Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone @ Universal Studios)
January 8, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Tonight is the go home show for TNA??’s first PPV of the year ???Genesis??? so it??’s time to Cross The Line!

They open the show by hyping up the Triple Main Event for Genesis and then hype up the card for tonight including BG James vs. Kurt Angle, Awesome Kong in action, and the final Semi Finals match of the X-Division Tournament!

X-Division Championship Tournament Semi Finals
Alex Shelley w/Chris Sabin vs. ???Showtime??? Eric Young

Chris Sabin defeated Kiyoshi last week to advance tonight and now tonight either Eric Young or Sabin??’s Motor City Machine Gun partner, Alex Shelley, will go on to the finals. Remember a few weeks ago Eric Young and Alex Shelley got into that big brawl that spilled out from the lockerroom into the ring. As the bell rings Alex Shelley charges Eric, but EY ducks and Shelley hits the turnbuckles. Shelley gets a boot in EY??’s face and then charges but EY reverses him into a Powerslam for an early nearfall. EY attempts to throw Shelley into the top turnbuckle headfirst but Shelley blocks it and throws EY into. Shelley climbs to the top rope and goes for a Tornado DDT, but EY reverses it into a Bridging Northern Lights Suplex for another nearfall. EY whips Shelley into the ropes and then Shelley falls down as EY slides underneath the bottom rope onto the apron. Shelley distracts the referee while Sabin yanks EY off the apron slamming his face into it. Shelley slingshots himself over the top but EY moves and Shelley lands on the apron and hits a nasty Running Knee Strike off the apron sending EY into the guard rail. Shelley gets back in the ring and hits a Suicide Dive through the ropes onto EY on the floor! Shelley throws EY back into the ring and then hits a Flying Cross Body Block off the top for a near fall. Shelley quickly puts EY into a sleeper and then lays EY back and double stomps EY??’s face. Shelley with a nasty kick to the back of EY and then hits a Knee Drop and slams his knee into his head again for a two count. Shelley licks his hand and chops EY and then starts slapping him in the back of the head. Shelley then puts EY into a weird Standing Abdominal Stretch/Chancery with the leg great veined. EY fights back with back elbows and then comes off the ropes but Shelley quickly hits him with a back elbow. Shelley comes off the ropes himself but eats a double forearm from EY followed by an Elbow Drop. EY climbs to the top and goes for a Double Sledge but Shelley moves and then hits a nasty front kick to EY??’s face followed by an Enziguri. Shelley grabs EY and hits a Tornado DDT springing off the ropes for a close nearfall. Shelley hits a back kick to EY??’s gut and then goes for Sliced Bread #2, but EY blocks it. EY goes for a clothesline but Shelley catches him with a Superkick that sends him into the corner. Shelley hit a Monkey Flip but EY lands on his feet and hits a Superkick of his own! EY attempts to whip Shelley into the corner but Shelley reverses it and EY flips up the turnbuckles and lands on the apron Ric Flair style. Shelley charges and EY hits a shoulderblock through the middle rope. EY slides in through Shelley??’s legs and then hits a Scoop Slam. EY climbs to the top and hits a Flying Elbow Drop for a VERY close nearfall. EY picks Shelley up for the DVD but Shelley escapes it and puts EY in a waistlock. EY reverses the waistlock as Sabin gets up on the ring apron. EY pushes Shelley into Sabin and then rolls Shelley up! 1???2???.NO Shelley kicks out and shoves EY through the ropes where Sabin destroys EY with a nasty Flying Front Kick as Shelley distracted the ref! Shelley nails EY with the Sliced Bread for the pinfall to advance to the now all Motor City Machine Guns X-Division Title Tournament Finals at Genesis!

Winner: Alex Shelley via pinfall (Sliced Bread #2)

After the match Tenay and West hype up somemore Impact matches including Robert Roode vs. Matt Morgan. Sheik Abdul Bashir walks down the ramp and meets referee Shane Sewell. Bashir is no longer wearing the towel soaked in Sewell??’s blood on his head. Sewell tried to walk away but Bashir pulled him back and then slapped him repeatedly and pushed him. Bashir finally nails him and starts beating on him and then throws him into the guardrail. Bashir throws Sewell in the ring and puts the boots to him. Bashir goes for a clothesline on Sewell but Sewell ducks and comes off the ropes with a nice Flying Forearm. Sewell has that psycho look on his face and takes the referee shirt off as he starts hitting Bashir with the right hands and does the DX crotch chop. Bashir charges at Sewell but he ducks and sends Bashir over the top rope to the floor. Sewell follows him out and throws him into the guardrail and beats him with stiff right hands. Sewell blocks Bashir??’s punch in the ring and whips him into the ropes but Bashir bails out to the floor as Earl Hebner comes out and holds Sewell back. Jim Cornette walks out and tells everybody to stop. Cornette tells Sewell that he??’s a referee not a wrestler and he can???t go around getting in fights. Cornette fires Sewell as Bashir waves at him. cornette tells Bashir to wipe the smile off his face. Cornette asks Bashir if he thinks he??’s a fool and he knows that Bashir has been using his words against him. Cornette says Sewell is fired for 3 days because as of Sunday at Genesis he is back on the TNA payroll as a wrestler! The fans actually pop for that too. Cornette says that Sewell??’s first match in TNA will be a one-on-one match at Genesis against Sheik Abdul Bashir! Bashir and Sewell talk smack at each other as we cut to the back where the Main Event Mafia is walking to the ring.


Back from commercials the Main Event Mafia are making their way out to the ring. Kurt grabs a mic and says that the battle lines have been drawn. Kurt says in 3 days a total shift in power in TNA will happen when the Founder of TNA (Jarrett) and the Executive Stock Holder (Foley) will be taken out both in the same night. Booker is smoking a blunt (don???t go crazy I mean a cigar) in the ring. Kurt says that the Main Event Mafia was assembled to run TNA from the ground up how they want it run. He says it was designed to make them leaders with respect, honor, and dignity. Kurt says that at Genesis they???re vision will become a reality. Kurt then tells Jeff Jarrett that his friend??’s (BG James) blood is on his hands not Kurt??’s. Kurt asks why Jeff would even put BG in a match with Kurt knowing Kurt??’s state of mind right now. Kurt says that Jeff is sick in his head and in 3 days it??’s just them. Kurt says that he feels kind of ???high??? and you can???t imagine the kind of ecstasy he feels inside thinking about tearing Jeff apart at Genesis. Kurt says he actually feels sorry that Jeff Jarrett has absolutely no way out at Genesis. Kurt says that Jeff??’s whole world will come to an end. Sting grabs the mic and he says that he never had anything against Rhino until the day he sided with ???them.??? He says that everything going on is still about respect and the war is coming to an end. Sting tells Rhino that at Genesis it will be Showtime! Big Kevin grabs the microphone and says that he doesn???t think the war will be over at Genesis. He says that when he was a kid his dad would come up to him and say, ???Hey, Big Sexy??? (yea Kevin said that) and not to put off today what you could do tomorrow. Kevin says that since the MEM was formed they have taken out everyone that they???ve wanted to and then lists the hitlist. Kevin says that he says why wait for Genesis to end the war. He says that tonight they should take out Mick Foley and Jeff Jarrett tonight. Scott Steiner says that Mick Foley hit them first and that was his biggest mistake because now he??’s no longer untouchable. Booker has the mic now and he says that they know they???re in the back watching. He started with the ???King Booker??? accent but quickly dropped it. Booker says that they???re coming for Jarrett and Foley and that their ???punk asses??? belong to the Mafia. Can you dig that?! That was a great promo.

In the back Jeremy Borash is with Mick and Jeff. Brother Devon and AJ Styles walk up and says that Jeff and Mick are going to make it through tonight by sticking by the Front Line. Devon hands Mick a flannel shirt and says that ???he??? (Brother Ray) would want him to wear it. Nice inside joke there. AJ says that Jeff took a chance on AJ Styles and TNA so tonight they have his back.


Back from commercials Palin is with the Beautiful People at a farm earlier today. They said Kip wasn???t coming as Palin tells them they???re almost done with their training. She says they have to do their charity work. She wants them to shovel horse sh*t for charity. Well, that whole segment was horse sh*t, sorry.

Awesome Kong w/The Kongtourage (Rhaka Khan, Raisha Saeed, & Sojourner Bolt) vs. Madison Rayne

This will be Rayne??’s debut in TNA and that??’s too bad for her because she??’s about to get fed to Kong. Rayne is pretty hot too. Kong has a picture of Christy Hemme with her as she comes out to the ring and stares at it before the match. Mike Tenay says that Kong??’s crew now has a name and it??’s called the Kongtourage. The bell rings and they lock up but Kong easily pushes Rayne into the corner. Kong goes for a hammerfist but Rayne moves and then Kong grabs her and pushes her into another corner. Kong goes for another hammerfist but again Rayne moves and this time she nails Kong with some nice forearms and leg kicks. Rayne comes off the ropes and Kong lifts her up but Rayne hits a dropkick in midair! Rayne hits another dropkick but Kong nails her with a big Chestbump. Kong picks Rayne up and throws her across the ring by her hair. Kong stomps on Rayne and then chokers her on the mat with her boot. Kong picks Rayne up and whips her into the corner and then absolutely crushers her with a nasty Running Splash. Kong stomps on her some more and then throws her through the ropes to the floor. Bolt talks trash to her and then throws her back in. Kong picks Rayne up and drops her with a Shortarm Clothesline. Kong picks her up and drops her with a vicious Awesome Kong for the pin as this domination is mercifully over.

Winner: Awesome Kong via pinfall (Awesome Kong)

In the back Lauren is with Abyss. Abyss says that Matt Morgan doesn???t want to talk to him because he??’s done talking. Abyss says that the way Beer Money has taken advantage of him is pissing him off. He says that he knows a way to make things right and that??’s at Genesis Roode and Storm better not mistake his kindness for weakness. Abyss says at Genesis that the old Abyss might come back out and starts laughing hysterically. Abyss asks Lauren if she??’s mad at him and she says no. Abyss says that??’s good because he doesn???t know if he could handle his best friend and his girlfriend mad at him.


Back from commercials Lauren is with L.A.X. who are still celebrating their Feast or Fired wins. Homicide says that they???re just going to lay back and see who the Champions after Genesis are before they strike. He says that whoever the X-Division Champion is after Genesis is going to have to face the Gringo Killer. Lauren talks about rumors that are flying about L.A.X. breaking up but Homicide says that L.A.X. are diamonds and they are forever. Homicide says they are going to go party in Mexico L.A.X. style.

In the back JB is with the Machine Guns and asks if the X-Division Title will get in the way of their friendship. Sabin mocks JB and Shelley says that they predicted this several weeks ago while still making fun of Mick Foley (he smells like garbage). Shelley continues to mock Foley and says that their bond is unbreakable. Foley walks up and says they Shelley and Sabin have the potential to steal the show, but they also have the ability to enter into levels of sucktitude that we haven???t seen since Kazmire and Ozz in ???92 (who?). Foley says that they if they mess this match up on purpose (lay down or anything like that) then neither will ever get an X-Division Title shot again.


Back from commercial with get another Best of 2008 video package.

Rough Cut w/ Beer Money Inc.

James Storm says that wrestling is about having fun and they are having fun. Roode says that everyone??’s goal in this business is to be World Champion. They talk about paying their dues and dedicating their life to wrestling. Storm talks about hanging out with his daughter after he eventually retires. Roode says that the legacy he wants to leave when he retires is that people used to watch him and be entertained. Storm says that when he retires he wants to people to remember him as a tough s.o.b. and was very entertaining.

Robert Roode w/James Storm & Jacqueline vs. ???The Blueprint??? Matt Morgan w/Abyss

Aw, the motorized Beer Cooler, the coolest thing in wrestling today. This Sunday Beer Money will defend the Tag Titles against Morgan and Abyss so this is just a little preview match for it. Morgan is still pissed off at Beer Money as he comes to the ring with Abyss in toe. Roode attacks Morgan from behind while James Storm distracts him before the bell rings. Roode lays in right hands on Morgan in the corner and puts to the boots to him. Roode with chops and then attempts to whip Morgan into the ropes, but Morgan blocks it and then manhandles Roode into the corner. Morgan with some nasty back elbows in the corner that looked real good. Morgan whips Roode into the ropes and goes for the Carbon Footprint but Roode ducks down and bails out to the outside. Morgan follows him out and decks him and then talks some trash. Morgan slams Roode into the guardrail and nails him with some stiff chops. Morgan rolls Roode back in the ring but Roode rolls right back out. Storm runs over to Abyss as he approached Roode, but Abyss catches them both as Storm screams like a woman. Abyss gives Roode and Storm a little meeting of the minds and then throws Roode back into the ring. Morgan sets Roode up for the Hellevator as the referee goes to the floor and tells Abyss to leave. Jacqueline runs in and pokes Morgan in the eyes. Roode quickly runs over and hits a Swinging Neckbreaker on Morgan and drops repeated Elbow Drops on Morgan for a one count. Morgan with right hands to gut but Roode comes back with a knee strike and then throws Morgan headfirst into the top turnbuckle. Roode climbs to the top and hits a Blockbuster on Morgan for a nearfall. Roode quickly puts the sleeper on Morgan. Morgan gets to his feet and Roode hangs onto the Sleeper by hanging on his back. Morgan just slams Roode into the turnbuckle and charges but Roode gets a boot up. Roode climbs to the top for another Blockbuster but Morgan catches him in midair with an Atomic Drop followed by a Lariat. Morgan with a beautiful dropkick and goes for a clothesline, but Roode ducks and Morgan catches him with the Carbon Footprint. Storm gets on the apron and eats a right hand from Morgan. Roode charges at Morgan but he backdrops Roode to the floor and Roode grabs his knee in pain. The referee starts the 10 count but Roode limps back towards the ring and the TNA trainer comes out to check on the knee. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Matt Morgan via referee stoppage (knee injury)

After the match Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed walk out to the ring with their Feast or Fired briefcase! UH OH!


TNA World Tag Team Championships
Beer Money Inc. (c) w/Jacqueline vs. Lethal Consequences (???Black Machismo??? Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed)

Lethal Consequences are cashing in their Feast or Fired briefcase tonight! Storm is going to have to wrestle in jeans. James Storm and Creed will start the match off. Storm is ubber-pissed about this. They lockup and Storm forces Creed itno the corner. The referee pulls them apart but Storm slaps Creed and then Creed catches Storm with a nasty right hand. Storm goes over to Lethal and tries to slap him but Lethal blocks it and slaps Storm. Lethal and Creed hit some double jabs on Storm followed by the Montifisto from Creed and then a double clothesline form Creed and Lethal for a nearfall. Storm pokes Creed in the eyes and then hits a big right hand and whips Creed into the corner. Storm charges in but Creed gets his boot up followed by a Rolling Lariat for another nearfall! Creed puts Storm in a Front Chancery and then Lethal tags himself in and slingshots into a Sunset Flip on Storm into a Neckbreaker from Creed at the same time for a two count. Lethal climbs to the top and hits a Double Sledge for another nearfall. Lethal throws Storm head first into the top turnbuckle and then tags Creed back in. They whip Storm into the opposite corner and then Lethal whips Creed into a clothesline on Storm in the corner. Creed with a running dropkick on Storm in the corner followed by a Springboard Bulldog on Storm from Creed for another nearfall! Storm finally fights back with jawbreaker on Creed out of nowhere. Storm throws and misses a right hand and then a left and Creed levels him with a right hand sending Storm to the floor. Lethal tags himself in as Creed hits a Baseball Slide Dropkick onto Storm on the floor! Creed gets on the apron and screams for Lethal but Storm pulls Creed down and slams his head on the apron, but Lethal comes flying with a Suicide Dive through the ropes onto Storm on the floor! Lethal rolls Storm back into the ring and gets another near fall. Lethal tags Creed back in and he stomps on Storm. Creed picks Storm up and hits a Scoop Slam and climbs to the top as Jacky distracts the referee. Roode is able to limp to the apron and crotch Creed to allow Storm to get his first nearfall of the match.


Back from commercials Storm whips Creed into the ropes and hits a big Southern Clothesline. Storm tags in Robert Roode who limps himself into the match and they hit the Beer Money Double Suplex on Creed. Man, Roode is selling that knee like a champ. Roode with a Shortarm Clothesline on Creed and then a right hand to Creed and then one to Lethal on the apron. Storm and Roode double team Creed and Storm slaps his hands together as the referee is trying to keep Lethal out of the ring. The referee turns around and allows Storm to replace Roode without the tag as he ???heard??? it. Old school heel Tag Team wrestling there. Storm throws Creed to the floor and Jacky starts beating on him with clubbing blows and some nasty knees. She rolls Creed back in and Storm gets another near fall. Storm headbutts Creed and Roode holds Creed as Storm comes running in with a Clothesline attempt, but Creed moves and Storm hits his partner! Storm whips Creed into the ropes and they run into each other. Both men are down now. The fans get behind Creed and Lethal as Roode is laid out on the floor. Creed gets to his feet but Storm is standing between him and Lethal. Creed charges at Storm and then backflips over him and tags in Lethal! Lethal with right hands and attempts to whip Storm into the ropes but Storm reverses it and Lethal hits a big Flying Forearm! Lethal with a big clothesline and then another one. Lethal attempts to whip Storm into the ropes but Storm reverses it and Lethal back handsprings off the ropes and then backflips over a clothesline attempt from Storm into a dropkick for close nearfall! Lethal springboards to the top rope but Storm moves out of the way and then hits the Eye of the Storm for a very close nearfall! Storm picks Lethal back up and Lethal goes for a clothesline but Storm ducks and slaps Lethal. Storm goes for the Backcracker but Lethal held onto the ropes to block it and follows up with the Lethal Combination! Lethal climbs to the top as Jacky tries to distract the referee and Creed grabs her. Lethal comes off the top with the Flying Elbow Drop on Storm and he hits it! Roode slides into the ring and attempts to hit Lethal with it but Lethal kicks Roode in the knee causing him to collapse and land facefirst on the briefcase! Lethal picks up the briefcase and destroys James Storm with it as Creed knocks Jacky off the apron! The referee turns around and makes the count: 1???2???3 and we got new champs!

Winners & NEW TNA Tag Champs: Lethal Consequences via pinfall

After the match both Beer Money and Morgan & Abyss looked shocked as Lethal & Creed celebrate with their titles! The Front Line has gained their first taste of gold since the stable was started!


After the commercials they show a replay of what went down with the Tag Titles. In the back Lauren is in the Front Line locker room where they are celebrating the Tag Titles win! Lethal says the Million Dollar Man is missing a piece of gold now and says they were bigger than the Mega Powers. Creed says that the Front Line is doing big things and says that from now on the ???Consequences are Lethal.??? Devon says the most important thing is to let Creed and Machismo to enjoy their win. Tenay says that Cornette has made the decision to have Lethal Consequences put the Tag Titles on the line against Beer Money and Morgan/Abyss in a Triple Threat Match at Genesis!

In the back JB is Jeff Jarrett??’s locker room with BG James. BG is emotional and says that for 2 months he had to hear Kurt Angle talk about Jeff??’s wife like he knew him and talk about Jeff??’s kids. BG says that somebody has to shut him up and that he has to lay his head on his pillow every night so he has to do it. BG says that Jeff has always taken care of him and he appreciates his concern but he has to do it.

Back from commercial we get another ???horse sh*t??? segment from the Beautiful People and Palin. Angelina complains about all the stuff she has made them do it but Palin says that next week they will sign the documents to make them official members of her cabinet. They start getting excited and then fall in the crap.

Main Event
No DQ Match
???Olympic Hero??? Kurt Angle vs. BG James

BG decides to hide in the tunnel and as Kurt Angle comes up from underneath the stage in his entrance BG attacks him from behind and knocks him down the ramp. BG with right hands and slams him into the apron. BG with another right hand and he rakes Kurt??’s eyes as Mike Tenay says Jim Cornette has made this match a No DQ Match! BG slams Kurt headfirst into the timekeepers table and then whips him into the guard rail! BG is on fire! BG with a kick to the gut and a right hand but Kurt comes back with a poke in the eyes and then a big right hand and kicks. Kurt goes for another right hand but BG blocks it and hits some of his own. BG attempts to whip Kurt into the ring post but Kurt reverses it and BG is destroyed by the ringpost. BG is busted open and Kurt starts punching right in the cut repeatedly.


Back from commercials Kurt is choking BG on the rope and pokes him in the eyes again. Kurt hits a Snap Suplex on BG for a two count and then locks him in a Sleeper. BG is busted open pretty good. BG finally fights to his feet and fights back with a back elbow and then a headbutt and then comes off the ropes but Kurt hits him in the gut with a High Knee Lift for another nearfall. Kurt puts BG back in a Sleeper. Again BG fights to his feet and hits some back elbows and right hands, but Kurt quickly rakes his eyes. Kurt whips BG into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but BG ducks and hits his Shake, Rattle, & Roll jabs followed by the big right hand and then the Shake, Rattle, & Knee Drop for a nearfall! BG with a kick to the gut and then hits the Pump Handle Slam for a very close nearfall but Kurt got his shoulder up. BG goes to pick Kurt up but Kurt grabs his ankle and goes for the Ankle Lock but BG kicks him off into the corner. BG charges at Kurt in the corner but Kurt moves and BG nails the turnbuckles. Angle picks BG up and drops him with the Angle Slam, but BG kicks out after a two count surprising everybody! Kurt waits for BG to slowly pick himself up and then goes for the German Suplex but BG holds onto the top ropes, but eventually Kurt pulls him off and hits him with the Rolling German Suplexes. BG fights back before Kurt can hit the second with a back elbow and then goes for a clothesline, but Kurt ducks and BG kicks him in the gut. BG goes for a Powerbomb but Kurt backdrops and then quickly floats over right into the Ankle Lock! BG tries to scrape and crawl to the ropes and he finally does but Kurt immediately pulls him back to the middle of the ring! BG again crawls the ropes but again Kurt drags him to the center of the ring and then drops down and great veins the leg. BG finally taps.

Winner: Kurt Angle via submission (Ankle Lock)

After the match the Main Event Mafia walk down to the ring no doubt it??’s beatdown time. Scott Steiner tosses Kurt Angle a chair as Booker shakes hands with Kurt. Kurt chases Earl Hebner out of the ring and then starts nailing BG with right hands. Kurt places the steel chair on BG??’s ankle (the one that Angle just had in the Ankle Lock for several minutes) and starts stomping on it repeatedly as Kevin Nash is in his face laughing and talking trash! Finally Mick and Jeff run down to the ring and chase MEM off. MEM bail out of the ring laughing as Jeff screams for EMTs to come down and check on BG. Kurt is still laughing as EMTs check on BG and Kurt says he??’s going to break Jeff??’s ankle too.


Back from commercials EMTs are taking BG James off on a stretcher as Jeff Jarrett is sitting in a chair in the ring with members of the Front Line around him. Jeff says that words cant describe how he feels right now and he says that this thing was between them two and had nothing to do with Brian (BG James). Jeff says as the leader of TNA he has prided himself on setting an example of how to do things the right way. Jeff says that its character but at Genesis all he can think about is ???beating the sh*t??? out of him. Jeff calls Kurt a S.O.B. and starts screaming before Mick Foley stops him and grabs the microphone. Mick Foley says that after seeing all this emotion going on tonight with Jeff and BG he cant help but stand there a little ashamed because 2 weeks ago he told MEM that Mick Foley was crossing the line. He says he looked up and saw his face in HD and in the back of his mind he couldn???t help but think he thought he looked a little bad up on the screen. He talks about his teeth, skin, beard, etc. and he thinks about all the reasons all that was true. He says that the one tooth that looks gray is that way because that 10 years ago in the most famous match in wrestling history that same tooth was jammed up his nose! He is getting emotional now! He says the dentist put it back but it never really took but that??’s okay. He says he walks a little slower, he stumbles when he walks sometimes, and he??’s not a handsome man but he is the HARDCORE LEGEND! He says on January 11th at Genesis the Hardcore Legend is coming home! Mick says that he knows he can???t do it alone so he will draw strength from Brother Devon and AJ Styles! The fans are REALLY getting into this promo. Mick says that he may not be as good as he once was but for one night he will be as good as he ever was!

TNA closes out the show with an awesome video package hyping up Genesis.

Final Thoughts

That, my friends, is how you do a PPV ???go home??? show. Awesome show from TNA and I loved almost everything they did tonight (minus the horrible Sarah Palin crap). They continued every storyline they have going into Genesis and did it nicely.

The opening X-Division Match between Shelley and Young was very good and they worked well together. It was given decent time and Foley made sure to let everyone know that there would be no ???finger poke of doom??? in the X-Title Finals. I have a feeling Shelley and Sabin might steal the show on Sunday. From that they went into the ongoing Sewell and Bashir thing and we???re finally going to see what Shane Sewell can actually do in the ring against Bashir this Sunday. I haven???t been too fond of this storyline but we???ll see how it goes Sunday.

The MEM promo was done very nicely and I loved how they let each member talk and speak on their respective matches for Sunday and they all did it well.

The Awesome Kong was just a squash but it did what it was meant to: make Kong look like a monster going into the rematch this Sunday.

I like how their making sure you don???t forget that LAX has Feast or Fired briefcases too.

The whole Matt Morgan & Abyss/Beer Money/Lethal Consequences stuff was done to perfection. Absolutely perfect. The Roode vs. Morgan match was decent but it wasn???t about that match, that whole match was to set up Jay & Creed to come out. Roode??’s selling of the knee was great and he sold it the whole way. Storm did a great job working the majority of a match that was given good time and they still worked that old school heel tag team game, but Creed & Lethal really looked great. They had some nice chemistry and double team moves and the finish was done perfect with Lethal kicking Roode right in that injured knee. The Three Way at the PPV should be good.

I guarantee there will be a ton of people who are going to call the whole thing with BG James and Jeff Jarrett ???corny??? or something like that but I thought it was really good and it was just another way to further that VERY heating feud between Jeff and Kurt. BG and Jeff are legitimately close friends in real life and BG was getting pretty damn emotional during his little speech. The match itself was done nicely and was probably BG??’s best singles match in TNA. BG said before he went out there he would fight for Jeff and he did kicking out of everything Kurt threw out of him and repeatedly fighting to the ropes in the Ankle Lock, and Kurt was just as intense as ever. The post-match beatdown was BRUTAL and I loved how Kurt stomped on that Ankle that had put in the Ankle Lock for about 5-7 minutes beforehand.

The after match promo from Mick Foley was classic and that is the Mick Foley we have all been waiting for since he got into TNA. By far his best promo since joining TNA. Great way to end it.

This was a perfect go home show for the PPV from beginning to end. I???m really looking forward to Genesis now and remember WrestleView??’s Adam Martin always has the best Free Play-by-Play coverage of PPV??’s live on

Match of the Night: TNA Tag Title Match (***)

Segment/Promo of the Night: TIE (MEM Promo and Mick Foley??’s promo)

Final Grade: A+

Final Genesis Lineup:

– Grudge Rematch: Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett
– TNA World Title: Sting (c) vs. Rhino
– 6-Man War: Mick Foley, Brother Devon, & AJ Styles vs. Kevin Nash, Booker T., & Scott Steiner
– TNA X-Division Title: Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin
– TNA Tag Titles 3-Way: Lethal Consequences (c) vs. Beer Money Inc. vs. Matt Morgan & Abyss
– TNA Knockouts Title Lumberjill Match: Awesome Kong (c) vs. Christy Hemme
– Shane Sewell vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir