Matt and Jeff Hardy

Update (4:57 p.m. ET): John Pollock of Fight Network (whose parent company is Anthem Sports and Entertainment, the new owners of Impact Wrestling) tweeted out the following follow up on reports by and Pro Wrestling Sheet.

According to multiple wrestling media reports on Monday, current TNA Tag Team Champions Matt and Jeff Hardy are expected to officially part ways with Impact Wrestling.

Reports by and indicated that both Matt and Jeff were sent updated contract terms by Impact Wrestling and that the Hardy’s were not pleased with some of the new terms. The updated contracts were described as being sent very late due to the current transition of ownership under Anthem Sports and Entertainment.

News of this impasse between Impact Wrestling and the Hardy’s made headlines shortly after Drew Galloway announced on Sunday night that he was officially parting ways with the company (Galloway was also in a renegotiation with Impact Wrestling). Terms of the new deal reportedly asked to receive a percentage of earnings the Hardy’s would get on the independent wrestling scene – believed to be 10% – which is expected to be the new standard with contracts associated with Anthem going forward.

The report by PWInsider indicated that Matt Hardy had also wanted to regain creative control of his character after the successful introduction of his “Broken” Matt Hardy storyline over the last year. This was something Impact Wrestling may not have been interested in granting with the reintroduction of Jeff Jarrett’s creative team now consisting of Dutch Mantell and Scott D’Amore, who were involved with TNA in the early days. It would appear the Hardy’s were not on board with these last minute clauses.

The company will be holding another set of Impact Wrestling TV tapings for Pop TV starting this Thursday through the weekend in Orlando at Universal Studios. While not confirmed, it’s possible both Matt and Jeff Hardy could be working the tapings in some form or fashion as they are still the reigning TNA Tag Team Champions. If not, Impact Wrestling will be left with an issue in that department. Reby Hardy, Matt Hardy’s wife, took to Twitter today and appeared to confirm the reports about issues between the Hardy’s and Impact Wrestling, even going so far as to say she would “melt some gold” (referring to the tag titles).


  1. Well, the Hardys are in a financial position few in the industry are in and can afford to stand their ground and even take time off or more likely capitalize on their newfound characters and make even more on the Indy scene. With Drew leaving as well I’d say the new clauses are going to see Impact lose the few established names (I.e. Lashley) as each comes up for renewal and one has to question that at a time when Jarrett announces the plans to start doing more road shows.

    Jeff Hardy was always listed as their biggest road merchandise seller and many people would buy tix to see The Hardys and for TNA (and actually at times during their WWE run) they are a major draw compared to much of TNA’s existing roster so this has to be a loss for TNA and a shoulder shrug for Matt and Jeff!

  2. Wow. First Galloway and now the Hardys. So that’s it then. Time to close the doors, there’s no one left. Lashley, Storm & Abyss are all that remains in terms of the big names and/or originals. TNA Impact is nothing more than a cheap looking indy show now, performing in increasingly smaller crowds.

  3. Indeed. Funny you should mention Lashley, as I can’t see him staying either. This guy is a legit fighter, he should be in WWE feuding with Lesnar.

  4. As much as I respect the Hardys and Galloway, this could be good for TNA. Under new ownership, with actual professional wrestling people running the show, they can now re-focus their energy on bringing in young, hungry performers and trying to compete with their ACTUAL competition, which is NXT and ROH, and to an extent, New Japan. Time to revamp the show back into a wrestling show.

  5. Hey what happened to Global force wrestling? I only have a tablet and it sucks at loading this site, so I don’t drop by much. I have been non informed beyond what I see on tv. I feel like it’s 1985 again, It’s great being a stupid mark

  6. If they want to keep creative control of this gimmick they’d best stay clear of WWE. I’d kinda like to see them revive Omega Wrestling

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