Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone @ Universal Studios)
January 15, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

It??’s time to Cross the line!

The show starts with highlights from this past Sunday??’s ???Genesis??? pay-per-view. Tenay announces that tonight that a new #1 contender for the TNA Titles will be decided plus the Knockouts will be in action in a Street Fight and AJ Styles will face Kurt Angle in a huge Main Event with Mick Foley as the Special Referee!

The Main Event Mafia make their way out to the ring after Sunday??’s some good, some bad PPV for the group. Kevin Nash is obviously not with the Mafia because of his legit severe staph infection. Don West makes note that none of the Mafia are wearing suits, their all in their ring gear. Angle says that throughout history there has been many great families. Angle says those great families would take a bullet for each other and that the Mafia is one of those families. The fans boo him but he says that no matter what he has told the truth throughout because everything the Mafia has said they would do they did. He says they have left a trail of blood, broken bones, and shattered dreams along the way. Angle shows a few of the Mafia??’s ???hits??? on the video screen including Christian, Joe, Ray, and Rhino. Very good video package highlighting the Mafia. Angle says that video gave him chills and Steiner gives him a high five. Angle says that at ???Genesis??? he did what he said he would do: he took Jeff Jarrett out for good. Angle says that he and Sting won their battles but due to Mick Foley they didn???t win their war and that Kevin Nash not being able to make the match was the main reason why they didn???t win the war. Angle says that tonight the war comes to an end and then talks about his match with AJ Styles tonight. He says he??’s going to take AJ and Foley out all in one night, at the same time. He calls it a ???multiple hit??? but then L.A.X.??’s music hits! Oh yea Feast or Fired time! Hernandez said that they???re going to play ???Mafia??? L.A.X. style and he is cashing in his Title shot now! Sting does not look very happy about this.


TNA World Heavyweight Championship
???The Icon??? Sting (c) vs. ???Super Mex??? Hernandez

What the hell? Shane Sewell is the referee for this match, wasn???t he fired last week as a referee? The bell rings and they circle each other. The Mafia is at ringside with Sting. They lock up and Hernandez forces Sting back into the corner and smacks him with a nasty chop. Hernandez whips Sting into the corner and chares but Sting backdrops him over the top. Hernandez lands on the ring apron and tries to punch Sting, but Sting blocks it and then charges at Hernandez off the ropes but Hernandez hits the slingshot Shoulder Block! Sting fights back with some rights and then comes off the ropes again but Hernandez hits him with another NASTY shoulder block that sends him flying across the ring! Hernandez has the champ reeling! Hernandez hits a Gutwrench Backbreaker for a close nearfall. Angle is shown at ringside looking very worried. Hernandez with a delayed Vertical Suplex attempt but Sting reverses it in midmove with the Scorpion Death Drop! 1???2???NO Hernandez kicks out! Sting chokes Hernandez on the middle rope and then puts the boots to him as he has taken advantage finally. Sting gets the referee??’s attention while Scott Steiner chokes Hernandez on the outside. Sting comes back and stands on Hernandez??’s throat! Sting whips Hernandez into the ropes and follows up with a clothesline. Sting stomps on Hernandez and then chops and kicks him in the corner. Sting whips Hernandez in one corner and then the next but Hernandez explodes with a clothesline and then another one! Hernandez goes for the Border Toss but Booker T. threw his shirt into Hernandez??’s face and then attacks him! Angle joins in on the beatdown as the referee throws the match out.

Winner: Hernandez via DQ (Sting retains)

The Mafia continues to beat down on Hernandez after the mach but Shane Sewell stopped Booker from using the Legends Title on Hernandez. Sewell backdrops Booker over the top to the floor! Homicide runs out and attacks MEM! Homicide is cleaning house until Booker catches him from behind. Angle with European Uppercuts on Homicide and MEM is beating down LAX now. Angle hits the Angle Slam on Homicide and then Steiner hits Hernandez with a belly-to-belly overhead suplex that almost broke Hernandez??’s neck! Booker hits Homicide with a back heel kick and Angle puts Hernandez in the Ankle Lock! AJ Styles finally comes down to make the save! AJ is cleaning house until Booker just destroys AJ with a Superkick. MEM puts the beat down on AJ until Team 3D shocks everybody by coming out and Ray is back! Team 3D is cleaning house and Bubba has a Mohawk! L.A.X. pulls out a table now! AJ sets up the table as Brother Ray is destroying Angle with nasty right hands. Ray powerbombs Angle straight through the table! Sting bails out of the ring and is able to drag Angle??’s lifeless body away before 3D could kill him.


Back from commercial 3D is walking around the crowd slapping hands with them. AJ and Devon are still in the ring as the fans chant ???welcome back??? to Bubba. Devon says that in his whole career he??’s been involved in tag team wrestling and they have won Titles everywhere they???ve been. He says there is not one Tag Team Championship they haven???t conquered. He says there is one thing they haven???t done and that??’s to show just how they are as singles wrestlers. Devon says he won???t start at the bottom and he challenges Angle to a match at Against All Odds! Ray says MEM did not get the job done. He asks the fans what they think about his new Mohawk. Ray says back in New York the Mafia he knows from there would have dug a hole six feet deep, put him under, cover it with cement, and had a dog piss on him, but all they did was put him in a dumpster and now he??’s back! Ray says that he has never given any thought about him and Devon being singles wrestler, but there really is nothing more for them to do as singles wrestlers. He says he wants Sting! Ray says that 2 weeks ago Sting didn???t hit him with a steel chair or a pipe or a chair or even dump him in the dumpster, but he did something worse: he did nothing. He says that Sting knew it was wrong and he can???t fool the people for much longer. He says Sting is exposing himself as the liar that he is. He says he??’s taking it out on Sting at Against All Odds and become the World Heavyweight Champion! He says Sting wanted the bull but he??’s getting the horns straight up his ass!

In the back we get another horrible Sarah Palin skit. Lauren talks about how Obama is really president but Velvet asks her what she knows about politics and then says ???Obama, yo mamma.??? Just wow. Velvet says that January 20th is going to be a historic night for Sarah Palin and they will be there. Angelina says it??’s going to be bigger than the Pope. Kip says he has had enough and says that it??’s a ???rib???, but Angelina stops him and says that he is just jealous of Palin. Kip says he??’s done all he can do and tonight their on their own. Those skits make Suicide look like a good alternative (yes, I meant that as a double meaning).

Mike Tenay says that Jeff Jarrett is seriously injured after Sunday??’s amazing match with Kurt Angle. They show highlights from that match and let me tell you, if you haven???t seen that match watch it. Don West says that Jeff has a broken bone in his foot, contusions of the kidney, 2 cracked ribs, and a concussion. The concussion I can believe and I???m shocked he doesn???t have a broken neck or a broken hip.

In the back doctors are checking on Angle??’s neck. The doctor won???t clear Angle but he says ??’screw you??? and Steiner tries to talk him out of it. Steiner says he???ll take it out but Kurt says every match matters. Angle tells everybody to get out and Steiner says okay.


Back from commercial they show a video package of the Beautiful People??’s ???road to the white house???. Wow, this is just bad.

The Beautiful People make their way out to the ring with Palin. Palin says that Angelina and Velvet have passed every test and they have proven to her that they are fit to be role models. She says all they have to do is sign the papers she brought out. They sign it and start hugging Palin until Taylor Wilde??’s music hits to interrupt everything. Thank you, Taylor. Roxxi comes out with Taylor. Taylor says that Velvet and Angelina are the two most plastic and phony ???dumb biatches??? to ever grace a wrestling ring. Taylor says that over the past 6 months she and Roxxi have been trying to figure out a way to get back at them for embarrassing the whole Knockouts Division. Angelina and Velvet mock them but Taylor says unlike them she, Roxxi, and the other Knockouts are trying to pave a way for other women wrestlers. Taylor talks about Velvet and Angelina??’s fake nails, noses, hair, and boobs. Taylor says that they are not divas, they???re Knockouts. She says after you take away all that makeup and slutty clothes the only thing left are two dumb blondes. Roxxi calls them hoes and she says what Kip has been trying to tell them for the past month is there is no inauguration, no meeting the President, and that was not Sarah Palin. She says punking them was not quite pun enough so now it??’s time for them to get ???mucked??? and then a bunch of mud or something spills from the ceiling on top of them! Taylor and Roxxi laugh and celebrate with the fake Palin as the Beautiful People freak out.


Back from commercials the ring crew is cleaning up the ring and they show a replay Angelina and Velvet getting ???mucked.??? In the back Lauren is with the Kongtourage. Lauren calls Sojourner Bolt ???Sojo??? but she cuts her off and says that nobody but her mamma calls her that. Sojourner says that Barbie dolls like Lauren get popped from where she??’s from. Sojourner says that if ODB, Roxxi, and Taylor Wilde want to get ???ghetto??? then that??’s fine with them because they???re from the street. Raisha says something in Arabic and they walk off.

TNA Rough Cut w/ Sojourner Bolt

Sojourner talks about growing up in the hood and says that a few times she had to put a few men ???in their place.??? Terry Taylor talks about finding her on an independent show in Chicago and they show footage of her wrestling there. She says she has been in wrestling for 6 years. She says that she has worked for everything she has and that she has driven for 6 hours to wrestle in a six minute match before.

6-Knockout Street Fight
The Kongtourage (Raisha Saeed, Sojourner Bolt, & Rhaka Khan) vs. ODB, Taylor Wilde, & ???Hardcore Knockout??? Roxxi

ODB earned a TNA Knockouts Title shot at Genesis this past Sunday. The match starts with Roxxi and Raisha. Raisha puts Roxxi in a wristlock but Roxxi rolls through and reverses it. Wow, with them tight jeans Roxxi looks like she has a little back. Roxxi tags in Taylor and she hits a top rope Axe Handle Drop and then puts Raisha in a wristlock, but Raisha reverses it and whips Taylor into the corner. Raisha hits a running Knee Strike in the corner and then hits some body shots and tags in Bolt. Bolt goes for a corner splash but Taylor hits an arm drag into an armlock and then tags in ODB. ODB hits a nasty chop but Bolt comes back with one of her own and then thorws her into the corner. Bolt tags in Rhaka Khan who chops ODB and ODB answers with some of her own. ODB tags in Taylor and Taylor hits a Flying Cross Body off the top for a two count, but Rhaka comes back with a kick to the gut and a Crescent Kick. Rhaka picks Taylor up and slams her into the corner and then chokes Taylor with her boot Kevin Nash style. Raisha tags herself in and puts the boots to her and then hits a Scoop Slam as we go to commercials.


Back from commercials ODB hits a clothesline on Raisha for a two count. ODB with a wristlock and then tags in Roxxi but the referee was distracted by Bolt so he didn???t see it. Saeed with a kick to the gut on ODB and then whips her into the ropes where Bolt and Khan pull her out and put the boots to her! Taylor with a baseball slide dropkick to Bolt and Saeed and Roxxi with one of her own on Khan! They all 6 go at it at ringside until Bolt drops an Elbow on ODB in the ring for a nearfall. Bolt puts the boots to ODB and then chokes her with her boot. Khan and Saeed choke ODB in the corner and then Bolt puts the boots to her again. Bolt whips ODB into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but ODB ducks and hits a Flapjack! Bolt tags out to Khan and then ODB tags out to Roxxi! Khan goes for a clothesline but Roxxi ducks and hits a forearm. Roxxi with another forearm and then hits a Running Double Forearm and then hits clotheslines to Bolt and Saeed as they run in! Roxxi with a dropkick to Rhaka, a Big Boot to Bolt, and then a Fall Away Slam on Saeed! Roxxi hits a backslide on Khan but Bolt breaks it up and it breaks down again with all 6 in the ring! Taylor kicks Saeed to the floor and follows her out as they go at it with stiff shots. In the ring Rhaka goes for a Chokeslam on Roxxi but she blocks it and hits the Voodoo Drop for the pin!

Winners: Roxxi, Taylor, & ODB via pinfall (Voodoo Drop)

In the back Booker is trying to convince Kurt not to wrestle tonight. Booker says TNA belongs to the Mafia. He says that the Front Line is down to almost nothing and tells Kurt to let him take care of AJ and Kurt agrees and tells Booker to give him a few minutes.


TNA World Tag Team Championships #1 Contenders Match
Lethal Consequences (???Black Machismo??? Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed) vs. ???The Blueprint??? Matt Morgan & ???The Monster??? Abyss

Creed and Morgan start the match off. Creed tries to use his speed but Morgan catches him by the throat and slings him into the corner. Morgan goes to clothesline Creed in the corner but he ducks and hits a big jab and then retreats. Morgan goes for another clothesline and Creed ducks and then Creed attempts to slide between Morgan??’s legs, but Morgan catches him and throws him into the corner again. Morgan goes for another clothesline and Creed again ducks and hits Morgan with a nasty right hand that J.R. would???ve called a ??’slobber knocker??? no doubt. Morgan is pissed and catches both of Creed??’s arms as he goes for somemore punches and headbutts the hell out of him. Morgan tags in Abyss but Creed is able to get away and tag in Lethal. Lethal offers a handshake and Abyss accepts it but Morgan gets pissed at him for it. Abyss quickly goes for a clothesline but Lethal rolls under him and then does it again as Abyss goes for another clothesline. Lethal with a kick and then tries to whip Abyss but he blocks it and whips Lethal into the ropes. Abyss goes for a clothesline but Lethal ducks and hits a handspring off the ropes into a back elbow followed by a flying Forearm and another one on Abyss but he doesn???t take Abyss down. Lethal climbs to the top and hits a Flying Axe Handle drop but still doesn???t take the big man down. Lethal hits several stiff jabs and then comes off the ropes but Abyss catches him and press slams. Abyss goes for a Corner Splash but Lethal avoids it and tags in Creed. Creed with right hands but Abyss knees him and tags in Morgan. Morgan hits Creed with a nasty Knee Lift and then whips Creed into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Creed ducks and hits a Basement Dropkick to Morgan??’s knee! Creed with a big uppercut and then some jabs and right hands. Creed goes for the Montifisto but Morgan damn near breaks his jaw with the Carbon Footprint! They show several replays of it and then we go to commercials.


Back from commercials Morgan squashes Creed in the corner with a Big Splash and Abyss tries to get Morgan to tag him in but Morgan refuses. Creed comes back with body shots but Morgan cuts him off and then hits a Leapfrog Standing Guillotine on Creed as his head was draped over the top rope and lands on his feet on the outside. That dude has crazy athleticism and gets a nearfall before Lethal breaks it up. Morgan puts Creed in the corner and tags in Abyss. Abyss with big corner shots and then goes for a running splash but Creed gets his boot up and then rolls under a clothesline attempt and tags in Lethal! Lethal ducks a clothesline from Abyss and then hits a springboard into a dropkick on Morgan sending him off the apron to the floor! Lethal hits a Basement Dropkick to Abyss??? knees and then he and Creed lay in big right hands on Abyss. They come off the ropes and Abyss goes for a clothesline but they duck and hit stereo Suicide Dives through the ropes onto Morgan on the floor! That was nice. Creed with shoulder blocks on Abyss from the apron and Lethal hits an Enziguri from the top rope followed by a Missile Dropkick from Creed for a nearfall. Morgan back in and he goes for a clothesline on Creed but he ducks and goes for a Cross Body, but Morgan catches him in midair and hits a Fall Away Slam but Creed lands on his feet! On the other side Lethal goes for a Hurricanrana from the top rope but Abyss reverses it into a Powerbomb, but he Powerbomb??’s him onto Morgan who was lying on the mat! Creed comes running over and nails Abyss with a nasty Clothesline sending him into the corner and Lethal covers Morgan! 1???2???.3 and Lethal Consequences earn another title shot against Beer Money at Against All Odds!

Winners & NEW #1 Contenders: Lethal Consequences via pinfall

After the match Matt Morgan pushes Abyss in the face and Abyss nails Morgan with a big right hand and they start trading big shots until Security runs out to break them up. Eventually Abyss breaks waway and dives on top of Morgan! Security pulls them apart again and this time Morgan dives on top of Abyss! Referees run out and help security hold them back and Abyss breaks away again and they start trading big shots! They continue to break away from security and trade punches until finally they separate the two.

In the back Jim Cornette says that the trainers wont clear Angle so he isn???t going to wrestle. Steiner says he???ll wrestle but Booker tells him that he has it. Booker says they???ll settle it like they do in his hood: iny-mini-miny-mo. Sharmell tells them to stop being babies and Booker called it first. Cornette interrupts them and says Steiner is facing AJ Styles and tells them that if any members of the Mafia interferes they will be fined.


We get another Brutus Magnus vignette and I hear that he will be debuting with TNA on their UK tour starting this weekend.

In the back JB is with Mick Foley talking about Genesis. Foley talks about his leg almost getting snapped at Genesis and talks about MEM joking while Jarrett is injured at home. Foley extends an invitation to any member of MEM to come to the ring tonight and he begs them to do so because tonight there is no more games.

Main Event
Special Enforcer: ???Hardcore Legend??? Mick Foley
???The Phenomenal??? AJ Styles vs. ???Big Poppa Pump??? Scott Steiner

They show a replay of AJ??’s insane Dive onto Kip James through a table on the outside at Genesis where Mick Foley almost got his leg snapped. I actually thought he blew his knee out there as AJ landed right on Mick??’s legs. Steiner has his trusty lead pipe in hand. AJ and Steiner lockup and Steiner takes AJ down and then slaps AJ upside the head. AJ is able to slide out to the ring and Foley says something to him. They lockup again and Steiner puts a wristlock on AJ until AJ gets to the ropes. Steiner slaps AJ again until the referee pulls him off. They lockup once again and Steiner punches AJ in the gut and then chops him on the ropes. Steiner whips AJ into the ropes and goes for a hiptoss, but AJ reverses it into one of his own! AJ with a side headlock takeover and gets a nearfall. Steiner fights to his feet and tries to push AJ off but AJ keeps the headlock tight. Steiner fights to his feet again and goes for a back suplex, but AJ lands on his feet and puts another headlock on Steiner. Steiner pushes AJ off and goes for a clothesline, but AJ ducks and puts a Waistlock on Steiner and then eats a back elbow from him. Steiner comes off the ropes but AJ leapfrogs him and hits the Phenomenal Dropkick that sends Steiner to the floor! AJ hits a slingshot Cross Body over the top onto Steiner on the floor!


Back from commercials AJ hits a big Running Knee Drop on Steiner for a nearfall. AJ with right hands and an elbow, but Steiner hits a kick to the gut and pulls AJ head first into the middle turnbuckle. Steiner puts the boots to AJ and chops him. Steiner whips AJ into the ropes and then AJ goes for a cross body but Steiner reverses it in midair into a Powerslam for a nearfall. Steiner slams AJ??’s head into the top turnbuckle and then chops him in the corner. Steiner with a vicious Belly-to-Belly Suplex for another nearfall. Steiner puts AJ in a Sleeper but AJ gets to his feet and hits several back elbows. AJ goes for a clothesline but Steiner catches him and goes for another Belly-to-Belly, but AJ blocks it and Steiner finally gets AJ over and hits a Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplex that sent AJ facefirst and looked nasty for a two count. Steiner visibly said something to AJ after that but I couldn???t tell what it was. I think AJ was supposed to go head over heel on that but I don???t know if he wasn???t expected Steiner to do it yet or what. That could???ve been bad. Steiner whips AJ into the ropes and hits a Steinerline and then goes to the floor. Steiner grabs a steel chair and sticks it in between the top and middle rope. Scott was going to ram AJ headfirst but Earl Hebner stops him and AJ grabs Scott and slams his head into HARD! Steiner goes for a right hand but AJ blocks it and hits rights of his own. AJ with a clothesline on Steiner and then whips him into the ropes and Steiner holds onto them. AJ charges Steiner and he backdrops AJ over the top but AJ lands on his feet and then hits the Springboard Flying Forearm for a nearfall! Steiner pokes AJ in the eyes and then whips AJ into the ropes and goes for another Steinerline, but AJ ducks and hits a Bridging Northern Lights Suplex for another nearfall! AJ whips Steiner into the corner and hits a Flying Clothesline in the corner and then whips Steiner into the opposite corner. AJ goes for a big Corner Splash but Steiner grabbed the referee and pulled him into the move! Steiner hit s a Flatliner on AJ as the referee is down. Steiner grabs his lead pipe and hits Foley from behind with it as he checked on the referee. AJ kicks Steiner in the gut and goes for the Styles Clash but Steiner backdrops him and then nails AJ with the pipe! The referee wakes up and makes the count, 1???2???NO AJ kicks out! Steiner is pissed and slaps the referee. Steiner grabs AJ and locks him in the Steiner Recliner! AJ??’s face is turning red and almost taps out. AJ is able to crawl towards the ropes but Steiner clubs him in the back and then pulls him to the center of the ring and puts the Steiner Recliner back on him. Foley pulls out Mr. Socko and distracts the referee as someone runs to the ring. It??’s Petey Williams! Petey is on the top rope and he nails Steiner with a big Missile Dropkick! Petey hides and then Steiner gets to his feet and turns around only to eat every bit of a Pele from AJ! 1???2???3 and AJ wins it!

Winner: AJ Styles via pinfall (Pele)

After the match Petey gets in the ring and celebrates with Mick and AJ as Steiner rolls out of the ring. Steiner asks Petey what he??’s doing there and Petey responds with ???what do you think I???m doing here?!??? and dares Steiner to get in the ring as we go off the air!

Final Thoughts

Tonight??’s show was good at times and bad at others. The storylines were obviously advanced nicely, mainly in the MEM vs. Frontline angle. The wrestling was solid tonight too.

The Sarah Palin stuff was old the first week they did it and it hasn???t gotten better. I???m glad it??’s but the whole ???oh it was a joke and we just wasted TV time for the past 2 months for the heck off??? ending to it was lame. I???m all for a Beautiful People vs. Taylor & Roxxi feud but it could???ve been done differently. Taylor is extra hot. The Knockouts Street Fight was okay but it just really feels like the Knockouts need a big shot in the arm. A new feud or a new knockout or something, I don???t know.

I loved how they had Hernandez come out and cash in his Feast or Fired briefcase a few days after he had a big showing on a PPV, but I HATED the ending. He and Sting actually worked pretty well together (even with Sting??’s bad knee he??’s working on) and that short little match was better than Sting vs. Rhino this past Sunday in my opinion. Hernandez has a very bright future and would be a great Champion in the future but it would be way too early to put the strap on him so we all knew he wasn???t going to win it, but a DQ finish in a match like that is just bad. That should warrant a rematch in the very least and hopefully TNA will do that since I would guess Homicide is going after Shelley.

The 3D return got a huge pop from the crowd but Sting vs. Bubba and Angle vs. Devon is not a double main event you want for a PPV by any means. I hope they go another way with that (I try not to read spoilers).

I really enjoyed the tag match. Lethal and Creed work very well together and could be a great tag team in that division. A feud with Beer Money should be very good and I think we all know where Abyss and Morgan are headed. I just hope it ends up with the Monster returning.

Foley had another solid (but short this time) promo this week and it looks like he??’s finally settling in here in TNA.

The Main Event was very, very solid. I don???t think AJ and Steiner have worked a whole lot one-on-one in the past but they worked well together.It was a solid match and it??’s good to see the Front Line finally starting to rack up the wins. Petey??’s return was great. The crowd absolutely loved it and it actually made sense instead of a random guy coming out and attacking Steiner it was Petey. That feud is something to watch out for. I???m just not sure where AJ is headed since Angle and Sting are apparently headed for 3D, Steiner is obviously going with Petey, and with the altercations Sewell had with Booker at the PPV and tonight I???m guessing that??’s where he??’s going. Styles is kind of left out with Nash on the sideline. Hopefully they come up with something good for him and Joe comes back soon.

I also like how they are putting emphasis on how MEM are getting cocky and joking around a lot (the mini-miny-mo thing with Booker and Steiner was classic) while the Front Line is all serious.

Match of the Night: AJ Styles vs. Scott Steiner (**1/2)

Segment/Promo of the Night: 3D??’s return Promo

Overall Grade: B-

Scheduled for Next Week:

– ODB vs. Sojourner Bolt
– TNA X-Division Title Fatal 4-Way: Alex Shelley (c) vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. Chris Sabin
– Elimination Match: Scott Steiner & Booker T. vs. Petey Williams & Eric Young
– Tables Match: Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles

Against All Odds Lineup So Far:

– TNA Tag Titles: Beer Money (c) vs. Lethal Consequences