Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
December 30, 2010
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

We are here for the final Impact of 2010! I want to say Happy New Year to all the WrestleView readers (even the ones that hate me, ha ha) and I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Now, let’s get to some wrestling!

Impact opens up with a recap of last week. We cut to the Impact Zone where Mick Foley’s music hits and the Hardcore Legend makes his way out to the ring. Foley wishes a Happy Holiday’s to the fans and then he calls out Mr. Anderson to come to the ring. Anderson makes his way out and then Mick refreshes Anderson’s memory of when they first met. He says the two found themselves in the same room with Ms. America and an injured serviceman. Foley talks about how Ms. America accidentally said something sexual to them and they joked about it and he says the point is from then on the two had a bond together. Foley says the biggest lie he ever told in his life, which he told over and over, is “I’m okay” and what he needed a long time ago was someone to get in his face and tell him that he wasn’t okay. He says that he’s “that guy” that’s telling Anderson that he’s not okay and says if he won’t do it for himself he needs to do it for his family. He talks about Anderson’s wife and says he knows there’s eventually going to be some “little assholes” running around. Foley says that he’s doing Anderson a favor right now but Anderson cuts him off and thanks Foley and he says he thanked Morgan before too. Anderson says if he explained to Foley how much respect he had for him it would sound cliché and he does respect his opinion. However, he finds it offensive that Foley would be calling him a liar basically right now. Anderson says he’s been tested and cleared to compete in the ring against Matt Morgan. Foley says he isn’t calling Anderson a liar, he says he lacks the foresight to look into the future. Foley says that he has claimed to be ‘cleared’ before when he may or may not have actually been medically cleared. Foley says he knows what he was getting into when he dove off of stuff in the 80’s and Anderson says he does too. Foley says once you mess your brain up, you mess it up for good. Anderson gets pissed again and says that Foley is calling him a liar again and challenges Foley to a fight but then Matt Morgan’s music hits.

Morgan walks out to the ring and he asks Anderson what’s happening at Genesis. He asks Anderson if he’s conning everyone again and he says you can’t trust anyone in wrestling. He says it’s sad but it’s the truth. Morgan makes it clear that at Genesis it will “be on” and whether Anderson is 50 or 100% it will make no difference to him at that point. He says he has no choice but to go through him and onto the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Anderson asks Morgan if he’s forgotten who he’s dealing with here, he says he is an asshole and whether he has to con Morgan, Mick, or anyone else he will do whatever it takes to get to Jeff Hardy and the belt. Anderson says since he’s not hearing him right now, they don’t have to wait until Sunday and then he drops the microphone and gets ready to fight! As they’re squaring off Jeff Hardy’s music hits!

The TNA World Champion makes his way out onto the stage as Mick Foley holds Morgan & Anderson back. Hardy says it was him that gave Anderson the concussion and if he wanted to hurt Anderson permanently he would have because he’s a professional. Hardy says Ken is ready so tonight they will be on opposite sides of a tag team match in which Hardy has selected their partners for.

————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————-

In the back Eric Young is dressed in a big beard and is rambling about a party when Orlando Jordan asks him what he’s doing. He’s dressed as Father Time but thinks he’s Moses. Jordan is dressed as Baby New Year (disturbing). Jordan says this is their New Years Party and their first as a “couple” and Young says “yeah as a tag team.” Jordan then notices some plant or something on Young’s head and asks if it’s mistletoe but Young pretty much says HELL NO. Jordan asks if Young has the list and he says he does. Young continues to ramble about booze and pizza.

Tonight Velvet Sky goes one-on-one with Sarita in a Strap Match, Jarrett’s MMA Open Challenge, and Mr. Anderson and Matt Morgan in a Tag Team Match with Jeff Hardy picking their partners.

————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————-

Robert Roode w/James Storm vs. Chris Sabin w/Alex Shelley

Highlights from The Guns win in the 8-Man Tag where Sabin pinned Roode in the match for the win. That leads us to this singles match. Sabin shoves Roode as he gets in the ring and then Roode talks trash to him. The two lockup in the center of the ring and Roode gets Sabin in a Side Headlock and then he transitions into a Hammerlock, but Sabin quickly reverses into one of his own. Roode reverses back into a wristlock but Sabin rolls through and then cartwheels into a reverse of his own. Roode slaps Sabin’s arm away and locks him in a side headlock again. Sabin shoves Roode into the ropes but then eats a shoulder block from Roode. Roode raises the Fortune symbol into the air and then runs the ropes. Sabin leapfrogs him and then hits a deep Armdrag followed by a second one where he holds onto the Armlock. Roode fights to his feet and shoves Sabin into the corner. Roode then lights Sabin up with a Flair Chop but then Sabin ducks a right hand and hits Roode with a chop of his own followed by a series of strikes. Sabin attempts to whip Roode into the opposite corner but Roode reverses it and then charges. Sabin uses the ropes to float up and over the charging Roode and then hits Roode with another Armdrag. Sabin holds onto the Armlock and then Roode fights to his feet and sends his knee into Sabin’s gut. Roode tries to throw Sabin out of the ring but Sabin blocks it and then sends Roode over the top rope. Roode lands on the apron but then Sabin hits a Sliding Dropkick to the legs of Roode knocking him off the apron! Sabin follows up with a Springboard Plancha out of the corner onto Roode on the floor! Back in the ring Sabin covers Roode for the first nearfall of the match. Sabin attempts to whip Roode into the corner but Roode reverses it. Roode charges at Sabin but Sabin gets his boot up. Sabin then goes out to the apron and hits Roode with a big shoulder block through the ropes. Sabin springboards to the top rope but Roode catches him on his shoulders and hits a huge modified Samoan Drop! 1…2…NO Sabin kicks out! Roode puts the boots to Sabin on the mat and then he chokes Sabin with his boot. Roode picks Sabin up but Sabin hits Roode with a couple of desperation body shots. Sabin then hits the ropes and hits a Sunset Flip as Roode went for a Backdrop! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out! Roode then turns Sabin inside out with a big Lariat for a nearfall! Roode locks Sabin in a side headlock again on the mat. Sabin fights to his feet but Roode cuts him off and then goes for a Back Suplex. Sabin lands on his feet and grabs a Waistlock on Roode, but Roode nails him with a back elbow. Roode then hits the ropes but Sabin catches him with a series of big Forearms! Sabin then climbs up top and dives off with a Hurricanrana! Sabin then hits a Springboard Clothesline off the top! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out! Sabin tries to lift Roode up for something but Roode blocks it and then hits Sabin with an elbow and whips him into the ropes. Roode goes for a backdrop but Sabin lands on his feet and then locks in a Waistlock but Roode hits a standing switch and pushes Sabin into the ropes and rolls him up! 1…2…NO Sabin kicks out and when Roode lands on the mat Sabin hooks his legs under Roode’s arms and rolls him over into a nice pin! 1…2…NO Roode still kicks out! Both men get to their feet and Sabin tries to kick Roode but Roode catches his foot and spins him around but Sabin spins around right into an Enziguri on Roode! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out again! Sabin hits a Mafia Kick on Roode in the corner and then he springboards off the top with the Springboard Tornado DDT that he pinned Roode with last week but Roode blocks it! Roode goes for a clothesline but Sabin ducks and then comes off the ropes but eats the Spinebuster from Roode! 1…2…3!

Winner: Roode via pinfall (Spinebuster)

In the back RVD talks about Bischoff forcing him into a match with a mystery opponent tonight but he says it doesn’t matter who he faces until he gets Jeff Hardy.

————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————-

Back from commercials Young is sitting on Jordan’s knee and Jordan says how great “this game” is their playing and Young says he knows because they’ve played it like 5 times now (oh lord). Young says Santa already gave him his presents and he says he doesn’t understand how this is making them a better tag team. Before he can answer Shark Boy bursts in and says he never misses a party. He’s still doing the Stone Cold impersonation. Shark Boy wants to get on Impact more and he asks Young to help him. Jordan suggests he sit on his other knee and Sharky says he’ll do anything to get on TV. That was special.

RVD comes out and says it’s painfully obvious to everyone that for the time being Bischoff is the man in charge in TNA which is why he’s out there waiting for his “mystery opponent.” He says its just more mind games from Bischoff but he doesn’t mind it. He says there’s no stopping him until he finally gets Jeff Hardy in the ring with him. Robbie E.’s music then hits and apparently he’s RVD’s opponent.

“Whole F’N Show” Rob Van Dam vs. Robbie E. w/Cookie

Damn Cookie is thick as hell. Robbie does the stupid fist pump and RVD does his pointing at himself thing and then kicks Robbie in the face! RVD hits Robbie with another spinning heel kick and then he nails Robbie in the corner with shoulder blocks. RVD whips Robbie into the opposite corner and then he hits a Rolling Monkey Flip. RVD attempts to whip Robbie into the ropes but Robbie counters with a forearm and then he whips RVD into the ropes. Robbie goes for a hip toss but RVD blocks it and kicks Robbie in the head. Cookie then grabs RVD’s leg as he went for Rolling Thunder and Robbie nails him with a Running Back Elbow and then he nails RVD with vicious right hands and gets a nearfall. Robbie then immediately puts RVD in a headlock. RVD fights to his feet and breaks the hold with back elbows but then Robbie catches him with a knee. Robbie attempts to whip RVD into the corner but RVD reverses it. Robbie comes out of the corner with a Clothesline attempt but RVD ducks and then hits a Springboard Back Kick! RVD follows up with Rolling Thunder! RVD climbs up top and hits the 5 Star Frog Splash! 1…2…3!

Winner: RVD via pinfall (5 Star Frog Splash)

Jeff Hardy appears on the big screen and says if it’s revenge RVD wants then it’s revenge he’ll get…in do time, but first RVD must pass his test at Genesis. Jeff Hardy says he’s chosen an opponent for RVD carefully and if RVD gets past this opponent he’ll get Hardy, but he doesn’t say who that opponent will be.

————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————-

In the back Sarita wonders how dare Velvet challenge her to a match. Sarita says what she did last week is only a little taste of what she’ll do to Velvet tonight. She pops a strap and says she’s going to “whip that ass” tonight.

Kazarian’s music hits and he makes his way out to the ring with a beautiful woman on each arm. Kaz says last week he defeated 3 men to become the new X-Division Title #1 Contender and then the fans chant “you suck” at him. He’s eating it up. Kaz says Bischoff, Hogan, & Flair have put a bounty on every title in TNA and at Genesis he intends on collecting that bounty when he takes the X-Division Title from Jay Lethal. Kaz talks about Jay’s humble beginnings and he says he’s going to tell us why Jay is the way he is and why the only thing Lethal about him is the “stink that comes off those nappy ass corn rows on his head.” Ouch, stinky and nappy? Kaz shows the childhood home of Jay Lethal on the big screen (footage of Lethal’s little Reaction stuff he did last month) and he says this place was such a dump that they had to bring the garbage IN. Kaz says the front and back door were on the same hinge, they were say poor. He says it wasn’t just Lethal that was raised in this “crack house.” He talks about Lethal’s brothers calling them Kennan Ivory and Damon (Wayans Brothers) Lethal and his sisters Beyonce and Whitney Lethal. Kaz says he doesn’t place the blame on the Lethal children, he puts the blame on his mother (showing footage of Lethal’s mom while he says this). Kaz says that woman is so “fugly” and rancid that…she fits right in with everyone in the Impact Zone. Lethal’s music hits and he runs down to the ring but Kaz nails him with a police baton as he climbed into the ring!

Kaz laughs at Lethal and then drops a Rolex onto Lethal and does the Fortune symbol and leaves Lethal lying in the ring.

In the back Mick Foley is looking for someone or something backstage.

————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————-

In the back Bischoff and Flair are talking with each other when Mick Foley’s walks in. Flair screams at Foley to knock on the door but Foley just ignores him. Foley says Bischoff is playing with Anderson’s brain and they need to know who their opponents are so they can prepare. Flair tells Foley to get his ass out the door and he says he doesn’t ask them anything. Foley says he’ll be at ringside and he’s got his eyes on Flair and Bischoff. Flair tells Foley to do himself a favor and not get hurt at ringside and then laughs.

Knockouts Strap Match
Velvet Sky vs. Sarita

Why does the thought of Sarita & Velvet “strapping” each other seem really awesome to me? Sarita doesn’t want to put the strap around her wrist at first but finally does and then Velvet and Sarita start tugging at the strap. Sarita rolls out of the ring but Velvet pulls the strap tight which causes Sarita to land on her ass. Velvet climbs out to the floor but Sarita grabs her and shoves her into the apron and then lays into the back of Velvet with the strap repeatedly. Back in the ring Sarita tries to choke Velvet with the strap but Velvet block it so Sarita just turns around and touches a corner. She then touches the 2nd corner and drags Velvet towards the third but Velvet holds her back. Sarita tries to Elbow Drop her but Velvet rolls out of the way and then nails Sarita with a forearm. Velvet clotheslines Sarita and then she hits the ropes but Sarita puts her hands up begging her to stop. Velvet stops but then kicks Sarita in the gut and climbs through Sarita’s legs (insert dirty joke) and then flips Sarita with the strap. The strap came off Sarita’s wrist as this happened but the referee makes her put it back on as Velvet straps her with the other end. Velvet repeatedly hits Sarita with the strap on the back and then she chokes Sarita with it. Velvet picks Sarita up and lifts her up onto her own back hanging Sarita with the strap. She touches one corner and then she drags Sarita(on her back) to the 2nd and touches it, but everytime Velvet goes to the next corner Sarita also slaps the corner that Velvet just touched. As Velvet touches the third corner and then starts to drag Sarita, Sarita slaps that 3rd corner and then she holds onto the ropes stopping Velvet from touching the fourth corner. Sarita then flips Velvet over her back with the strap and Sarita touches the fourth corner!

Winner: Sarita via touching all four corners

After the match Sarita clotheslines Velvet and then lays into Velvet somemore with the strap. Finally Angelina Love runs out and chases Sarita off.

In the back Shark Boy, Jordan, and Young continue to party. Brian Kendrick is there now too. Kendrick rambles about some random crap again this week. Jordan asks Young where all the girls are (like he cares) and Young says they’re coming. I swear that I heard Master P. or No Limit Soldiers playing in the background. I heard several “hooty hoo’s”, there’s a little 90’s rap reference for you guys.

————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————-

In the back Angelina is looking for Sarita and she finds her and then attacks her! Angelina slams Sarita’s head into the floor but Sarita comes back by kicking Angelina in the gut. Sarita then slams Angelina into some stairs. Winter appears behind Sarita and gabs her by the hair and says that she’ll rip Sarita’s heart out and throws her out of the way. Winter then checks on Angelina.

A video package highlighting 2010 in TNA airs showing some of the things that went down this year. It finishes by saying “it’s not about where we’ve been, it’s about where we’re going.” Nice shots of stars like RVD, Anderson, Pope, AJ, Doug Williams, etc. talking about raising the bar and taking the next step in 2011. We even get shots of Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe talking about the future. Nice addition to fans still wondering about those two (Samoa Joe just signed an extension with TNA by the way).

————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————-

In the back Douglas Williams is talking about having a tag team match tonight but no partner. He says if he has to go out there by himself he will. Magnus walks in and says that won’t happen. He says Williams has been there for him since day one in this business so if anybody is going to have his back out there it will be him. Williams shakes Magnus’ hand and says “I got you, mate.”

Jeff Jarrett’s music hits and it’s time for another Jeff Jarrett MMA Challenge. This week he’s going to face Amazing Red’s “baby brother.” Jarrett grabs a microphone and says that when he faced Amazing Red last week he made him tap pretty damn quick. He then asked Red to bring his baby brother to face him this week. He tells Red to bring “Opie out here because I’m gonna’s end him back to Mayberry.”

Red’s music hits and he comes out to the ring alone. Jarrett says he won’t hurt Red again this week and calls him “little guy” and then tells him to come on into the ring. He says he realizes that “baby brother” probably has stage fright and since he knows that he’s scared he’ll turn his back and give him the first shot. Jarrett then gets on his knees and says he’ll even get down to his level. Some huge son of a bitch comes up the tunnel and slides into the ring. This big fool dwarfs Jarrett. He stands behind Jarrett and then taps him on the shoulder. Jarrett turns around and sees how big he is and the look on his face was priceless. Red dies laughing at Jarrett’s response. A “kick his ass” chant starts and then the bell rings. This big joker blocks a takedown attempt from Jarrett and then shoves him across the ring. He counters a takedown into an Armbar and Jarrett quickly gets his foot on the ropes. Jarrett goes for a takedown again but the big guy just shoves Jarrett back and locks in a leg bar. Jarrett hits a sucker punch after he got into the ropes. He nails “Little Red” in the back of the head and then goes for an Ankle Lock but Little Red counters into one of his own! The crowd pops and then Gunner & Murphy grab Jarrett’s arms and pull him out of the ring! Amazing Red then jumps Gunner & Murphy! Red is laying Murphy out! Jarrett grabs his guitar and he’s about to hit Little Red with it but Amazing Red comes up from behind him and pulls it out of Jarrett’s hands! Red then breaks the guitar on the mat! Jarrett flips out and bails out of the ring. Red and his “brother” dare Jarrett to get back in the ring. Red and his brother raise each others arms in the ring.

————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————-

Jarrett is in the back talking about wanting to tweak the MMA Challenge. First, they have to be his height and second he wants to make them “exhibitions” like from the Rocky movie. He also comes up with a waiver they have to sign.

“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles & “The Freak” Rob Terry vs. The British Invasion (Douglas Williams & Magnus)

This is the first time we’ve seen the British Invasion together in several, several months. Rob Terry was also a member of that group at one point. AJ and Magnus will start the match out here. AJ kicks Magnus and puts him in a side headlock. Magnus shoves AJ into the ropes and hits a big Hip Toss followed by a Scoop Slam. Magnus locks AJ in a wristlock but AJ pokes him in the eyes and says he wants Williams. Magnus tags in Williams and AJ circles Williams but then tags Terry before locking up. Terry and Williams lockup and Terry shoves Williams back and then he nails Williams in the corner with shoulder blocks. Terry puts the boots to Williams and then he chokes him in the corner with his boot. Terry tags in AJ and AJ quickly goes for the Styles Clash but Williams backdrops him! AJ then shoves Williams into the corner and Terry tags in. Terry hits a big Scoop Slam on Williams and tags AJ back in. AJ puts the boots to Terry and then he whips Williams into the corner. AJ goes for a Corner Splash but Williams moves. Williams sets up for Chaos Theory but AJ nails him with a back elbow. AJ then goes for a clothesline but Williams blocks it and counters into a T-Bone Suplex! Williams tags Magnus in and he nails AJ with a series of right hands. Magnus whips AJ into the ropes and hits a huge backdrop! Magnus whips AJ into the corner and charges as AJ floats up out of the corner. Magnus catches AJ on his shoulder and hits a Powerslam! 1…2…NO Terry breaks it up! Terry chokes Magnus and then Williams comes in and makes the save. Williams whips Magnus into a clothesline on Terry in the corner but then AJ comes from out of nowhere with a Springboard Flying Forearm on Williams! Magnus goes for the Tormentum but AJ blocks it and shoves Magnus into a back elbow from Terry. AJ then actually hits the Chaos Theory on Magnus! 1…2…3!

Winners: AJ & Terry via pinfall (Chaos Theory)

Nice little slap in the face for Williams with that finish from AJ.

————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————-

Back from commercials Generation Me & Tara come into the party and then Jordan tells them they have to take their shirts off to party. GenMe obliges but Jordan says he was talking to Tara and then he grabs her arm and spins her around. GenMe doesn’t like that and they attack Jordan & Young! Kendrick stops the fight and says he is receiving a message…it was just gas. Oh man.

Madison Rayne’s music hits and some guys in tuxedos come out and form two lines on the ramp. Madison Rayne then comes out in an evening gown and then the guys actually carry her to the ring. Madison makes So Cal Val bring the microphone into the ring for her. Madison screams at the fans that she has something very important to say right now. Madison says earlier today when she put on the $70,000 dress she was almost as speechless as everyone in attendance is. She say she just knew she had to come out to the ring for all of her fans to show them how beautiful she is. She says she is “our” champion and she knows the fans want a champion full of class and elegance. The fans chant “shutup” at her as she says she knows the fans don’t want some corn fed, hick, frumpy, hardcore country slut. Mickie James’ music hits and she makes her way out to the ring as Madison mocks her accent.

Mickie snatches the microphone from Madison and tells her to shutup and then says “I guess this is where I should say something like…” and then punches Madison in the face! Mickie then clotheslines Madison repeatedly and then she strips the dress off Madison! NICE! Can Mickie strip now too?

————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————-

The Pope is talking to someone about getting some unfortunate kids a gift that keeps on giving, he wants to adopt some puppies for kids. Pope asks the guy for some pitbulls (oh lord). The guy suggests that pitbulls don’t get along with kids (not true) but Pope says he doesn’t know the kids from Pope’s neighborhood.

Main Event
“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan & Devon vs. Mr. Anderson & Bully Ray

Mick Foley comes out to do guest commentary for this match. Brother Devon chases Ray out of the ring as he comes down. Ray uses So Cal Val as a shield. Devon wants Ray to start the match but he refuses. Bischoff brings Gunner & Murphy out to the stage and demands they remove Foley from the announce table. Bully Ray attacks Devon from behind in the ring. Foley attacks Gunner & Murphy and locks on the Mandible Claw as Impact goes off the air!


Murphy nails Foley with a baton as Bully Ray is beating on Devon in the ring. Gunner & Murphy cuff Foley and drag him off. Ray nails Devon with a big right hand and then he puts the boots to Devon and hits an Elbow Drop. Ray beats on Devon in the corner and then he hits a Neckbreaker. Anderson tags in and as he grabs Devon, Devon catches him with a big Jawbreaker and tags in Morgan and Anderson tags in Ray. Anderson sells it like he’s injured. Morgan nails Ray and then whips him into the ropes and sets up for a backdrop but Ray kicks Morgan. Ray then slaps Anderson as a tag and tosses him into the ring. Anderson ducks a clothesline from Morgan and hits him with a DDT! Anderson climbs up top and dives off but Morgan catches him in midair with a Chokeslam! 1..2…NO Ray breaks it up! Devon chases Ray out of the ring again. Ray rolls back in and stands behind Anderson and dares Morgan to hit him. Morgan goes for a Spinning Clothesline but Ray ducks and Morgan nails Anderson in the back of the head with it! Ray rolls out of the ring again as Devon chases. Morgan covers Anderson and gets the pin.

Winners: Morgan & Devon via pinfall (Spinning Clothesline)

Morgan checks on Anderson after the match but Anderson shoves him away and gets in his face. He still acts woozy.


Tonight’s show was okay but it felt kind of like we were running in place.

The opening was okay I guess but it just felt like we’ve seen it already, we get it. Either beat the sh*t out of each other or move on.

The opening match with Roode & Sabin was good, I really liked that we got a clean finish especially for a heel. It really puts over the fact that they are supposed to be two teams that are evenly matched. I also liked that the match made sense, not in just that the two teams are feuding, but also because Sabin pinned Roode last week. Now, Roode got his pin back.

RVD and Robbie was a decent squash match and I will admit I don’t mind seeing Robbie get squashed. RVD looked solid.

Kazarian’s confidence is definitely growing more and more with Fortune and I believe this is the first in-ring promo we’ve EVER seen him have alone in TNA. It was okay but some of the jokes were corny. I liked the one-shot knockout though. Keep the physicality for the match at Genesis.

Sarita and Velvet was a pretty solid Strap Match and pretty physical. I like the Sarita-Velvet feud but I would like to know why they dropped Sarita-Madison. I understand that they moved to Mickie-Madison but they should have given us a reason. I really like Sarita’s “I’m better than everybody else” gimmick where she’s a heel but she’s not cool with anyone, including other heels.

For the first week, I really enjoyed the Jeff Jarrett stuff. This guy that’s supposed to be Red’s brother is HUGE, but he’s not roided up, Rob Terry huge. He looks like he can move too. That was a great way to introduce a new guy and I have to say if they actually pair him up with Amazing Red as a team it could be really good if this guy can go in the ring at all. And my god it could give Red something to do, damn it.

I liked the British Invasion reunion but I REALLY loved that AJ hit Magnus with the Chaos Theory, playing mind games with Williams and getting him back for Williams using the Styles Clash back at Final Resolution. This feud has been fun. Magnus and Williams still work well together.

ALL of the New Years Party stuff was dumb as hell. There’s not much more I need to say about it. It’s dumb when WWE does those stupid party skits at the holiday’s and it was dumb tonight. I commended TNA for not going overboard with that stuff on Christmas but they definitely went overboard this week.

Madison has grown before our eyes from a timid Knockout that didn’t seem to be comfortable with a microphone to someone who is EXTREMELY comfortable with the mic now and can draw great heat. She also looks great in lingerie. Just thought I would throw that out there.

The Main Event was really throwaway and nothing of note happened. It was awful by any means but it just wasn’t good at all. Kind of a lot like most of the show.

TNA had a ton of ups and downs in 2010 and here’s to hoping for a great 2011.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Mickie/Tara
Match of the Night: Roode vs. Sabin (**1/2)
Overall Grade: C –

Genesis Lineup:
– TNA World Title #1 Contenders Match: Mr. Anderson vs. Matt Morgan
– TNA World Television Title: Douglas Williams (c) vs. AJ Styles (if AJ loses, he’s out of Fortune/Immortal)
– TNA X-Division Title: Jay Lethal (c) vs. Kazarian
– TNA World Tag Team Titles: Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs. Beer Money Inc.
– TNA Knockouts Title: Madison Rayne (c) vs. Mickie James
– Bully Ray vs. Devon