TNA Impact Wrestling Results 4/3/14

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Orlando, FL (Impact Zone)
April 3, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact Wrestling opens up with vignette hyping up tonight’s Main Event. Magnus defends against Samoa Joe, Abyss, and Eric Young in a Fatal 4-Way.

As we cut to the arena EC3 and Roode are already in the ring for the opener.

Tag Team Tables Match: “The IT Factor” Bobby Roode & Ethan Carter III vs. Bully Ray & Willow

Willow and Bully hit the ring and the fight is on! Bully pairs off with Roode while Willow and EC3 brawl on the other side of the ring. Bully kneels down and then Hardy dives off his back into Poetry in Motion on Roode in the corner! Bully then Splashes EC3 in the other corner and Willow dives off his back for another Poetry in Motion! Bully hits a Scoop Slam on EC3 and then Hardy dives off the top with the WASSUP Diving Headbutt Team 3D style! Bully tells Willow to GET THE TABLES! Willow and Bully set up a table in the ring as the fans are going crazy right now. Roode climbs back in and nails Bully with a clothesline as EC3 hits Willow with a dropkick. Bully and EC3 take turns stomping on Bully and Willow. They whip Willow into the ropes and then attempt to Double Backdrop him onto the table, but Bully flips the table out of the way. Bully lays EC3 out and then whips Roode into the ropes for a Big Boot attempt, but Roode holds onto the ropes and EC3 nails Roode with a Running Forearm. Roode sets the table back up and then the heels attempt to Double Suplex Bully through the table, but Hardy pulls the table out of the way and nails Roode with a Leaping Mule Kick. EC3 nails Willow with a clothesline and mounts him with a series of right hands. EC3 slams Willow’s face into the mat repeatedly but then Willow answers with a Jawbreaker! Willow hits a Cartwheel Splash in the corner followed by the Hardyac Arrest. Willow hits a Stunner followed by the Twist of Fate on EC3! Hardy sets the table up again and lays EC3 on it. Willow climbs up top as Rockstar Spud wheels down the ramp in a wheelchair. Willow spots Spud on the floor and decides to beat his ass again as he dropkicks Spud out of the wheelchair. Willow drags Spud to the back as Bully climbs up top with EC3 still lying on the table. Bully goes to dive off but Roode holds onto his leg as EC3 rolls off of the table. Roode shoves Bully off the top but Bully was able to dive over the table as Roode and EC3 freak out that they didn’t put him through the table. EC3 holds Bully as Roode climbs up top for something, but Bully low blows EC3 with a mule kick and then punches Roode in the nuts! Bully tosses Roode off the top into a Cross Body on EC3! Roode hits a Double Clothesline on Roode and EC3 and then a Bionic Elbow for both of them! Bully goes for a Powerbomb on EC3 through the table, but Roode hits from behind and then goes for the Roode Bomb! Bully blocks it and then attempts the Bully Cutter but Roode counters into a Double-R Spinebuster through the table!

Winners: Roode & EC3 via putting Bully through a table

After the match EC3 and Roode set up another table and Roode puts Bully through it with the Roode Bomb! EC3 starts to leave but Roode tells him to get another table. They set up the third table and then they lay Roode on top of it. EC3 holds Bully down as Roode climbs up top and dives off with a Splash putting Bully through yet another table! Roode screams at Bully telling him again that he messed with the wrong man.

Kenny King pulls up in a golf cart and asks the guy at the door what he’s got for tonight, but the guy tells King isn’t scheduled for tonight. King gets irritated and goes looking for MVP.


Magnus is shown arriving without Abyss.

Backstage MVP talks about tonight’s show saying that Mr. Anderson will face “that creepy bastard” in a Straightjacket Match and that Madison Rayne and a partner of her choosing will face the reunited Beautiful People. Kenny King barges in and MVP brushes him off again as he says he’s busy right now.

To win this match you have to place your opponent in the straightjacket. Anderson cuts a promo before the match and says that since “that creepy bastard” can’t keep his fingers to himself he’ll put him in a straightjacket to make sure he does. Shaw responds to Anderson’s promo and says he isn’t a creepy bastard. Shaw asks Anderson if he knows how amazing his hands are and says he creates art with his hands. Shaw says just like the fans, Anderson is just ordinary which means he can’t understand his art. As the fans chant “creepy bastard” at him Shaw says the worst thing in the world is to be ordinary. Shaw says Christy Hemme loves him and then Anderson decks Shaw!

Straightjacket Match: Mr. Anderson vs. “The Creepy Bastard” Samuel Shaw

Anderson immediately tries to put Shaw in the straightjacket but Shaw fights him off and nails him with a knee to the gut. Shaw attempts to whip Anderson into the ring steps but Anderson reverses it and then attempts to put Shaw into the straightjacket. Shaw kicks Anderson into the ring steps and chokes Anderson with the straightjacket.


Shaw clotheslines Anderson and then chokes him with his bare hands while punching him in the head. Shaw attempts to put Anderson in the straightjacket and almost gets it on but Anderson punches him in the gut as Shaw was celebrating. Anderson clotheslines Shaw and then hits a back elbow followed by a Spinning Neckbreaker! Anderson hits the Green Bay Plunge and starts putting the straightjacket on Shaw. Shaw kicks Anderson in the balls and locks in his Arm Triangle while still wearing the straightjacket! Anderson seems to be passed out so Shaw starts putting the straightjacket on, and as Anderson starts fighting back Shaw puts the choke back on Anderson! Shaw finishes putting the straightjacket on Anderson as he is passed out to win the match. Shaw looks to have a bloody nose.

Winner: Shaw via putting Anderson in the straightjacket

Shaw does some more creepy crap to Anderson while he’s passed out in the straightjacket before leaving him lying.

Backstage The Beautiful People say that they are going to rewrite history and if you think they were deadly before you “ain’t seen nothing yet.” Velvet says she almost felt sorry for Madison until Angelina shed light on Madison’s true motives, she was trying to outshine the two that made her a star in the first place. Velvet says Madison was nothing before them and when they’re finished she’ll be even less. Angelina says it doesn’t even matter who Madison’s partner is because they’re going to stick them with their own “ugly stick.”


Earlier today Eric Young says this didn’t start about the World Title, it was about guilt over bringing the monster out but life has a funny way of working itself out. EY says he’s been in TNA for 10 years and if anyone believes he didn’t earn this they’re kidding themselves.

Before Tigre Uno and Sanada lockup Kenny King walks out and interrupts them. He says he doesn’t mean any disrespect to “my international friends” but the “King of the Night” is in the building right now. King says he didn’t come to just steal the spotlight, he came to lock it down. He says that he IS the X-Division and he sees the international talent in the ring but everyone can agree the X-Division isn’t the same without Kenny King. King says, “Kenny King and the X-Division were born on the same day, I came out of my momma doing a Backflip 630 Double Burning Inferno Splash.” King says by the time he was seven he was doing things Mil Mascaras couldn’t even dream of.

MVP walks out and interrupts King’s rant looking none too happy. MVP asks King if he lost his damn mind and King asks if he looks crazy to him. MVP says he doesn’t look crazy but he is surely talking crazy to interrupt his show. King asks when it became HIS show and MVP says it became his show the minute he sent Dixie home. He says the people hold him responsible for the shows content that’s why it’s his show. King says it’s not his show because even with MVP standing in the ring with he and the international guys King is still the biggest star in the ring. MVP says that King is testing his patience and if he keeps this up he’ll be the one to see stars. MVP says they can wrap this up and go back to his office and talk about this so the show can continue. King says unless MVP has a big stack of money and “big booty girls doing headstands and making their butt clap” he doesn’t have anything to see back there. King says he has everything to see IN the ring and he says it’s about damn time he started main eventing and headlining TNA. MVP says he may very well do that one day but it’s not this day because the show is all booked up. MVP again tells King to come back to his office and they’ll talk about things, but King says everybody can’t be all booked up tonight. King then smiles and asks MVP what he’s doing tonight. MVP says he’s “directing wrestling operations” but King mocks him and says if he wants to motivate then he can get in the ring and motivate him. MVP says no and tells King to get out of the ring, and starts to leave. King taunts MVP and asks if he can bow to his fans before he goes, and then he bumps MVP which pisses MVP off. King says he’s got MVP’s attention now and MVP says he’s going to whoop King’s ass tonight.


TNA X-Division Championship, Best of 3 Series Match #1: Tigre Uno vs. Sanada (c)

Tigre Uno has a new entrance where ribbons shoot out from the rafters as he poses on the ropes. The X-Division Title isn’t on the line here technically, to win (or retain in Sanada’s case) the belt one of these men have to win two of three matches in the next few weeks. Beer Money and Motor City Machine Guns faced off in a similar Best of Five Series a few years ago, and of course back in WCW (and again in WWE) Booker T and “he who we do not speak of” (Benoit) had a classic Best of Seven Series. Sanada and Tigre lockup and Tigre rolls through into a wristlock, and then takes Sanada down to the mat and lock him in a Top Wristlock. Sanada fights up to his feet and Tigre locks in a side headlock. Sanada shoves Tigre into the ropes and attempts a clothesline, but Tigre ducks and then Sanada leapfrogs him only to eat a dropkick. Sanada retreats to the corner and Tigre charges at him. Sanada gets his boots up but Tigre catches his feet and then spins him around hanging him up in the ropes. Tigre hits a Leaping Enziguri that sends Sanada out to the floor. Tigre fakes a dive as Sanada quickly moves out of the way. As Sanada rolls back in the ring Tigre dropkicks him and puts him in a Seated Surfboard. Sanada fights off the hold and counters by shoving Tigre into the ropes. Sanada hits a series of elbows and then dives off the top with a Flying Muta Chop. Sanada hits an Armdrag followed by a Back Suplex and then he goes for a Standing Moonsault. Tigre sits up to avoid it but Sanada saw it coming and lands on his feet and follows up with a dropkick to the seated Tigre Uno! Sanada gets a nearfall and then attempts to whip Tigre into the corner but Tigre reverses it and goes for a Splash in the corner. Sanada sidesteps him and puts Tigre in the Rolling Cradle capping it off with a nearfall. Tigre rolls out to the floor to get away from Sanada and as Sanada sets up for a dive Tigre quickly leaps back in the ring and nails Sanada with a Spinning Heel Kick! Tigre charges at Sanada in the corner but Sanada moves out of the way and then he runs into a boot from Tigre. Tigre goes for a Springboard Flying Cross Body but Sanada catches him in midair with a dropkick! Sanada goes to the top for the Moonsault but Tigre crotches him on the top. Sanada falls to the mat and then Tigre goes for a Split Legged Moonsault, but Sanada gets his knees up and then hits a Dragon Suplex! 1…2…3!

Winner: Sanada via pinfall (Sanada leads the Best of 3 Series, 1-0)

In the back Magnus says everything is fine with he and Abyss, and there is a very good reason why no one has seen Abyss yet. He says he’s about to show Abyss to everyone like no one has ever seen him before.


Backstage Brittany approaches Madison and says she really looks up to Madison. She offers to be Madison’s partner tonight but Madison says she isn’t going to put Brittany in that type of situation because once you get involved with BP it’s never ending. Brittany says Madison was in her shoes just a few years ago and all she needed was that one chance. Madison says she did beat Gail and then points out that they are dressed the same oddly. She asks Brittany if she knows what she’s getting into here and Brittany says she does and Madison accepts her offer.

Magnus comes down to the ring and says he has something great to share with everyone. Magnus tells Abyss to come down to the ring and not be shy. Abyss walks out in a suit and tie still wearing his mask. So is this Corporate Abyss? Magnus says Abyss looks great and that this is how the “upper echelon” dress unlike the “mouth breathers” in the crowd. Magnus says they need to discuss strategy in their upcoming match tonight. He says MVP and Spike TV are all referring to this as a 4-Corners Match and the reason they are doing that is because they know the “hook” of the match is the prospect of Abyss squaring off with Magnus. Magnus says they both know that is not going to happen because he and Abyss are a team or “two peas…in a very big pod.” Magnus says he treats Abyss like a star and says he doesn’t have to mention James Mitchell. When he namedrops Mitchell Abyss gets pissed but Magnus tells him to calm down. Magnus says he doesn’t play games with his head like EY did either. Magnus says sometimes Brits don’t wear their hearts on their sleeves so it’s hard for him to share his emotions sometimes. Magnus says he knows Abyss has been waiting for someone to say this to him his whole life, he says that he loves Abyss.

Magnus hugs Abyss but Abyss doesn’t really respond to the hug. They do leave the ring together however. EY attacks Abyss on the ramp but Magnus shoves him off and starts brawling with EY. Abyss gets back up and they toss EY into the ring. Abyss and Magnus beat EY down in the ring. Samoa Joe runs out and makes the save as Magnus bails out of the ring to leave Joe to attack Abyss. Joe then gets in EY’s face as the heels retreat. EY says when he wants Joe’s help he’ll tell him.


Backstage MVP talks to The Wolves about their Tag Titles shot. Robbie E barges in with a doctor and the doctor hands a note over. Apparently Jesse injured his quad working out which pisses Davey off since he says he’s working with a separated shoulder. MVP says this is wrestling, you play hurt. Robbie says Kurt Angle doesn’t have to hurt with an injury but MVP says he tore his ACL. Robbie says if they force Jesse to wrestle and he further injures himself it will be lawsuit as he leaves. The Wolves are pissed about this and MVP says he can’t do anything about it because it’s legit.

Another vignette of Knux back at home is shown. Knux talks to his pops and his dad says he built their business for him so he could take it over one day. Knux says that was his life and he never wanted it. He says he followed his dream and his dad says he needs his help because they have a lot of responsibilities there and a lot of people have lost their job because of the flood. Knux says he can stay for a few days to try and get the show back on the road.

The Beautiful People have a big curtain over the tunnel as their music plays and you can see their silhouette behind it before it drops revealing them. They’re also wearing new matching fur outfits.

The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky) vs. Madison Rayne & Brittany

Brittany and Angelina lockup but Angelina breaks it with a series of forearms. Angelina whips Brittany into the ropes and attempts a backdrop, but Brittany kicks her and then hits a series of forearms. Brittany whips Angelina into the ropes and connects with a shoulder block and then a series of armdrags! Brittany hits a Scoop Slam and then Angelina rolls to her corner and tags in Velvet. Velvet charges at Brittany but eats a drop toehold and then Brittany floats over into a Front Facelock. Velvet counters with a Jawbreaker and then whips Brittany into the heel corner. Velvet charges right into an elbow from Brittany but then Angelina slams her to the mat by the hair. BP then break out the Holla Double Elbow for the first time in years on Brittany. Angelina gets a nearfall and then slams Brittany face first into the mat repeatedly. Angelina taunts Madison and then tosses Brittany into the heel corner. Angelina puts the boots to her as Velvet holds her in place. Angelina hits a Snapmare followed by a dropkick to the back of Brittany. Velvet tags in and puts the boots to Brittany as Angelina holds her. Velvet shoves Brittany into the corner and then hits a Running Shoulder Block. Velvet distracts the referee while Angelina chokes Brittany, and then Velvet stacks Brittany up for another nearfall. Velvet hits Forearm Smash and then attempts to whip her into the ropes but Brittany counters into a Russian Leg Sweep! Brittany tags in Madison and Angelina also tags in at the same time. Madison hits a series of clotheslines and then an Enziguri! Madison hits a Running Front Kick for a nearfall before Velvet breaks it up. Brittany blind tags Madison and then hits a dropkick on Angelina but Velvet hits her from behind. Velvet puts the boots to Madison and then BP hits Brittany with the Makeover (Angelina with a roundhouse kick to the chest and Velvet with a roundhouse kick to the legs to sweep her feet) for the pin. That’s a new version of the Makeover though, the original was a Double Russian Leg Sweep/Botox Injection combo.

Winners: Beautiful People via pinfall (Makeover)


“King Of The Night” Kenny King vs. MVP

They’re calling this an “Exhibition Match” but I have no clue what the hell that would mean in wrestling. This just doesn’t count? Okay, whatever. King and MVP shake hands and then they lockup with MVP getting the better of King with a wristlock. King attempts to roll through but MVP rolls along with him holding onto the wristlock. He takes King down to the mat but then King nips up to his feet and then uses the ropes to backflip out of the hold. King taunts MVP and then the crowd as MVP looks frustrated at the younger man’s cockiness. King gets MVP in a wristlock this time but MVP spins out of it into a wristlock of his own. MVP releases King and dares him to lock up again. This time MVP gets King in a hammerlock but King spins into a Japanese Armdrag! King then puts MVP in a side headlock but MVP shoves him into the ropes and then trips King and locks him in a modified STF! MVP releases part of the hold but traps the leg still which frustrates King. They lockup again and King gets MVP in a side headlock and then takes him over and spins around MVP’s body slapping him on the head and then he flips up to his feet and poses. They go for a test of strength now but MVP quickly gets King in a side headlock takeover. MVP holds onto the headlock on the mat but King counters into a headscissors. MVP is able to squirm out of it and float over into a front facelock. King fights up to his feet and they end up in the corner. MVP starts to let go clean but King headbutts him. King tries to act like it was an accident and he tripped. They lockup again and King gets MVP in a waistlock but MVP reverses it and then takes King down to the mat. MVP lets King up and then takes him down again and this time he spins around King’s body much in the same way that King did earlier taunting him. MVP goes back to the waistlock but King starts to get pissed and elbows MVP in the face. MVP answers with a right hand that takes King down. King and MVP exchange right hands and then MVP takes King down and they brawl on the mat. The referee tries to break them up but they refuse to separate so he calls for the bell.


Referee’s run out and separate them until King blindsides MVP and then bails out of the ring before MVP can retaliate.

In the back Magnus approaches EC3 and congratulates him on he and Roode’s win earlier. EC3 asks what Magnus wants and reminds him that they’re business relationship is over. Magnus says that may be true but they’re still friends. He asks EC3 if he has his back tonight and EC3 asks him if he wants him to have his back like Magnus had his back when Willow was trying to break his leg. EC3 says Magnus is afraid that if the “Monster” gets unleashed he might take that belt. Magnus again asks if he has his back but EC3 just smirks and says, “Who’s to say?” and walks away.

Kenny King says they just had a good spirited exhibition tonight and since MVP was trying to “play him” he had to show him what time it is. MVP shows up and jumps King and the brawl spills into the parking lot. MVP says if he wants to play then he’ll play. The Wolves eventually break them up.


Main Event for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in a Fatal 4-Way Match: Magnus (c) vs. “The Monster” Abyss vs. “Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe vs. “Showtime” Eric Young

This match is a Fatal 4-Way, first fall decides the winner. As the referee shows each competitor the belt Abyss actually tries to keep the belt before finally relinquishing it. Abyss pairs off with EY and Magnus pairs off with Joe at the bell. Magnus chops Joe and connects with a forearm but as he attempts a British Whip Joe counters into a forearm. Joe hits an Atomic Drop followed by a Mafia Kick and then the Backsplash Senton! Magnus rolls out to the floor with Joe in pursuit. Abyss whips EY into the corner but EY flips over the turnbuckles Ric Flair style and then connects with a shoulder block on a charging Abyss through the ropes. EY slides through Abyss’ legs and connects with a dropkick that sends Abyss out to the floor. EY hits a Suicide Dive through the ropes onto all three of his opponents! EY tosses Magnus into the ring and then dives off the top with a Flying Cross Body! 1…2…NO Magnus kicks out! EY punches Magnus in the corner repeatedly and Abyss attempts to Splash him from behind, but EY moves out of the way causing Abyss to slam into Magnus! EY hits Abyss from behind as Joe slides into the ring and gets in EY’s face. Magnus and Abyss blindside the babyfaces and start choking them.


Magnus and Abyss toss Joe out to the floor and then begin double teaming EY. Magnus tells Abyss to take care of Joe on the floor while he goes after EY. Magnus chokes EY in the ropes while Abyss and Joe battle on the outside. EY counters a backdrop with a kick to the face but when EY bounces off the ropes again he eats a Lariat from Magnus. 1…2…NO EY kicks out! Magnus puts EY in a chinlock while Abyss continues to work on Joe on the floor. Joe battles back with a series of forearms before he eats a knee to the balls. EY fights back on Magnus only for Magnus to catch him with a High Knee. Abyss slams Joe into the ring post. Magnus covers EY for another nearfall and then covers him immediately afterward for another nearfall. Abyss chokes Joe and rakes his face. Magnus whips EY into the ropes and connects with a back elbow. Joe fights back on Abyss on the floor with some nasty strikes as Magnus hits a Gutwrench Suplex on EY for another nearfall. Abyss tosses Joe into the steps and Magnus tells Abyss to get back in the ring. He tells Abyss to take EY out. Abyss beats on EY while Magnus kicks Joe stopping him from getting back in the ring. Magnus lifts EY up to the top rope and then he starts to climb up with EY, but Abyss tops him! Magnus begs Abyss off and convinces him not to go psycho on him. Magnus attempts a Superplex on EY but EY shoves him to the mat and then hits a Double Missile Dropkick to Magnus & Abyss! EY fights back with strikes on both heels until Magnus throws EY over the top to the floor! Joe back in the ring now with forearms for both the heels! Joe whips Abyss to Magnus in the corner! Joe then hits a Running Back Elbow to both of them followed by a Leaping Enziguri! Magnus comes back with a poke to the eyes on Joe! Magnus hits the ropes and runs right into a Snap Powerslam from Joe! 1…2…NO EY breaks it up! Joe catches EY with a Snap Powerslam now! 1…2…NO Abyss breaks it up this time! Abyss hits the ropes now and Joe catches him with a Snap Powerslam as well! This time Joe begins selling his previously injured ribs as he picked up the massive Abyss. Magnus goes for a Lariat on Joe, but Joe ducks and attempts to lock Magnus in the Coquina Clutch! Magnus grabs the referee to stop it and then low blows Joe with a mule kick out of the referee’s line of sight. Magnus shoves Joe into the Black Hole Slam! Joe is able to roll out of the ring but Magnus follows him out and slams him into the ring steps. In the ring EY attacks Abyss but Abyss grabs him by the throat! Abyss goes for the Chokeslam but EY bites his fingers! EY hits the ropes but runs right into the Black Hole Slam! Abyss almost covers EY but Magnus yells at him not to do it. Magnus reminds him of their arrangement and says he loves him, not the fans. Abyss then allows Magnus to hit EY with the Flying Elbow Drop off the top for the pin to retain his belt.

Winner & STILL World Champ: Magnus via pinfall (Flying Elbow Drop)

To close the show the narrator asks the question “who will feel her wrath?” as an image of Dixie Carter is shown.


“Final Thoughts” will be up tomorrow morning.

1) Tables Match: Bobby Roode & EC3 def. Willow & Bully Ray
2) Straightjacket Match: Samuel Shaw def. Mr. Anderson
3) TNA X-Division Title Best of 3 Series Match #1: Sanada def. Tigre Uno (Sanada leads series 1-0)
4) The Beautiful People def. Madison Rayne & Brittany
5) MVP fought Kenny King to a NO CONTEST
6) TNA World Title 4-Corners Match: Magnus (c) def. Abyss, Samoa Joe, & Eric Young to retain the title!

Scheduled for Next Week:
-Dixie Carter’s return

Sacrifice Lineup:
-TNA World Title: Magnus (c) vs. TBA

Until next week… PEACE!