TNA Impact Wrestling Results 1/2/14

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone II)
January 9, 2014
Commentators: Taz & Mike Tenay 
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact opens up with highlights from last week’s face off between AJ Styles and Magnus.

Dixie obviously wants to get on my nerves early as she walks down to the ring holding a clipboard. Dixie says she want waste one more ounce of her breathe on AJ and she’s holding a contract so AJ needs to walk out and sign it so they can put this whole nightmare behind her.

AJ comes out holding his belt and before he can say anything Dixie cuts him off and tells him to sign the contract. Dixie says AJ’s lawyers poured over his contract but this contract is for just one night and one match only, against Magnus tonight in a winner take all match. Dixie says she is giving AJ a lot in the contract so there is one thing she wants in return which is that this match is No DQ! Dixie says she wants it No DQ because she will never rest until she never has to look at AJ’s face again, but when she conjures up the thought of their last moment together she wants AJ bloody, bruised, and carried out on a stretcher. Dixie slams the contract in AJ’s chest and he snatches it away from her.

AJ mocks her and says she has a lot of credit in her paper champion but she also had a lot of confidence in her other champion at BFG and look what happened there. AJ says the Carter’s never learn and he says she doesn’t understand what she’s saying because if he wins this match that means no more tournaments or “stupid Dixieland Matches” because when he wins he becomes the UNDISPUTED World Champion whether she likes it or not. AJ says before he signs the contract if she thinks her cronies are going to come out and help Magnus in the match there are plenty of guys in the back that hate Dixie just as much as he does that will have no problem evening the odds.

Dixie says she gave AJ EVERYTHING and asks if the “Friends of AJ” that she keeps hearing about signed his damn check for 11 years or put food on the table for his little redneck kids. She says SHE did that and no one is going to help him tonight because she owns the boys in the back just like she owned AJ for 11 years. Dixie says she made AJ and she can’t wait to break him.

AJ asks if she is going to try and break him the same way she broke Jeff Hardy and she says that she doesn’t get wrestling. He says tonight is about two men coming out to the ring and seeing who the best, and that’s what wrestling is about which Dixie keeps screwing up. AJ says his belt has never gotten more respect than when he took away from her and if her paper champion would take his belt from under Dixie’s skirt he would figure that out too.

A pissed off Magnus walks out as a “paper champ” chant breaks out. Magnus tells Dixie to leave the ring because this is between he and Mr. Allen Jones. Magnus gets in AJ’s face and says that is the last time AJ will ever call him a paper champion. He says AJ’s time here is up and it’s funny to hear him talk about all his friends in the back because the last image he remembers of AJ is of him walking out on all those boys and taking the belt with him. Magnus says the truth is he came running back when nobody was paying him attention anymore and tonight he ends AJ. He says there will be one man left standing in the ring, one true champion. Magnus raises the belt in the air and leaves the ring.

AJ signs the contract and throws it at Dixie who is on the ramp. AJ says he didn’t get to be a champion by taking short cuts and it was his blood, sweat, and tears to get to that belt. He says despite what Magnus thinks he will walk out the doors with honor, respect, and dignity as the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, and then what will Dixie Carter do? “I tell you what Magnus why don’t you take your lips off her ass and ask her,” AJ says as Dixie flips her lid at ringside.


Dixie talks to Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa about something important Tapa needs to do.

Dixie goes up to Bro-Mans and asks them if they realize how important “it” is as well.

Non-Title Match
“Showtime” Eric Young & Joseph Park vs. Bro-Mans w/Zema Ion

EY and Robbie start the match off against each other and EY decks Robbie as he charges at him. EY attempts to whip Robbie into the corner but Robbie reverses it and then EY flips himself over the top rope to the apron. EY hits a shoulder block through the ropes and then slides between his legs and connects with a Flying Forearm! Jesse runs in but eats a Belly-to-Belly Suplex from EY! EY slams Robbie into the face corner and tags in Park. Park whips Robbie into the ropes and then connects with a big Scoop Slam. EY climbs up top but Gail Kim and Tapa appear on the jumbotron beating the hell out of ODB. The distraction allows Bro-Mans to double team Park as EY runs to the back. Robbie chokes Park in the corner and then climbs up top and dives off with a Flying Elbow. Robbie taunts Park before hitting him with a series of right hands. Jesse tags in and hits a series of forearms. Jesse hits a knee to the gut and then tags Robbie back into the match. Bro-Mans whip Park into the ropes and then Robbie whips Jesse into Park only to eat an elbow from the big man! Park hits a series of elbows on both of them and then slams Robbie and Jesse each! Park celebrates but then Robbie knees him in the gut. Robbie goes for a Cross Body Block but Park just shrugs him off. Robbie rebounds with a chop block to the knee of Park and then they hit the Bro Down!

Winners: Bro-Mans via pinfall (Bro Down)

Bro-Mans take a guardrail from ringside and put it in the ring. They hit another Bro-Down on Park onto the guardrail! Looks like Dixie has her goons taking out all possible allies to AJ.

Samoa Joe walks into Dixie’s office and he says that he came to make sure they come to an understanding. Joe says that AJ just told everyone that he has a locker room full of buddies ready to watch his back and he hopes she understands what that means. Dixie asks if he is threatening her but Joe says he doesn’t threaten ladies. He says this is him telling Dixie that if she has any plans of screwing AJ over she and her goons will have to go through him. Dixie says just like AJ she made Joe and she can break him the same way. Dixie tells Joe that he should put his focus on his match tonight… against EC3. Joe laughs at that match. He says EC3’s blood his on her hands, not his.


In the back the medical staff is checking on Park while EY goes to take ODB to the hospital. Sting is shown arriving and looking confused at what’s going on.

James Storm is in the ring and he says that he is out here to discuss some actions and words that have been said between he and his partner Gunner. Gunner comes out and Storm says that he has had an opportunity to be a part of some of the greatest tag teams ever in wrestling, and one of the things he learned as part of those teams is that you have to check the ego at the door to be a great team. Storm says that he’s been told he has a big ego but if that means speaking his mind and sticking up for himself is having a big ego then he has a big ego. Storm says the one thing that tears tag teams apart quicker than anything it’s the World Heavyweight Title. He says it happened with AMW and then it happened with Beer Money and now it’s happening again.

Gunner says he did walk over Storm to get that case and that title shot but he just seized an opportunity that he deserved and they both went into that match knowing it was every man or himself. Gunner says in the end he beat Storm and last week Storm superkicked him because he was jealous of Angle choosing him as a partner. Gunner says Storm can keep his ego because he has that case. Storm says he has a solution and since they both like to fight and they both don’t like referee’s maybe they should have one more match. He suggests that they hang the case in the corner again because he doesn’t think Gunner can walk over him again. Storm looks at the case and then shakes Storm’s hand agreeing to the match.

In the back EC3 attacks Joe from behind!


Back from the break Joe has turned the tides on EC3 on the ramp beating the hell out of him.

“Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe vs. Ethan Carter III

Joe tosses EC3 into the ring but EC3 attacks him as he tried to climb in kicking him in the head. EC3 slams Joe face first into the mat repeatedly. EC3 puts Joe in a Cravate but Joe fights out of it and hits a Roaring Elbow! Joe hits the ropes and EC3 attempts a leapfrog but falls right down into an Atomic Drop from the Samoan one. Joe follows up with a Mafia Kick and then Backsplash Senton! Joe hits a series of jabs on EC3 in the corner and then obliterates his chest with a chop. Joe whips EC3 into the opposite corner and then hits a Running Elbow followed by a Leaping Enziguri! EC3 answers back with a dropkick to Joe’s knee and then he starts working on the knee slamming it into the mat over and over. EC3 climbs up top but Joe takes his legs out from under him and lights him up with another chop. Joe goes for the Muscle Buster but Rockstar Spud runs out and grabs Joe’s leg. Joe looks down and sees him which causes Spud to crap himself. Joe goes to the outside and grabs Spud by the throat. EC3 takes Joe’s knee out from under him and then hits him in the knee with a wrench!


Joe rolls around on the floor in pain as referee’s check on him.

In the back JB interviews Kurt Angle who has issued an Open Challenge inside a Steel Cage to prepare for his Steel Cage Match with Roode at Genesis. Angle says whoever gets in the ring with him tonight it doesn’t matter because all he will do is see Roode and leave carnage.


Backstage AJ Styles prepares for his match with Magnus tonight.

Footage of all of the attacks so far tonight is shown.

Joe is having his knee checked on by the medical staff. Joe that has to get it X-Rayed.

Sting walks up to James Storm and Gunner who are laid out backstage by someone. Sting approaches Dixie and screams at her for all of the hits being taken out. Dixie says wrestling is a very dangerous sport AND it’s a business. Sting says look what Dixie has become but it’s not too late to stop this, but she says that she will stop it when AJ is carted off. Sting asks what happened to her but she reminds him that she is his boss and he needs to focus on his match. Sting asks if she thinks putting him in a match is going to stop him from doing what needs to be done. She tells Sting to get out of her face.


Bobby Roode’s music hits which causes Kurt to smile but Roode stops on the ramp and says in seven days they will be locked inside the cage. He says he will prove to the entire world that he is, without a shadow of a doubt, he is better than Angle. Roode says for tonight Angle has an Open Challenge and like he said earlier regardless of who it is all he will see is Bobby Roode. Roode tells Angle to take a long look because here he is and he asks if Angel wants to do this thing tonight instead of waiting. Roode takes his robe off but then stops and says that would be just stupid and laughs. Roode says he will have to wait until next week but he found someone who hates Angle as much as he does… in fact he found TWO guys: Bad Influence.

Steel Cage Open Challenge
“Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle vs. Bad Influence

Kaz scales the cage as Angle attacks Daniels in the door. Angle sees Kaz climbing the cage and climbs up with him but Daniels attacks him from behind and slams him to the mat. Daniels slams Angle into the side of the cage and then Kaz dives off with a Flying Axe Handle on Angle. Daniels chokes Angle and then Bad Influence take turns beating on him. Bad Influence lift Angle up and slam him into the side of the cage and Daniels covers him for a nearfall. Daniels hits a clothesline on Angle in the corner and then tosses him into a heel kick from Kaz for another nearfall. Daniels covers Angle as well but again gets just a two count. Bad Influence whips Angle into the ropes and set up for a double backdrop but Angle stops and kicks both of them. Angle takes Daniels down and then whips Kaz into the ropes and backdrops him! Daniels kicks Angle but Angle rolls him up with a small package! Kaz stops the referee from making the pin and then clotheslines Angle! Kaz slams Angle into the turnbuckles and then they both choke Angle in the corner. Daniels hits a Scoop Slam and then Kaz hits a Springboard Guillotine Leg Drop! 1…2…NO Angle kicks out! Daniels elbows Angel repeatedly and then they set up for their Lariat/Sweep combo but Angle rolls out of the way and hits a double clothesline on Bad Influence! Angle clotheslines them repeatedly and then hits a Flying Forearm on Daniels! Angle Belly-to-Belly Suplexes Kaz across the ring and then hits a series of Rolling German Suplexes on Daniels! Kaz cuts him off but eats a series of German Suplexes as well! Daniels grabs Kaz to stop the suplexes and then Kaz elbows Angle. Daniels swings at Angle but Angle catches him in a Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Angle hits another German Suplex on Kaz and then goes for the Olympic Slam on Daniels but Kaz hits him from behind. Daniels chokes Angle and then Bad Influence whips Angle into the corner. Kaz whips Daniels into Angle but Angle shrugs him into the side of the cage! Angel charges at Kaz but eats a wicked kick! Kaz climbs up top but Angle climbs up with him and goes for a German Superplex! Kaz holds onto the cage but then Angle hits it slamming Kaz into Daniels on the mat! Angle slams Daniels HARD into the cage wall and then hits the Olympic Slam on Kaz! 1…2…3!

Winner: Angle via pinfall (Olympic Slam)

Dixie Carter is screaming at someone to leave the cage up for some reason. Roode walks into Dixie’s office and she asks him if he’s ready for his Cage Match. Roode thinks she means with Angle but she says it’s against Sting instead which causes Roode to freak out. Dixie tells him to chill out and says she needs him to be a team player tonight. She says that she needs him to take care of business tonight and she has him covered.


Backstage Angle is posing for pictures with the special needs kid that TNA has done video packages on. Al Snow pulls up in a car and says he has Angle’s bags in the car and he has to get him to the airport because of an emergency that he will explain in the car.

Steel Cage Match
“The IT Factor” Bobby Roode vs. “The Icon” Sting

Sting and Roode lockup and brawl into the corner before breaking clean. They lockup again and this time Roode gets Sting in a side headlock. Sting shoves Roode into the ropes only to eat a shoulder block. Roode hits the ropes but runs into a big Hip Toss from the Stinger. Sting whips Roode into the ropes and goes for a backdrop but Roode stops and kicks Sting. He tries to slam Sting into the side of the cage but Sting blocks it and slams Roode into the cage. Roode blocks it as well and they begin exchanging strikes. Sting whips Roode into the corner and goes for the Stinger Splash but Roode gets his feet up! Roode puts the boots to Sting and then whips him into the ropes and connects with a Running Back Elbow for a nearfall. Roode puts Sting in a front headlock and then hits a Snap Suplex for another nearfall! Roode starts to paintbrush Sting as my cable goes out.

Cable comes back with Sting Press Slamming Roode off the top rope! Sting hits a series of clotheslines and then slams Roode into the side of the cage repeatedly! Sting hits the Stinger Splash repeatedly on Roode and then he takes Roode’s legs and sets up for the Scorpion Death Lock! Roode pokes Sting in the eyes and then goes for a TKO but Sting counters into the Scorpion Death Drop! Sting locks in the Scorpion Death Lock but EC3 and Rockstar Spud run down to the ring and EC3 begins scaling the cage! Spud tosses Sting a police baton! Roode nails Sting with it several times and then he escapes through the door to win the match.

Winner: Roode via escaping the cage

Earlier today Mr. Anderson is shown arriving at the Dobbs Funeral Home.


Footage of the drama between Bully and Anderson is shown from last week where Bully squirted lighter fluid on Anderson and teased lighting him on fire.

Anderson inside the funeral home sees Bully Ray sitting in a pew and says Bully asked for it now he’s got it. Bully says he and Anderson used to be brothers and if he wanted to finish things with Anderson he would have finished it last week as he lights a lighter. Ray says that would have been entirely too forgiving of him and if he gets any closer Anderson will see what he has in his other hand. Ray says that they say forgiveness is the greatest strength so forgive him for being weak. Ray says Anderson took everything from him and he doesn’t think Anderson can fathom just how much damage he has done to him, and he wants his loneliness to encompass his life. Ray says next week Genesis and by definition that means “the beginning” which is funny because it will be the end for Anderson. Ray says Anderson raped the “colors” off of his back and he put them in a coffin. Ray tells Anderson to open the coffin to see what Ray put in there for him.

Anderson opens the coffin and pulls out something but when he turns around Bully Ray is gone. It looks like what was in the coffin is two baby blankets.

All of the drama from tonight is replayed.

Backstage Sting approaches Dixie and asks if she really thinks a pipe is going to be good enough to stop him from helping AJ out tonight. Dixie asks Sting if he is aware of what tonight is and she says it isn’t holiday but contract season instead. She says everywhere she goes to renew Sting’s contract so fast and she sweetens it every year, but Sting says her “filthy money” can’t buy him and she disgusts him. Dixie says Sting knows that he doesn’t feel that way and they have always been close. Dixie asks Sting if he really thinks if the shoe was on the other foot and AJ would give it all up for Sting. She says he needs to make the right decision tonight.

Footage of the AJ drama is shown.


Tenay talks about TNA’s new deal with Challenge TV overseas.

Main Event
Undisputed TNA World Heavyweight Championship
No DQ Match
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles (c) vs. Magnus (c)

Boxing style intros for this one, old ass Earl Hebner is the referee. Magnus’ new small trunks are kind of weird after he wore long tights for so long. AJ and Magnus square off but then Magnus bails out to the floor as the fans boo him. Magnus climbs back in and squares off with AJ but again bails out to the floor pretending like he needs a breather. EC3 and Spud hit the ring and attack AJ from behind and beat him down. They whip AJ into the ropes but he lays them both out! AJ hits an Atomic Drop on EC3 and then nails Magnus with a back kick! AJ goes for the Styles Clash but EC3 clotheslines him! EC3 and Spud go back to working AJ over in the ring as Magnus watches from ringside. Sting runs out and takes out Spud & EC3! AJ lays into Magnus with strike after strike! Magnus rolls out to the floor to regroup.


Back from the break Bro-Mans & Zema Ion hit the ring and attack Sting and AJ! Zema hits a Springboard DDT on AJ! 1…2…NO AJ kicks out to Magnus’ disgust! Zema whips AJ into the Bro Down from Bro-Mans! Earl refuses to count but finally does but AJ again kicks out as Magnus and the heels can’t believe it! Sting slams Spud and EC3 into each other on the outside and then he starts tossing the other heels out of the ring! AJ hits a TKO Neckbreaker over his knee on Robbie and then goes for the Styles Clash on Magnus again! Bad Influence hits the ring and Kaz hits a Springboard Flying Forearm on AJ! Bad Influence whips AJ into the ropes and connects with a Hip Toss into a Neckbreaker/Powerbomb combo! Magnus covers but Hebner refuses to count this time! Hebner screams at Magnus and says he won’t count. Hebner actually leaves the ring and shoves Spud on his ass! Dixie walks out with Brian Hebner and he reluctantly climbs into the ring. Bad Influence hits the Clothesline/Sweep on AJ, 1…2…NO AJ kicks out and Magnus flips out! Sting fights back again on the outside and hits a Double Scorpion on Bro-Mans on the floor! In the ring Magnus works over AJ’s knees and then goes for the Cloverleaf but AJ kicks him off! Bad Influence whips AJ into the ropes and attempts a double clothesline but AJ ducks and shoves them into each other! AJ hits a Phenomenal Dropkick on Kaz and then Sting clotheslines Daniels! Sting and AJ whip Bad Influence into each other in the corner! AJ hits a Flying Forearm on them and then Sting hits a Stinger Splash on them as well! Sting clotheslines Daniels over the top and then Sting backdrops Zema over the top and onto the camera man! Magnus hits a Running Knee to AJ in the corner but AJ catches him and rolls him into the Calf Killa! Kaz hits the referee from behind just as Magnus goes to tap out! Bad Influence beat the shit out of Baby Hebner and then they whip AJ into the corner. Kaz Monkey Flips AJ but he lands on his feet and clotheslines Daniels as the fans lose their minds! AJ hits the Pele on Kaz! Magnus back in the ring goes for the MDD but AJ blocks it and hits the Styles Clash! There’s no referee! Earl Hebner runs back down, 1…2…NO Bad Influence pulls him out! AJ hits a Somersault Plancha over Hebner and onto Bad Influence on the floor! AJ climbs up top and sets up for the Spiral Tap but Bobby Roode runs odwn and shoves AJ onto the top rope! Roode hits the TKO! Roode hits a second TKO as the fans chant for Angle who has left the building as Tenay finally realizes the “emergency” must have been part of Dixie’s plan. Roode hits a third TKO and then Magnus covers him as Dixie drags out yet a third referee. 1…2….3!

Winner & UNDISPUTED World Champ: Magnus via pinfall (TKO)

Magnus raises both titles in the air.

Dixie celebrates with him over the prone body of AJ Styles.


“Final Thoughts” will be up tomorrow morning.

1) Non-Title Match: Bro-Mans def. EY & Joseph Park
2) Samoa Joe fought to EC3 to a NO CONTEST
3) Steel Cage Handicap Match: Kurt Angle def. Bad Influence
4) Steel Cage Match: Bobby Roode def. Sting
5) Undisputed TNA World Heavyweight Title No DQ Match: Magnus def. AJ Styles to unify the titles!

Scheduled for Genesis Next Week:
– TNA Title Shot On A Pole Match: Gunner vs. James Storm
– Steel Cage Match: Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode
– Sting vs. EC3
– TNA Knockouts Title: Gail Kim (c) vs. Madison Rayne
– Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson

Until next week… PEACE!

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