Impact Wrestling

More departures within Impact Wrestling

According to a report by, Mike Bennett and Maria will be leaving Impact Wrestling. Both were reportedly working on nightly deals after their contracts expired in 2016. The two had agreed to terms on a new deal, but later informed Impact management that they would be not renewing. They are not scheduled for TV tapings this week.

It is also being reported by that former Knockouts Champion Jade is also no longer under contract with Impact Wrestling making her a free agent. It remains to be seen if she will be working the TV tapings for Pop TV this week in Orlando.

The Hardy’s now free agents

As reported on earlier this week and later confirmed by Jeff Jarrett, current tag team champions Matt and Jeff Hardy have parted ways with Impact Wrestling and will not be part of the TV tapings this week at Universal Studios.

Both Matt and Jeff had reportedly offered to drop the tag team championships at the tapings, but it appears Impact management declined that offer from the Hardy’s this week and will plot a new course with the titles this week.


  1. We first said money wasn’t an issue anymore with Anthem and yet it seems to be a bigger issue now that Dixie is gone! This is a huge step back. They’ve basically lost 7 of their top 10 draws! Maria …..:(

  2. SO Drew Galloway, The Hardys, Mike Bennett & Maria, and Jade are all gone.
    F*ck an A! There’s like no reason to watch TNA anymore now.

  3. Coming soon…
    Aron Rex vs Braxton Sutter for the world title. I’m surprised 250,000 people still watch this crap every week. Though I’m expecting those numbers to drop to around 150,000 within the next few weeks, no joke.

  4. This what happens when the wrong people are in charge. The direction has to be changed. Impact wrestling will be okay once everyone gets where they need to be. Thanks Jeff this is what is needed it is best for the wrestling business as a whole.

  5. So these departures make roughly 20-25 active wrestlers for TNA….. that’s male and female talent combined.

    What a joke

  6. I was looking forward to the changes in Impact. Not so much anymore. Losing the Hardys is horrible. The hottest gimmick in wrestling now. Instead of capitalizing on it….they lose them. Typical Jarrett.

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