he appreciates what Bully said earlier. Bully says he meant every word and he’d like to talk to him more but he still has some of Dixie’s money to spend so he’s going back to the strip club.

Abyss approaches EY from behind and says he just wants EY to see up close what he did and points to his face. Abyss says he’s worse than he’s ever been and he heard EY say he would defend that belt anywhere, any place, anytime. Abyss challenges EY to defend the belt tonight and he says that he smells the fear in him. Abyss starts to walk away but EY grabs him and says he didn’t refuse and if they are going to do it they will do it right in Monsters Ball. Abyss asks EY if he is insane and asks if he has any idea what he will do to EY tonight. EY gets in Abyss’ face and says he’s crazy just like Abyss and he’ll see him tonight.


Rockstar Spud approaches EC3 in the back and tries to get out of the match tonight with Willow, but EC3 doesn’t let him and asks if Spud is scared of Willow. Spud says he is a little bit and EC3 says he has every right to be but he shouldn’t be. EC3 reminds Spud that it was he that pushed Jeff Hardy off the ladder months ago that cost Hardy the World Title match. EC3 says tonight’s match is a Handicap Match because they are handicappers. He says that he handicapped Kurt Angle and Spud is going to handicap Willow.

MVP is in the ring now and he talks about EY winning the World Title last week. MVP says he wants to congratulate EY for having everything he’s done in his career pay off last week. He says that lost in all of the celebration is one name, Samoa Joe. MVP says he has to admit that he was more than just a little mad when Joe refused to wrestle last week. MVP says that he and Joe go way back and he has his personal phone number if Joe wanted to call him, and now Joe hasn’t returned his calls. MVP says now word has gone around that Joe is “disgruntled” and if he is disgruntled he should come talk to him. Austin Aries’ music then hits interrupting him.

Aries comes out and says if you want to talk about disgruntled you’re looking at the most disgruntled man that ever lived. MVP says that he wasn’t talking to or about Aries and Aries says that he hasn’t been talking to or thinking about him for almost a month now. The fans chant for him and he says it’s nice to know that some people haven’t forgotten about him since he has been sitting on the sidelines since Lockdown. Aries mentions MVP’s “MVP Principals” and says that he never needed any motivation but sitting home the last six weeks has lit a fire under his ass. Aries says not once has MVP validated his value to the company. Aries says that last week he had a Gauntlet Match with 10 of the best that TNA had to offer but didn’t include “the greatest.” Aries says that he came down here to “participate” and get some answers. MVP says he came to Aries like a man before Lockdown to be on his team but Aries gave him a speech about “integrity” and wanting to have a front row seat to his match with Roode and then Aries screwed him over. MVP says that Aries made his bed so now he needs to lie in it. Aries says MVP offered him a bunch of promises and asks if this is really why he is being punished right now because MVP’s feelings are hurt. MVP says if Aries wants to see him he can see him right now and gets in his face. MVP says this isn’t about Aries or MVP, it’s about the fans contrary to what Aries thinks. MVP says since Aries doesn’t need any motivation or validation he can give him some participation right now.

MVP takes off his jacket and Aries mocks him sarcastically saying “oooooh no, not your suit coat” and says he’ll see MVP’s coat and raise him a shirt as he takes off his shirt getting in MVP’s face. Aries asks if he wants to do this and says “right now…RIGHT NOW…NO, next week” and walks out of the ring. Aries says he’s too smart to throw fists with a convicted felon right now, but what he will do next week is outwrestle him and show him that he is the greatest man that ever lived.

A vignette highlighting EY’s title win is shown. EY is shown hugging Tommy Dreamer backstage after the win.


TNA World Tag Team Championships
Bro-Mans (c) w/Zema Ion vs. The Wolves

The Wolves destroy Bro-Mans with dual Mafia Kicks knocking them off the apron as the Bro-Mans made their entrance! The Wolves toss Robbie into the ring and then whip him into the ropes. Eddie hits a drop toehold on Robbie followed by a sliding dropkick from Davey for a nearfall. Eddie tosses Robbie into a headbutt from Davey. The Wolves whip Robbie into the ropes and Davey hits an Atomic Drop followed by a big chop from Eddie. Davey rolls forward into a Jackknife pin for a nearfall before Jesse breaks it up. Jesse knocks Eddie off the apron and then Bro-Mans attempt a Double Suplex on Davey, but Eddie comes in and catches Davey and then The Wolves send Bro-Mans to the floor. The Wolves hit dual Suicide Dives through the ropes onto Bro-Mans on the floor! Eddie tosses Robbie back in the ring and The Wolves climb up to opposite top turnbuckles. Jesse crotches them both and Robbie mounts Davey in the ring with a series of right hands. Robbie covers Davey for a nearfall and then covers him for another nearfall. Robbie whips Davey into the heel corner and then hits a Running Shoulder Block. Jesse tags back in and then they sandwich Davey in the corner with the Double BOOM knees! Jesse puts Davey in a headlock but he fights out of it with elbows. Davey knocks Robbie off the apron but Jesse lifts him up into a big Gorilla Press Slam. Robbie tags himself in and hits the Fist Pump Drop for another nearfall. Jesse tags back into the match and beats on Davey as Robbie holds him. Jesse whips Davey into the corner and then hits him with an elbow to the back. Jesse chokes Davey in the ropes and tags Robbie back into the match. Bro-Mans whip Davey into the ropes and attempt a double clothesline but Davey ducks it. Robbie goes for a big right hand but Davey ducks and Robbie punches his partner! Robbie attempts a rollup but Davey counters into a roll through into a tag to Eddie! Eddie clotheslines the Bro-Mans and then counters a Back Suplex attempt from Jesse and lands on his feet. Eddie then hits the Double Rana on both members of the Bro-Mans! Eddie lights Jesse up with some wicked chops in the corner and then sidesteps a charging Robbie who crashes into his own partner. Eddie then lets Robbie feel the wrath of those chops. Eddie whips Robbie into the opposite corner and hits a Flying Elbow on him. Eddie then charges at Jesse in the other corner but Jesse catches him with an elbow of his own. Jesse charges at Eddie but Eddie lifts him up into the Alarm Clock! Jesse rolls out to the floor and then The Wolves climb up to opposite corners. Eddie hits the Diving Double Foot Stomp to the back of Robbie and then Davey dives off with the Diving Double Foot Stomp to the chest of Robbie! 1…2…NO Zema comes in and hits Davey blatantly with his laptop!

Winners: The Wolves via DQ (Bro-Mans retain)

Backstage Willow cuts another weird ass promo saying that Spud reminds him of “dirty burgers” (or boogers?) and EC3 reminds him of “dirty sheets.” He says he will rise victorious in Willow’s way. Okay, we get it Jeff you’re a weirdo now just be Jeff Hardy.


Another vignette featuring EY’s title win is shown and this time it focuses on directly after he won the belt. He was emotional and talked about how this means the world to him after everything he’s been through. He says he may not have a champion’s face or body but he does have a champion’s heart.

Handicap Match
Ethan Carter III & Rockstar Spud vs. Willow

Spud hilariously does EC3’s entrance exactly the way he does with the same facial expressions and everything which irritates EC3. TNA schilling new Willow shirts and umbrella so I think this character is here to stay for awhile unfortunately. Hardy chases Spud out of the ring and takes EC3 down. Spud distracts Willow long enough for EC3 to slam him to the mat by his hair. EC3 slams Hardy into the corner repeatedly. Hardy answers with a Flying Forearm and then an Atomic Drop. Willow hits a Leg Drop to EC3’s balls followed by a Sliding Dropkick and then an Elbow Drop and a Splash for a nearfall. Willow goes for the Twist but EC3 shoves him into the ropes. EC3 charges at Willow but eats an elbow and then Willow climbs to the top. Spud crotches Willow causing him to crash down hard to the mat. EC3 stomps on Willow repeatedly and then hits a Vertical Suplex for another nearfall. EC3 punches Willow and tags in Spud who was asking for the tag. Spud screams at Willow but when Willow grabs Spud’s leg he freaks out and tags in EC3. EC3 elbow drops Willow and hits a Scoop Slam. EC3 puts Willow in a Rear Chinlock but Hardy fights it off with elbows. Willow trips EC3 and rolls forward into a jackknife pin for a nearfall. Willow retreats to the corner and EC3 charges at him only for Willow to catch him with a Sunset Flip, but before Willow can even get a one count Spud breaks it up and then EC3 dropkicks Willow’s knee. EC3 hits a Rolling Neckbreaker for another nearfall. Spud tags back into the match and spits and slaps at Willow as EC3 holds him. Willow kicks Spud and then catches EC3 with a Jawbreaker followed by a Leaping Mule Kick! Willow hits the Twist of Fate on Spud for the pin!

Winner: Willow via pinfall (Twist of Fate)

EC3 attacks Willow immediately after the win. He elbow drops Willow’s leg repeatedly and starts to put him in the Knee Bar, but Kurt Angle’s music hits and the Olympian runs down to the ring as the fans erupt! EC3 screams “NO!” and swings at Angle but Angle ducks and hits a German Suplex! EC3 bails to the floor as Angle points to his knee and slaps it signifying he’s healthy.


Back from the break Kurt Angle says it looked like EC3 just saw a ghost, but he is no ghost he is the greatest wrestler alive and he is back. A “welcome back” chant starts up and Angle says that EC3 thought he ended Angle’s career, but Kurt says he’s a Hall of Famer and his career will end when he says it does. Angle says he has had many injuries in his lifetime and “in case you didn’t know I won a gold medal with a broken freakin’ neck.” Angle says EC3 injured him but he didn’t end him so this is what he is going to do to him. He says very soon EC3 will be in the ring with him and it will be just he and EC3, and he will realize why they call him the “cyborg.” Angle says he is a “devastation machine” capable of breaking his arm, leg, or ankle. He says he won’t do it right away so he can take his time and make EC3 squeal. He says that EC3 will tap out in his mind long before his body does. Angle says their fight will not end until EC3 is dragged out of the ring in a body bag!

Backstage Bobby Roode says Bully took away an opportunity from him so in return he has taken away Bully’s tables and made it his own. Roode says at Sacrifice he will put Bully through another table, but tonight he is issuing an open challenge to anyone in the TNA locker room except for Bully because he wants Bully to sit and watch the master of the Tables Match. Roode says whoever is dumb enough to accept his challenge should be forewarned their ass is going through a table.


A video package highlighting Sanada is shown. Sanada says that in Japanese society they believe there is no success without pressure, and he has always pushed himself to be the best. He says he trains harder than anyone else and Great Muta has put pressure on him to bring honor to Japan as Sanada is shown starring at the X-Division Title. Sanada says that Muta told him the X-Division Title is his way passport to the United States and now he must take his training to the next level. A training montage shows Sanada jogging through the streets in Orlando as Sanada says that he must prove himself to Muta and his country. He says that he will also prove himself to the fans in the United States in the Best of 3 Series with Tigre Uno. He says that he cannot underestimate Tigre Uno because he has a “strong fighting spirit” as highlights of Tigre are shown. Sanada says he will be the best and will bring honor to himself and Japan.

Kenny King comes onto a platform on the stage. King asks the fans if they missed him and says he knows that they did just like everyone at home did. He says that they should have no fear because he in all of his “chocolate splendor” is here and he isn’t going anywhere. King says he’s a little disappointed because for months he has been absent and being back TNA is a very different place with MVP in charge. He says he didn’t come out to talk about MVP’s intelligence because that would be a very short conversation. He says he came to talk about business sense and if you had a player with the skills of Derek Jeter or Peyton Manning you wouldn’t have them riding the bench. King says he is the Lebron James of pro wrestling and he has been on the bench. He says that stops now and he didn’t come out to try and get MVP to fight him again so he’s going to sit at the announce table and commentate as a “Hyundai Sanada fights a Buck Tooth Tiger” and may the best man win. King says whoever wins this series will lay the belt down at his feet.

TNA X-Division Title Best of 3 Series Match #2
Tigre Uno vs. Sanada (c)

Sanada leads the series 1-0 right now and if he wins tonight then the series is over and Sanada retains the belt. This is a must win situation for Tigre to force a final match. Tigre and Sanada lockup and when they brawl into the ropes they break clean. Another lockup leads to another clean break on a stalemate. They lockup a third time and this time Sanada catches Tigre with a wristlock. Tigre reverses it the hold into one of his own and then spins Sanada into a nice Hip Toss. Tigre hits the ropes but Sanada catches him with an armdrag and then they both attempt dropkicks at the same time. They stare each other down and then lockup again this time in a test of strength. Sanada flips Tigre over his back still holding onto the hands of Tigre but Tigre kicks away Sanada’s hands and locks in a side headlock. Sanada shoves Tigre into the ropes and leapfrogs him and then drops down in front of him as the pace quickens. Tigre leaps over Sanada but runs into a dropkick as Tigre bounces back off the ropes. Sanada charges Tigre in the corner but Tigre slides through the ropes and then attempts a Springboard from outside into a Moonsault IN the ring! Sanada rolls out of the way and then hits a Springboard Flying Chop for a nearfall. Sanada goes for the Dragon Suplex but Tigre blocks it and leaps up to Sanada’s shoulders and then spins into a hurricanrana for a nearfall of his own. Tigre charges at Sanada but Sanada lifts him up to his shoulders into a TKO! 1…2…NO Tigre kicks out! Sanada climbs up top and dives off with the Moonsault but Tigre rolls out of the way and Sanada lands on his feet. Sanada goes for a lariat but Tigre kicks his arm and then Sanada swings with the other arm but Tigre blocks it. Sanada goes for a Roundhouse Kick but Tigre traps the arm and hits a disgusting Cradle Suplex! Tigre climbs up top and hits the Sabertooth Splash! 1…2…3!

Winner: Tigre via pinfall (Saberooth Splash) to tie the series 1-1

In the back Bully Ray is talking to someone about being in the Tables Match against Roode tonight just out of our eyesight. Bully then says “hoo-rah” so I would imagine that means it is Gunner.


Roode comes out and says he hopes Bully has a pen and pad so he can take some notes from the King of the Tables. Roode says he issued his challenge and now the question if there is a man in the back to accept the challenge.

Tables Match
“The IT Factor” Bobby Roode vs. “Modern Day Viking” Gunner

Roode attacks Gunner as he gets in the ring and puts the boots to him in the corner. Gunner answers back with an elbow and puts the boots to Roode in the corner himself. Gunner goes for a backdrop as he sends Roode into the ropes but Roode counters with a Spinning Neckbreaker. Roode goes to the floor and pulls out a table but Gunner kicks the table into Roode’s face. Gunner clotheslines Roode on the ramp and then he tries to slam Roode into a nearby table, but Roode blocks it and punches Gunner in the gut. Roode tries to slam Gunner into the table but Gunner blocks it and tosses Roode into the corner! Gunner tosses Roode back into the ring and hits him with a shoulder block through the ropes. Gunner attempts to Suplex Roode over the top onto a table on the floor, but Roode blocks it and then dropkicks Gunner on the apron. Roode sets a table up in the corner and slams Gunner into a turnbuckle. Gunner fights back and attempts to Powerslam Roode into the table, but Roode blocks it and then dives off the middle rope with a Blockbuster! Roode sets up for a Powerbomb through the table but Gunner blocks it and backdrops Roode. Gunner grabs Roode but Roode catches him with a Jawbreaker only to run into a High Knee from Gunner as he hits the ropes! Gunner then walks into a Double-R Spinebuster as he set up the table. Roode goes for the Roode Bomb but Gunner blocks it and attempts the Hanger 18! Roode blocks it but then eats a knee in the corner followed by a Rebound Suplex of the ropes! Gunner lays Roode on the table and then he climbs up top. James Storm runs out and grabs Gunner. Gunner swats Storm away but the distraction allows Roode to toss Gunner off the top and onto the table. Gunner actually just bounces off the table without it breaking which looked like it did not feel good at all. Roode sets the table up again and then puts him through it with the Roode Bomb!

Winner: Bobby Roode via putting Gunner through the table

Storm beats on Gunner after the match and then looks over at Roode. Bully Ray runs out and chases the former Beer Money teammates off.

Several TNA stars talk about EY’s title win including Madison Rayne, EC3, Willow, and Taz. Backstage EY looks down at a trashcan full of weapons and says this is his life tonight and the best part of is it was his idea. EY says he is crazy and tonight he will show everyone just how crazy he can be. He holds up the TNA World Title and says that is the reason.


Backstage Bully Ray and Gunner talk about what just happened. Gunner says that was the first time he’s been put through a table and Bully says he has been through hundreds. He says next week they’ll take care of Storm and Roode in a tag team match and Gunner agrees.

Main Event
TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Monsters Ball Match
“Showtime” Eric Young (c) vs. “The Monster” Abyss

This is EY’s first title defense. This is the second time they’ve faced each other in a Monsters Ball Match, Abyss won the first a couple of months ago. EY attacks Abyss with a cookie sheet as he gets in the ring and slams a trashcan into his head! EY mounts Abyss in the corner and lays into him with right hands. EY bites Abyss and then grabs a kendo stick, but Abyss grabs him by the throat and attempts a Chokeslam. EY blocks it and kicks Abyss. EY attempts to whip Abyss into the ropes but Abyss reverses it sending EY flipping over the top to the floor! Abyss grabs EY and slams him into the apron. He tosses EY back into the ring and then grabs a trashcan but EY hits a sliding dropkick through the ropes sending the can into Abyss. EY then goes for a Suicide Dive through the ropes but Abyss throws the trashcan into EY’s face!


Back from the break Abyss kicks EY and then grabs a chair and sets it up in the corner. Abyss tries to whip EY into the corner but EY slides underneath it and hits Abyss with a series of rights. EY hits a dropkick and then attempts to whip Abyss into the corner. Abyss reverses it and charges at EY, but EY catches him with an elbow and attempts a dropkick. Abyss blocks the dropkick attempt and then catapults EY into the chair he set up earlier! Abyss pulls out a bag of tacks from under the ring and pours the tacks on the mat. EY lowblows Abyss with a cheese grater and then starts grating some under cheese I guess. EY attempts to whip Abyss into the corner but Abyss reverses it as EY flips over the top to the apron. EY hits Abyss with a shoulder block through the ropes and then uses the ropes to slingshot himself through the legs of Abyss. EY hits the ropes and ducks a clothesline and then ducks a backhand and hits a Flying Forearm! EY goes for the Piledriver onto the tacks but EY backdrops him and pulls Janice out from under the ring. Janice swings it at EY but he ducks and it gets stuck in the top turnbuckle. EY field goal kicks Abyss’ nuts into the third row and then grabs Janice himself! EY goes to hit Abyss with it but Abyss Chokeslams EY into the tacks! 1…2…NO EY kicks out! Abyss pulls a board wrapped in barbed wire from underneath the ring now! Abyss attempts to Chokeslam EY into the barbed wire but EY bites Abyss’ hand! EY hits a big running dropkick that sends Abyss into the barbed wire and then hits the Flyign Elbow Drop off the top! 1…2…3!

Winner & STILL World Champ: Eric Young via pinfall (Flying Elbow Drop)


“Final Thoughts” will be up tomorrow morning.

1) Street Fight: Madison Rayne def. Velvet Sky
2) TNA Tag Team Titles: The Wolves def. Bro-Mans via DQ (Bro-Mans retain)
3) Handicap Match: Willow def. Rockstar Spud & EC3
4) Best of 3 Series Match #2: Tigre Uno def. Sanada to tie the series 1-1
5) Tables Match: Bobby Roode def. Gunner
6) TNA World Title Monsters Ball Match: Eric Young (c) def. Abyss to retain the title!

Scheduled for Next Week:
-MVP vs. Austin Aries
-Bobby Roode & James Storm vs. Bully Ray & Gunner

Sacrifice Lineup:
– TNA World Title: Eric Young (c) vs. TBA
– TNA Knockouts Title: Madison Rayne (c) vs. Angelina Love
– Tables Match: Bobby Roode vs. Bully Ray
– I Quit Match: James Storm vs. Gunner
– TNA X-Division Title Best of 3 Series Finale: Sanada (c) vs. Tigre Uno

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