TNA Impact Wrestling
Orlando, Florida (Impact Wrestling Zone)
August 06, 2012
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Tonight’s Impact opens up with highlights from Sunday’s “No Surrender” PPV which saw Jeff Hardy win the BFG Series, Bobby Roode cost James Storm his shot at regaining the World Title, and A’s & 8’s causing more havoc.

Mike Tenay says we’ll address all the fallout from No Surrender tonight and then the World Champion makes his way down to the ring. A-Double holds up the World Title and says what he holds up in the air right now is the World Championship and power because it’s what makes everything go around. He says it is the reason every single man in the back wakes up in the morning to compete and it’s the reason that A’s & 8’s have targeted him for months. Aries says that at No Surrender he got a little taste of redemption and while he may not have unmasked any of them, he still took a nice piece out of their asses. Aries says that A’s & 8’s knows they mean business, but now he’s moving on and the focus turns to Bound for Glory. Aries says at BFG he will be facing a man that defeated all the odds, 12 other men, to become his opponent at BFG. Aries asks Hardy to come out now.

The #1 Contender doesn’t make the champ wait very long and Hardy jumps in the ring with his BFG opponent, weird ass facepaint and all. Aries congratulates Hardy on winning the BFG Series and says that Hardy showed guts and something inside him that very few men can. Aries says he knows first hand what it takes to beat guys like Samoa Joe and Bully Ray but to do it in the same night and after A’s & 8’s attacked him, he takes his hat off to Hardy and he deserves this shot. Aries says Hardy is a man of very little words yet the people can’t help but cheer for him, but Aries on the other hand is a man of many words and he tells them to be quiet yet they still cheer for him too. Aries says he’s going to break it down for Hardy right now. He says everyone looks at BFG as Hardy’s opportunity to win back the World Title and Aries has something that Hardy wants, but Aries sees this as Jeff Hardy has many things that Aries wants and at BFG…Bully Ray’s music interrupts the champ.

Ray walks down to the ring, pissed as usual, and says that Aries is lucky that Ray isn’t the one that Aries has to face at BFG cause Aries KNOWS Ray would take his belt. Ray says Hardy is lucky because for some reason Ray actually felt bad for him when A’s & 8’s jumped him and he took his eye off the ball for a second, that’s why he beat Ray. Ray says he’s been beating Hardy for “15 freaking years” and if Jeff wants to fight again they should fight now. Aries cuts him off and says that Ray has a short memory because the last time they were in the ring together Aries made him tap out and the last time Hardy was in the ring with Ray he beat him as well. Aries says that if the only reason Ray claims he lost is because he took Hardy lightly then maybe he should fight him again. Hardy says he feels way better than he did Sunday and if he wants to fight tonight then they can go! Ray tells Hardy to back off and then starts to say something else but Hardy’s music hits cutting him off. Someone obviously botched that one.

Earlier today a pissed off James Storm was shown arriving.


TNA X-Division Championship
Zema Ion (c) vs. “Playa From The Himalayas” Sonjay Dutt

This is a return match from Sunday night when Zema retained his belt against Sonjay. In a very classy move Mike Tenay and Taz wish Jerry Lawler well on his recovery from a heart attack with Taz mentioning his friendship with King. Zema goes after Sonjay before the bell but he avoids Zema and nails him with a series of Forearms. Sonjay attempts to whip Zema into the corner but Zema reverses it and charges at Sonjay (who still has his previously injured shoulder heavily taped by the way), but Sonjay backdrops Zema over the top. Zema lands on the apron and grabs Sonjay by the head and slams him to the mat. Sonjay then suddenly rolls backwards and through the ropes into a beautiful Spinning Head Scissors Takeover on Zema on the floor! Sonjay then uses the apron to do a Cartwheel Hurricanrana on the floor! Sonjay charges at Zema but Zema tries to toss Sonjay in the air. Sonjay lands on the apron and hits a gorgeous Asai Moonsault on Zema on the floor! Sonjay sells the shoulder as he gets back to his feet. In the ring Sonjay attempts a springboard move but Zema catches Sonjay on his shoulders only for Sonjay to hit another gorgeous Spinning Headscissors Takeover! Zema quickly rolls back out to the floor to try and get away from the onslaught from Dutt. Sonjay grabs Zema by the hair but Zema catches him with a jawbreaker over the top rope and then goes for the Springing Tornado DDT, but Sonjay blocks it. Zema answers with a boot to the gut and then hits the ropes and attempts a clothesline, but Sonjay ducks and connects with a hurricanrana! 1…2…NO Zema kicks out! Sonjay charges at Zema in the corner but Zema sidesteps him and Sonjay goes flying through the middle rope and catches himself, and then connects with the Bombay Boom! Sonjay climbs up top and Zema goes to pull him down but Sonjay catches him with a crazy hurricanrana out of nowhere! Sonjay Dutt is ON FIRE! Sonjay attempts to whip Zema into the ropes but Zema cuts it off with a knee to the gut and then an elbow to the back of the head. Zema hits the ropes and connects with a Sunset Flip but Sonjay rolls through and then goes for a Roundhouse Kick, but Zema avoids it and Sonjay then rotates right into a Standing Moonsault attempt! Zema also avoids THAT and then locks Sonjay in a Chickenwing! Sonjay counters into a rollup for a nearfall. Sonjay then hits the Sonjay Cutter! Sonjay climbs up top and hits the Moonsault Double Foot Stomp! 1…2…NO Zema got his foot on the bottom rope! Zema rolls out to the floor as Sonjay is in disbelief! Sonjay tosses Zema back into the ring and then climbs back up top only to get his legs taken out from under him by Zema! Sonjay falls hard to the mat and Zema stacks him up! 1…2…3!

Winner & STILL X-Division Champ: Zema via pinfall (rollup)

After the match Zema nails Sonjay in the back of the head with his can of hairspray and then locks his injured armed in a Cross Armbreaker!

In the back Chris Daniels & Kazarian are mocking Hulk Hogan and Kaz asks Daniels if his shirt says “respect or suck up” (it’s a Hulkamania shirt). Hogan walks in and says he’s been looking for them to congratulate them on their win at No Surrender. Hogan says that he understands the whole doing everything to win thing so he’s going to put the fate of the rematch in their hands. He says there are two teams deserving a rematch with them: AJ & Angle and Hernandez & Chavo. He says that there won’t be any tag matches tonight though, it will be one-on-one matches. He says that Daniels will either face either Chavo or Hernandez and Kaz will face either AJ or Kurt. He says that if both Daniels & Kaz win then there will be no rematch, but if Daniels loses then Chavo & Hernandez get their match and if Kaz loses then AJ & Kurt get their rematch. Hogan mockingly says they shouldn’t worry because they never leave. Kaz blames Daniels for pissing him off and says he should have wore a Hulkamania shirt too.

Bobby Roode is shown walking backstage.


In the back AJ and Kurt talk about the matches tonight and AJ says he wants Kaz bad. Kurt questions whether AJ is focused and if he’ll let get his emotions overtake him tonight. Kurt says he wants the match but if AJ can guarantee him a win then he trusts AJ. AJ thanks Kurt and walks away, and then Wes Brisco walks up to Kurt again. Kurt says he wants Wes to go watch AJ wrestle because he’s the best in the business.

A video package recapping the Ray-Storm match Sunday is show with Roode costing Storm the match. Both Roode & Storm were arrested backstage (Roode for attacking Storm and Storm for attacking Roode when Roode was handcuffed).

Bobby Roode makes his way down to the ring for the first time on Impact in several weeks. Roode says “I’m back” and takes us on a history lesson saying that 2 months ago he was screwed in his rematch with Aries, and per Hogan’s stipulation he wasn’t to earn another rematch while Aries was champion so he took his ball and went home. Roode says while he was at home (a big “go back home” chant) he got an opportunity to watch his former partner James Storm pour his blood, sweat, and tears in the BFG Series and finish 1st in points and inch his way closer and closer to the Main Event and the World Championship. Roode says he thought to himself “why in the hell should a man like James Storm, a guy who rode my coattails and cashed his checks and supported his redneck family off my abilities for 4 ½ years, why in the hell should James Storm get a World Title opportunity and not me.” Roode says he took it upon himself to come down Sunday and smash a beer bottle over Storm’s head and change his destiny, but before he can say anything else Storm’s music cuts him off.

The angry Cowboy walks down and it doesn’t seem like he’s in a talking mood! Storm and Roode go right at it! The feud is back on! Storm gets the better of his former partner and clotheslines him over the top rope! Storm slams Roode into the guardrail and then chokes him with his own tie! Storm screams at Roode the whole time and then tosses him into the guardrail again! Storm slams Roode head first into the side of the stage leaving the imprint of Roode’s head. Storm continues to beat Roode all around the arena until finally tossing through a set of double doors!


A segment featuring “Bound for Glory Memories” airs with AJ Styles reminiscing about his World Title victory over Sting a few years ago.

Kazarian vs. “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles

If Kazarian wins this match AJ & Kurt don’t get their rematch, if AJ wins they do. AJ and Kaz lockup and AJ gets Kaz in a wristlock, but Kaz uses the ropes to flip through it and then he tosses AJ into the ropes and goes for a Hip Toss. AJ blocks it and hits one of his own. AJ follows up with a series of armdrags and then Kaz asks for a timeout but eats a fist to the face that knocks him out of the ring. As Kaz starts to climb back in the ring AJ uses the ropes to flip Kaz over the top and into his arms where he attempts a Styles Clash, but Kaz kicks him in the head to break it up. Kaz then charges at AJ but AJ leapfrogs him but then walks into a Back Suplex attempt from Kaz. AJ lands on his feet and connects with the Phenomenal Dropkick! Kaz goes crashing to the floor and AJ follows him out. AJ slams Kaz into the guardrail and then climbs back in the ring where it seems like he’s setting up for a dive as we go to an ill-timed break.


Back from the break Kaz is beating on AJ in a corner. Kaz talks trash to AJ and then attempts to whip him into the opposite corner but AJ reverses it and charges at Kaz only to walk right into a boot from Kazarian. Kaz then charges at AJ but AJ nails him with a Backbreaker! AJ charges at Kaz in the corner but Kaz backdrops him over the top. AJ lands on the apron and Kaz nails him with a shoulder block through the ropes. Kaz then attempts to Suplex AJ back into the ring but AJ blocks it and lifts Kaz over the top rope and onto the apron where AJ then hits a DDT on Kaz onto the apron. AJ rolls back into the ring to break the 10 count but when rolls back out Kaz pokes him in the eyes. Kaz then kicks AJ and attempts to slam him into the guardrail but AJ reverses it and then dives off the ring steps! Kaz moves and AJ slams into the guardrail! Kaz then hits a Monkey Flip on AJ on the floor! Kaz rolls back into the ring and tells the referee to count him out. AJ rolls back into the ring and Kaz immediately covers him for a series of nearfalls. Kaz swings at AJ but AJ blocks it and hits a series of right hands and clotheslines! AJ then hits a Flying Forearm on Kaz in the corner! AJ goes for the Styles Clash but Kaz blocks it and tosses AJ over the top rope. AJ lands on the apron and punches Kaz and then hits the Springboard Flying Forearm! AJ nips up to his feet and then grabs Kaz by the legs and pulls him up to his feet, but Kaz trips AJ up and then uses the ropes for extra leverage as he pins him! 1…2…NO AJ still kicks out! Kaz can’t believe it and goes for a clothesline but AJ ducks and hits the Pele followed by the Styles Clash! 1…2…3!

Winner: AJ via pinfall (Styles Clash)

In the back Hulk Hogan talks to Brooke Hogan backstage talking about A’s & 8’s stalking her. Joseph Park walks into his office and says he wanted to let Hogan know that his investigation is going very well. Park says it doesn’t matter what he thinks he knows, it’s what he can prove. Park says he’s waiting on one key piece of evidence and he should have it by next Thursday and if it’s what he thinks it is it will blow this whole case open. Hogan says he has a job for Park right now, to protect Brooke until he gets back. Brooke is such a terrible actress.


Bully Ray approaches Hardy backstage and says Hardy better not think for one second that he punked Ray out tonight. Ray says if Hardy wants to fight him so bad they should make it mean something. He suggests Hardy put up his shot at the World Title but Hardy seems to be hesitating at the thought. Ray says Hardy’s balls aren’t big enough to put that up and at the end of the day Hardy is nothing more than a coward and he sees right through Hardy. Hardy says he was ready at the first segment and if Ray wants this he’s got it. Hardy says if Ray beats him tonight then he can have Hardy’s spot at BFG.

A recap of the fight between Aries & A’s & 8’s on Sunday is shown.

Hogan makes his way down to the ring to comment on A’s & 8’s. Hogan says the BFG Series really put TNA in high gear and when he thinks back on the 3 months of this Tournament and the 12 stars that put it all on the line to make it happen it blows his mind to think how intense it was. He says the “creatures of the night” came out on top and Hardy is from a whole other Universe and he’s not saying he understands where Hardy is going or where he’s been, but when he put it all on the line to win it now that he wants to put that shot on the line again he won’t be the guy that stands in Hardy’s way. He says it’s official, Hardy vs. Ray with the winner facing Aries at BFG.

Hogan says it’s time to talk about all the crap with A’s & 8’s. He says No Surrender was a game changer because when he locked the Impact Zone down they couldn’t get back in and from this point forward it will be locked down forever. Suddenly A’s & 8’s appear on the big screen and the VP says he has to give Hogan credit because he is a much better chess player than any of them gave him credit for, but then he says “check mate.” He says that Hogan put the Impact Zone on lockdown but the question he should ask is did he lock them out or lock them in. He points at all his buddies and says these are men he would trust his life to but can Hogan say the same thing about the TNA wrestlers. He says 24/7 Hogan has to keep his head on a swivel because the guy sitting in the front row could be with them for all he knows. He says that when Hogan is walking down a hallway another guy in the hallway could be with them and he wouldn’t know it until it’s too late, check mate.


A recap of what just went down with Hogan and the VP of A’s & 8’s is shown.

Hernandez and Chavo talk about their match with Kaz & Daniels a few weeks ago and Chavo says they stole a play right out of his own “Lie, cheat, steal” playbook. Chavo will face Daniels tonight. Chavo says he’s doing this for “La Raza” tonight.

“Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels vs. “Mexican Warrior” Chavo Guerrero Jr.

If Chavo & Hernandez are going to get a rematch for the Tag Titles Chavo needs to beat Daniels here. AJ & Kurt already have a shot at the belts. Chavito and Daniels circle each other but Daniels bails out to the ring to stall. Daniels climbs back in the ring and finally locks up with Chavo and forces him into the corner. Daniels swings at Chavo but he ducks and beats on Daniels in the corner. Chavo hits a big European Uppercut and then whips him into the opposite corner. Chavo hits a Clothesline as Daniels pushes him away and then locks in a headlock on the mat. Daniels fights back up to his feet and shoves Chavo into the corner but Chavo floats up and over Daniels and then hits an over the shoulder backbreaker Hernandez style. 1…2…NO Daniels kicks out! Chavo locks in the side headlock again but Daniels shoves him into the ropes only to eat a monkey flip from Chavo! Chavo hits a Snapmare Takeover and gets another nearfall and then locks the headlock in again. Daniels shoves Chavo off and then leapfrogs him and ducks a clothesline and then slides out to the floor. Chavo sets up for a dive but Daniels moves and Chavo lands on the apron and then dives off with a Somersault Plancha off the apron onto Daniels on the floor! Chavo follows up with a series of European Uppercuts and then tosses Daniels back into the ring. Daniels knocks Chavo off the apron as he was climbing back in sending Chavo into the guardrail! Daniels chops Chavo and then slams him into the apron and tosses him back into the ring. Daniels covers Chavo and gets a nearfall and then whips him into the ropes and hits a Running Knee for another nearfall. Daniels puts Chavo in a hammerlock and then slams his knee into Chavo’s gut repeatedly followed by a Hammerlock STO for another nearfall. Daniels locks in a waistlock but Chavo fights up to his feet and breaks the hold with back elbows. Chavo and Daniels exchange strikes in the center of the ring but then Chavo catches Daniels with a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker followed by a series of shoulder blocks and then a Spinning Head Scissors Takeover and a dropkick! 1..2…NO Daniels kicks out! Chavo whips Daniels into the ropes and goes for a backdrop but Daniels kicks him and then charges at him but Chavo hip tosses Daniels over the top to the floor! Daniels grabs the belt and comes in to hit Chavo with it as the referee was holding Chavo, but Chavo ducks and then hits the Three Amigos on Daniels! Chavo climbs up top and hits the Frog Splash! 1…2…3!

Winner: Chavo via pinfall (Frog Splash)

Both teams earn rematches with the tag champs!

A video package highlighting the next Gut Check contestant Evan Markopoulos is shown. He’s an 18 year old kid that claims to have been wrestling since 13 and says that when he was a kid he was watching wrestling while other kids were watching cartoons. He was trained at Killer Kowalski’s school.


Clips of the fight between Storm & Roode from earlier is shown. Storm says he didn’t get near enough of Roode and he hopes Bobby slept really good in jail because he’s about to make his life living hell. He says that next week is Open Fight Night which is good for him, bad for Roode.

Gail Kim recalls her winning the first KO Title back at BFG 2005. Gail mentions that no matter what, when she walks away from wrestling she will ALWAYS be the very first Knockouts Champion.

Tara makes her way out to the ring and says she would like to congratulate her best friend and KO Champion Miss Tessmacher. Tessmacher walks out to the ring fresh off her successful title defense over Tara at No Surrender. Tara says that Tessmacher beat “the teacher” at No Surrender and part of her was very upset but also part of her was very proud and happy for Tessmacher. Tara says that meant she did her job and taught her well and it was an honor to be out there with her. Tara says Tessmacher will always be her best friend and she wanted to take this opportunity to properly present her with the Title belt. She says that Brooke has proven herself. Tara grabs the belt and wraps it around Tessmacher’s waist and then raisers her arm and hugs her. Tessmacher poses on the top rope while Tara applauds. Suddenly Tara blasts her with a vicious clothesline! Tara then kicks her in the head before dropping her with the Widow’s Peak! Tara sadistically looks at the camera before wiping her feet off on Tessmacher.


In the back Dixie Carter is talking to Hogan and TNA agents about everything getting out of control with A’s & 8’s. Dixie says she’s even looking over her shoulder at home. Hogan says his worst fear is that if they don’t put this fire out they won’t be able to put it out. D-Lo says they should let the doors open and take it to them. Hogan says they’ve already proved they can get in and Al Snow suggest someone in this room could even be with them. Dixie thinks there is definitely someone inside TNA helping them. Hogan says they have to have a few people around both Dixie & Brooke protected while Bruce Prichard says they are doing exactly what they want. Bruce says it could be anybody and D-Lo says it’s better to look them in the eye than run from them and Hogan agrees.

Main Event
“Calfzilla” Bully Ray vs. “Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy

If Ray wins then he takes Hardy’s spot in the Main Event at BFG. Ray attacks Hardy as he makes way into the ring and starts beating on the #1 contender. Ray whips Hardy into the ropes and attempts a backdrop but Hardy stops and kicks him. Hardy bounces off the ropes and hits a Flying Forearm followed by a clothesline. Hardy mounts Ray in the corner and reigns down right hands but Ray attempts a Powerbomb out of the corner until Hardy reverses into a hurricanrana! Hardy then hits a Leaping Mule Kick for a nearfall. Ray rolls out of the ring and Hardy nails him with a dropkick through the ropes followed by a Slingshot Plancha over the top onto Ray on the floor!


In a live cut in during the break Hardy and Ray take each other out with double clotheslines. Ray rolls over, 1…2…NO Hardy kicks out! Back from the commercial break Ray whips Hardy into the corner and charges at him but Hardy gets his boots up. Hardy climbs up top and dives off with a Splash! 1…2…NO Ray kicks out! Hardy hits the ropes but eats a big Front Kick from Ray! 1…2…NO Hardy kicks out! Ray follows up with an Elbow Drop for another nearfall and Ray immediately locks Hardy in a chinlock. Hardy fights up to his feet and breaks the hold before hitting the ropes only to get backdropped by Ray! Ray then hits a big Splash for another nearfall. Ray hits a Running Clothesline and then another Elbow Drop for a nearfall. Ray beats on Hardy on the mat and then goes for a Running Mafia Kick, but Hardy ducks and goes for the Twist of Fate. Ray blocks it and shoves Hardy into the corner and then tosses Hardy, injured shoulder first, into the ring post through the turnbuckles! Hardy rolls back into the ring to break the count so Ray follows him out and hits him with a Axe Handle Drop off the apron. Ray tosses Hardy back into the ring and pokes his eyes before hitting him with a vicious chop. Ray whips Hardy into the corner and connects with a Splash and then whips him into the opposite corner and charges, but Hardy catches him with a back elbow and then springs to the top and leaps off with Whisper In The Wind! Both men are down as Hardy continues selling the shoulder. Both guys exchange strikes from their knees and then they get to their feet and continue the exchange until Ray kicks Hardy. Ray then goes for a clothesline but Hardy ducks and hits an Atomic Drop followed by a Leg Drop to the midsection and then a sliding dropkick! 1…2…NO Ray kicks out! Hardy goes for the Twist again but Ray counters into the Bully Bomb! 1…2…NO Hardy still kicks out! Ray goes for the Bully Bomb again but Hardy counters this time, into a Leaping DDT! 1…2…NO Ray kicks out! Hardy climbs up top for the Swanton but Ray hits the ropes to crotch Hardy on the top rope. Ray climbs up with Hardy and hits him in the back repeatedly before setting up for the Superplex, Ray hits it! 1…2……NO Hardy still kicks out! Ray climbs up top and dives off with a Splash but Hardy rolls out of the way and dives off the top with the Swanton! Ray rolls out of the way and then hits another Bully Bomb! 1…2…NO Hardy kicks out yet again and Ray can’t believe it! Ray goes for the Big Boot but Hardy ducks it and hits the Twist of Fate followed by a 2nd one! Hardy climbs up top and dives off with the Swanton! 1…2…3!

Winner: Hardy via pinfall (Swanton Bomb)


A fun show off the heels of No Surrender. I liked the set up with Aries and Hardy and Aries had a good promo before Ray interrupted. I’m just not sure how well they can sell this match, with it being the Main Event, with both guys being baby faces. I have no doubt the match could be really special, it’s just the story leading up to it.

Zema & Sonjay had a great match again, Sonjay was ON FIRE tonight hitting everything as crisp as I’ve seen him. I really hope they didn’t do the angle after the match as a way to write Sonjay off but it sure looks that way.

AJ and Kaz and Chavo and Daniels had great matches and it’s going to be interesting to see if they have those rematches on Impact or if they do a 3-Way at BFG (which is what I would prefer).

Roode and Storm’s interaction was perfect, Roode explained why he did what he did and Storm did no talking, just came out to fight which is how it should have been. Nicely done.

All the stuff with A’s & 8’s was fine and I like the paranoia factor they’re trying to set in with all the office people in TNA.

The angle with Tessmacher & Tara was extremely awkward until finally Tara made the turn. Tara as a heel is always fun.

Hardy and Ray had another really fun back and forth match with Hardy getting the decisive win. Now, where does Bully go from here? Jump back in the A’s & 8’s storyline? They keep mentioning “Lockdown” in the A’s & 8’s storyline so I’m expecting a big Lethal Lockdown match.

My guess for BFG right now would be Tara & Tessmacher for the KO Title, Tag Titles 3-Way, TNA (Ray, RVD, Joe, Sting, and Anderson?) vs. A’s & 8’s Lethal Lockdown Match, Zema in a multi man X-Division match, Roode vs. Storm, and Aries vs. Hardy.

1) TNA X-Division Title: Zema Ion (c) def. Sonjay Dutt to retain the title!
2) AJ Styles def. Kazarian (AJ & Angle earn Tag Titles rematch)
3) Chavo Guerrero Jr. def. Daniels (Hernandez & Chavo earn Tag Titles rematch)
4) Jeff Hardy def. Bully Ray

– Promo/Segment of the Night: Storm/Roode
– Match of the Night: Ray vs. Hardy
– Overall Grade: B+

Scheduled for Next Week:
-James Storm calls out Bobby Roode

Bound For Glory Lineup:
-TNA World Title: Austin Aries (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

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