Alberto El Patron

Impact promoting Alberto El Patron debut

Impact Wrestling has already started promoting the debut of former WWE star Alberto El Patron (aka Alberto Del Rio) this Thursday night on Pop TV.

News from Impact TV tapings

Lots of news and notes coming out of the last two nights of Impact Wrestling TV tapings in Orlando. The company continues to tape through the weekend at Universal Studios.

* The deal to bring in Alberto El Patron wasn’t finalized until Wednesday according to a report by The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online. Anthem’s Ed Nordhold quickly tweeted out a photo of Patron with Jeff Jarrett in the ring before the tapings were underway.

* is reporting that Impact was in negotiations with Bubba Ray Dudley/Bully Ray about returning to the company to face Lashley for the World Championship. Both sides were described as being “extremely close”, but things fell apart at the last minute.

* Aroluxe is said to have no production involvement at the tapings this week in Orlando. According to, a local production crew was utilized instead.

* Matt Morgan and Chris Mordetsky (aka Chris Masters) were backstage taking part in photo shoots so it is likely they will be working the tapings in the coming days.

* Aron Rex and Robbie E are not scheduled for the rest of the TV tapings. Rex is away filming a movie, while Robbie is overseas working in Japan.


  1. So how does everyone feel about where tna is moving? It almost feels like a reboot with almost nothing from old tna, are you happy the gutted the brokenverse?

  2. Alberto’s timeline

    Pre debut. Vignettes almost declaring Jesus is doming

    1st – 3rd month. Is in most main events, having great matches with the same person who was once in Albertos current position. Wins most of these matches.

    3rd – 6th month. Wins the world title and loses it in this period.

    6th – 9th month. Gets distracted in to a feud with a mid carder.

    9th – 12th month. Starts curtain jerking. Under the guise of ‘getting impact off to an exciting start’

    +12th month. Turns up on tv less and less until someone notices he hasn’t been around for a while.

    Three months later “…..Patron tweeted out that he is parting ways with TNA today…’ no one is surprised.

  3. I’ve read reports he wins the title on his debut night…….. but also have read that the decision was reverse on the following tapings…..

  4. It feels to me like old TNA (pre-hogan) but with many of the same (older now) talent and the re-push of ex-wwe talent. I would have liked to have seen a fresh approach rather than a recap. I.e. LAX back, Konan back with LAX, Angelina back, ODB is back, Suicide is back, Karen Jarrett back in charge of women KO’s like she never left, Prichard back, they tried to get Bully Ray back, rumours are Matt Morgan is returning soon and they are trying to bring Magnus in – Alberto coming in as the ex-WWE talent with a big push. Dutch is back (which I’m happy about), Jarrett is back (which I think / hope is a good thing), Kevin Sullivan (not the wrestler) is back, they are talking about possibly doing something with Corgan again – am I off-base or does this feel to you like TNA trying to reverse time rather than create something new?

    I want to give this the benefit of the doubt as a reboot has so much potential and hopefully it’s a short re-hash and then becomes innovative?

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