TNA Impact Wrestling Results 4/10/14

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Orlando, FL (Impact Zone)
April 10, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact opens up with a memoriam for Ultimate Warrior and then Dixie Carter is shown arriving. She says that she has a lot to say tonight, just not right now.

Following the Impact intro we head into MVP’s office where he introduces the upcoming #1 Contenders Gauntlet Match. MVP says that unfortunately Samoa Joe will not be one of the ten men in tonight’s match even though he had been previously announced for it. MVP says that Joe informed the TNA Office that he would be “unavailable for the match.” MVP says he has already found a replacement and the winner of the match faces Magnus at Sacrifice for the title, and the match starts now!

TNA World Title #1 Contenders Gauntlet Battle Royal
Bobby Lashley vs. Bully Ray vs. Gunner vs. “The Cowboy” James Storm vs. Ethan Carter III vs. “The IT Factor” Bobby Roode vs. “Showtime” Eric Young vs. Willow vs. “The Monster” Abyss vs. Sanada

James Storm and Gunner are the first two in the match. Gunner and Storm meet each other in the aisle and the fight is on! A man enters every two minutes into the match. Gunner and Storm spill into the ring where Gunner whips Storm into the ring and lays him out with a Back Elbow. Gunner tries to throw Storm over the top rope to eliminate him, but Storm lands on his feet on the apron and kicks Gunner through the ropes. Storm follows up with a Leaping Enziguri from the apron and then he dives off the middle rope with a Flying Cross Body! Gunner catches him in midair and connects with a Fall Away Slam! Gunner tries to eliminate Storm again but Storm rakes him in the eyes and attempts to whip Gunner into the corner. Gunner reverses it and hits a Running Clotheslines on Storm in the corner. Gunner again goes to eliminate Storm but Storm pokes Gunner in the eyes again and then hits a big uppercut. The next man in is BOBBY ROODE!

Roode hits the ring and goes after Gunner, but Gunner fights him off only to eat a knee to the gut. Roode connects with a big clothesline and then Storm and Roode come face to face with a little Beer Money reunion here. Storm and Roode start putting the boots to Gunner and then they throw Gunner into the corner. Storm holds Gunner as Roode kicks him. They then whip Gunner into the opposite corner and Storm whips Roode into a Splash on Gunner followed by a clothesline from Storm. Storm hits a Snapmare Takeover on Gunner followed by a Knee Drop from Roode. Roode and Strom attempt to eliminate Gunner but he lands on the apron and holds onto the ropes. The next man in is BULLY RAY!

Bully hits the ring and goes right after Roode! He lays out both Roode and Storm and tosses them into separate corners. Roode hits Ray from behind and then he and Storm break out the old Beer Money Double Suplex! They teased doing the “BEER…MONEY!” chant after it but Bully got back up and Double Clotheslined them. Bully Splashes Storm in one corner and Gunner Splashes Roode in the other. Gunner and Bully whip Roode into another corner and then Bully whips Gunner into a Splash on Roode. Bully follows up with a Scoop Slam and then Gunner goes up top for the Wassup Headbutt! Storm hits Bully stopping the headbutt as ETHAN CARTER III comes out next!

EC3 literally looked over his shoulder as he walked down the ramp as Mike Tenay pointed out that Kurt Angle tweeted today that EC3 should be looking over his shoulder from now on because he is coming back soon. EC3 beats Bully down in a corner and then headbutts Gunner and puts the boots to him. Bully attacks EC3 from behind and lights him up with a chop, but Roode walks over and rakes the eyes of Bully. EC3 chops Bully as well but Bully shrugs it off and caves in EC3’s chest with a series of chops! Roode hits the Double-R Spinebuster on Gunner but then Bully lays into both Storm and Roode with chops. Roode fights back with right hands on Bully as EC3 and Storm work on Gunner in another corner. The next man in is LASHLEY!

Lashley hits the ring and starts laying out heels! He Scoop Slams Storm and destroys Roode with a Shoulder Block and Vertical Suplex! Lashley then tosses EC3 across the ring right into a clothesline from Bully! Bully holds EC3 as Lashley puts the boots to him. Lashley hits a Hangman’s Neckbreaker on EC3 and tosses him over the top, but he holds onto the ropes and hangs on while Storm fights off Ray at the same time. The next man in is ABYSS!

Abyss chokes Lashley in the corner and then actually starts laying out heels as well. Abyss poses to the crowd and then Bully almost eliminates him from behind, but Magnus comes out and distracts all the babyfaces as he walks over to the announce table.


Back from the break Sanada has joined the match and no one has been eliminated. I’m assuming that Sanada is the replacement for Samoa Joe. ERIC YOUNG is out next and he goes right after Abyss! EY slams Sanada into Abyss and then tries to eliminate the monster. Bully almost eliminates EC3 but he holds onto the ropes as he lands on the apron and even low bows Bully. The next man in is WILLOW!

Willow hits the ring and hits everything that moves. Willow comes face to face to EC3 and hits him with a Jawbreaker! EC3 is able to backdrop Willow over the top but he lands on the apron and then hits a dropkick to EC3 through the ropes. Rockstar Spud wheels himself in his wheelchair down to ringside. Willow tries to Suplex EC3 over the top rope but Spud holds onto his leg to stop him allowing EC3 to slam Willow’s throat across the top rope. Willow lands on the floor and is the first eliminated!

Willow chases Spud to the back but Sanada is able to catch EC3 with an Enziguri as he turns around. Sanada then hits Abyss with an Enziguri but Abyss doesn’t go down so Sanada hits the ropes and flies at Abyss. Abyss grabs him by the throat and Chokeslams him! Abyss tosses Sanada over the top eliminating him!

Lashley Spears Abyss as he turns around and tries to eliminate him but EC3 hits him from behind. Lashley Scoop Slams EC3 but then gets obliterated by a Last Call from Storm! Lashley falls into the Roode Bomb over the top rope to the floor by Roode to eliminate him!

Bully and Roode start brawling again and Ray goes for a Big Boot, but Roode avoids it and elbows Ray. Ray comes back and tosses Roode over the top. Roode lands on the apron but then Ray hits him with a Big Boot that sends Roode to the floor eliminating him!

Ray goes for the Bionic Elbow on EC3 but Roode reaches in and grabs his arm and pulls him over the top! Ray hangs onto the ropes but then EC3 runs over and shoves Ray to the floor eliminating him!

Gunner charges at EC3 but eats an elbow and then EC3 slams him into the turnbuckles. Gunner shrugs it off and destroys EC3 with a Flying Knee! Gunner attempts the Gun Rack but Storm nails him with the Last Call and then tosses him over the top to eliminate him!

Well, it’s down to EC3, Abyss, Storm, and EY, and I promise you other than Storm there is not a soul in the world that wants to see the other three headlining a PPV against Magnus. This is going to end up really bad. The heels triple team EY but he fights back on them only to get cut off again. EC3 tosses him over the top rope but EY holds onto the top rope and skins the cat back into the ring where he headscissors EC3 over the top eliminating him!

Storm nails EY with a Running Enziguri and Abyss hits a big Splash! Storm whips Abyss into EY but EY catches him with an elbow and then EY gets his boot up on a charging Storm. EY hits a Back Suplex on Storm and kicks Abyss as he charges at him. EY climbs up top and dives off with a Flying Elbow Drop on Abyss! Storm destroys EY with a Backstabber who rolls to the apron. Storm walks over and as he does EY attempts to hit him with a shoulderblock through the ropes, but Storm saw it coming and sidesteps it followed by a kick to the head. Storm follows up with a Hanging Spike DDT in the ropes! Storm sets up for the Last Call but EY ducks and tosses Storm over the top! Storm holds onto the ropes and tries to skin the cat like EY did but EY dropkicks him and Storm falls to the floor eliminating him!

Abyss grabs EY from behind and hits the Shock Treatment! Abyss goes for a Chokeslam over the top but EY holds onto the ropes. Abyss punches EY repeatedly only for EY to hold on again. EY hits Abyss with a shoulder block through the ropes. EY slides through Abyss’ legs but then Abyss whips him into the corner. EY flips over the top to the apron and shoulder blocks Abyss through the ropes again. EY climbs up top and dives off with a Missile Dropkick! EY clotheslines Abyss over the top and they both go over but Abyss lands on the floor while EY lands on the apron!

Winner & NEW #1 Contender: Eric Young

Hemme gets in the ring with EY and he says that he has a request for MVP.


Replays of the finish to the Battle Royal are shown as we come back from break and EY is still waiting for MVP in the ring. EY says MVP’s #1 Contender has a request again and MVP walks onto the stage applauding EY as an “MVP” chant starts up. EY says MVP is doing one hell of a job and he can’t thank MVP enough for the opportunity. He says that he isn’t a doctor and his right arm is really messed up, but this is live TV and anything can happen tonight. EY says what we just saw is him win a shot at the World Title at Sacrifice. Now an “Eric Young” chant starts up and EY says he’s feeling crazy tonight. EY says he’s already won once and everything is going his way, and he has been waiting long enough for his shot! EY says he has been waiting 10 long years so he wants his shot at the belt tonight! Magnus laughs on commentary and even says for MVP to “go for it.”

MVP asks if EY really wants to face Magnus tonight after competing in the Battle Royal, and when EY says that he does Magnus says that if that happens they’ll be having a live funeral on TV. MVP says he respects EY’s “fighting spirit” and Magnus needs to go get suited up because he will be defending the belt against EY tonight! Magnus grabs a microphone and says that is fine with him because it’s always “Magnus Rules” for him and Magnus Rules win out in the end. MVP says about the “Magnus Rules” that’s no more, and even more so if Magnus gets disqualified or counted out he will forfeit the title! MVP then says that Abyss is banned from ringside and if anyone else gets involved in the match they will be fired on the spot! Magnus says that MVP can’t do that but MVP says that he can and he did!

Dixie Carter walks into her office where Spud has a celebration waiting for her. He scares her when she walks into the office and surprises her. Spud asks if she saw his tribute to her and she says she saw him ready to sell her down the river the minute she was gone. Dixie leaves the office and then Willow comes in and starts beating the hell out of Spud and destroying the office.

Gail Kim, Angelina, ODB, and Brittany are shown getting ready backstage for a #1 Contenders 4-Way.


TNA Knockouts #1 Contenders Fatal 4-Way
Angelina Love w/Velvet Sky vs. Brittany vs. Gail Kim

Gail pairs off with Brittany and Angelina pairs off with ODB as the bell rings. Brittany drop toeholds Gail into the turnbuckles and ODB smacks Angelina on the ass before kicking her out to the floor. Brittany and ODB come face to face and ODB dares Brittany to hit her. Brittany obliges her with a forearm to the face. ODB answers and they begin exchanging strikes until ODB lifts Brittany up for a Powerslam. Brittany blocks it and then she and ODB clothesline each other. Angelina comes back in and tosses ODB to the floor while Gail slams Brittany repeatedly into the turnbuckles. Angelina tries to get in on the beatdown on Brittany but Gail shoves her way and continues to stomp on Brittany. Angelina shoves Gail out of the way and then hits a Snapmare Takeover on Brittany. Gail comes flying in with a Sliding Dropkick on Brittany! Gail gets a nearfall before Angelina pulls her off and then gets a nearfall of her own until Gail pulls her off as well. Angelina and Gail start shoving each other. Brittany forearms both fo them and headbutts Gail! Brittany whips Gail into the corner and then whips Angelina into Gail! Brittany follows up with a Handspring Back Elbow but Angelina moves out of the way leaving Gail to get nailed. Angelina clotheslines Brittany and hits a Sidewalk Slam for another nearfall. ODB breaks it up this time and beats on Angelina in the corner. Gail charges at ODB but ODB moves and Gail nails Angelina! ODB whips Gail into Angelina and then goes for a Splash. Gail moves out of the way and Angelina eats all of the Splash. ODB runs over Gail with a series of Shoulder Blocks and then whips her into the ropes. Gail attempts a Cross Body Block, but ODB catches her and hits a Fall Away Slam! ODB hits the Carpet Muncher on Angelina in the corner. Gail grabs her from behind and slams her to the mat by her hair. ODB kicks her in the head but then Brittany hits the Shining Star Press (Handspring Moonsault off the ropes) on ODB! Angelina kicks Brittany and hits the Lights Out! Gail catches Angelina with a leg kick and then a Flying Clothesline followed by a Backbreaker! Gail goes for Eat Defeat on Angelina but Angelina blocks it and tries to hold onto Velvet on the floor, but Gail rolls her up from behind! 1…2…NO Angelina kicks out and Velvet sprays her in the face with hairspray! Angelina hits the Botox Injection for the pin!

Winner& NEW #1 Contender: Angelina Love via pinfall (Botox Injection)

Dixie walks into MVP’s office and says he gives her 10 seconds to state her case before he has security drag her out of the building. Dixie reminds him that she is still president of the company and she is not happy about the fight he had with Kenny King last week in the back. Dixie says she isn’t going anywhere and she mocks his “Motivate, Validate, Participate” acronym. Dixie says MVP does not deserve to be here and he wouldn’t if it wasn’t for one disgruntled employee. Dixie wants MVP to watch in the front row while she chews that employee and spits him out tonight because he’ll know how that feels when she does the same thing to him.


The Wolves walk into MVP’s office with Davey Richards sporting a new hairdo. Jesse and Zema Ion are waiting with no Robbie. MVP says it seems that Robbie E’s flight was cancelled somehow and he just got confirmation from the TNA Travel Department that it’s true. Jesse says they could have beaten The Wolves last week, this week, and they’ll just do it next week instead. Jesse is holding both title belts and MVP asks why that is since it seems a bit fishy. Jesse stumbles for a second but says it’s because he’s the captain of the team. Jesse tries to leave but MVP stops him and says he’s getting tired of Bro-Mans taking his kindness for weakness. MVP says he has a solution. MVP says Robbie has until bell time to get here and if he doesn’t then Zema will take his place and defend the belts with Jesse.

In the back Magnus says EY made a huge tactical error tonight after running the gauntlet.

Dixie Carter comes down to the ring and calls Bully out to the ring saying they have unfinished business. A “we don’t like you” chant starts until Bully comes out and then they chant for tables. Bully gets them to start chanting “we don’t like you” again and then says he will give her credit because he is shocked that she would actually be standing here face to face with him. Dixie says for a “smart New Yorker” he is pretty dumb to be conned into coming to her office so Bobby Roode could beat him down. Dixie reminds Bully that Roode put Bully through three tables last week.

Dixie says that was a first for Bully and he says that she is right, and even he can appreciate that he was suckered in and taken advantage of and he was put through tables last week. Bully says the point is that he is still standing, but Dixie says she will rectify that. Dixie asks why he double crossed her and she wants to know why he would do that. Bully says she is the most selfish woman and that TNA is not HER company, it is the fans company. He says that TNA is for every fan around the world and every wrestler in the locker room who breaks their back for the fans.

Dixie asks if he is suddenly everyone’s spokesperson and he is no better than her. Bully says whether the fans like him or hate him or whether the wrestlers like him or hate him everyone of them respect him. Dixie says they respect her too because she built this company but Bully says no one respects her. Dixie says she paid Bully a lot of money to do a job for her and she wants her money back. Bully says it was a lot of money but she should know she shouldn’t trust anybody. Bully says it was fun spending that money saying he spent a lot of it at a strip club. He asks if she knows who he is but she slaps the microphone away from him and asks if he knows who SHE is.

Dixie says she is still president of the company and she is still his boss. Dixie slaps Bully and says he better not ever talk to her that way again. Bully corners Dixie but Roode runs out and blindsides Bully! Dixie tells Roode to get a table! Roode pulls out a table and sets it up in the ring. Roode attempts to put Bully through the table but Bully fights him off and goes for a Powerbomb through the table! Roode blocks it and bails out of the ring.

Bully looks at the table and then looks at Dixie and then looks back at the table and begins to stare at Dixie. Bully goes into that old blank stare he used to do back in the day before and after putting a woman through a table as Dixie escapes through the ropes.


Magnus approaches Dixie in the back and bitches about her not even saying anything to her tonight. She says she has business that doesn’t pertain to him. Magnus says that he is the World Champion so all business pertains to him and she didn’t even come wish him luck. Dixie says Magnus doesn’t need luck because he has a plan. Dixie says she has a plan too and her plan is to go to her plane and go home. Magnus calls her a “typical woman” and Dixie calls him ungrateful. She says that he has forgotten who brought him to the dance and she seems to recall him telling her nephew that he doesn’t need her anymore because he has an insurance policy. Dixie says good luck with that insurance policy tonight and walks away. Magnus says “wrath of Dixie” my ass as he walks away.

TNA World Tag Team Championships
Jesse & Zema Ion (c) vs. The Wolves

Zema is defending the title in place of Robbie who supposedly had travel issues. Davey is sporting a blonde Mohawk now. Eddie and Jesse start the match off. Jesse gets Eddie in a headlock but Eddie shoves Jesse into the ropes as Davey blind tags himself into the match as well. Eddie leapfrogs Jesse and then catches him with a drop toehold. Davey follows up with a Sliding Dropkick and then Zema comes in and eats a drop toehold from Davey. Eddie follows up with an Elbow Drop to Zema! Zema rolls out to the floor and Eddie hits Jesse with a series of roundhouse kicks. Davey attempts to whip Jesse into the ropes but Jesse reverses it and Zema grabs his boot from the outside. Davey grabs Zema by the hair and pulls him up to the apron but Zema nails him with a Jawbreaker onto the top rope. Jesse dropkicks Davey and tags Zema into the match. Zema and Jesse go for a Double Suplex but Eddie comes in and catches Davey saving him. The Wolves then drop down and avoid Zema and Jesse as they charge at them causing the heels to fall to the floor. The Wolves let out a howl and then hit Dual Suicide Dives through the ropes onto the heels on the floor! The Wolves toss Zema back into the ring and Eddie tags in as they sandwich Zema with kicks and chops. Eddie attempts to whip Zema into the ropes but Zema reverses it and Jesse is able to catch Eddie with a knee to the back. Zema hits a Flapjack on Eddie and tags in Jesse. The heels go for a Double Back Suplex but Eddie lands on his feet and hits a Double Hurricanrana on both heels at the same time! Davey tags in and clotheslines both heels. Davey hits a series of roundhouse kicks on Jesse and then attempts to whip him into the ropes, but Jesse reverses it only for Davey to handspring off the ropes with the Damage Reflex! He then catches a charging Zema with a T-Bone Suplex! Davey hits a Flying Forearm on Jesse and then climbs up top and dives off with a Missile Dropkick! 1…2…NO Zema tries to break it up but Davey moves and Zema hits his own teammate! Davey tosses Zema out to the floor and charges at Jesse right into an elbow. Jesse charges at him but Eddie comes in and lifts Jesse straight up into the Alarm Clock! 1…2…NO Robbie E pulls the referee out and shoves him causing the DQ.

Winners: The Wolves via DQ (Bro-Mans retain)

Taz points out that Robbie had such “bad” travel problems that he was able to put his gear on and everything before making the run-in.

Earlier today Christy says that he’s been thinking about everything Samuel Shaw and she has made a decision tonight. She wants to meet Samuel out in the ring to talk to him about “commitment.”


Christy Hemme calls Samuel Shaw out to the ring as a “creepy bastard” chant starts up. Shaw walks out and Christy says she has had a change of heart lately and she thinks Shaw is just misunderstood. He says that he is so happy that she has finally seen the light, and not to worry what the “ordinary cretins” have to say. He says he is not what they say and he is simply the love of her life. Christy asks if he trusts her and asks if he would do anything and go anywhere she asked him to go. She then uses her teeth to take off his glove. She tells him to clothes his eyes and “feel” her and to keep up closed as she talks to him. A van with “psychiatric services” written on the side is shown arriving. Mr. Anderson comes out from the back of the van and Christy says she’s going to take him where he belongs and says that he has a surprise for him. Anderson slides in the ring and Christy tells him to turn around where Anderson hits him with the Mic Check!

Anderson says that commitment she was talking about is the funny farm he’s about to be taken to as the fans chant “funny farm.” Anderson picks up Shaw’s prone body and waves to the crowd with his hand and then tosses him over the top rope as the fans sing “good bye” to him. Anderson drags Shaw to the van and tosses him into it. Shaw is able to shove the door into Anderson’s face and then run away.


Backstage Willow cuts one of his weird ass promos. Willow says he doesn’t give a damn about winning just about revenge. He challenges them both to a Handicap Match next week. “Be there or be triangular,” he says. Yeah, okay.

A vignette airs announcing that TNA is taking Impact tapings to the Manhattan Center in New York City June 25-27.

Main Event
TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Magnus (c) vs. “Showtime” Eric Young

Eric Young is wearing a protective sleeve on his arm that he didn’t have on earlier. Magnus gets in EY’s face as the bell rings and Magnus lays into him with right hands and European Uppercuts. Magnus slams EY into the top turnbuckle and whips EY into the opposite corner. EY floats over the charging Magnus and then connects with a dropkick. Magnus comes back with a whip into the corner where EY flips over the top to the apron. Magnus charges at EY but eats a shoulder block through the ropes. EY slides through Magnus’ legs and goes for a Belly-to-Belly Suplex but Magnus boxes his ears and punches EY’s injured arm. I swear I’m having Daniel Bryan flashbacks right now. Magnus slams EY’s arm into the ropes and then goes for a Splash in the corner, but EY gets his boots up and then climbs up top and dives off with a Moonsault! Magnus rolls out of the way and hits a Flying Knee that sends EY over the top to the floor. Magnus climbs out and slams EY repeatedly into the apron. Magnus tosses EY into the ring and pins him for a nearfall and then he puts EY in a Waistlock. EY fights it off and is able to send Magnus out to the floor. EY goes for a Suicide Dive through the ropes but Magnus catches him with a European Uppercut in midair in a nice spot. Magnus slams EY into the ring steps and then rolls back into the ring to break the count. Magnus puts the boots to EY as we go to a break.


Magnus slams his knee into the back of EY and then hits an Elbow Drop for another nearfall. Magnus hits a Gutwrench Suplex for another nearfall. Magnus whips EY into the ropes and puts him in a Sleeper. EY fights the hold off with back elbows and a Jawbreaker! EY hits the ropes but Magnus catches him with a backdrop and then puts him in a Camel Clutch! EY is able to fight up to his feet and drop Magnus with an Electric Chair Drop! Now both men are down as the fans are getting behind EY. EY blocks a series of right hands and hits some of his own before whipping Magnus into the ropes and connecting with a Flying Forearm! EY hits a clothesline and then goes for a German Suplex only to eat an elbow. Magnus goes for the MDD but EY counters into the Youngblood Neckbreaker (Wheelbarrow Neckbreaker)! EY climbs up top and dives off with the Flying Elbow Drop! EY sells the injured arm when he lands causing him to hesitate before going for the pin, 1…2…NO Magnus kicks out! EY attempts to whip Magnus into the ropes but Magnus reverses it and catches EY with the Lariat! Magnus hits the MDD! 1…2…NO EY kicks out! Magnus rolls out to the floor and grabs his title belt and taunts EY with it. Magnus goes to hit EY with it but the referee takes it away and as he was getting rid of the belt Magnus low blows EY! 1…2…NO Magnus still kicks out! Magnus stalks EY and goes for the Lariat again but EY catches him with a Crucifix Rollup! 1…2…NO Magnus kicks out! EY attempts to whip Magnus into the ropes but Magnus reverses it and goes for a backdrop, but EY stops and hits the Spike Piledriver! 1…2…….3!

Winner & NEW World Champ: Eric Young via pinfall (Spike Piledriver)

EY looks shocked as the referee hands him the belt and he stares at it.


“Final Thoughts” will be up tomorrow morning.

1) TNA World Title #1 Contenders Gauntlet Match: Eric Young def. Abyss, EC3, James Storm, Bully Ray, Bobby Roode, Willow, Bobby Lashley, Gunner, & Sanada
2) TNA Knockouts #1 Contenders 4-Way: Angelina Love def. Brittany, ODB, & Gail Kim
3) TNA Tag Team Titles: The Wolves def. Jesse & Zema Ion (c) via DQ (Bro-Mans retain)
4) TNA World Title: Eric Young def. Magnus (c) to win the title!

Scheduled for Next Week:
-Handicap Match: Willow vs. Rockstar Spud & Ethan Carter III

Sacrifice Lineup:
-TNA Knockouts Title: Madison Rayne (c) vs. Angelina Love

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